The Clay Man


Women talk - and Perifania was sure to tell her friends, so I wanted to give her a good experience. I knelt beside her bed, and gently spread her legs. Then I leaned forward and kissed her pussy lips.

Back home, this move usually guaranteed a reaction, but Perifania merely lifted her head so that she could see what I was doing. Undeterred, I bravely soldiered on, and gave her my best. With lips, tongue and fingers, I made love to her pussy.

It took a long time, but finally Perifania sighed, and squeezed her thighs around my head. I climbed onto the bed next to her, and waited a moment, but she showed no sign of wishing to use her mouth on me.

I spat into my hand, and anointed my erection. She was wet, but still very tight. Other than spreading her legs a little wider, Perifania did almost nothing to help me. She just lay back, and left all the work to me. 'Well, fuck her', I thought.

Finally, I got the head of my cock and a few inches of the shaft nestled inside her. Perifania tilted her hips, to give me a better angle. After half a dozen short thrusts, I succeeded in getting my full length inserted.

I gave her a few gentle strokes. She closed her eyes, and lay back. So I sought my own pleasure. I began to thrust harder, and deeper. Then I simply began to fuck her. I slammed my hips forward, and skewered her on my erection.

Perifania was panting softly. Ah, I thought - she is enjoying this! Thus encouraged, I continued to ram my cock into her, until I felt a tightening in my scrotum. As I fired the first jet of semen inside her, Perifania sighed.

She was completely uninterested in cuddling, or post-coital caresses. In fact, Perifania pushed me off her, and slid out of bed.

- "Can you find your own way back?" she asked.

Odd. Very odd. But I couldn't really complain.


Laimargia came by the inn. She asked if I could show her the best spot to bathe nearby. She had to have known all of the best locations already. After all, I was the stranger here. Not very subtle on her part. But then, sometimes subtlety is overrated.

The day was unseasonably warm. But it was nearly winter, and the water would be much too cold for bathing. Nevertheless, Laimargia stripped off her clothing on the edge of the stream. She was a big girl, tall and broad-shouldered, with a large pair of heavy breasts, and thick, sturdy thighs. She had a big belly, as well, but that wasn't without its attractions, either.

Laimargia dipped one toe in the stream, and then yanked it out. She shivered.

- "Now I'm cold." she said. "Can you warm me up?"

Gentleman that I was, I obliged her, coming close and wrapping my arms around her, so as to share my body's warmth. Laimargia was much more active than Perifania. As my hands gravitated to her bountiful breasts, her hand untied my trousers, and slipped inside. She had no trouble finding the object of her interest.

- "Mmm .." she moaned, as she stroked my erection. I licked and sucked on her nipples while hefting her heavy tits in my hands.

This might not have been Laimargia's first trip to this spot. She drew me over to a mossy shelf, and spread her skirt on the ground. She knelt on it, first, and took me in her mouth, getting me wet and slick with her saliva.

That done, she turned around and went down on all fours, presenting her generous butt cheeks to me. I accepted her invitation, and took up position behind her. Her massive bottom was somewhat daunting, but her pussy was beyond wet - she was positively drooling.

I entered her in one long, smooth stroke.

- "Aaah - I needed that." she said. "Do me - do me hard."

I did my best. I slammed it to her, slapping my pelvis against her fleshy ass, while driving my engorged cock as deep as I could. She made an 'Ah!" sound at every stroke. I grabbed hold of her big hips, and pulled her back towards me as I tried to thrust my erection into her very depths.

It was a long, glorious, fuck, and I groaned aloud as I began ejaculating deep inside her.

Afterwards, Laimargia pulled me down beside her, and complimented me.

- "That was the best - maybe the best I've ever had!" she said. "I need more, though."

With her hands, and then her mouth, Laimargia got me hard again. Then she lay back, and pulled me atop her. She took hold of my cock, and directed it to the entrance of her now-gaping pussy.

- "Fuck me." she said. "Fill me up again."

Cradled between her generous thighs, I gave her my best effort. Laimargia did her best, too. Unlike Perifania, who just ... lay there, the redhead was an active, fully engaged partner. She thrust her hips at me, and lunged forward to impale herself more deeply.

She gave me vocal encouragements, and even lifted her massive breasts, presenting them to my lips, tongue, and teeth.

