The Changing of the Prude


"Do you like that sweet cheeks "

"God yes do it some more '"

And I Felt her bite down on the other one

" Yeehe" I cried.

She sat up and I could feel her ass cheeks by my cock I tried to get some friction between her cheeks and my cock but she would have none of that

"Oh no dear boy when you cum it will be in my pussy so you can suck it all out, but first were going to have some more fun "

"how's that" I asked

"Well I want to play with that asshole of yours won't that be fun lover boy."

"Ah are you sure about that."

"Well I want to play with it and I think you'll love it if you don't like it we'll stop ok sweetheart."

" What are you going to do?" I asked

Not sure about this whole thing but what choice did I have it wasn't like I could stop her and I don't think I would if I could. I felt her get off the bed and I heard her rummaging around in her toy boxes

Then she said "These should do for now."

"These as in plural." I asked.

` "Fear not I'll only use one at a time lover boy."

Then I felt her move back on the bed then I felt her hand on my cock

"Don't handle that to much "I said "I may shoot off "

Then I felt some thing wrap around the base of my shaft and pull tight

"That should take care of that sugar." she said

"What's that?" I asked

"It's a cock ring its meant to make you last longer. We don't want you shooting too soon do we."

"No we don't." I said

"Do you like eating cum baby." I didn't answer " Do you lover"

"Yes " I finally answered.

"That's the first time you actually said it. I wonder what Paul's will tasted like?"

"Is there a different in taste Tate?"

"Oh yes there is I think it depends on what they eat or drink some are sweet like yours others are bitter and salty but I like them all " She said "Well back to playing I think you cooled down enough I'm going to release you I want you to roll over on you belly ok."

As she released the cuffs I knew it was my chance to stop this but I rolled over and put my hands back up to be restrained again.

"Well you like being restrained don't you."

"Yes" Was all I could say.

I could tell my face was red by the heat of my cheeks. "That's ok lover I love having you this way."

"Why" I asked her?

"Because I'm very dominant and I need a submissive but only in the bedroom anywhere else we are equals. Now lift up so I can get these pillows under you."

I did as she asked then settled back down I felt her hand starting to caress my ass then I felt something cool being rubbed on the cheeks

"Ahh" I said

"You know you really have a cute butt"

Then I felt her spreading the cheeks apart then I felt something warm and wet on my ass hole it must have been her tongue.

"Ohh that's nice."I said then I felt it attack my hole, my reaction was to clamp it shut

"oh baby relax let my tongue in honey"

Forcing my self to relax To could feel it penetrate, god it felt good

"mmmm that feels good Tate "

I felt her tongue saw back and forth jamming in my hole I started to wonder what a cock would feel like I said to no one in particular

"dam I hope that cock ring works "

As i started to push my ass back to get more of that tongue. God what a wonderful feeling. Then I felt her pull away

" No don't stop please." I said.

"Don't worry there lover I'm not finished yet now comes something bigger"

Then I felt something cool and greasy at my opening." What's that?" I asked,

"It's the smallest dildo I have Love and I slicked it up with some stuff called Wet. Now just relax while I get this lovely thing in your ass "

I felt it start to penetrate and I willed my self to relax as it wedged my asshole open then the pain started it kept stretching me wider till I felt kind of a pop

"there the head is in sweet cheeks " Tatem said

"how big it that thing? " I asked her

"its only about a halve inch wide why?"

"It feels a lot wider than that "

"Don't worry you'll get use to it."

"That's what I'm afraid of. I may never get it closed again "

She started to giggle " Don't worry I got some thing to plug it with."

"That's the other thing I'm worried about." she giggled again "ok I'm going to start moving it now so relax and get in to it "

"Ok just go slow "

Well the pain had stop while we talked then I felt it starting to move in a little bit then out then in and out each inward thrust it would go in a little more than back till it was almost out then back in it went. It really started to feel good but it was going in a long way.

"I hope you don't damage any thing back there?" I said

" Not to worry I've done this before and haven't hurt any one yet. Ok I'm going to pick up the pace now."

