tagLoving WivesThe Client Ch. 01

The Client Ch. 01



She was letting him have his way. She knew she should resist—say no—but she could no longer help herself. She didn't really want to say no, even if she could.

The first time she met him it was almost presaged. She was so charmed by him, his stunning good looks and easy, mirthful manner, that she was immediately aware of her vulnerability. She was a vibrant, healthy woman with the same desires every other woman shared. And he was so attractive! She just delighted in being around him. It was to be expected that she would have a crush on him.

Still, she'd been mildly aroused by men other than her husband in the past, and it never came to anything. The difference here was their prolonged proximity, a series of unavoidable meetings and much time spent working long days together. Rather than a passing fantasy, he was a sustained temptation, and now she was letting him have his way and she could not resist.

She had let this happen, encouraged him even, tempting fate, having fun with it. She knew full well that she'd invited his romantic interest in her, enjoyed the little game, the weeks-long flirtation, the teasing gestures that had started between them in the first days and had progressed over time to overt signs of their growing interest in each other. It had started as just a little amusement and had now become a sort of destiny. She was letting him touch her now in openly sexual ways, ways that had flashed through her mind many times before and that now had become inevitable, beyond her control. She had to let him have his way with her. She had to have her way with him.

It was snowing hard outside her office window. The staff had long since gone home, but she and the client pushed on with their urgent work. The trial was approaching fast. She had developed a litigation plan and she stuck to it as she always did. That was a primary reason for her success. She thought things through and kept on schedule, and was always ready when a trial commenced. Tonight they had just a couple more things to finish before they could make their way home through the storm. They pushed on to stay apace, on schedule, and soon it was late and everybody had long since gone home, knowing what nature was bringing down on them this cold winter night. The building swayed in the powerful wind, making her feel chilled even in her warm office. His nearness, his masculine presence, the steaminess of his increasingly evident desire for her was an antidote to the cold and she allowed it to progress, embracing the heat. And now they were beyond their abilities to refrain. He kissed her hard and she mashed her face back into his. He slipped his hand up under her skirt and caressed her thigh and teased her with deliberate encroachment and she could not say no now. It was all but done, she knew, and she unclasped his belt buckle, now eager to indulge fully.

The staff had all left hours earlier, rushing home. But she and this handsome, intriguing client had much work to do and took their chances with nature. They had to get the work done. They'd ordered food to be delivered and ate as they worked, pouring over files, over big stacks of paper and mega bytes of documentary evidence, and the clock ticked on past eight, past nine, past ten, and now nearly eleven, and they were almost done working for the night. Just a little more to do...

They took a break before the final push through the last few documents, and gazed out the window at the driving snowstorm. Nothing moved outside but the snow. They could not even see the lights of the buildings across the river. They felt utterly alone.

She crossed her arms and shivered, and he stood closely behind her, so close she could feel his body heat. She swiveled her neck to relieve a crick and, without further prompting, he edged closer still and began massaging her neck and shoulders. She sighed with pleasure, then said softly, "Mmmm, that feels nice." She bent her head forward to encourage more and he worked her neck and shoulders with his fine, strong hands. He was now so close she could feel his erect manhood brush against her backside as he massaged her. She was pleased to know that he was erect and that he did not care to conceal it from her.

Nevertheless, he hesitated to advance further. He required more encouragement, and she gave it. She rubbed her arms as if to ward off the cold. She wanted his arms around her, a warm embrace. He bent his head forward and whispered into her ear, "Are you cold?" he asked ever so gently, so kindly. "Uh huh," she breathed, invitingly. He slid his arms around her waist. She thrilled at his touch, a touch she'd wanted so long. She grasped his hands in hers and pulled him tightly against her. His erection intruded between the cheeks of her bottom, and she felt her vagina secreting fluids, preparing itself for him.

She declined to think about her husband now. She would deal with that later. She wanted to go all the way with this man. All the way. Now.

She craned her neck a bit, exposing more flesh below the ear into which he had whispered. He took her invitation and kissed her gently and she sighed again, expressing her desire for more. They were alone, and nobody could disturb them, and she was tired and wanted this distraction from the last bit of work that lay before them, and she caressed his cheek with her hand, assuring him that he could kiss her more, and he kissed her neck again, and then again, and she could feel hotness for him between her legs. It was inevitable now. They had gone too far to turn back. She turned her face to him, inviting him with her smoldering eyes to kiss her on the lips; and he did, gently at first, then harder and harder until she just had to turn herself toward him squarely and open her mouth for his tongue. She began to grope him, to squeeze his arms and rub his shoulders. His response was predictable. He kissed her more deeply and then began to unbutton her blouse to get to the breasts he'd so long desired to see, and she let him do as he wished with her. She did nothing to stop him, but rather invited more, pressing her chest against his groping hand even as she put her arms around him and caressed his firm ass with greedy hands. She pulled him tight against her. She could feel his hardness pressing now against her mons, and she knew she was going to let him do her right there in her office where they were all alone on this cold, snowy night.

