The Chronicles of Thett Ch. 01


Wyth grabbed a handful of Dennacor's hair in both hands and pulled his face close to her. She ran her tongue up both sides of his face and let him go.

"Go to her tonight while she sleeps and you shall have her," Wyth said, sounding tired.

Dennacor stood looking to the ground. He felt a sudden hint of shame for the deception he had not yet committed. Wyth looked at him and smiled.

"There is one last bit I must tell you."

"What?" he said not looking up.

Wyth leaned forward and whispered in his ear. "You shall be damned for your actions today."

Without the hint of movement, Dennacor drew his sword and ran the blade through Wyth's heart. Wyth fell to her knees, laughing up at Dennacor. He grabbed the hilt and twisted.

Wyth's last breath was a high pitched laugh that echoed through the dungeon.

As night settled on the mountain village, a shape edged along the gate surrounding it. The shape was aware of the guards posted above and the single guard behind the large boulder twenty feet from the gate. But the shape was quiet and sly enough to enter the village without being detected.

Then again, that wasn't the shapes intent. The shape had come in seek of revenge and blood. The shape scaled the wall silently and reached the top just out of sight of the two guards posted at the top. The shape quietly mounted the walkway and slid against the wall until it was close enough to strike.

Thett drew his sword and stepped into the torch light. Before the guards could utter more then a sigh of surprise, Thett had disposed of the men with two swift swings of his right arm. The guards fell to the ground, one opened at the belly, the other holding his throat as blood poured from between his fingers.

Thett turned to the boulder in time to see the man stationed there step out from behind. Thett took the bow slung over his shoulder and held it before him, arrow in place and ready. Thett aimed and released. The arrow soared from the wall and imbedded itself between the mans eyes.

Thett turned to the fortress. He knew his goal, and he would allow nothing to stop him.

Syanay awoke with a start as a hand gently rested itself on her forearm, a scream froze on her lips as she saw who the hand belonged to. It was Thett.

"I have come for you," Thett whispered.

"But I have not killed Dennacor yet," she whispered back.

"Your chance shall come Syanay, but for now we must go."

"Ok," she said and sat up. She was about to throw back the covers but stopped. "No, I can't."

"Why not?" Thett said with some urgency.

"I am queen now, and they will come for me," Syanay said. "And they will kill you."

Thett only sat there staring at her.

"But know this Thett, she said sadly. "I love you and would never love any one else."

"Then I must go," Thett said as he started to stand.

Syanay grabbed his hand and held it tightly. "That is my sacrifice to you. You sacrificed your place in Heloan's army for me and I sacrificed my love for you only."

Thett sat back on the bed and touched her cheek. "Then I shall love you take your sacrifice before I go."

Thett kissed her deeply on the lips. Syanay kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck. Thett laid her back and slowly ran his hand up her thigh, pushing aside her nightgown as his hand went up. He pushed the nightgown up, revealing her breast and pulled away from her. He hovered over her a moment before bowing his head to her breast. She inhaled deeply as he wrapped his lips around first the left then the right.

Syanay wriggled out of the nightgown and pulled Thett's shirt over his head. He looked down on her, hunger in his eyes. "You are beautiful," he whispered.

"As are you," she whispered back.

She grabbed the waist of his pants and pushed them down. Thett lay on top of her and planted kisses on her neck. She could feel his erect penis against her crotch as it tensed and relaxed. She wanted him now more then she ever had.

"Love me," she whispered into his ear.

He did. It was painful as he slowly slid into her, but the pleasure soon took over as he began to thrust and pull back. She moaned and held him tighter. Their breathing became heavier as his hips thrust faster and harder.

After what seemed an eternity of ecstasy, the reached their climax. Syanay collapsed back into the bed and Thett collapsed on top of her.

"I love you Thett," she whispered. "And always have."

"I love you too Syanay," Thett whispered winded.

They fell into sleep holding each other.

Syanay came to awareness as the sun broke the horizon. She felt Thett's arm over her and smiled. Suddenly she was aware of where she was. If he was found here, he would be killed. She couldn't let that happen.

"Thett," she yelled as she sat up and turned to the man beside her. She stopped, her breath stuck in her throat.

Thett was not in the bed beside her. It was Dennacor. Enraged, she grabbed the oil lamp from the bedside table and brought it down on Dennacor's head repeatedly. Dennacor never opened his eyes.

She didn't realize it until it was too late that she was screaming. The door to her chamber was thrown open and two guards entered, stopping as the scene registered. Syanay had dropped the lamp as the door opened and she turned to the guards.

The General stepped in, between the guards, and looked from Dennacor's body to Syanay. Syanay's eyes were wide with surprise.

The General was about to order Syanay's death, but Cree's words echoed through his head.

"Stand behind the queen's innocence," the word repeated through his mind.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I awoke to find the king this way," Syanay cried hysterically.

