tagInterracial LoveThe Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 04

The Chronicles of Erica Bradson Ch. 04

byPervosuxx Marina©

HARD PASSION: The Chronicles of Erica Bradson.

Chapter 4. Agreed Ownership

A wonderful tune of classic music sang in my ear, the strong bitter red wine put me in a relaxing mood, the tasty food on my plate kept me asking for more as I gently ate it, and my eyes praised the decorated white dinner table.

It was nice being invited over for dinner at the Harper's estate. My husband laughing and conversing endlessly with John Harper about politics kept the mood entertaining, while Laura and I discussed the cuisine. It was relaxing.

The clanging of plates and glasses and the bitter sweetness of food and wine made almost everything seem perfect. But deep inside of me I could not shake this feeling of betrayal.

As much as I enjoyed myself I had a grudging feeling of emptiness, as if I longed for something or someone. I kept drinking the wine to quell this feeling, I kept talking with Laura to forget this feeling, I kept laughing with everyone just so I could shake this feeling off. I knew well what this feeling was, I knew what it meant. I just wanted to forget it, not even confront it. I wanted to believe that I did not know what it was, that it was all just a lie.

"Is something the matter Erica?"

Laura's question quickly made me produce a fake smile, "Oh no. Why do I look moody?" I said jokingly.

A quick brief laugh between us changed the tune as I pretended that nothing was wrong.

"Would you like some more fish?" Laura asked me smiling with her big puffy lips.

"No thanks I am utterly full," at least my stomach was.

After a couple of minutes she asked the same question to John and my husband Daniel, and got the same response.

"Well in that case why don't we take our glasses of wine and move into the living room?" she suggested.

We sat on a comfortable white couch, me and my husband on one and Laura and John on the other.

Hours went by as we sat and chatted about the future while dosing ourselves with wine. My empty feeling had somewhat quelled down or at least it had not worsened, until John asked a simple yet personal question.

"So Daniel? How long have you two been married?"

My heart almost stopped when I heard the question, a sudden agonising feeling crept up my spine.

"Twenty, no twenty-one years, honey I am a bit drunk what has it been now?" Daniel asked me.

"Oh God," I blurted out unintentionally as I felt my pulse beating, "Well I am a bit drunk too," I said jokingly trying to buy some time as I could not remember. But though I felt as I had the answer on the tip of my tongue I just could not answer.

"Twenty-three!" Daniel yelled, "Yes twenty-three. It has almost been twenty-three years now." Daniel remembered. I felt a huge relief walking away from me when he said those words, "I am so lucky to have her," Daniel kept saying half-drunk while he gently pecked my cheek.

The chilling feeling suddenly passed from my spine to my heart, as I realized I had for one instance forgotten how long I'd been married. I wanted to blame the wine, but I knew it wasn't its fault.

Pressure struck my chest as I realized what I was doing. It was not boredom or fear I had been feeling, but rather the simple understanding that the man whom I swore to love had no idea. That he had no idea what I had been doing behind his back.

Watching him enjoying himself tonight while he professed his love to me, just made me feel guilt. His smile when he saw me was so sincere and happy, he truly felt lucky thinking that we were a perfect couple. But how would his smile be if he knew that I had forsaken him for a younger more attractive person. How would he react if he knew that all I was thinking about right now was Malik and not him, and that we were not perfect.

The absolutely worst part though, was that I enjoyed it. I could feel my body trembling, my nipples hardening and my cleavage sweating. I felt disgusted with myself, so much that I had to go to the bathroom.

"Excuse me Laura, but might I use your toilet?" I asked with a trembling voice while feeling the pulse levitating.

"Yes of course, it's up the stairs and then the first door to the left." Laura replied.

"Honey are you feeling ok?" Daniel asked while placing his hand on my shoulder.

"Y-yes I just need to go to the toilet," I said reassuring him that everything was fine with me. I walked past the dining-room and up the stairs in the corridor, just trying to reach the bathroom quickly.

I opened the bathroom-door and quickly slammed it behind me. I stood for a couple of seconds beside the door with the feeling of guilt bashing me in as I remembered the innocent smile my husband had given me.

