tagLesbian SexThe Christmas Gift Ch. 01

The Christmas Gift Ch. 01


It is a very cold night, full of falling snow, when Sandra hears a knock at the door. She takes a sip of her wine before sitting the glass down on the table next to the couch. She stands fixing her teddy before heading to the door. When she opens it, there is Rebecca standing in the doorway. Rebecca kisses her on the lips, lingering a bit before pulling away.

"I thought you couldn't come over tonight," Sandra says.

"For you, I made it possible," she answers and moves in for a proper kiss. "Besides I have a gift for you."

As Rebecca presses her lips against Sandra's, the softness and tenderness makes Sandra melt into her arms. Rebecca being Sandra's neighbor would normally not make their relationship hard, but the fact the Rebecca was married did. Rebecca's lips are so soft and when she flicks her tongue around Sandra's lips and teeth, she feels instantly high.

Her hands caress Sandra's back through the material of the black teddy and then they slip down to her ass. Her touch is so light Sandra can feel the goose bumps all over her body as if her skin is calling to her to be touched in the same way. Sandra becomes lost in her emotions and doesn't even notice Rebecca undoing the clips holding the teddy in place. Her senses come back when she feels the lacy cotton fall away from her body. She moans loudly as she feels Rebecca's hot lips around her nipple and then her breathing lower down her stomach. As she feels Rebecca pull at the front on her panties, she loses the ability to make any noise at all. Her whole body is shaking as she feels Rebecca's tongue make one sweep up her pussy and then the panties snap back.

"Don't you think we should get inside, out of the cold," Rebecca offers.

"Yeah," Sandra says with a smile though with the wave of heat rolling through her body she could stay in the cold and not care.

As they walk into the house and close the door behind them, Sandra turns to Rebecca and looks into her beautiful blue eyes and says, "I'm glad you came tonight. I was feeling a bit lonely."

"What about Kat?" she asks referring to Sandra's daughter Katherine.

"She said she wanted to get to bed early so she could get up early for presents."

"I don't blame her," Rebecca says. "What eighteen year old doesn't want to see the gifts they got as soon as they can?"

They both laugh and Rebecca says, "I wanted to be here more than you can imagine. I want a life with you."

Sandra smiles and grabs her hand, dragging to the bathroom and delicately undresses Rebecca and herself then turns on the water to her oversized walk-in shower. Rebecca pulls Sandra under the water and they kiss with the water splattering their faces like warm rain.

Sandra's hands immediately explore Rebecca's silky smooth back and she eagerly moves them down to her firm ass. As her hands roam, Rebecca coos her pleasure and Sandra then brings her right hand up Rebecca's side and slowly round to her perfect breasts. As Sandra's hand touches her erect nipple Rebecca's lips begin kissing her neck, driving her absolutely wild. Sandra pulls Rebecca's face to her own and then pushes her back against the tiled wall and kisses her passionately as she strokes her breasts and belly, slowly working her hand to Rebecca's shaven clit.

Because of their passionate kissing Sandra decides to attack rather than tickle her pussy and the gasps from Rebecca says she wants more. Sandra keeps her pinned to the wall and at no point does she seem to want to push her away. Instead Sandra feels her caressing her nipples delicately, teasing them until they are rock hard and super sensitive under her Touch.

They are both so highly charged and Sandra guesses it won't take long for her assault on her clit to bring her to orgasm and she is right. She feels Rebecca's lips begin to tremble as she kisses her and then she feels Rebecca's legs begin to shake. Rebecca wraps her arms around her, putting her entire weight on Sandra's shoulders as her legs give way and her moans become cries of pleasure. Sandra slows her rubbing to a caress, keeping her orgasm flowing for as long as she can, holding her tightly until she gets the ability to stand up.

Rebecca looks at her and asks, "Is there something more special about tonight than any other?"

"Only that I have you here on Christmas Eve night, all to myself," Sandra says and then kisses her passionately again.