They began to move quickly now, both of them urgent to do this inevitable thing. He slipped his hand into her bra and pinched a nipple, and she unfastened his pants. He put his free hand up her skirt and massaged her naked thigh and sought her wetness, and then they were touching each other far too intimately to turn back. There was no stopping now. She unzipped his pants and massaged his hardness with her hand, feeling the wet spot where his fluids had soaked the front of his boxers. She slipped her hand through the fly and finally grasped his naked cock, stroking him, stoking the fire that now flamed between them.

Her intent was utterly unmistakable. She would give herself to him right there, right then. They kissed each other still more deeply and she sighed into his open mouth and then, urgent to consummate, she whispered hoarsely, "Oh, god! You have to do me now," and she backed up to her desk, pulling him with her. She let go of his ass to sweep everything off the desk top, out of her way, heedless of the consequences. She hiked up her skirt, sat on the desk, spread her legs apart for him and lay back as he lay atop her, unfastening her brassiere, fully exposing her ample, tender breasts which he promptly began to kiss. He sucked on her nipples and she thrust her vulva up hard against him, humping, wanting him, desperate to feel him inside her. "Oh, god!" she practically screamed. "You have to fuck me now!"

At that he stood up and let his pants fall to the floor, then pulled down his underpants, his penis erect, pulsing. She sat up on her desk to watch him, and immediately grasped his penis with both hands and stroked him some more. It was slick with his juices, ready for her. As she stroked him, she stared into his eyes for a few moments, satisfied with the intensity she saw there, then she lay back, raised her bottom up and pulled her thong down to her bent knees, inviting him in. He pulled the thong the rest of the way off her, cast it aside, and lay atop her on the desk, entering her with no resistance, and they fucked violently there in her office, oblivious to the raging storm outside. Their grunts and passionate groans could be heard all the way down the hall were anybody else there to hear.

Then they both climaxed. He filled her with his cum and she soaked the desktop with hers. And then it was over, for the moment anyway, and he stood over her on wobbly legs, his eyes scrunched shut as he contemplated what they'd done and what lay in store.

She was satisfied for now, enough to get back to business. "We have to get this work done," she declared momentarily, as she put her feet back on the floor and searched for her thong. They put their clothes back on, and then she made a decision she'd never expected to make. "We can't go home tonight." She left her reasons unspoken.

He was inclined to agree with her on all counts. The storm raged and travel was probably impossible and definitely dangerous; and he did not want their time together to end yet. He called the hotel down the street and she called her husband.

"I can't come home tonight," she told him. "I am going to get a room."

"Yes, you should do that," he agreed. "This storm won't break until morning. You should stay downtown. I'll bring you some clothes first thing tomorrow," he offered gallantly.

"Goodnight," she said.


They quickly put the office back in order and finished their work before midnight.

"I could only get one room," he declared.

"We only need one," she replied as she put the final touches on her day's work.

They made their way through the storm to the hotel, registered under his name, and went to their room where they made love again and again and yet again. They made love in every way they could imagine with the short time they had together. She gave him oral sex and he gave her oral sex. They did it doggie style on the bed they were to share all night, him sliding himself pleasingly in and out, her touching herself to bring on another orgasm. They collapsed onto the bed and lay together awhile, then they went to the bathroom and took a shower together. Incredibly, they both still wanted more. She lathered his penis with soap and stroked it until he was hard again. Then she rinsed him off, turned her back to him, bent over, her legs apart as far as she could get them in the confinement of the tub, and offered herself to him one more time as she stood in the steaming shower, warm and happy, him entering her from behind yet again.

Once he orgasmed in the shower, they finally settled down, finished prepping themselves and went to bed and slept. She'd figure out what to do in the morning.

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I get that.

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If you can't keep your legs closed fine, get a divorce.

Cheating happens, divorce happens, she doesn't love or respect her husband so move on, would have a little respect if she got a divorce first. My problem is the characters are not likeable, so I just don'tmore...

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No objection

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As always the comments are priceless.

lol-keep them coming, it keeps it interesting until a good author decides to post again. In the meantime the entertainment belongs to public feedback. Priceless, just priceless. The cuck lovers make themore...

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