Much sooner than I expected, my balls seemed to explode, and I poured another load of my juices into her. Laimargia wrapped her arms around me, spoiling my balance, so that I collapsed on top of her. She groaned as she felt my full weight.

- "Awesome." she whispered. "Wonderful."

We dressed again, and made our way back to the inn.

Laimargia took me back me to my room, and fucked me - twice more.


Adrie told me, a few weeks later, that Perifania wanted to see me again. He seemed to know why, but he made no lewd comment - or any comment, for that matter.

Our second encounter was almost identical to the first. I stripped her, then shed my own clothes. I went down on her, hoping to arouse her. She reached orgasm - but it seemed to make no difference.

She spread her legs, and lay back, and I obliged by fucking her until I came. Then she sent me back to the inn.

Why had she called me back? Perifania was a beautiful woman, but she didn't seem to particularly enjoy sex. I was at a loss to understand.

I was even more confused when Thymos came to the inn. She glared at me, and said: "Let's get this over with."

She walked over to my room, and stopped at the door. I was still standing in the middle of the common room.

- "Come on." she said.

By the time I got there, Thymos was inside my room, stripping off her clothes. She had light blonde hair, a perfect nose, and lovely lips - except that they were twisted in a semi-snarl. She was as skinny as Elpida, with surprisingly full, high breasts. I could count her ribs, but she had plump tits.

That wasn't the biggest mystery about Thymos, though. I couldn't get over the impression that she didn't want to be here - that she disliked me. Yet she was naked, in my room - and stroking my cock through my trousers.

- "Come on." she said. "Do you want me - or not?"

I did. Confused - certainly. But I was also aroused by the contrast between her skinny frame, and those plump little tits. That, and her pretty face, despite the fact that it was twisted in a grimace.

I fucked her from behind. It seemed to be what she wanted - she didn't have to look at me. I had never had sex with a woman who appeared to despise me. It was unusual ... but it did nothing to spoil my enjoyment. I grunted, and filled her with my cream.

Thymos dressed and left, without saying a word.


I fucked Perifania once more - a month or so later. This time I didn't bother to perform oral sex on her. It didn't matter: she lay back and spread her legs with the same lack of enthousiasm. After I had filled her with my semen, she sent me on my way.

My beer was ready, and Adrie invited everyone he knew. The common room was packed. There were still more women than men. This time, there were more than thirty people present, including some women I hadn't seen before.

But it was the women I had seen before - naked, as a matter of fact - who left me perplexed. Perifania ignored me completely; Thymos scowled at me. I tried to catch Laimargia's eye - she was a great fuck, and I was eager for a repeat. But she seemed to have no time for me.

The beer won applause -it was infinitely better than anything Adrie had ever made.

- "Hope you're learning how to make it this way!" said his brothers.

I basked in the warm glow of a job well done, enjoying the compliments that came my way. Then I was distracted.

She had long, but curly hair - kinky, really. She had lovely eyes, too, and a brilliant smile. Her name was Sarkiki, and she was more than a little interested in me. In fact, we had been talking for less than three minutes when she placed a hand on my arm.

- "Do you have a room?" she said.

I was instantly hard. I had never met a woman so forward, so honest about what she wanted. And Sarkiki wanted it.

The moment we were inside my room, she was all over me, trying to wedge her tongue down my throat. Her clothes seemed to vanish, and she was tugging at mine before I even realized that she was naked.

She was quite thin, with tiny breasts, but the line of her back and her full buttocks were lovely to look at. Her stomach was flat, and she had trimmed her bush into the shape of a heart.

Sarkiki pushed me back onto my bed, and began licking and slurping at my cock. She tried to get my full length into her mouth - or down her throat. I thought that she was going to choke, but she kept trying.

Then she climbed atop me, and straddled my hips. She placed the tip of my erection between her nether lips, and then sank down upon it. Sarkiki then proceeded to fuck me - something I had never experienced, to this point.

I had drunk several cups of my own beer - I knew that I would not be spilling my seed right away. I let Sarkiki ride me for a while, and then suddenly flipped her onto her back, and began slamming into her from above, hard and fast.

When I tired of that, I lay behind her on the bed, and slid into her, more quietly, more methodically. Sarkiki wanted more than that, tough. She soon had me fucking her from behind, with increasing vigour, until I sprayed my load inside her.

- "Mmm." she said. "Let's do that again."