My pulse kept beating faster, and a feeling of passion overwhelmed me as I remembered my husband's face. I had to sit down, as the feeling began to gradually spread throughout my body. I leaned backwards and sat on the toilet-seat while my legs were trembling from the sensation. I could not stop thinking about it. Thinking about how I so much wanted Malik right now, thinking of how indecent I was for not remembering how long I had been married. No it was more then that, it was as if I did not care anymore about it.

It was spreading like a disease within me, diving into the very depths of my mind and planting the most indecent of thoughts. I remembered the night I was with Malik at his house. The way he touched me, the way he made me feel, it exhilarated me. I could not stop thinking about him," Why could I not stop thinking about him?"

My hand slowly began to move towards my cleavage as I had Malik's body burnt into my mind. I did not realize until my hand was caressing the cleavage what I was doing. I pulled my skirt up with my other hand as I seemingly began to move my hand between my legs, spreading them further apart.

"How could I do this here and now?" I tried to fight my urge, but nothing seemed to quell it down.

Slowly I pricked the outside of my wet underwear, feeling the warmth it emitted. Such an indecent act in my friend's house, I was doing something so cruel to my husband, I was forgetting him.

"Oh god!" I exclaimed as I caressed my wet underwear, feeling the tip of my fingers touching my hole. The sudden storm of excitement made me clench my tit with my hand and I could feel my nipples hardening themselves as I kept masturbating.

I was so horny that my hand entered my dress and pulled out my tit, exposing it. I kept pinching the nipple as I gradually fingered my vagina, feeling massive excitement drowning me. The tip of my fingers entering me and the thoughts of depravity I was committing made me come closer to the inevitable orgasm I was about to receive.

Faster and faster I was fingering myself as I pinched and stroke my tit harder and harder. My mind drowned by the memory of that night where I was committing my most sinful of secret.

"Ahh, please Malik, do me!" I was daydreaming about Malik doing me, vigorously imagining him being here with his huge cock.

I could feel myself reaching the point of orgasm, I was close to exploding. More and more I wanted it, no other thoughts were now inside of me but Malik and the orgasm I craved.

"Yes, almost there!" I emitted, the explosion was in its ten second phase now and I could feel the rush coming.

An annoying knocking sound emitted from the door which surprised me. "Are you alright Erica?" the sound of a sweet gentle voice came from behind the door which made me realise that it was Laura.

I immediately retracted my hand from between my legs and covered my exposed tit back into my dress, feeling my adrenaline pump up from the surprise, "I am almost done," I said buying some time so I could wash my hands and properly adjust my dress.

"Oh ok, I was just wondering if you were alright. Please just take your time," Laura responded.

" No wait I'm practically done here, just a second," I said, knowing that I could not waste anymore time.

The feeling of passion I had gained slowly dissipated which annoyed me; in fact I was a little bit angry as well. I opened the door seeing Laura standing there with a curious smile, "Is everything alright? You were in the bathroom for some time."

"Yes everything's fine, I think I just drank too much wine," I lied. We walked downstairs to our husbands who asked me the same question Laura just did, which I responded the same way.

The rest of the night went fine beside the fact that I still felt horny and guilty at the same time, but somehow Laura began to look at me a differently. In fact she started to look at me more than before, almost as if I had become more interesting, "Did she hear me? Was I too loud?" I began to wonder if she knew what I was doing.

"Would you like some more wine?" her smile had slightly changed to a somewhat more curious nature when she said that.

"No thanks, I think I've had enough for today."


Sunday arrived the day after; as usual I woke up before my husband did, ready to prepare breakfast. Walking down towards the kitchen I bumped into Peter who looked at me with a sad face, "Hey good morning honey," I said, but Peter just walked past me as if I wasn't even there. Since the day I returned home after being with Malik, my son Peter has been a little reclusive with me. I knew why and I felt guilty for it, but I remained silent for now.

I cooked up some pancakes and eggs for everyone, except for Peter who kept eating his favourite corn-flakes. We remained at the table as a family talking about what we were going to do today.

"So Brian my boy, what are you going to do today?" Daniel asked.

"Not much, I might go out and hook up some drugs," Brian said jokingly to his father. Daniel and Brian always had a good father-son relationship, even if I did not like the dark jokes my son kept saying I always envied their connection. With me Brian was more of a teenage cry baby, pushing me away whenever I tried to understand him.

