tagLoving WivesThe Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 04

The Chronicles of Dr Knock-Boots Pt. 04

byThe Avenger©

The Desperate Housewife

Aunt Melinda was always glad to lend an ear when a friend of hers was in need. Not that Kelli was really a friend of hers. She knew Kelli through a Latina friend of hers, who Vanessa. Vanessa was a Colombian born and bred in the US, whereas Kelli had come over from the home country five years previously. Vanessa was one of those women that smiled in your face and dissed you behind your back. Aunt Melinda didn't care much for such bitches, but Vanessa ate a good pussy, and her spicy, Latina pussy was delicious and so dripping wet. Aunt Melinda loved to feed the gorgeous, mocha beauty her shaved, chocolate pussy and thick ass. She would sit on the limber girls face and get eaten thoroughly whilst her hubby was at work and her kids at Kindergarten. Then Aunt Melinda would pick up the slim girl, toss her on the bed or couch, it didn't matter coz the result was the same. She would eat her out, finger her holes and turn her out, making the Latin-American scream her lungs out and sing praise to black woman hood.

Melinda had met Vanessa and Kelli together several times, but she had never eaten Kelli out. Kelli was much paler than Vanessa and so alluring, in her own way. She was like a freak of nature, a white girl with the lips and ass of a black woman. Melinda asked Vanessa how Kelli's pussy tasted, but Vanessa sneered and said Kelli was a bumpkin and a stuck up catholic who probably thought a lil pussy licking made one a disgusting lesbian. Melinda still exchanged numbers with Kelli. Vanessa looked on with disapproval, but Melinda didn't give a damn about gossiping, shit talking bitches. She called Kelli a few days later and the gorgeous Latina turned up.

Kelli had no swim clothes but Melinda lent her her skimpiest two piece, thong bikini and put on an even smaller one herself. The two of them went for a swim in the naughty housewife's pool, then they reclined pool side on deck chairs, sipping Piña Colada, smoking a joint and chatting in the warm sunshine. Melinda loved the Latin woman's sweet accent. She was eying Kelli's thick tits and the fine mound in her thongs whilst Kelli returned the favor.

"See something you like?" Melinda asked, licking her thick, smiling lips with her sweet little pink tongue.

"Maybe..." Kelli responded with a naughty smile. "DO you think I am beautiful?"

"Of course. What a stupid question. Of course, you are gorgeous, hon."

A cloud came over Kelli's face. It was then that the beautiful Latina poured her heart out to the black woman. She had met, fallen in love with and married an expatriate American back in Bogotá. Their love life had been wonderful until she moved with him to the US.

Though Kelli seemed to prefer using a thousand words where two would do, Melinda soon pieced her story together. Kelli was a neglected wife. Her husband seemed to have lost interest in her. He was spending a lot of time at work, and with his best friend Romeo. The gorgeous Latina started crying. Aunt Melinda moved over to her deck chair and scooped her into her arms. She laid the pretty Latina's face between her pliant, dark tits and stroked her hair, cooing softly.

When the Latina calmed down, she was all embarrassed, but Aunt Melinda calmed her down. She went and got some oil and massaged the smooth, golden tanned back. Kelli purred like a cat. Melinda gave her a full body massage, leaving her gorgeous ass for last. She stroked her thick, round, gorgeous cheeks, her hands moving all over her like slippery but warm eels.

As Kelli started rolling her hips and rasping for breath, Aunt Melinda smiled naughtily. As she eased her dark hand between the thick chicks, Kelli hesitated for a second and then spread her cheeks. Melinda cupped the fat mound between the golden thighs and gave it a light squeeze. Kelli started giggling.

"What's funny, Latina?"

"Vanessa told me that you like girls."

"Have you ever had sex with a girl?"


"Do you want to?"

"Guess..." Kelli chuckled and parted her thighs wide.

It was all the invitation Jay's naughty Aunt wanted. First, she fished the thong out of the deep ass crack and pulled it up and down the dripping, pink gash of the shaved cunt, making Kelli moan and roll her hips. The Latina was blushing profusely, and she had her eyes closed, but she eagerly raised her hips as Melinda eased her thongs down to half mast, down around her mid thighs. The black housewife went down on her and devoured her pussy. It was so tasty and so wet, Melinda had so much juice to drink. She eased two digits up in the tight fanny and probed the lubed tunnel, making her new found friend moan sweetly in Spanish. When she started rimming her hole with her tongue, the golden Latina squirmed on the deck chair and moaned something about Mami this Mami that.

