tagReviews & EssaysThe Climax Gentlemen's Club: First Visit

The Climax Gentlemen's Club: First Visit


Actually, its the 'World Famous' Climax Gentlemen's Club. World famous, you say? Well, they opened the first known drive-thru nudity window a couple of years back and it received some serious press. In fact, I first heard about the drive-thru from my nephew who lives half way across the country. He had read the story on an Internet news service.

The club is located in Western Pennsylvania on U.S. Route 22 between Delmont and New Alexandria and is about ten miles from where I live.

I had driven past the place hundreds of times, but I had never stopped in. Yes, I had been curious, but not curious enough to take the big plunge and pull into the parking lot. Besides, my wife was usually with me, so stopping was not an option on those occasions.

Until last week, that is. It was about 2:30 pm and I was driving alone on Rt. 22 and feeling especially horny (the little woman and I were in the midst of one of our many sexless periods).

I told myself, 'why not, its about time I found out just what this place has to offer a dirty-old-man like myself.' I pulled into the parking lot, hopped out of my car and made my way into the 'Climax Gentlemen's Club,' er, the 'World Famous Climax Gentlemen's Club.'

Upon entering the main building, I was met by a distinguished-looking, middle-aged gentleman and was told that the cover charge was $15.00. He added that there were two girls currently working with several more to come in 30 minutes, and even more by 5:00 pm.

It sounded good to me. I paid the cover charge and was immediately met by a charming, talkative young lady in a leopard skin bikini. She introduced herself as Amber and led me out of the building to the swimming pool area. She instructed me to find a seat and she would commence dancing. I was a bit surprised as I expected the show to take place inside, sort of like a nightclub with a stage. Then again, it was the middle of a very hot July afternoon.

The pool is an above ground model surrounded by a wooden deck. It only takes up about 20% of the open-air space between two buildings. The balance of the space is covered in gravel and contains a couple of round tables with umbrellas and several more deck chairs lined against the privacy wall, which connects the two buildings.

It was obvious that I was the only paying customer, as the area was unoccupied except for two men who appeared to be working on the pool. The chairs along the wall offered the most shade, so I plopped myself down into one of them, fully expecting Amber to perform on the pool deck.

The speaker system was blaring a loud rock tune as Amber came up to within a few feet of me and began her dance. She immediately undid her top to reveal a beautiful set of 36 DD's. I know the size because I asked if they were real and she affirmed that they were all hers and proudly related the size to me. I was temporarily mesmerized as they jiggled enticingly during her dance routine. Next, she untied her bottoms and pulled them off. There she stood, completely naked in front of me. I was a little surprised at the speed of the strip, but enjoyed it with a lecherous smirk on my face.

Her bald slit stared me in the face, I couldn't take my eyes off it. Yes the tits were nice, but I'm a pussy man and I had never seen a real, live bald clam (my wife refuses to shave for me). I kept focused on her lovely slit as she did her gyrations, talking continuously as she did so.

She rattled on about the radio station, the lack of private dances that she had been getting, etc. I did very little listening, I was too engrossed in her naked body. In one move, she turned around, bent over and stuck her ample ass out at me, placed one hand on the ground to balance herself while spreading her labia with the other. There it was, in all it's pussy-pink glory only about two feet away from my face.

Temptation overcame me, I made the mistake of reaching over and touching her pussy. She immediately pushed my hand away, stood up facing me and admonished me severely. She rattled off the house rules about no touching, pointing to an 8.5 x 11 sign tacked up on the privacy fence, which was too far away for me to read.

I apologized, and she continued to tell me how she had threatened to belt another fellow who couldn't keep his hands off her. She didn't seem to be angry with me, but with touchers in general.

Amber appeared to be very young, under 20 I'd guess. She was pretty and had those exceptional tits, but she was also a wee bit on the chunky side. She had a shapely, but somewhat large, ass that many men would love. Even though I prefer slim women, I still found her attractive and told her so several times.

Since I was the only customer, she continued to dance for me while lamenting the fact that she hadn't been getting the private dances that some of the other dancers had. When questioned, she responded that she had been working there a total of 15 days and had had only 2 of them. She went on to say that the girls made their money doing the private dances. I believe that it was her way of trying to entice me into taking her up on a private dance. I had no idea what went on during those dances, but I could take a wild guess.

In the meantime she had a garter around her right thigh with a dollar bill tucked into it. It was like the tip jars that you see most often at wedding receptions, suggesting that the customer add to the tip, which I dutifully did, several times.

She took numerous breaks from her dancing because of the heat. Soon another customer entered the pool area and sat three chairs from me, also against the wall. Amber left me to entertain him, up close and personnel. Of course I watched her the entire time.

It wasn't long before another girl arrived and Amber let out a whoop. Her arrival meant that Amber could rest up a bit.

The second girl was about the same age as Amber, but was a little taller and thinner. She had a nice set of tits, but couldn't compare in size to Amber's. She too was shaved in the pubic area, which caught my attention early. Her name was Nicki, and even though she was thinner, she didn't have the round, shapely ass that Amber had. I concentrated on her pussy, which was quite nice. She spent most of her time with the other customer, but I did get a few close-up peeks at her charms.