"No but really, what are your plans today?" Daniel asked again.

"I don't know dad. Malik is sick so I'm not going over to him, and the rest of my friends are working, or I don't know what's happening with them. I might go to the city and hook up with some friends there if they're not working"

"Malik was sick?" I thought. I almost asked Brian what had happened to him but I restrained myself as it would seem awkward if I asked how a friend of his is doing.

"Malik?" I almost jumped when I heard Daniel say his name.

"Yeah dad, he's a new friend of mine," Brian said.

"Have I met him?"

"I don't think so. Mom has," my pulse began to beat fast.

"What kind of person is he?" Daniel asked me.

"What dear?" I felt a weird sensation of fear crawling through me when he asked me that question, as if I was being choked by something.

"I mean what do you think of him?" Daniel said.

A subtle protest from Brian was exclaimed, "Come on dad, why you do you have to have an opinion on every friend of mine, without taking mine into consideration?"

"Nothing kid I just want to know what kind of person he is," Daniel replied.

"Then why don't you ask me dad? You always do this to me, you never trust my opinion of someone," Brian said angry.

"Look son, I just want to know what your mom thinks of him since I've not met him yet,"

"This is about Lucas isn't it?" Brian said.

"No it's not about Lucas."

"It's always about him," Brian said cutting off his father before he was finished, "Ever since you found out that Lucas sold marihuana you've been avoiding my opinions dad. It's not my fault that a friend of mine sold that stuff without me knowing," Brian then stormed away from the table and out the front door before Daniel could say anything.

"Dad you should have remembered that he is still kind of itchy about that subject," Peter reminded his father.

Daniel looked at Peter, "You're thirteen son, you're not supposed to know about these things yet," he said smiling.

I smiled and caressed Peter's front hair replying, "Aw, well you know Peter has always been a smart kid honey," I replied to Daniel.

Peter shrugged my hand off and walked towards the stairs, "Where are you going sweetie," I asked wondering what the sudden rush was.

"I have some homework I have to finish for tomorrow mom," he replied while walking up towards the stairs.

"What' the matter with him?" Daniel asked me.

"Probably nothing dear, just him being a teenager," I said as I did not want Daniel to ask Peter why he was angry at me.

While washing the plates after breakfast I wondered about the question Daniel asked me, " What do you think of him?" What was I to answer, was I to answer that I thought he was handsome, or that he is young. Perhaps that he is great in bed, that he makes me feel great, that his penis is larger than yours.

While thinking about those answers I began to feel my nipple throbbing again, the guilt started to engulf me but it had a different effect on me. I began to feel excitement again just like yesterday. I kept washing the same plate for some time without realizing it, as my imagination just kept flooding perversive thoughts of me and Malik. I looked over to the TV-room where the sofa he and I had sex on was, the stench of his cum that was once there had disappeared and I had no more than the memories of that day to remind me of that smell. I wanted him badly.

I stopped washing the plate when I realized that Daniel was approaching me, "Honey I was wondering, since I have no work today and the kids have their plans. What would you say if we went to a restaurant together, just you and I alone," Daniel said suggestively, "No friends no kids just the two of us together for one night," He then kissed me on the neck while I kept washing the plates.

"Ehrm that would be..." I paused, "Great, it would be nice," I finally said, "This might actually be a good idea," I said to myself. Some time alone with my husband might be just the thing I need to clear my head; maybe it was not too late to change back after all.

Some time passed and I was reading a book to relax my head, I was strangely looking forward to the dinner with my husband. Something inside of me told me that I may yet forget what had happened between me and Malik, that I still had a chance.

The quiet relaxing mood was then disturbed by the sound of the telephone ringing. Placing the book upside down on the table so to not lose the page I was on, I went to grab the phone, "Hello," I said after grabbing the ringing horn and placing it to my ear.

"Hey Mrs Bradson, what's up?" the strong cheerful voice on the other side of the horn almost made me jump.

"M-malik, what are you." Before I was able to finish he interrupted me.

"Calling for? Well you know I just wanted to hear how you doing, and if you're busy today?" his voice returned me all of those perversive thoughts I had just a couple of hours ago.