Aunt Melinda tongued her hole and brought her off to several shattering orgasms. She then turned her on her back and slid into her arms. The two women wrapped their arms around each other and kissed like a G.I. Returning from Desert Storm Part 2 ad his wife that he hadn't seen in 9 months. Their long tongues snaked around each other. They grinned into each other's pretty face and chuckled with joy, rubbing their big tits together. Melinda scooped up a big, dark tit and fed the Latina a thick, black crinkled nipple. Kelli sucked on it greedily.

They ate each other's hard, hot nipples and then Melinda scooted down and told her to raise her thighs and hold them up. Kelli did so gladly. She got licked and she got eaten. She got sucked and she got finger fucked. She told Melinda she loved to see her pretty, dark face between her thighs. Melinda slapped her pussy and gorged herself on it. Kelli came so much she got drunk and high from her orgasms.

When her tongue was getting sore, Melinda told Kelli that turn about was fair play. She climbed onto the Latina and lowered her cunt onto her pretty, red lips. She issued instructions, telling her to French kiss her sweet chocolate pussy. She taught her how to snake her long tongue around her big, protruding black clit and tease it until sparks were flying in her crotch. Then she got her to lick up and down her gash and wriggle her hot tongue all the way up her pussy.

To cut a long, hot fuck short, Kelli had her first taste of pussy, and it was delicious, dripping, shaved chocolate one. She ate black ass cheeks ravenously and fed on a puckered black hole. She loved it so much she just had to bury her tongue in it. Aunt Melinda went wild, humping Kelli's pretty face as she stroked her own clit and came all over her. They ate each other all afternoon. They showered together, washing each other's genitals.

As Kelli was leaving, Melinda held her to her bosom and the Latina kissed her and thanked her for the naughty afternoon. It was then that Melinda told her she would send her a handsome black man to fuck her dripping cunt. She patted the Latina's ass and squeezed her pussy before sending her home with a deep kiss.

Chapter 1: Mami Cuello Grande

It was just another day at school for Jason, commonly known as Jay. He attended his lessons and went about his business of acquiring knowledge and accumulating points for his graduation. Things were moving along quite well. He had given in to the demands of Mrs Elaine Chambers, his 45 year old principal, and stopped dealing drugs and selling pirate DVDs on school, as well as fucking her daughter and her boyfriend up the ass. In return, he fucked his Principal at least once a week and sometimes, if he caught him, he fucked her husband as well. And what was great was that she had already managed to secure him an all inclusive scholarship to any University of his choice, and she and her husband paid for every little inch of black cock he allowed them to enjoy. Besides the two of them, Jay was still fucking his Aunt and some of her friends on the regular, and they were all paying for his black cock as well as tipping him generously. Jay had never imagined that a big, fat, hard black cock was such a gold mine.

Sometimes, Jay would be chilling with his boys back in the hood or some of the boys at school and they would all be bragging about some chick they were fucking. Jay kept his mouth shut, but deep down inside, he was laughing his head off. These guys were bragging about one lousy pussy and one lousy set of lips that they had shoved their dicks into. Yet he was fucking top notch women anything between 4 and 5 times a week. And when his Uncle was out of town, he would just drop by the spacious house in the suburbs and fuck his gorgeous Aunt. She was so in love with his big cock that he couldn't have paid her to stop sucking it. Even when she had her periods, she called him over so she could suck him and let him fuck her ass from QB to Gibraltar and back, with a stop over at the North and South Poles. In other words, he rode his Aunt's thick ass all around the globe, son.

As far as he knew, none of his school mates and his homies could match that. He was seeing more pussy than a favorite, new thong and making the salary of an engineer as well. However, Jay did not get big headed. Pussy was a most wonderful organ, but at the end of the day, women were such gorgeous, wonderful creatures and he loved them, and getting paid to lay pipe made him a highly paid plumber, yet he knew that what he was currently experiencing was nothing other than a horny, interesting episode of a life he hoped would be long and exciting.

During a school break, Jay returned a call from his Aunt. She told him there was a woman that needed seeing to urgently, and gave him a room number of in a hotel. Jay was like, "Yeah, but I wanna go jogging and shit this afternoon. Tell her to make an appointment and wait her turn..."

"Listen Jay, this woman is hot, and I mean, sizzling hot. She is a Latina, you know them pale Latina hos with the skin of a white bitch and the thick lips and fat ass of a booty ho. Nigga, she a fucking Mami Cuello Grande..."

"What the fuck is that?"

"Mami big ass, Nigga. Now I know how much you love big asses. Or is your Principal trying to make you defect to no booty bitches. Fuck an ass flat as wood, Nigga. Go get that big white ass."