It wasn't too long before we were joined by Summer, who gave Nicki a chance to relax and join Amber in the pool. Both were skinny dipping, but who would have expected anything less?

My mouth salivated and my cock jumped to attention when I saw Summer. She was my fantasy woman, very thin with a nice set of smallish tits, a very shapely and tight little ass, lovely slim legs and a wonderfully luscious, little pussy, which, like the other two, was clean shaven. I fell in lust immediately, my tongue had to have been hanging out.

She was wearing a bikini top and a small wrap-around, and she quickly shed the top and announced that hers were the smallest tits in the club. She pulled the wrap-around up higher on her body but kept it on the entire time she performed and it seemed to make her even more exotically erotic, if that was possible.

I responded to her announcement regarding the size of her tits by telling her that I loved small tits, especially hers. She smiled appreciatively. Her nipples were very thick and erect (how do they do that?). They were substantially thicker than pencil erasers, but about the same length.

She showed me her pussy from all angles; front and back, inside and out, I drooled even more. I told her that it was so nice and very edible. She giggled, smiled and thanked me. When I suggested that she meet me off-site and permit me to demonstrate my oral talents, she declined saying that she had a boyfriend and he probably wouldn't take too kindly to sharing her pussy with me. I sighed, disappointed, but still holding out some slim hope.

Summer then began talking about the private dances. She said that if we went to the back room we could have much fun together. I wondered what kind of fun she had in mind. 'Wouldn't she be concerned about how her boyfriend felt?' I thought to myself. As much as I wanted to have more intimate contact with her, I declined saying that I didn't have enough money, which was true. The price for the short duration, private dance was more than I had on me at the time. I didn't find out until later that they take credit cards. For those of you interested, I was told that the price was $50.00 for a 5-7 minute private dance. Way too rich for my tired blood!

Summer was a bit older (I'm not going to hazard a guess) than the other two girls and it was obvious that she had more experience. She had several moves that the other girls didn't show, and she got me hot enough to want to take out a loan for the private dance. She bent over and dangled her little titties right in my face and I flicked her nipples with my tongue, or tried to. She kept them enticingly just out of my reach. She stood up, turned around and stuck her lovely little ass out at me, then sat down on my lap and ground her pussy into my crotch. Damn! I wanted to eat and fuck that woman.

After accepting several of my dollar bills, Summer eventually took a break, much to my disappointment, saying that she'd be back in a short while.

Another new girl, Sylvia, showed up and began her dance. Sylvia was also older than the first two girls, but seemed even more inexperienced. She later revealed that it was only her second day on the job.

Sylvia was not as pretty as the others, nor did she have the slim body of Summer, but she appealed to me. Her tits were the perfect size for her body style and they had no sag to them. They stood straight out from her chest and her nipples were pencil eraser sized and fully erect (how do they do that?).

Of course I looked at her pussy and the first thing that I noticed was that she wasn't bald. She was the first girl that I'd seen that day with pubic hair. Even though she wasn't shaved, she was neatly trimmed and a natural blonde, which made her pussy appear to be shaved to all but the most ardent observer (like me).

I loved her pussy and told her so, in fact I also volunteered to lick it til the cows came home if she were to be of a mind to let me. She smiled and it seemed as if she was tempted. She did admit that she loved to have her pussy eaten (what woman doesn't!).

Other than her pussy, the quality that attracted me to her was the innocent look about her, which made her seem to be out of place in the club.

As she danced and gyrated, I continued to tell her how much I'd like to demonstrate my oral skills on her pussy. It wasn't long before I noticed her inner lips protruding from her slit. Then when she bent over and stuck her ass out, I noticed some wetness at the entrance to her love tunnel. 'She's getting excited with my pussy-eating talk, or with being an exhibitionist,' I thought to myself. I choose to believe that it was me that had that effect on her.

After about five minutes, another customer arrived, and Sylvia departed to entertain him.

The next girl to dance for me was Cookie, who, like Amber, also had some serious tits. They were well rounded, reminding me of softballs with nipples and very large aureoles. When asked, she told me that she was a 38 D.

Cookie seemed to be near Summer's age and similarly experienced. Her unique muscle control caught my attention as she demonstrated what her Kegel exercises had done for her. I watched intently as she contracted her pussy muscles causing her little clit to move in and out. She turned around, bent over and flexed her sphincter muscle, seemingly begging to be fucked in either hole. "Improves the sex," she told me, with a wink and sly smile on her face. I nodded my head in agreement, 'nothing like a pussy clamped onto your cock,' I thought to myself.

Summer came back out and did a repeat performance for me, all the while extolling the virtues of the private dance. I drooled and licked my lips often to show my appreciation for her fine talents and features (read pussy, ass and legs).

Sylvia and Cookie also performed several times for me. After about an hour and a half of torture (yeah, right!), I left the Climax a much happier and wiser man than when I arrived.

On my way home, I decided to write of my experience, as it had been a very positive one. I thought about it, and realized that I hadn't seen the drive-thru nudie. 'How can I write about the Climax Gentlemen's Club without seeing and experiencing the drive-thru?'

I decided that I couldn't, therefore, I had to make a second trip (nice excuse, eh?).

To be continued...

Any and all comments are appreciated.

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