tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Chronicles of Thett Ch. 01

The Chronicles of Thett Ch. 01


Ten years have passed since the barbarians from the mountains attacked Syanay's village and left her orphaned. It was Thett, the warrior in King Heloan's army that found her after the siege of her village. A girl of eight standing in the ruins of her family's hut, covered in dirt, ash and the blood of her parents.

To her advantage, Thett was the only one who had seen her.

She saw him walking towards the hut, stepping into the huts still standing. When he reached her hut, he stood and stared at her. The hut was simple and had completely crumpled to the ground.

Thett looked around and saw that no one was near. He quickly climbed through the rubble to her, knealing when he reached.

"What are you doing standing in the open like this?" he asked her desperately. "Don't you know you're marked?"

Thett reached up and wiped the tear wet ash from under her eyes.

"You must hide, and quick," he said looking around. "If some one finds you, they will kill you as a bad omen."

Syanay didn't move.

"Go now, hide," he said to her.

"But what will happen to me?" she said, her eyes filling once more with tears.

"Go to the forest, there is a large rock just over the first hill. Sit there and I will come for you after the sun has set. Now go."

She had done as he ordered, and he had come for her after the sun had set, just as he promised.

She was now at the age of eighteen, she had grown into a beautiful woman, and with the training of Thett, a great sword fighter. But there was more in her heart then she wished to express.

Although Thett had been like a father to her, she saw him as more then just that. He was also her teacher and elder by thirteen years. Still she had the instincts of a woman and a yearning for the touch of a man. She loved Thett, there was no doubt in her mind about that, and it wasn't just the fact that he gave up so much for her. Mostly his loyalty to King Heloan and was now considered a traitor to the crown. She knew he was a good man, and so, she vowed that no man would ever have her, only Thett. And if Thett would not have her, she would die never knowing a man's touch. That was her sacrifice to Thett.

Syanay stood in the center of Thett's "Training" room. A large grey stone room 50 feet long and 20 feet wide. Thett had built the room himself to train Syanay in the art of combat. The walls rose 10 feet, lined with windows at the very top to allow the sun to light the room no matter what time of day it was.

Hanging from nearly every inch of the walls were swords, axes, war hammers, bows, quills of arrows, targets, and other assorted weapons, there was also a four tiered shelf of smaller throwing knives. Thett left no weapon out when it came to training Syanay. There had to be over two hundred weapons in this one room, and Syanay had used every one at least once.

Training wasn't her purpose in the training room today. Meditation was her purpose today. She had to clear her head from the confusion and flood within her.

She had awaken early this morning to find Thett in his bed, nearly naked. She had sat on the edge of his cot, tracing his many scars with her fingertips, hoping he wouldn't wake. With every scar she traced, her want only grew. After what felt like forever, she left Thett, dressed, and came straight here.

Now at midday, she still stood stone solid, her head down and repeating the chant Thett had taught her over and over.

"A warrior must see that what can not be seen, a warrior must hear what can not be heard, a warrior must be at peace with himself and the world, give me calm," she whispered over and over again.

Although her mind was a jumble of thoughts of love, her ears didn't miss the high pitched whistle of a blade cutting through the air. With quickness that impressed Thett to no end, she drew her own blade and spun on her heels, raising her blade to block the blade coming at her.

The sound of metal striking metal echoed off the walls.

"Very good," Thett said with a smile. "I didn't think you knew I had entered."

Syanay smiled. "I heard you draw your blade."

Now Thett was impressed. He had drawn his sword nearly twenty feet before reaching the door to the training room.

"That's impressive, but means nothing," Thett said not letting the pride in his trainee show.

They stepped back from each other, keeping their swords at the ready.

"You still have a long way to go before you can call yourself a warrior," he said taunting her.

"Perhaps I've already learned enough, but just don't want to hurt the pride of an old man," she said back.

"Not likely," he said, wanting to smile. "No woman will ever be a warrior."

Syanay took the first swing, but Thett blocked. The sounds of sword play filled the room. Finally, Syanay made the mistake of a downward swing when her balance was off slightly. Thett dodged to the side and bent down. He reached out and knocked her feet from under her. Syanay, did a flip in the air so she would land on her feet. When she did land, Thett was ready and swung his sword, striking her in the chest with the side of the blade.