"Yeah, sounds hot and shit, but I ain't fucking super man, you know. I ain't no super Nigga, I'm just a student. I got just about all the pussy I can handle, thank you very much."

"Listen Jay, just go see this bitch, all right? If you don't want her, ain't no thing, I'll do her with my strap on. But lemme just tell you, she's paying double. Triple, if you make her cumm five times back to back. Now go on and give that Latina fuckhola a taste of your black cock!"

Jay was like, yeah right, and decided to go and see. But he wasn't all that excited, the same way a man who lived next to a clean, fresh stream might not be all that excited about a bottle of imported water.

After his lessons, Jay navigate down the high way pumping Cl Smooth And Pete Rock's "All the places" in his system. He bobbed his head to the duos homage to life in the Hood.

Welcome to the zone where the strong only survive, Places I drive all the gangsters can't stay alive, Take my universal journey through the jungles of the hardest town, Where my brothers lay their life down, You want something to play with?, Go find some toys when you mistake these grown men for little boys... Child abuse, women loose, robbery and triple homicide, Every where this black man resides still, Check the monologue, I'm on a 6 am Jog, To regain my powers, do a set before the showers, I'm prime for the summertime, the big time bowler, But any season or reason we can't take it over

"All the places and spaces I've been" "can you feel it?" (repeat 6x)

He pulled up at the upscale Hotel on the outskirts of town. He nodded at a young blond desk clerk, who stared at the young black dude in the sleeveless muscle t-shirt and the low hanging pants and Nike Air ones and the baseball cap pulled low over his eyes.

"Excuse me sir, may I help you?" she asked.

"Do I look lost to you?" he sneered, all gangster like. She became nervous. "Just kidding, I am meeting someone on the third floor. Nice hairstyle. You probably a model working here till you get your big break, right?"

"Thanks. How did you know," she replied, her face cracking into a wide, bashful smile.

"Oh, you got something special about you. Have a nice day, Ms, and wish you luck..."

He flashed her a dazzling smile and walked to the elevator. Yeah, New York, New York, Big City of Dreams

He found the room and knocked. The door was yanked open and a very tall woman stood before him. Loud, salsa music and the pungent smell of weed hit him. She wore a cavalier hat, whose brim concealed half her face, leaving her dark eyes in darkness, reflecting no light, like she was a figure in a horror movie. Her skin had a copper tone, like a white person with a deep tan.

"Hallo," he said in his deepest, darkest voice, his big, brown eyes smoldering with lust. "I am Jay."

"You are late! No!!! No!!!" Kelli cursed, in a sweet, heavy Latina accent, that was sexy even in anger. She shoved her arm in his face to show him a tiny, elegant, definitely expensive, platinum wrist watch which was sparkling with diamonds.

"Sorry, I got caught up in traffic. Anyway, it's only 5 minutes..."

"No! 9 minutes! I don't like lazy, unpunctual Stupidos! Are you lazy, boy?" she sneered, dragging the words and rolling them in a foreign way that sounded so chic. He smiled.

"What the fuck!!! Are you fucking loco or something!" Kelli's hand shot out, and she grabbed Jay by the front of his vest, catching him by surprise. She yanked him inside, kicked the door shut and moved behind him. He tried to turn to face her.

"Move man. O-o-o-o-o!!!" she groaned in exasperation and pushed him forwards.

They entered a spacious suite, a combination of a living and bedroom. Her handbag was lying on a bed. A smoking, big, fat joint was lying in an ashtray and there were bottles of Bacardi Rum and Cola and a tray of ice on a table as well as several glasses.

Jay took several, quick, long strides and turned fast on his heel to face her.

"What are you looking at? Don't look! No-o-o-o-o!!! You are not here to look."

Jay did though.

His eyes gazed at a drop dead gorgeous Latina. She was was of medium height, but a pair of high heeled shoes made her slightly taller than Jay.

Her eyes and the upper half of the face were hidden by her cavalier hat. Long, dark, curly hair cascaded from her hat and disappeared behind her shoulders. She had a pointed, pretty nose, with a tiny diamond sparkling in one nostril. Her full, pouting lips were a glossy, ruby red.

Kelli was in an elegant, sexy light blue, two piece outfit, consisting of a thin, elegant jacket with huge, silver buttons down the front and the matching, tight skirt, which ended at mid thigh. Her legs were encased in semi transparent, mid thigh, smoky, cream stockings and her feet were in open, very high heels.

part of her face, she seemed like a Latina with white blood as well as a tiny dash of native American. She had a body like J-Lo, athletic and curvaceous, built to last and take dick. Her breasts were thick and proud, and Mami definitely had so much butt Jay could almost see it from the front. The thighs encased in the smoky stockings were oh so juicy and her legs were athletic and shapely. She had long, delicate fingers, which had long, artificial nails, colored ruby red, of course.