I started to feel it moving in and out a lot faster "mmmm that's nice. It feels real good"

"Should I go A little bigger sweetie " She asked

"Bigger ah well ok if you think I'm ready"

"Oh sweetie the way you pumping back to meet this one you are definitely ready."

I felt her move on the bed then I felt some thing on my lips then she said "Here lick this for a little bit"

I stuck out my tongue and took a lick it was smooth and rounded and then I felt her start to push it in to my mouth I guess I trusted her I just open my mouth and let it come in. Now with my lips wrapped around it I could tell it was probably the next dildo to go up my ass it had a nice smooth texture to it and it went in to my mouth smoothly then she started working it in and out I took it deeper on each stroke till it hit the back of my throat which caused me to gag till I pulled back

"There there sweetie not so much the first time your not ready to deep throat it yet."

Yet what does she mean yet I don't think I'll ever be ready to deep throat one. Maybe suck one in my mouth never in the throat. What the hell was I thinking two hours ago I wasn't even thinking about sucking a dildo now here I was laying on my stomach dildo up ass hand cuffed to my bed and loving it. Where did my life change lanes? Then I remembered it was the night I meet wonderful Tatem.

" Are you ok Mike you seemed lost in thought?"

" I was I was thinking how ridiculous I must look. And I'm glad no one can see me "

"Oh Mike you don't look ridiculous to me you look amazingly hot."

"How can you say that? Here I am hand cuffed to my bed blindfolded, a dildo up my ass and sucking on the next one to be but up my ass"

" Dear sweet Mike to me you hot and sexy it's taking all my will power not to flip you over and fuck you blinded "

"really" I said

"Of cause dear what woman would do this to a man if she didn't enjoy it"

She had a point there I wasn't forcing her to do this to me if any thing I was being forced, but that's not was true either I could get her to stop just by asking.

"Are you ready for the next one Love."

"Yes " I said knowing that this one was bigger but it fit easily into my mouth so it should fit in my ass.

"Ok I'm pulling the small one out " she said.

As she slowly pulled it out I had this sense of emptiness as if some thing was missing.

"Ok Love in goes the next one relax now."

I felt the tip of it touch the rim of my asshole starting to spread it I felt my hole getting wider and wider and wider then the pain was starting to come back not as bad as before more like a ache then the head was in and only pleaser was there

"mmm that's good " I said

"I know what you mean Love I love something hard and fat in my ass "

Then I could feel her start to pump in and out. It felt so good her fucking me with that dildo I started to push back on her in stroke fucking myself on that dildo I new right then that someday I would have a real cock up my ass this was to good to pass up I heard Tatem say

"That's it baby fuck that cock ram it up your ass make me proud of you "

We fucked my ass like this for a few minutes then she said "Love this is too much I got to have your cock in me put there's one more thing I want to try up your ass."

"What's that Hon? " I asked

"It's called a butt plug that we can leave in there "

"What ever you think is best."

I felt that marvelous tool start moving out of my ass when it was gone I felt that empty feeling again Then the butt plug started in and it felt like a ball going in at first it got bigger then smaller then a lot bigger then small then a lot bigger then I felt the rim of my hole close shut almost like my asshole swallowed it up

"Are you sure we can get that out again, Hon " then I heard her giggle

"Not to worry there's a base that stay on the outside Love "

I felt her moving off the bed Then one hand was released then the other. My arms felt like dead weight I could barely move them

"Turn over Love so I could get that cock in my pussy"

I raised up so she could get the pillows out and then flip over glad to off my knees I raised my arm to the head board but she said

"No not this time I want you to play with my tits while we fuck, but leave the blind fold on "

I felt the bed move again then I felt her legs on both sides of me. Then I felt the mouth of her pussy surround the tip of my cock then she plunged her pussy to the base of my cock in one move. I felt her body shake, tremble and the unmistakable feel of her juice soaking my balls then her body falling on my chest limp

"god it's so good to cum "she said "does that prove I was excited about the way you looked sweet cheeks I came just by having your cock in me "

"I guess you were excited to have me like that but I would like to cum now please."

