tagLoving WivesThe Change in Melissa Ch. 06

The Change in Melissa Ch. 06


Melissa sat in a booth at the diner and waited for Robin to show up. But Melissa could not wait for what she really wanted so she ordered two pieces of cheesecake and two decafs. As she ordered, she heard her cell vibrate. Melissa looked at her phone – it was her brother-in-law.

Melissa answered, "Hello?"

A very controlled voice came over the line, "Melissa, this is Rob . . ." There was a little pause.

Melissa followed her sister's request and was ready for any question. "Hi Rob, are you checking up on my sister?" She asked playfully.

Rob asked, "Melissa . . . have you been with Robin tonight?"

Melissa responded in her feline like voice that men always found erotic, "Ohhh you are checking up on my sister aren't you? Rob sweetie, what do you think we were doing all evening, hmmmm?"

Rob did find Melissa very exciting. Kind of a younger, tighter, sexier version of his wife, but he was very hurt and angry right now – he focused and listened very carefully to his sister-in-law.

"Melissa," Rob said firmly, "The reason I want to know is that – well tonight . . ." How could Rob say this about his wife – to her sister?

Robin walked in the diner and saw Melissa at the booth. Robin saw that Melissa was on her cell and mouthed "Rob?" and Melissa nodded. Robin sat down very quietly – almost as if her husband could see her over the cell. She listened very carefully to Melissa and watched her sister's face for any clues.

Rob continued, "Melissa, there is only one way to say this. I think Robin was having sex with another man tonight." He felt dizzy and a little sick after the words came out of his mouth. It was almost as if it is now true since he heard the words come out of his mouth. Rob wiped his forehead as he began to sweat.

Melissa was speechless as she listened to her brother-in-law. She looked at Robin with her mouth open a little. Melissa mouthed to Robin, "You fucked some man tonight?"

Robin nodded yes and shook her head. She motioned Melissa to continue and cover for her. Robin realized her future was in her sister's hands now. Melissa was smart – she would come up with something believable. Still – Robin was nervous.

Melissa got her composure back. She could do this. After all, had she not gotten out of a worse situation with her own husband? When her neighbor Jim (chapter 1) was on top of her – fucking her in her bed while her husband walked in. Yes – Jim started to cum just at the time her husband started yelling at her. Melissa's husband looking down at her – his naked wife looking back up at her husband – at the same time another man moan's her name and begins to cum – empty his full balls – into her excited pussy! Yes – Melissa could handle her brother-in-law.

Melissa said, "Rob!" short and hushed. Looking around as if she needed to add a visual to her deception. "Rob . . . now what makes you think my sister was having sex with another man?" Melissa's voice was accusatory. For a brief second, Melissa thought it sounded phony but when Rob responded she was sure she used the right tactic.

Rob said, "Melissa, I can't be sure, but well Robin's phone does not always hang up. I am sure I heard her moaning . . ." Rob's voice was dry, but he continued, "moaning in sexual excitement. I was sure I heard a man's voice saying her name over and over. Melissa – I am sure of it. What else could have it been?"

Melissa looked at Robin. Robin shrugged her shoulders.

Melissa said in her cell, "Listen Rob," again, in her kittenish playful voice, "it must have been cross talk or something. I have been with Robin since about 4:30 this afternoon. Robin was looking at a new house – a new listing and you know she does not like to go to an empty house by herself." This was believable because Melissa often went to houses with her sister. Rob knew this.

Melissa smiled at Robin. She decided to get Rob off his suspicion. She winked at her sister and said quietly in the phone, "Rob, what exactly did you hear in the phone? What kind of moaning? Did it sound anything like this? Melissa shook her head apologetically to her sister and moaned in the phone, quietly, "ooooh yesssss that's it – that feels sooooooo gooddddddddd, baby fuck me yesssssss fuck me nowwwwww." Melissa had no idea what Rob had heard over the cell, but it probably would not matter.

Rob was shocked. He did not expect this from Melissa. He felt blood rushing to his cock and he realized he was actually touching himself as he was talking with Melissa. Her voice was so sensual and sexy. Rob had masturbated many times over the years thinking about his sister-in-law. Oh god – how he would love to fuck her. Such a perfect ass and those boobs. Not as big as Robin's but so sexy.

As Rob was nearly speechless, Melissa realized her tactic had worked. She decided to close. Suddenly a perfect idea sprang into her mind and she smiled. She noticed two men staring at her and Robin. One of the men smiled back.