After only a few more kisses, Rebecca spins Sandra around so she is now with her back to the tiles and with an evil grin Rebecca tells her, "It's your turn to suffer."

Rebecca pins her arms to the wall as her eager kisses hit her lips, neck and shoulders. She then moves lower, switching between nibbles and kisses as she hit Sandra's excited breasts. She then moves lower and the anticipation of what is coming makes Sandra start leaking hot juices from her pussy, but not many escape as she feels Rebecca plunge deep into her pussy with her tongue and then her tongue becomes like a frenzied snale attacking her insides.

Rebecca's tongue is soon joined by several probing fingers and then Sandra feels another finger pushing at her asshole. She has to reach for the shower rail to keep from falling over and with her other hand she grabs a handful of Rebecca's hair to stop any chance of her escaping from the pleasure she is giving Sandra right now.

An explosive climax soon hits her and her grip on the rail fails and they both end up in a pile in the bath. Rebecca's tongue and fingers never leave Sandra's body and Sandra's screams of pleasure and begging for her to stop because she can't take anymore are ignored as her body twists and fixes in agonizing pleasure. When Rebecca eventually stops, Sandra quite simply cannot move. Rebecca merely takes the shower gel and slowly washes and caresses Sandra's pleasure soaked body. Several minute pass before Sandra sits up, still shaking and twitching from her orgasm.

"Shall we move on to your room?" Rebecca asks softly.

Again Sandra's ability to speak disappears and she merely nods. Rebecca wraps her up in a big fluffy towel and leads her toward her room. As they enter the room, Sandra is still floating on a cloud of pleasure. She guided Sandra to the cushion filled bed and then stands behind her and whispers, "I love you."

Before she can reply, she feels Rebecca's kisses on her chest and neck, slowly working their way up to her lips. Sandra kisses her greedily and throws her arms around her neck. As they kiss, Rebecca takes Sandra's hand and places it on her own pussy and says, "Pleasure yourself."

Sandra starts to rub her pussy as Rebecca starts to caress her breasts and pinch at her nipples. Sandra starts to move her hand away and Rebecca says, "Keep going, that is so hot!"

So she does. Rebecca then moves away from herself and she takes her free hand and puts it to Sandra's breasts. Sandra's hand gets faster. She feels an orgasm rising and only half hears noises beside her as she is so into pleasuring herself for Rebecca's eyes and her moans are obviously telling Rebecca that she is close to coming.

"Alright," Rebecca says placing her hand onto of Sandra's. "Let's slow it down a little." Sandra's noises of despair are met with a little laughter but also with kind words, "Don't worry I'll make it worth it."

Rebecca climbs onto the bed between her legs as her pussy throbs for attention and then, all of a sudden, she feels a large cock plunge deep inside her pussy. Sandra gasps as the cock pounds her deep. She looks down to see a strange looking harness with a lifelike cock attached to it. Sandra pulls Rebecca into her, pinching hard on her nipples as Rebecca kisses her. Rebecca's trusting gets faster and after a few minutes of violent trusting, the orgasm she had started herself comes out in full.

After Rebecca pulls the big cock out, Sandra lays Rebecca on her back and starts licking her juices off the rubber cock. It is quite amazing as to how real it feels. She starts to suck on the fake cock and then she opens her throat and forces it right down until her nose touches Rebecca's belly. She holds it there for a second and lifts back off.

Sandra slowly unbuckles the strap-on cock and throws it to the floor then straddles Rebecca. She begins kissing her from the tip of her nose, across her lips, down her neck, past her perfect breast and stomach to her perfect moist pussy.

Rebecca tenses as Sandra moves lower with her kisses. Between each kiss she gives a little twirl of her tongue on her skin. Each time her tongue moves closer to her clit. Rebecca gasps and trembles and she yells, "Lick me! Lick my wet pussy!"