Syanay fell back into the wall, surprised and winded. When her back struck the wall, her shoulder hit the shelf, rattling the knives. Syanay couldn't move as Thett slowly walked toward her.

"Fancy acts will not save you on the battlefield," he said. "It's all here," he said pointing to his head. "And here," he pointed at his chest.

Syanay finally caught her breath and stepped away from the wall. She relentlessly swung at Thett, turning as she did in order to back him against the wall. She finally had him where she wanted him. He was now where she was. She lifted her sword for what would be the fatal blow, but before she could bring the sword down, Thett reached and grabbed the shelf. Before she realized that he had her where he wanted her instead of the other way around, Thett pushed the shelf over.

The shelf struck Syanay in the shoulder, knocking her to the ground. The shelf fell on top of her, pinning her to the floor. Thett stepped away from the wall and stood over her.

"As I said," he said as he lifted the shelf off her and pushed it away. "A woman will never be a warrior."

Thett started to turn and walk away, but Syanay wasn't done with him yet. She reached out and pulled his legs from under him. Thett fell face first to the floor, his sword skidding across the stone floor. Syanay grabbed a knife and pinned him down, sticking the point of the blade against his throat.

"Yield to me," she yelled through clenched teeth. Their noses were only inched away from each other and Syanay could smell his sweat.

Thett stare up at her. "By the Gods, you are beautiful."

Syanay relaxed the pressure on the blade against his throat. She had waited for him to say that for too long. She pulled the knife from his throat and knelt closer, wanting only to kiss him. Then she felt it, The sharp point of a blade in her ribs.

"You're dead," Thett said, then pushed her off him. Thett slowly got to his feet, leaving Syanay on the floor.

Syanay could no longer keep her feelings hidden. She began to weep as Thett crossed to his sword and lifted it. He looked back at her as he resheathed it.

"You let your feelings show too much girl," he said. Now feeling sorry for what he had done, but not letting his own weakness show through.

"Dam you," she cried looking up at him. "You're evil."

"No, I'm your teacher," he said walking away from her. Thett reached the door, glanced back at Syanay and saw her still on the ground weeping. "Now clean up."

Thett opened the door and walked out. Syanay screamed as she picked up a knife and threw it at the door behind Thett.

Outside, Thett was facing the door as the tip off the knife exploded through. The blade vibrated a moment. Thett reached up and touched the blade.

"I'm sorry Syanay," he whispered before turning away. He walked away from the training room and into the forest that surrounded his hut.

Thett had no idea where he was headed when he left the training room, but found himself in a small clearing. Running through the clearing was a thin stream. Thett sat on a fallen tree and stared into the rippling water, lost to the world. His only thoughts were of Syanay and her screams of frustration as he left her in the training room.

"She is ready," A voice said from behind him.

Thett jumped at the voice, he hadn't heard the woman walk up, but once he realized who the owner of the voice was, he knew why. But he realized who it was too late. He was already on his feet and sword drawn. As he spun, the sword struck a large tree branch that sagged to the ground from a large tree ten feet behind him. The force of the blow knocked his shoulder at a strange angle and popped the improperly healed shoulder from the socket. Pain forced him to hold the sword low and shaky.

"What are you doing here you vial temptress?" he growled to the woman behind him.

The woman was beautiful. Long flowing blonde hair, large breasts, tanned skin, and dressed in a long flowing white gown that emphasized all her womanly features. To look at her, one would never guess she was thousands of years old. Her given name was Cree, but men called her The Oracle, or any insulting name they could.

"I have been called many names by many men," she said, her voice as sweet as a chorus of angels singing softly into his ears. "But only when you insult does it hurt so."

"I asked you why are you here?" he growled. He had had too many dealings with this woman, and he was tiring of her company already.

"I have come for the girl," Cree said smiling. "The one you trained behind my back."

"You knew I would when you told me I would find her," Thett said, the sword lowered. The pain in his shoulder was too much to bear, but he didn't trust Cree.

Cree slowly crossed to him, her smile growing. "I had hoped you would, but the time has come for her to go to King Dennacor. As you knew it would."