Melissa decided to speak a little quieter into the phone. "Rob, at the house we saw, there was a number of porno movies in the master bedroom. Robin was annoyed, but I slipped one in and played it. It was a man and a woman really going at it. It was so loud. I think that you may have heard the movie. I forgot to turn it off and after we left the house, Robin realized she forgot her phone in the house. We had to go back to get it – and thank god we did. I forgot to turn off the video."

Melissa caught her breath and said, "I think you heard the movie. I was with Robin and I did not see her have sex with any men today – not one time!" She giggled so Rob would see the ridiculousness of his suspicion. Melissa knew the effect of her giggle on men. She was sure her story had worked.

Rob was flushed, sweating, horny and frustrated. He said, Mel, you must be right. I am so embarrassed that I even had this conversation with you. I don't know what to say." His heart was beating rapidly.

Melissa smiled at her sister. It worked. Melissa knew it would. Men would believe anything. "It's OK Rob, but it's kind of funny. I can't wait to tell Robin – if it is OK with you?"

Rob said, "Maybe it is better that you tell her that we talked. I screamed at her about an hour ago. You can smooth it over for me ok?"

Melissa said, "It will be my pleasure. She should be here any minute. Hey – do you want to meet us at the diner?" Playfully, Melissa added in her porn star voice, "I really want you to cummm yesssss cummmmmm!"

Rob could barely speak. After a few seconds he laughed and said he was not in the mood but thanks anyway. He said goodbye and thanks for the help. He hung up. Rob then locked the bedroom door, and lay on the bed. He felt his hard cock in his hand and slowly stroked himself as he thought about Melissa. As he thought about her body, the sexiness of her voice as she played a porn actress cumming over the phone. In just a few minutes his cum was shooting out of his cock . . . .

Melissa smiled at her sister. "I think he bought the whole story Robin. But just to be on the safe side, I think you better be very – and I mean VERY pleasing when you two climb into bed tonight." As Melissa heard herself give this advice, she felt flushed. Maybe she was just getting caught up in the story – but Rob was certainly a good looking man.

Robin looked down then up at her sister. "Melissa, you need to learn to keep your voice down – that porn star act had those two men over there looking at us. Thanks so much for your help. I can't believe that my husband heard another man screwing me."

Melissa was very interested in this story. "Robin, what happened? I mean – how did this happen?"

Robin sipped her coffee. "Well I can't believe this but you better than anyone knows what and how it happened." Robin told her sister the PG 13 version of the story. Occasionally Robin flushed at certain points in the story. Melissa knew that these were very good parts; maybe even orgasmic parts of the story.

As Melissa listened to her sister she privately smiles and occasionally gasped! The men at the other table looked over and one, with brown hair with some grey, smiled. He looked familiar – maybe not. After all, Melissa was in this diner a couple of times a week.

When Robin finished she smiled. "Mel, I was so lucky today. I was in such a panic. I am sure that I was busted!" She giggled. "I can't believe your story. How did you come up with a porn video? What is going on in that head of yours?"

Melissa smiled, "if you only knew." She continued, "Hey, I wanted to tell you about my therapy appointment. I cannot believe that place! I think I found the solution to my problem," lowering her voice and looking at her sister, "our problem."

Melissa spent the next 30 minutes telling Robin about her therapy and the erotic massage at the end. Robin listened to her little sister and kind of sighed a little. Robin was hoping that Melissa, and their other sister, Karen, would be spared this family curse that Robin found their mother also possessed.

When Melissa came to the part of fucking the man at the end of her session she asked her sister, "Does this happen all of the time? I mean, this man had a hard on that was not going to stop unless he released his sexuality."

Robin said, "Not all of the time but quite often." Then Robin smiles, "It's nice right? I mean so exciting?"

Melissa nodded and sighed. The man again – who is he?

Robin then told her sister, "Mel, did they tell you that all of the members of the group help out from time to time?"

Melissa said they had told her that. However, Melissa confessed that she was not sure what they meant by helping out. She figured that since the man in the lobby needed to have sex, and Melissa was happy to accommodate him, that she was helping.

Robin said that it was something like that. They chatted some more and finished their coffee. As they got up, Melissa reminded Robin that she had to be very grateful in bed tonight. Robin smiled and hugged her sister.