"Your turns next sweetheart"

She then started to move her pussy up and down on my cock working her pussy like a milking machine. Thank god for the cock ring she put on because I would have never lasted this long with out it. I reached up and took a hold of her tit massaging them and squeezing her nipples I was pumping my cock into her like engine piston She started screaming and panting that she was almost there I new I was but just couldn't get off then I felt her hand reach between her legs and she tore off he cock ring and I came and came blasting my cum into her. And she came to flooding my balls with her cum I could feel her cum running down passed my balls down to the crack of my ass to where the butt plug was. I still kept cumming in her. I cum so much and so hard my balls started to hurt I must have pumped a quart or better into her. Then she pulled the blind fold from my eyes the light hurt my eyes the first thing I saw was her smiling face looking down at me

"God that was good was it good for you too " she asked.

I told her "it was the best cum I ever had "

" are you hungry Love "

"famished" I said.

"Good because you pumped one hell of a load in me I didn't think you where ever going to stop cumming "

" me either my balls still hurt from cumming so hard."

" Poor baby" she said "I'll have kiss them and make them better "

" that would be nice" I told her

She put her hand down between her legs then clamped her pussy lips closed around my cock. So as not to lose any more of our combined cum and then slowly pulled off my halve erect cock and walked up to my face on her knees. Placing her pussy over my mouth I put my hands on her hips she said "dinner time " I open my mouth wide as she pulled her hand away from her pussy. As she sat on my mouth. Our cum poured out of her into my mouth I had to swallow or drown. I kept swallowing and it kept coming that silky smooth cream that we are all made of. My nose was rubbing her clit and I could hear her panting so I reached up to grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples hard causing her to clamp down on her pussy muscles and push more of that delicious cream in to my mouth. Finally she pulled her luscious pussy from my mouth lying down next to me and started cleaning my face with her tongue. When she was done we kissed cuddled together and fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning around noon. Thank god it was a holiday I couldn't even think about going to work even if it was for only a couple hours. My legs ached my arms hurt and my asshole felt sore and swollen then I remembered I still had the butt plug in. I got up to go to the bathroom figuring it would be best to take it out in there. Sitting on the toilet I reached between my legs and felt for the plug Pulling it hurt coming out only for a second then it popped right out I placed it in the sink to be washed later then relived my self and got in the shower. Getting out I dried off washed the butt plug then washed my hand again and went to fine Tatem. Looking in the kitchen I found she made coffee and left a note it read

" dear darling lover. I needed a few things from the store and you need new underwear. I hope you don't mind I took your mustang. Love TE."

I made my self some coffee went in the living room to watch some TV. Found nothing good on. So I went looking for a tape to watch I know mine all by heart so I looked at Tatem's I found one I don't think I ever saw before popped in the VCR. It started with a guy banging this chic he had a really nice cock big too and he's giving it to her real good.In walks this other guy and he wants to join in they say ok and he whips out his big prick and puts it in to her mouth you could see she's having a problem with it being so big and all The guy fucking her says come baby you can do better than that she says

"Here you do it "

And puts it up to his mouth and he starts to suck it. He does pretty good job of it. I'm sure he's deep throating it. This goes on for a while and then the guy getting sucked off goes behind the guy fucking the chic and starts to put it in his ass The camera got a good shot of this it showed the dick going right in the other guys ass. The rest of the movie is about the three-way fuck. The end was when the guy fucking the other guy's ass pulls out and cums all over the guy fucking the chic and he pulls out cums on the chic. I must have been beating my meat because I cum all over myself. Then behind me I hear

"Hey Mike "

I jump and turn there's Tatem standing with a big smile on her face.

Then she said "You must have really like that movie I said hi three time the first two you didn't even hear "

"I was just amazed he was getting that big dick up the other guys ass."

"You where so amazed you came all over yourself " she pointed out

"Well Ahh yea I guess so " I said embarrassingly.

She notice my embarrassment saying

" Oh don't be embarrased that was a hot movie I play with myself when I watch it to"

Looking down at my chest and stomach I said "I need to go wash this off"

"Oh let me do that." she said and came over to me and licked me clean.

Looking at me she swallowed it all saying. "You got it all last night this load was mine."

