tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Clothing Bank

The Clothing Bank


One May evening Chris decided that it would make rather a good series of photos if he were to drive me into town to the Salvation Army Clothing Bank- a large enclosed steel container situated in a public car park into which people could put their unwanted clothes. He would photograph me generously donating my old clothes into the container. But there would be a twist to these pictures. The clothes that I would donate would be the clothes that I was wearing.

I dressed in an old woolly jumper and skirt and as I don't wear either a bra or knickers, under these two items I wore nothing at all. What is more it was broad daylight about 7.30 pm, it wouldn't start getting dark for more than an hour.

We arrived at the car park and although there were not a lot of people about we had to wait while a man walked his dog around.

There is a main road only 50 yards away with cars and buses frequently passing by and the clothing bank was fully visible from that road. Who could tell when a bus or car would come around the corner.

It took quite a little while, after waiting for the people to go away, for me to summon up the courage, standing in a very open public car park to peel off my jumper and completely expose my breasts and nipples. Naked to the waist with my nipples standing proudly erect I pull down the handle, deposit the jumper in the scoop and then close it up again. Into the bank it had gone. Chris was taking his photos of me flashing my bare breasts in a very public place. My heart was beating fast after what I had just done. I was now half naked, with nothing at all to cover my bare tits and erect nipples. It seemed an age before it disappeared but was only a second.

I had started so I will finish as the saying goes, so I undo the waistband of the skirt, down with the zip, fingers in it as I slipped it over my hips, exposing my knickerless bum and my pubic mound. Bend over to push it down my calves then step out of it completely, bending to pick it up, legs spread wide to display my prominent sex lips from between my thighs for the camera, I walk stark naked, back to the bank and once again pull down the handle and pop the skirt in and close it up again.

What would the "Sally Army" think if they knew how these two items had been deposited into their bank! I could not really believe what I had done. I had just stripped all of my clothes off and I was now standing absolutely naked in broad daylight, in a very open public car park in the centre of town. My clothes had all gone I had nothing whatever wear or even to cover myself with. In fact I was more than just naked, as I always keep my pussy shaved so there is no pubic hair to hide behind and therefore my very prominent and now very wet and excited sex lips were fully on display and glistening with juice, my large clitoris was also erect and showing like a tiny cock, I was so excited.

I stood for a while that seemed like an age with legs spread to show my pouting, glistening, shaven cunt whilst Chris took some more photos. If anyone were to come along now there was nowhere to hide my naked body, they would see everything that I had, my bare tits and nipples, naked, bald cunt, everything, I had nothing to cover me. The deed was done my clothes had gone irretrievably into the bank I was standing in public miles from home without a stitch of clothing on.

The adrenalin was now flowing fast, my heart pounding at the thought of being caught flashing like this. Naked except for my shoes, I walked proudly, tits bouncing, nipples hard and pointing, pussy lips swollen and open with excitement and running with juice and of course full of trepidation back to our car which was parked a short way off and climbed into the passenger seat. I had reached comparative safety but I was still naked with nothing to cover me and we were still 10 miles from home and total safety.

I had to sit on a duster to stop my pussy juice from staining the seat. I clip the seat belt, my breasts were hard and nipples pointing, my cunt glistening with juice I was so aroused. Chris got in and started the engine, at last we were moving off.

As I said we live 10 miles away right over the other side of town and out in the country. Chris drove right through the town centre as I sat naked beside him, stopping at traffic lights and road junctions. My only covering was the seat belt separating my breasts. People were walking by and standing on the pavements no more than a few feet away from the car and naked me. Would they see my nudity? They could if they looked. Certainly my bare tits could easily be seen above the level of the window. Did they see me, did anyone look in? I don't know. I was so excited about what I had just done that I didn't care if they did see me, in fact it might have been an even greater turn on if I could be sure that someone had spotted my naked body. When I am this aroused I love to turn people on. I was totally naked in the car and being driven through the town then up the motorway ten miles to the sanctuary of home.

How would you feel doing something similar? I have often dreamt that I was naked in a public place in daylight. Now those dreams have come true. I had often posed naked for Chris' camera in public places before but usually in darkness for flash photographs, this was the very first time in broad daylight and so public. However it was not to be the only time there were more to come and will be more in the future. I can assure you that the danger of being seen gets the adrenalin flowing. Even travelling in the car naked was a turn on because if anything went wrong I had nothing with which to cover myself. I think that I wished that someone had seen me in my naked state. By the time I got home my cunt was aching for attention and Chris was only too willing to fill it with his prick and give me a super fucking.

I have since repeated the whole thing this time with it all being recorded on video.

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