Sarkiki fucked me twice more before she let me sleep.

I awoke to the most incredible sensation. Sarkiki was under the blanket, licking and sucking on my member. She brought me to full erection, and then mounted me, facing away. This girl truly enjoyed sex. She couldn't seem to get enough of it.

- "Why didn't I meet you sooner?" I asked her.

Sarkiki's face fell. "I was ... I was mourning my brother." she said. "He died just before you - ...." She stopped, suddenly.

- "How did he die? Was he ill? Or was it an accident?"

Her brother's passing was still too fresh, it seemed. Sarkiki would speak no more of him. She cheered up a little when I asked if I could see her again.

- "Of course, silly." she said. "I'm not done with you."


Adrie sent me to deliver a clay jug of his spirits. I wouldn't have drunk the stuff, myself, but some of the mountain people weren't so picky. He gave me directions, which were a trifle confusing. Finally, Adrie grew frustrated, and simply had Elpida lead me there.

- "Why didn't he just send you to deliver it?" I asked her. "Seems like a waste, for both of us to go, when one person could easily -"

- "The jug is only an excuse." she said.

- "Pardon?"

- "You have another admirer." said Elpida. "Should I wait for you, or can you find your own way back?"

Another admirer? I felt a swelling in my trousers, in anticipation. When I had been forced to flee my home, I never imagined that I would find a place where so many women were lining up to sample my wares, so to speak.

- "You go ahead." I told Elpida.

Nothrotita was waiting for me. She took the jug from my hands, and placed it on a rickety wooden table. Then she took me straight to her bed - without a word - and invited me to strip off her clothes.

Nothrotita was the impish one, with blonde hair so pale, it was almost white. She was petite, almost nymph-like, with a shapely body and lovely little breasts. Her bush was blonde, and quite sparse, affording me a spectacular view of her cleft. She lay back, naked, offering me complete access.

Normally, I would have explored her with lips and tongue, but I got the impression that she might not have bathed for some time.

Her bed, for one thing, was far from clean, and gave off a musty, skunky odour. I didn't particularly want my face anywhere near the bottom half of her bed.

Nothrotita did not protest at all when I skipped the appetizers and proceeded directly to the main course. I spat in my hand, and wet the head of my erection. Then I placed it between her lower lips, and rubbed it up and down, along her slit.

- "Ooh." she said, with a half smile. Nothrotita lifted her knees, and spread her legs a little more. "Keep doing that."

I aroused her enough that I was able to penetrate her.

"Aaah ..." she sighed, as I sank my length inside her.

She was hot, inside - hot, and surprisingly wet. I propped myself up on my hands, and plunged my cock into her, over and over. Nothrotita shifted her hips from time to time, but mostly she lay back and let me set a steady pace.

I was sweating, and growing tired from my exertions. But when Nothrotita groaned, and her eyes rolled back in her head, I was spurred on to finish the job. I shortened my lunges, and banged away like a rabbit until I too climaxed, and flooded her with my essence.

Then I lay down beside her. Almost at once, I regretted that choice. The skunky, moldy smell was all too real. Nothrotita might not have washed her bed cloth in ... decades, if not years. Had she ever washed it?

The entire house showed signs of the most abysmal neglect. All over the earthen floor were bones, and other inedible food by-products. There were massive cobwebs in every corner, and broken or unidentifiable objects on every surface. If someone had ever cleaned this house, it had to have been before I was born.

I saw a flea leap from her bed onto my leg.

For once, I fled the field in haste. I simply couldn't bear to spend another moment in that pig-sty. Adrie's woodshed was a palace, by comparison.

- "I ... hope to see you again." I said. Then I ran.


Sarkiki came back for more - several times. That was no surprise. But I was amazed when Thymos returned. She seemed to be no happier about it. In fact, if her angry glare meant anything, I believe she would have been happy to see me stretched out on the floor, in a pool of blood.

- "Let's get this over with." she said.

- "I don't understand." I said.

- "What's not to understand?"

- "I don' think that you want to be here." I said.

- "What does that have to do with it?" she snarled. "Are you going to fuck me, or not?"

I did. From behind, again. I don't think that she wanted to have to look at my face. It wasn't all that awful, for me - I got to look at her lovely ass. It wasn't romantic, or sensual, or even enjoyable - for her. But it was fine for me.