The General closed his eyes a moment before turning to the guards. "There is an intruder in the village," he ordered. "Find him and throw him in the dungeon."

The General turned to Syanay and stared a moment. He slowly bowed to her.

"The killer will be found," he said, knowing the killer was before him. "Dress and go to the thrown room. I will call a meeting of the council once we find the king's assassin."

The General turned and left Syanay alone, slamming the door behind him.

Thett had reached the fortress before sunrise, but it was so massive and the network of tunnels carved into the mountain and halls were disorienting. He didn't find the stairway leading to the king and queen's chambers until Syanay had awaken to the surprise of her husband in bed with her.

Thett reached the hall outside the queen's chamber as The General ordered the guards out. He was half way to the door when it flew open and the two guards ran into the hall. Before the guards realized that Thett was before them, Thett had already run his sword through the chest of the first guard. The second guard hastily drew his own sword, catching the hilt on the sheath. Thett brought his sword back for the swing, and heard the sound of metal striking metal.

He quickly turned to see The General standing behind him, their sword locked together. Thett's eyes widened as The General back handed him. The power of the hit threw Thett against the wall, his sword clattering uselessly to the floor.

Thett started to push himself away from the wall, but The General stuck the point of the sword into his chest. Thett stopped, beaten for the first time.

A few feet down the hall, the door to the queen's chamber opened and Syanay stepped into the hall. Thett and The General turned in her direction. Thett had to hide the surprise in his eyes. She was suppose to be dead. That's what Cree had said, but here she was, alive and beautiful.

"Go back to your chamber my lady," The General said. "We have caught the king's assassin."

Syanay crossed to The General and Thett, looking to Thett. "Why did you kill my husband?"

Husband? What was this? Was Syanay under some spell? Then Thett noticed the pleading look in her eyes. Syanay was in trouble, and he was the only one who could get her out. "Because your husband ordered the death of the family of some one very dear to me,"

The General was lost in confusion. He knew Syanay killed Dennacor, but why was this man confessing to the murder.

"A woman?" Syanay asked.


"Some one you love?"

"Just some one I care for very much," Thett answered.

Syanay slapped Thett hard across the face, leaving a hand print on his cheek. "Take him away," she said turning from him and storming back to her chamber.

The General reached out and took the dagger hanging from Thett's waist and examined it closely. "Take him to the dungeon and call the masters to the throne room," he said not looking away from the dagger.

The guard grabbed Thett's arm and led him down the stairs. The General turned from the dagger to Syanay's chamber. Something was amiss here and he intended to find out. The whole situation stank of Cree.

The room Syanay had awaken in and been wed in was empty once again except for a long table in the center of the room. Both sides of the table was lined with elderly grey haired men, all murmuring and whispering to each other. At the head of the table sat Syanay.

The door opened and The General entered. The General crossed and stood behind Syanay.

"What is the meaning of this General?" Master Gan asked impatiently. "Why have you summoned us at this early hour?"

The General looked over the men to be sure they were all in attendance. All present and accounted for. "I have assembled the council to make you aware that the king was murdered early this morning."

The room filled with gasps from the old men.

"The assassin has been captured and imprisoned in the dungeon," The General started. "The assassin shall be executed at midday."

"Who is this man?" Master Gan asked.

"He was carrying this," The General said tossing the dagger onto the table. "It bears the insignia of King Heloan."

The room erupted with voices as the old men began talking all at once. The General held his arms up.

"Gentlemen please," he boomed to be heard over the voices. The men quieted. "This crime must not go unpunished. It is my opinion that we respond to Heloan's attack on us with a full scale attack on his fortress."

"Are you suggesting we go to war?" Master Gan asked.

"No," The General said. "I am telling you that we go to war."

"You do not have the authority to take us to war General," Master Gan said standing.

"Sit down you fool," The General snapped. "With the king dead, I am the next in charge."

"No," Master Gan said, not sitting. "It is the queen who is in charge now."

"Yes," the rest of the council said.

"And what does the queen say?" Master Gan asked looking to Syanay.

Syanay looked at the men then slowly stood. "I say we not go to war."

"I agree," Master Inze said from the back. "Our army is not prepared for an assault of this scale."

"So you choose to ignore this?" The General yelled. "Heloan will send more men, until we are completely wiped out."

"That is my final decision," Syanay said.

The General turned to Syanay and glared at her. "I think you planned this my queen. Everything was fine here 'til you arrived."

Without thinking, Syanay drew the sword of the nearest elder and swung it in The General's direction. The General was quicker and had his own drawn as she spun on him. Their sword struck each other.

"Watch your tongue General before it finds it's way to the floor," Syanay growled.

"And I will kill you before it hits the floor," The General said with a smile.