"I-I am fine thank you," I stuttered to him, "I heard you were sick," I did not want to answer his last question so I mentioned him being sick instead.

"Nah not really, just needed the time off," something inside of me had a feeling of what was coming now, and yet I still asked.

"O-oh, what did you need time off for?"

"Well for you of course Mrs Bradson, I made time for you," my knees were trembling when I heard him say that, feeling that I might lose the chance I had to forget him.

"T-that was thoughtful of you, but I have plans today," I said reassuring myself that I was busy, yet I felt it was not enough for him.

"Really? What would that be, apart from staying over at my place today?"

"I-I was going out with my husband tonight,"

"That is exactly correct, you were," he said firmly, "You were to go out with your husband today, but as it turns out you're busy with me tonight."

"But I-I,"

"No buts Mrs Bradson, at least not yet. I want you today, and I am going to have you today, so come up with a good excuse to your husband. Oh and make sure to tell him you're sleeping over till tomorrow, cause I doubt you're coming back home tonight. Is that clear?" he told me.

"Y-yes," I could not say no to him, deep inside of me I wanted to go.

"Good, I'll see you at nine o'clock sharp," he then hung up.

I remained by the phone in a state of silence, knowing that the slight chance that I could forget Malik was now hanging by a thread. If I went to Malik tonight that thread would be cut, I knew what I had to do, yet I wanted to do something else.

I walked upstairs to my husband's office where he'd usually be, I knocked on the door knowing well that it all depended on this conversation. Would I betray my husband again, or reconcile.

"Come in," Daniel answered my knocking, and I slowly walked towards him, he stood up and said, "Honey, I need to talk to you,"

"Yes ok but I need to say something," I said, I did not know yet whether I was going to tell him that I was looking forward to tonight, or if I was going to find an excuse.

But before I had made up my mind Daniel said, "Listen, I am sorry but I have to finish some reports for tomorrow, so it looks like our dinner plans tonight might have to be put on hold," this surprised me, it was as if I had been given a chance and then had it taken away before using it.

I gulped and said, "Of course honey, I understand," I felt some anger coming from within me as I had been taken away the possibility of patching up my marriage life, and yet something else inside of me was thrilled and happy for the outcome.

"Thank you for not being mad, I promise I'll make it up for you. I am so happy to have such an understandable wife," he then kissed me on the cheek, but all I could think of when he kissed me was how strange this was.

"Listen, since our plans are cancelled I might go and check out a book seminar tonight," I said to him, making sure that my excuse for tonight was there.

"Ok, that is wonderful," he seemed more happy by the fact that I had something to do tonight.

"Good, but I might be coming home late," I said to him.

"That's ok, I have to go to sleep early today anyway, I have to wake up at five o'clock tomorrow morning," he said while he sat down in front of his computer again.

I walked out of his office and down to the first floor while wondering if I even had been given that chance to reconcile at all, "Was it supposed to go this way all the time, was there even a chance?" I began to wonder if I was cursed, or lucky. Most of all I wondered if I could return home today, as I had no excuse for why I wouldn't.


The clock was nearing nine, I was still at home reading my book, though I knew I soon had to leave. I heard the small steps of a person coming down from the stairs, when I turned around I saw my son Peter standing there, "Hey, have you finally finished your homework?" I asked trying to get my mind off the coming night.

"Yeah, I just finished it," he looked at me a little sad and then walked over to the kitchen. I could hear him opening the fringe. He then came back to the TV-room and looked at me and said, "mom?"

"Yes sweetie," I had a feeling he might want to talk about that night I yelled at him.

"Mom did I do something wrong?" he asked me.

I knew that I had been completely unfair to him that day and that I should have not yelled at him, but I was so terrified he'd see the cum-stains on my shirt, "No honey you have done nothing wrong," I reassured him.

"Then why did you," he sobbed a little, but before he was able to say the rest I said.

"Mommy was just tired sweetie, I am so sorry I should have not yelled at you. Come here and give mommy a hug," he smiled and walked towards me squeezing me as I held him in my arms. I then heard the clock strike a quarter to nine realizing I had to leave.

"Listen mommy has to go, now don't stay up too late ok," I said to him while I stood up from the sofa.

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