As they walked to the counter to pay their check, Melissa looked back and noticed the man sitting near them was gone. Both men were gone. Did she notice them leave? What difference did it make, Melissa thought. She was better off not thinking about it. She told her husband she would only be an hour or an hour and a half. She looked at her watch – she would be home before that.

In the parking lot Melissa kissed her sister good night and said, "Are you busy on Saturday? Maybe you, Rob, and my nieces can come for dinner. I will make ziti and salad."

Robin said it sounded like a good idea and she would call her.

Melissa got into her car and drove home. It started to rain. Melissa noticed that her gas was low. She looked out the windshield and thought, "It's raining. This can wait until tomorrow." As she drove on, she remembered she was in her husband's car. Why make him get gas when he had to leave so early in the morning to fight traffic into the city. A little rain won't hurt her.

Melissa pulled into the 7-11 and pulled up to the pump. As she got out of the car she could feel the wind blowing the rain against her cheek. The coverage at the pumps could not help against this wind. Melissa looked down. Her tee shirt was getting soaked. She went to the pump and ran her credit card through the reader. When she glanced over, she saw a man pumping gas in the next lane. Melissa did a double take and saw it was the man from the diner. One of the two men sitting at the table close to her and her sister. He was looking at Melissa and she smiled at him.

Melissa looked up again and the man was looking at her – he smiled but he was obviously looking at her breasts. With this rain it must have seemed like a wet tee shirt contest. Her 34Ds wet and her tee shirt sticking against her.

The man finally broke the silence. "Hi, . . .Melissa?" He was still smiling.

Melissa looked and said, "Yes, that's right." She tried to remember him. Yes – he was at the diner and he was looking at her and Robin for a ½ hour, but there was something else - something else familiar about this man. Melissa could not remember – not at this point.

"Joe? Joe Laruffa? I used to live around the corner from your family when you were in high school. I graduated with your sister Robin," He said. "My parents were Joe and Marie. I remember your mom and dad – how are they?"

Melissa thought, "Now I remembered Joe – Wow do I remember Joe. If he only knew what I knew about him – or even worse – what I wanted to know when I was in high school." She smiled and said, "Oh my god – yessss Joe – how are you? I remember your mom and dad too – so nice your dad . . ." Melissa stopped short – a memory of Joe's dad leaving her house when she came home from school. Joe's dad whispering to her mom as he left the house in the afternoons. She thought, "My god – was his dad one of the men who use to screw my mom?"

Joe said, "They are good, they still live in the same house. How are your parents?"

"My dad passed away about 10 years ago. My mom is in Florida – she is happy – she loves it. She comes up a couple of times a year to see her granddaughters." As she spoke to Joe, she felt a tingle between her legs. Joe was moving his eyes from Melissa's very wet t-shirt to her eyes. Melissa was feeling combination of mature sexual excitement and little girl first crush tingling.

As they were making some small talk and reminiscing, Melissa knew her nipples were stiffening. There was an indescribable change is Joe's eyes. Suddenly, Joe said, "Melissa – I have to tell you - you have the nicest tits I have ever seen. I am sorry for being so blunt, but your tee shirt is wet and I watched your beautiful tits since I was younger. I don't think I'm wrong, but I heard you giving phone sex in the diner and your nipples are so stiff right now. I bet you are as horny as I am."

Joe stopped speaking and looked around and as no one was around except us - two fools in the rain, he lowered his sweat pants down a little bit to show me the tip of a very erect cock. Melissa looked at this excited penis. An erection that she caused. Then she thought, "I was almost gone. I almost made it home. I just had to stop for gas. If I would have let my husband fill the car in the morning, I would not be staring at and desire this man's cock. This is what I get for being a considerate wife."

Joe broke the silence and her thoughts. "Melissa, there is a park-n-ride by the LIE. Follow me there – please. I know you are feeling what I am feeling."

Melissa watched Joe get into his truck and she got into her car. Like she was in a cloud, Melissa followed his F150 to the park-n-ride. He parked in an area away from the other cars. Melissa pulled into the spot next to him and got out of the car. She thought, "I do not want Joe in my husband's car. " As she walked to the passenger side of his pick-up, Melissa noticed about ½ dozen pairs of cars scattered in different parts of the nearly empty and dark parking lot.

Melissa opened the door and climbed in. She shut the door and thought, "How did I get here? All Joe had to do was compliment me, tell me he loved my boobs, and show me his hard on. And here I am in his truck. What is wrong with me?"