Jay's heart beat faster. He loved Latinas. Especially feisty ones, though this one seemed rather moody and foul mouthed.

"I am gonna kill fucking Melinda! How could she send me a boy. O-o-o-o!" she groaned as if in major pain and tossed her head back. Though the brim hid her eyes, he was sure she was rolling them.

"Ma'am, don't knock it till you try it. I packs steel like an O.G." he chuckled and grabbed his balls. She snorted, tossed her hair, picked up her joint and puffed deeply. Jay went to take a seat on a couch and Kelli exclaimed in disbelief.

"What! No-o-o-o-o!!!" She pointed at him. "Up! Up! I'm not paying you to sit around. Dance!" She commanded him and waved her hands for action.


"Dance hombre. Move your ass. Do it now!" she snapped.

"Hold up lady. First of all, this ain't Soul Train, alright? And second, how about you maybe introduce yourself, like who are you? And where are you from?"

"Are you an immigration official or what? Shut up and dance boy! O-o-o-o!" she groaned again and cursed vehemently in Spanish. All he understood was Puta. "Dance, you lazy boy!"

"Excuse me, but could you please stop calling me boy? It ain't PC for white women, even Latinas, to call a brother a boy!"

"I call you anything I want, Puta!" She cursed and blew smoke at him.

Jay wagged his finger at her. "Hey, excuse me Miss. But you need to watch that tongue!" Jay was getting pissed pretty fast now.

However, Kelli sneered at him.

"Who you pointing your finger at? Are you fucking loco or something! Don't be a fucking Pendeho, all right!"

She continued cussing in Spanish. Jay couldn't understand the words, but he strongly suspected she was dissing him like a moron. He decided Mami might be hot, but she was definitely a lost cause.

"Hey, Kelli. Maybe you and I are like fire and water, yunno, that shit just don't mix. I reckon I should just leave... Have a nice day." He turned and started for the door.

"Hey, boy, don't be a fucking piss off! Look here!!!"

Jay turned and saw Kelli slowly open the buttons of her jacket. She was wearing nothing underneath. A sparkling platinum chain with very tiny links, sparkling with diamonds was glittering around her neck. A longer chain joined it to another, with thicker, silver links, that was hanging around her hips. Her two thick, full breasts stood proudly, like mountains. Her nipples were small, and pink, surrounded by big, nickel sized aureole

Kelli smiled naughtily as she wriggled her hips sensuously and slowly pulled her skirt up. Then she dropped herself onto the couch and gracefully draped one of her shapely legs over the arm of the couch. Jay found himself looking straight between her thighs. A tiny, light blue mini-tanga was cupping what was definitely a fat mound. The Latin temptress pressed her middle finger deliberately into the gusset of her tanga. It immediately became dark and damp over the mouth of her pussy.

"Are you a softie? Don't you have Bolas? I been getting wet since you walked in, but you wanna go, huh? Wanna walk away from this Nocha? Then go boy! Go-o-o-o-o!!!"

Kelli raised her other hand, scooped up a big breast and stroked and squeezed it, and tweaked on her nipple. Meanwhile she pressed her middle finger into her gusset, making it disappear between her pussy lips, all swallowed up in her wet, steaming gash. Jay found himself gazing at her long, dark, furled pussy lips. Then the hot Latina was finger fucking herself, pushing her panties deeper into her cunt, moaning and rolling her hips. Her long, pink tongue was meanwhile licking her ruby red lips.

Jay's jaw dropped to the floor. The young brother was stroking his chin now, watching intently.

"See this fucking Nocha boy?" she sneered at him. "You want it huh? Wanna fuck it with your big, black cock huh? Do you have a big, black cock? Boy?"

"Hell yeah..." Jay groaned, stroking a prominent ridge in his pants.

She pulled her thong out of her cunt, slowly tantalizingly. It was soaked. Jay groaned. He knew she had him. They both knew there was no way he would leave without hitting that. His mouth was watering so much already.

"I am rude and nasty, bitch! If you want this Nocha, stop being a fucking piss off and do what the fuck I want!"

"How about you stop insulting me."

"Are you crazy! Don't you see it turns me on. I hate fucking men! If you didn't have dicks, I wouldn't even talk to you bastards. Now, earn my Nocha boy. Dance! Move!!! You beautiful Negro!"

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