"I will not send her to her death," Thett said. Beads of sweat rolled down his brow.

Cree now stood before him and saw he was in pain. She reached up and gently caressed his cheek. "Your shoulder, it still bothers you?"

"You should know," he answered trying to raise the sword, to no avail. "You did this to me."

"I had to teach you a lesson for not listening to me," she said slowly letting her hand slide down the side of his face to his neck. When her hand reached his shirt, she let it slide underneath, then under the leather patch that was suppose to keep the shoulder in place. She then grasped his shoulder and grabbed Thett's head with the other. With a quick jerk, Cree popped the shoulder back.

Thett's knees weakened from the pain and he lost his grip on the sword. Thett went to his knees, and Cree followed, never taking her hands off him.

"You knew the time would come when your paths would part. That time is now."

"No," he growled through his clenched teeth. "She is not ready. Dennacor and his men will kill her."

"They just may, but that is for her path to determine."

Thett looked into her bright blue eyes and swam in the ocean of them a moment. "You know what is to happen. Tell me."

Cree shook her head and ran her fingers through his hair. "That is not of your concern."

Thett pushed her away and grabbed his sword. He lifted it, ignoring the pain in his arm and pointed the blade at her heart. "I'll cut you down right were you stand unless you answer my question."

Cree laughed at him. "You'll not kill me. Even if it is your blade that strikes my fatal blow, it is not today."

She was right. His arm hurt and he didn't have the strength to shove it into her. She was right, she would live at least one day longer.

"She must leave tomorrow to meet Dennacor. That is her path, you cannot stop it."

Unfortunately, she was right and of all people, Thett knew that most of all. Thett lowered his head and the sword. "I'll send her on her way."

"Good," Cree said and sat back on the ground before him once again. Thett looked at her. "Now, love me."

"Have I not loved you enough?"

"No," she answered and kissed him on the lips.

Thett wanted only to pull away. He despised this woman and hated everything she did. She manipulated people and forced them to do her bidding, all to her gain. But he couldn't escape the sweet taste of her. It was true that he had loved her many times before, but with one taste of her, he wanted nothing more then to taste more. Needed more.

Thett let as much of his hate for her rise as his body and lust would allow and kissed her with great eagerness and force. He pushed her to the ground and planted violent kisses on her neck and chest. Cree wrapped her arms around him and smiled. Thett grabbed the front of her gown and ripped it from her body, exposing her breast.

Thett stared at them a moment, then wrapped his mouth around each one in turn. As he sucked at her teats, he pushed the gown from her waist. With her completely naked, he pushed his own pants down and thrust himself in her as forcefully as he could.

Cree screamed in pleasure. She pulled his shirt off, leaving him dressed only in the leather patch over his right shoulder and the straps that kept it tight on his body. Cree dug her nails into his back and raked them from his lower back to shoulder, shoulder to lower back, and back again, leaving long red trails.

Thett's thrust became more pronounced until he finally orgasmed. His body stiffened against her and she dug her nails in deeper, drawing blood.

The next morning, Thett woke naked and alone. A fine film of dew covered his body and he shivered slightly as a soft breeze blew through the clearing. Thett sat up and looked around. There was no sign of Cree, as he knew there would not be. This was always the way it was with Cree. Save one.

Thett looked over to his clothes to find them neatly folded and sitting on the fallen tree he had been sitting on last night. There on top of his clothes was the one and only sign of Cree's visit. A heart shaped stone.

He had known Cree since his fourteenth year. That was the first time he had loved her, thus beginning his path. He was only sorry that his path and Cree's crossed so often.

He knew that Cree had loved and manipulated many other men, and women, but she always returned to Thett. He had a large chest full of the stones to prove it.

Thett picked the stone up and held it in his palm. He cocked his arm back and stood in that position for an eternity. He wanted nothing more then to throw the stone into the stream, but something inside wouldn't allow him, as he knew he couldn't. He had been through this too many times before.

He lowered his arm and quickly went about dressing himself. He had to send Syanay to Dennacor, and as much as he didn't want that, he knew the consequences of disobeying Cree. Many of the scars on his body was from disobeying Cree.