Behind them, the door flew open and Cree walked in, a smile spread across her face. "What am I missing?" she asked.

"I thought you had left Cree," The General said.

"No," Cree said as she reached The General and Syanay. "I have much business here. For starters, this little spat between yourself and the queen."

"I suggest The General and the queen fight this out," she said looking to the elders. "If the queen wins, you do nothing, if The General wins, you go to war."

"I agree," The General said with a smile.

"No," Master Gan said.

"I agree," Syanay said, never taking her eyes from The General.

Without another word, The General stepped back from Syanay holding his sword in a defensive stance. Syanay took the first swing, and The General blocked. Syanay repeatedly swung at The General, The General never took one swing. He was sizing her up, and testing her weaknesses and strengths.

Finally he felt Syanay's swings lose their force. Now was the time to attack. Syanay swung and The General swung in response, hitting her blade and knocking her off balance. With his free hand, he back handed her, knocking her to the floor on her back. He stood over her and lifted the sword above his head.

"Stop," Cree yelled.

The General looked to Cree, the sword still over his head. Cree crossed to them and knelt beside Syanay.

"Yield to him Syanay," she said quietly. "Or else he will kill you."

Syanay looked at Cree, then turned to The General. "I yield to you General. Launch your war."

The General smiled and lowered his sword. "As you command my queen," he said giving her a mock bow.

"Now comes the terms of your rule General," Cree said when The General was standing straight once again.

"What?" The General said in surprise.

"You shall have the throne since the king is no longer with us," Cree said. She held out a hand and helped Syanay to her feet. Once she was standing, Cree didn't release her hand. "But only for a short time."

"What are you saying?" The General asked.

Cree placed a hand over Syanay's belly. "You shall have the throne until Dennacor's heir arrives. Then and only then, the queen shall be the voice of the child."

The elders gasped in surprise.

"Then, it will be your duty, General to train the boy in the art of war and rule when he has come of age."

"And if I refuse?" The General asked.

"Then you will lose your war," Cree said with a smile. "Now," she said letting go of Syanay's hand. "I have urgent business to attend to."

Without another word, Cree turned away and left the room. The General stared at the closed door a moment before turning to the elders of the council.

"Masters," he said and smiled. "We go to war."

Thett sat on the stone bench in his dark dungeon cell. His anger at Cree overtook all other emotion. She had told him that Syanay was dead, which was the whole reason he had come here. Come here only to find that Syanay was alive. For the first time, Cree had lied to him. She had always told him half truths and variations of the truth, but never lied to him.

In his anger, he balled his fist and brought it down hard on the stone bench. Pain exploded up his arm, but he ignored that as well.

Thett was so focused on his anger that he didn't realize the guard was outside his cell door until it was thrown open. Thett stood as Cree stepped in. His anger increased at the sight of her.

"If I had a sword right now, I would cut the head from your body," Thett said through clenched jaws.

"Is that any way to welcome a friend?" Cree said.

"You lied to me Cree," Thett said. "Why did you lie to me?"

"I never lied to you," Cree said. "And I never would."

"You said Syanay was dead..." he started.

"No," Cree said defensively. "I said her blood was spilt outside the gate, which it was when The General knocked her in the back of the head."

Thett was stunned silent. She was right, she never said Syanay was dead. Another half truth.

"But that is not why I am here," she said.

Thett broke his daze. "Why are you here?"

"To help you escape," Cree said pushing past Thett.

Thett turned and watched her as she stopped at the stone bench. She examined each stone in the wall above the bench.


"I have a task for you," Cree said turning to him.

"No, no more tasks," Thett said taking a step back from her. "I've been your puppet long enough."

"You must go to king Heloan," she said ignoring him. "And bow to him. Tell him he has your sword again."

"Did you not hear me Cree?" Thett growled as he grabbed her arm. "I will not be your puppet any longer."

"You will do as I say," Cree yelled. "Now, you must hurry."

Cree jerked away from Thett and turned back to the wall. "As if you can't tell, I'm in a heavily guarded dungeon. There is no escape."

She finally found what she was looking for. She placed her hand upon a stone and pushed. The entire wall slid back, revealing a tunnel. Cree turned back to Thett.

"Now, you must go," Cree said stepping aside. "Ride as fast as you can to king Heloan."

"He will not see me," Thett said lowering his head. "I have been labeled a traitor to the crown."

"He will listen to you when you tell him that The General has declared war on him."

"What?" Thett said looking at her.

"The General found Heloan's insignia on your dagger and has declared war on Heloan."

Thett pushed past Cree to the tunnel. Before he could disappear, Cree stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"The General will arrive at the first sun rise after you reach him," Cree said and smiled. "If there was time I would have you love me."

"Not this time," Thett said before disappearing down the tunnel.

"And so the war begins," Cree whispered to the empty cell.

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