Thymos left almost immediately after I had come inside her.

Elpida was very understanding of all these visits. If I had a woman in my room, she would go and sleep in the shed. I thanked her for that.

- "It's no trouble." she said.

Just after the first snowfall, a party of four women came to the inn. They were especially interested in trying my beer. Adrie served them - two of them were his cousins - and then he sat down and drank with them.

Three of the women were a bit old, for my tastes - and a bit ugly. It may sound odd, that I would be appraising them in this way, when I had already slept with six different women since coming to the mountain - but there you have it.

The fourth woman was bit older than me. She had corn-coloured hair, and pale skin.

- "Amyalos!" called Adrie. "Join us! My cousin Pleonexia has some questions for you."

She had a hundred questions.

- "You're from the south, are you? The big cities?"

- "I lived in a fair-sized town." I told her.

- "Were there courtesans? Ladies of leisure?" she asked.

I knew what she was referring to, but I had no idea where Pleonexia had picked up those expressions. Certainly my friends and I never used such descriptions. Courtesans, maybe - or whores. But 'ladies of leisure'?

"Did you ever visit one?" she asked. "How much did they charge - for their services?"

I tried to satisfy her curiosity, but it was not an area of expertise, for me. Pleonexia was relentless, though. Had I ever paid for 'it'? How much? Were the men in my town in the habit of giving their girlfriends or mistresses gifts? Jewelry, or cash?

Her friends, and her cousin Adrie, found nothing unusual about her curiosity. None of them made any remark when she drew me aside.

- "Tell me, Amyalos - if I were a courtesan - and you wanted me ... if you really wanted me ... how much would you pay?"

- "Umm ..."

Pleonexia stepped closer, and I felt her fingertips brush across the front of my trousers.

- "If you really, really wanted me." she whispered.

- "A silver crown." I said, without thinking.

- "Ooh - is that a lot of money?" she said. "Do you have one?"

- "No." I admitted. "I don't have any money."

- "Hmm." Pleonexia seemed disappointed. "What do you have?"

- "Not much, beyond the beer I've made."

- "Hmm ... beer." she said. Then Adrie's cousin leaned closer, and ... she licked my earlobe. "How much beer would I be worth, Amyalos? If you just had to ... have me."

Given that Pleonexia had reached down, and was now cupping my balls through my trousers, I believe that I showed remarkable restraint.

- "Whatever you could carry." I said.

She thought it over. Pleonexia went back to the table, and took another mouthful of my beer. She swirled it around in her mouth, and then swallowed. She looked my way, and grinned. "It seems that we have a deal!" she said.

With that, she took me by the hand, and led me back to my room. Her friends did not object - on the contrary, they shouted encouragement.

- "Go, Ple!" (it rhymed with clay)

- "Show 'im where it goes!"

Pleonexia seemed, to me, far too thin to have borne children. She had no breasts to speak of. Her bush was a fascinating shade of red, in contrast to the corn colour of her hair. But her enthousiasm for the task at hand was commendable. The only drawback, in my opinion, was that she wanted to know what every sexual act would cost, 'back where you're from'.

She had no inhibitions about taking me in her mouth. But my enjoyment of her oral attentions was marred, somewhat, when she stopped, to ask me 'What would that cost?'

Pleonexia was an active, inventive partner. She coupled with me in the customary man-on-top position, and with herself on top. She had me take her from behind, both kneeling and lying down. It was vexing, though, to have her suddenly stop, and ask: 'Would that cost extra?'

She even offered me her ass.

Of course, she wanted something for it. Happily, she was willing to settle for a third jug of beer. And so I had my first experience of anal intercourse. It was new to me, and incredibly exciting. I came almost immediately, spewing my seed into her bowels.

Pleonexia had no complaint.

- "So ... three jugs of beer?" she said.


The traffic to my room slowed down a little as the days grew shorter, and colder. Sarkiki came a few times, and Thymos once more - though she didn't seem to like me any better. Nothrotita came to the inn, as well, though she complained that it would be easier to meet at her house.

But then it snowed for three days straight. We had to use a shovel to clear the doorways, and to create a path to the woodshed. It would have been difficult to travel very far. Even Adrie's brothers only came by once over the next few weeks.

That left Elpida as my only bedmate, and companion. And if the truth be known, I actually discovered that I preferred it that way.

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