Joe said, "Melissa I can't believe how horny I am right now. I mean look!" Joe pulled the elastic of his sweat pants back and his excited and very hard cock stood straight up. Melissa looked at Joe's cock. It was smaller than her husbands, but it looked very nice and inviting. It looked almost majestic and stately. It looked like it had a personality of its own, like it was smiling and inviting her to play.

Melissa leaned over and touched Joe's hard on. It was warm and hard in her small hand. She just held it for a few seconds and then slowly stroked it.

Joe softly moaned and tilted his seat back. "Oooooooohhhhh yessssssssss," he moaned as this married woman stroked his cock. She looked up at him for a few seconds and thought, "Men really get pleasure from me. I mean, listen to him. My voice, my smile, my body, my hands are making this man moan with pleasure. Is that the meaning of my life? Is this me?"

Joe whispered his pleasure and Melissa decided to get intimate with the excitement of touching Joe's hard penis. She said softly as she slowly let go of Joe's cock, "Pull your sweats and boxers all the way down to your ankles. I want to," she kisses his thigh," touch as much," she kissed the tip of his erection, "of you as I can!"

Joe spared no time lifting his ass up out of the seat and sliding his sweats and boxers down to his ankles. When he lay back on the reclined seat, Melissa leaned over and laid her face on his lower stomach. She looked at Joe's cock and smiled. She took a finger and toyed with the tip. Melissa's face was about four inches from the tip but she decided that she would use the magic of her hands to make Joe happy. She would touch all sensitive parts of him and watch his cock as it went through the stages of excitement. She could make Joe feel really good and still be home to her husband on time.

Melissa could feel Joe's fingers running through her hair as she slipped her fingers lightly around his cock. This was really a miracle in her excited mind. Looking at his excited and hard cock and thinking about it – here is a penis that is really hard because this man saw her in a wet tee shirt and heard her talking like a porn star on the phone. Her actions and body made this man excited and now her touch is going to make him feel as good as humanly possible. This was a miracle.

Melissa slowly stroked Joe's cock and concentrated on watching. His cock was taking on a life of its own as she played with it. Although Melissa was aware of Joe's moaning from the pleasure she was giving him, she imagined that this beautiful excited cock was a separate being. It twitched in her hand. Melissa imagined the cock as a little animal that she was going to play with.

Melissa took her fingernails and lightly scratched Joe's thighs up and down as she moved her mouth an inch from the tip of his cock. She lightly blew her warm breath on his cock and continued to lightly massage his thighs. This cock moved and swelled with its appreciation. Melissa kept a hand on one thigh and ran her finger up the soft vein of its underside. She lightly took hold again and slowly stroked this miracle of sexual excitement.

Joe periodically tried to push her head closer. It was apparent that Joe wanted her mouth on his cock, but Melissa was removing Joe from the situation. It was just her fingers, hand, breath and his cock. She was communicating with this swelling sex organ. The cock was responding to her touch. Sometimes the tip swelled and sometimes the entire erection swayed like a pole in the wind.

As Melissa worked a rhythm into her stroking, she noticed Joe's balls begin to move up and down. At first his balls were moving with the same rhythm as her stroking, but Melissa soon realized that his balls were moving in reaction to her touch. His balls were almost beating like a heart. She lifted her head a little and watched how Joe's balls reacted to her stroking.

Melissa was so horny now looking at this wonderful cock but there was something about Joe's balls that got her really excited. They were larger than her husband's. They looked like they were getting bigger – almost like they were filling up. Melissa then let go of Joe's cock and walked her fingers down to his balls. At first, she took a finger and kind of pushed in and out. She could hear Joe moan with pleasure. Melissa actually forgot about the rest of this man for a second. His moaning told her that his balls needed some special attention and Melissa was happy to accommodate.

She moved her small hand under his balls and lifted them a little. Then back down. Then she lightly lifted and lowered his balls. Melissa saw how Joe's cock reacted and she decided to just give the tip of his cock a little kiss. Joe tried to move his cock in her mouth again, but Melissa teasingly moved her face away. She began to massage Joe's balls with her hand. Almost the way a woman lovingly rubs her husband's arm, she rubbed and squeezed these soft and full balls. As Melissa continued this massage, she lifted her face up and lightly blew on his cock. She moved her face slowly up and down this cock, lightly blowing her warm breath in a thin stream on this excited hard on.

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