Thett threw open the door to the training room in the hopes he would find Syanay there, but to his dismay, there was no one. The shelf had been righted, but there was no Syanay. He closed the door and went to the hut.

There he found Syanay feeding a fire to prepare breakfast. Thett stood inside the door watching her a moment before she said a word.

"I am sorry I failed yesterday," she said not turning to him. "I was unfocused."

Thett began to step in, but stopped. There was no time for the comfort he was about to offer her. Things had to be done, and now. Or suffer the wrath of Cree.

"Never mind that," Thett said. "Come with me, I have something to show you."

Syanay turned just as Thett began to walk away. "What about breakfast?" she asked as she stood.

"There is no time," Thett said, never looking back.

Thett led her to the back of the training room and stopped at the edge of the forest. He looked back at her before taking the first step down a deer trail, or what looked like a deer trail. There was only a hint of the trail, there was too many weeds and low hanging branches to really call it a trail of any kind, but Thett followed it just the same.

And Syanay followed Thett.

The trail ended at a great drop off, and offered a wide view of the mountains across a wide green plain, broken only by the crystal blue line of a stream. Syanay stepped up to the edge of the drop off and stood next to Thett. Thett stared straight ahead at the mountains, Syanay looked in the same direction.

"What do you see out there?" he asked, never looking at her.

"Mountains," Syanay answered. If this was one of his little tests, she didn't get the point of it. She squinted and looked hard, but all she saw was rocky climbs and snow covered mountain tops. A strong gust of wind blew high up and Syanay could see a cloud of snow as it was blown off one peak to another.

"Look closely at the highest peak and follow the northern side down. About half way down you will see what you need."

Syanay did as Thett told her, and just as he said, she saw what he wanted her to see. Half way down the mountain, there was an outcropping scattered with large boxy shapes that could only be man made. And she couldn't make out exact details, but carved into the side of the mountain was what looked like the front of a castle.

"I see it," Syanay said and turned to Thett. "But what is it?"

"That is the fortress of Lord Dennacor," he said, a tiny bit of sadness entering his voice.

"Who is that?" Syanay asked looking back to the mountains. Now that she had seen the fortress, she couldn't unsee it. It now stuck out like a red rose in a field of daisies.

"Lord Dennacor is the king of the mountain barbarians," Thett finally looked to Syanay. She stared silently. "The same mountain barbarians who destroyed your village."

"And killed my family," Syanay whispered angrily.


Syanay turned to Thett. "And you've known all this time that they were close."

"Yes," Thett said.

"And when were you going to tell me?" Syanay said and turned her whole body to Thett, but he didn't answer. "When?" she yelled hitting him in the chest.

Thett grabbed her shoulders and held her at arms length. "When you were ready to go. When I was sure you could stand against them on your own."

Syanay pushed away from Thett and glared at him. "I'm going."

Syanay stepped closer to the edge and was about to start her climb down.

"Wait," Thett said.

Moments later, Syanay found herself standing outside the stable that held Thett's three horses. Thett came out leading Cloud Dancer, his strongest and fastest steed. For a moment, her anger fell away completely and was replaced with the greatest of gratitude. But only for a moment.

Thett threw a saddle over Cloud Dancers back and turned to Syanay.

"It is a four days hard ride to reach Dennacor's fortress," he said going about tightening the straps. It only took a moment, then he stepped aside and allowed Syanay to climb up.

Before she could nudge Cloud Dancer into moving, Thett placed a hand on her leg. She looked down at him.

"This is where our paths separate," he said solemnly. "You were a great student."

"I will return," Syanay said. She nudged Cloud Dancer and rode away from the hut she was raised and trained in.

"I hope you're right," Thett whispered as he watched her disappear into the forest.

On the third day after she had left Thett, she reached the gate surrounding Dennacor's fortress. She had ridden hard night and day, and stayed awake by her anger alone. When she reached the mountains, she had let Cloud Dancer go since the going would be too steep for the steed.

Now, here she stood at the gate, tired, dirty, and every muscle in her body aching from exhaustion and the climb, but ready to fight.

"Who are you?" a voice called out.

Syanay drew her sword and looked to the top of the gate to see two guards looking down at her.

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