Sandra giggles and then flicks her tongue from left to right across her swollen lips. Each contact causes a jump from her body and then suddenly she plunges her tongue deep into Rebecca's pussy. Her mouth opens wide to cover the top of her lips and clit. Rebecca groans with pleasure as she licks hard then soft. Sandra adds two fingers to the mix to add to the pleasure.

Rebecca's taste is amazing. She grabs handfuls of Sandra's hair, holding her head in place on her rock hard slit. Sandra begins to nibble it as well and that causes a scream from Rebecca.

"Oooh, yes!" she screams. "Do it some more!"

Sandra can feel her face is wet from Rebecca's juices. Then Rebecca starts to buck like a scared horse, almost causing Sandra to fall off the bed, a s violent orgasm rips through her slim body. Sandra pushes her face deeper into her, her tongue as deeps as she can reach and laps up the large amount of juices she was causing to flow from her pussy. She keeps licking until Rebecca begs her to stop as she can't take anymore for now.

Rebecca lies there panting and Sandra crawls up the bed and kisses her. She has a content smile across her face and her eyes are close. Sandra gently strokes the hair out of Rebecca's face and then slowly traces her fingers over the near perfect skin of her shoulder and then runs them down to her nipples. Rebecca's body is perfect to her and it is hard not to touch.

As Sandra looks to the side of the bed, she sees the discarded strap-on cock and she hops off the bed and picks it up. She steps into the leg holes and pulls it up and fastens the belt. She takes the rubber cock in her hand and starts to stroke it. It feels so natural to do and she jumps as Rebecca comes from behind and kisses her neck. Her hand comes around and starts to caress Sandra's breasts and her other has a bottle of lotion which she squirts onto her new cock.

Suddenly Sandra's stroking becomes much smoother and really feels like a proper cock. She can feel her own pussy getting wet with excitement and as soon as Rebecca has arrived, she moves away from Sandra. Sandra turns to see her bent over the dressing table, her eyes fixed on Sandra's in the mirror and a cute little smile on her face. She walks slowly over to Rebecca and strokes her sexy ass, all the time stroking her own cock. As she gets closer she teases both of Rebecca's holes with it, finally resting it against her pussy. Rebecca closes her eyes and Sandra watches intently as her lips stretch to take the width of her cock as it slides in fully into her with one slow movement. She coos as it reaches full depth and immediately Sandra starts to pump in and out of her. It feels so odd but so damn sexy.

After the first few thrusts Sandra realizes that there is a part of this strap-on that is stimulating her own clit as she bangs into Rebecca. She is getting wetter with each stroke and knows she is going to hit her climax very quickly. Sandra's moans are matching Rebecca's as the dressing table shakes with each lunge forward. Rebecca has her hand rubbing furiously on her own clit and they truly cum together. Sandra slumps over Rebecca as they both pant like dogs with their orgasms and Sandra slowly removes her cock from her pussy with a very wet plop. They help each other over to the bed and climb under the sheets together. They drift off into a very content, very relaxing sleep.

When they awaken, they kiss for a while and then it hits Sandra.

"It's Christmas," she says. "Won't Jonathan get suspicious that you're not there?"

Rebecca smiles and says, "I have to tell you something."

"Okay I'm listening."

"Jonathan and I are over, have been for some time. We got in an argument last night and he told me he's been sleeping with some woman half his age and he wants a divorce. Hell, he's probably at her house right now."

"I'm so sorry to hear that," Sandra says.

"Don't be," Rebecca says with a smile. My gift to you wasn't that," she says looking down at the floor to the strap-on. "It is me. That is if you still want me."

Sandra's heart starts to race. "For the rest of our lives?"

"For the rest of our lives."

Sandra smiles and they kiss again. Sandra breaks the kiss when they hear footsteps running down the hall.

"What am I going to tell Kat?"

Rebecca gets a wicked grin on her face. "Why don't we tell her together with a special gift for her?"

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