She wrapped her arms around me an and kissed me while she was feeling up my ass and said

"I see you took out your butt plug "

I told her I had too it itched. I also told her I washed and put it back in her trunk

"Oh I talked to Pam earlier just to tell her you wasn't mad about me tell her about you know. And she asked if we wanted to come over for a swim later and dinner. I told her I'd let her know."

"Was this before or after you told her about fucking me with a dildo?" I said with a smile to let her know I knew she told and I didn't care.

"It was after I told her. Your not mad are you?"

"No I like going in knowing what she knows."

"Well she heard all about last night."

"Well I guess there be no surprises today "

" no surprises " she said. "So I can tell her we'll come "

"Yea Its been along time since I've gone swimming I hope I can find my suit?"

"Ah sweetheart no suits allowed."

"Oh ah Ok" I said. How did I know that was coming?

"I guess that's why I never been invited to swim there."

"Don't take it personally Love."

" I don't " I really didn't, I understood knowing how things were before.

Tatem picked up the bags she came home with then went off to the bedroom saying "I got to get out of these cloths come on with me"

I followed her as she strip off her cloths then she tossed a bag to me saying "here try these on and see if they fit"

In the bag I found eight pairs of silk or satin boxers and eight pair of what I thought where satin panties handing them back to her I said

"these must be yours"

"No there yours try them on"

"Honey these are panties"

"NO silly there men's briefs see the man on the tag"

Looking again at them I could see the guy on the tag but I still had my doubts. Looking at them trying decide on which one to try on she said

"You ma want to take a shower first in case I missed anything down there."

Knowing she was right about that in case they didn't fit I started for the bathroom then she said

"Sweetheart can I ask you one favor"

"What's that Tat."

"Well do you like my hairless pussy?"

" Yes I like it a lot I like the smooth feel the way the hair doesn't get in the way when I lick you down there. Oh I get it you want me to shave too?"

"You don't mine do you the hair gets in the way of me get all that delicious cum and it get in my mouth and throat"

" No I could do that I never liked it any way. It always itched "

She jumped up off the bed threw her arms around me and said

"Thank you thank you But instead of shaving I have this stuff that works a lot better. You just rub it on wait about ten minutes and rinse it off "

"Ok give it to me " I said

"Here I'll put it on you" She reached in to a bag and pulled out a bottle. Turned towered the bathroom and said

"This way sir"

In the bathroom she turned to me poured some of the stuff in her hand and started massaging it in my crotch getting all the hairy areas between my legs then she had me turn a rounded and rubbed it on my butt and between the cheeks. When she was done with me she then applied it to her own pubic area and then down her legs and then handing me the bottle said

"Do my butt and the crack but be careful around my asshole"

I did as she asked Then standing I washed my hands so I didn't get it anywhere I didn't want it

"It may burn a little then it will start to itch' when you can't stand it any more it's time to wash it off'" she informed me

Well the burning had started but not to bad about five minutes later the itching started. About 15 minutes in to it was about all I could stand I said that's it for me she said she had it too and we jumped in the shower. After washing the stuff off she turned off the shower and got down on her knees to

"inspected my handy work" as she put it

She took my cock into her mouth ran it in and out of her mouth a couple of times then licking my balls a while and feeling between my legs. She then turned me around to check my ass ran her hand over the cheeks then spread the cheeks apart and ran her tongue up and down the crack. Then she rimed my asshole a few times. She certified me prime grade A meat ready for Human consumption and hairless as the day I born.

Then I checked her over running My tongue up one leg then the other over her pussy mound then over each cheek and between her cheeks to her asshole where I spent some time just to make sure. Then we dried each other off then went back to the bedroom. She then got out a pair of the men's briefs and pulled them up my legs then fit them around my package.

"Well what do you think?" she asked as she rubbed my cock with her hand

"They still look like panties to me" I said.

She gave me a slap on the arm in play and said "They look yummy on you but if you want panties I'll get them for you?"

"Ah not thanks this is as close as I want to get to them except if there on you that is."

"There you go thinking with you dick again."

"It does my best thinking at times." Looking over at the clock she said,

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