tagBDSMThe Club

The Club

bySensuous Storyteller©

Sitting in the wingchair by the fireplace, he drained his glass and quietly set it down on the table next to him. He waited. Smiling at the delicious thoughts running through his mind of how beautiful he knew she would look tonight and how much she would enjoy this evening; how much they both would enjoy it.

"Tasha, are you ready? David asked as he got up out of the chair to refill his glass. As he turned towards the bar, he saw her. The glass forgotten in his hand, he just stared.

"Tash, you are beautiful! Breathtaking in fact!" He exclaimed as he placed the glass on the bar and walked over to her.

Blushing lightly from his generously stated compliment, she smiled softly and said, "Thank you, David. You are looking rather dashing yourself!"

David couldn't take his eyes off of her. She looked stunning in her black halter-top. It was cut low between her breasts, offering just a peek of her softly mounded breasts. The matching black skirt was short and sassy. He looked at her lovely legs in the smooth silky black stockings down to her pretty feet that were encased in strappy black heels. To take away from the severe look of all black, Tash wore a choker of glittering rhinestones, teardrop earrings and a bracelet, all from the same set. They sparkled in the light but not nearly as bright as her excited eyes as she watched him look at her from head to toe.

Her soft voice brought him out of his reverie.

"Shall we go, David?" she said softly.

Nodding silently, he took her elbow and guided her out the door to the car. Both David and Natasha were quiet during the drive to "The Club". Tasha was lost in the excitement of the evening and admittedly a little frightened. She had never gone to one of these clubs before; but she trusted David. She knew she would be safe with him. David, on the other hand, had often gone and was looking forward to introducing Tash to this exciting world he knew she wanted to explore. Finally arriving, David tipped the valet, and they walked inside together.

Natasha looked around the room, her eyes adjusting to her dark surroundings. She saw a bar at the far end with a few people sitting on stools facing the room watching everything that was going on. There were a couple of topless woman standing between the opened legs of one man at the bar, kissing each other passionately. Looking away, she saw attached to one wall handcuffs and hooks holding many different toys, most of which she did not recognize. Her body trembled. David with his arm around her felt it and asked her if she was all right. She smiled up at him with her sparkling eyes and nodded once to indicate that she was fine. Tasha's eyes returned to the room. She saw a cage in the corner with two naked men inside looking out from behind the bars. There was a table much like you would see in the doctor's office and a bench-like table with straps at both ends, padded and covered with black leather.

People were walking around with drinks in their hands just watching as she herself was. Once in awhile, someone would slide their hands across a naked body for a quick caress but nothing more. The "subs" were not touched without permission from the Masters and it was a rule strictly enforced by the bulging muscled men walking around the floor.

Men and women dressed in elegant eveningwear, watched those who were naked or half naked being tormented deliciously by their Masters. It was a very hedonistic sight and Tasha was not immune to it. Already she could feel her body moistening her panties.

David guided her over to the bar. She could feel the eyes of many on her as they crossed the room. David handed her a drink and she sipped greedily needing the comfort she knew it would provide. She could hear David's deep chuckle beside her as he watched her gulp down her drink.

David smiled over his glass at her and whispered, "It is okay, love. Relax and enjoy. This is your night."

Placing the empty glass on the bar, she asked for another but David shook his head no. He bent down to her ear and told her he wanted her aware of every wonderful moment of tonight. Putting his own glass down on the bar, David took her hand and guided her to the dance floor. His strong arms encased her petite body as he drew her gently into the rhythm of the music. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his broad chest. David moved his hands from her lower back to her ass while they danced. He felt her tense as he slowly lifted her skirt to bare her ass to the room. Twin mounds of firm flesh with a strip of black panty from her thong were visible to all the greedy eyes. Tash could feel as well as hear the rumble in his chest when he chuckled because she missed a step in their dance. David's large warm hands slid over her globes firmly before he pulled one away to slap her ass. It sounded like a thunder crack to Tasha, but in fact, it was hardly heard over the mix of music and moans already dominating the room. Lifting her head from his chest, Tasha looked over her shoulder to see who was watching. There were a few who had looked over at her to see the reddening handprint she was sure that was on her ass. Tasha soaked her panties. She was becoming so aroused by the embarrassment of what David was doing to her. David slipped a finger into her pussy from behind and he felt the evidence of her desire.

"You love this, don't you, love? Ahh, but this is just the beginning. We will have to ring these panties out long before this night is over. In fact, lets take care of that now." And with that, David gripped the gusset of her wet panties in his fist and tugged. They ripped from her body easily. David brought the wet panties up to his nose and inhaled.

"Your scent is sweet love but I know I can make it even sweeter." David said as he tucked the torn panties into the pocket of his jacket.

"Let's go. It is time."

David led Tasha over to the padded leather bench she had seen earlier when she came into the room. She stumbled a little but David was quick to steady her. He knew she was frightened but he also knew she wanted this. He would not let her down; they were going to do it. With his hands on her waist, David told Tash to climb over and straddle the 'horse'. Being a petite woman, she was grateful for the help he gave her.

She was VERY aware of all the eyes in the room that were watching the scene unfold. It was like they all could sense that she was a 'virgin' to all of this.

Tasha straddled the 'horse' as David instructed. Her legs spread wide and her skirt riding high on her thighs. David caressed her neck beneath her hair. She closed her eyes and relaxed a little from his touch until he curled his fingers around the halter of her top and pulled the button loose. Startled, her eyes opened quickly as the silky garment fell from her breasts. Her nipples hardened immediately. From the cool air or the feel of all those eyes on her bare flesh, she did not know; a little of both, she was sure. David cupped a breast and pinched the nipple between his finger and thumb, hard. Tash, allowed a little startled gasp slip from her mouth. David moved his hand to her other breast and pinched that nipple too. Standing by her side, David lowered his mouth to greedily suck at each rosy tipped breast in turn. Rolling the tasty swollen morsel across his tongue before clamping his lips tightly and sucked it hard, making a loud popping noise when he released it.

"Your nipples are beautiful, love. They react so well to the attention I give them. Let's see if you like this."

With that, David placed a little clamp on her first nipple and she moaned aloud. Trembling slightly knowing that in one short second her other nipple will be likewise clamped, and sure enough, it was. A little chain dangled between her lovely breasts and David gave it a little tug wanting to hear her sigh in pleasure again. She did not disappoint him.

David ran his hand down her smooth bare back. His hands went up and down along the little bumps of her spine, enjoying the sight of goose-bumps as they pimpled her skin. Then with a little pressure between her shoulder blades, David pushed her down on the 'horse'. With little resistance, Tash did as he bade her without the use of words. Her breasts hung on either side of the horse and the cool leather caused the chain to bite nicely into her tender skin. Her hands dangled down on either side below her breasts. David kneeled down to fasten her wrists into the lined handcuffs that were there for just that reason. He kissed her cheek and tugged gently at each nipple after doing so.

Conscious of the people surrounding her to watch the scene, Tasha tried to keep her legs down as though she were really riding a horse so her body would not be so exposed. She did this for naught though, as David grabbed her hips and pulled them back, pulling her legs to fasten each ankle to the cuffs provided. Once, Tasha was restrained, David slid his hands up her silky stocking legs up to where her little skirt lay. His hand slipped beneath it and slid a finger into her slit to see just how much she was enjoying this. Removing his drenched finger he slipped it into his mouth, sucking noisily so Tasha knew what he did even though she could not see it. Taking a blindfold from a nearby table, David placed it over her eyes and whispered in her ear again.

"Relax love, tonight I will take you to the stars and back."

And she knew he would, so Tasha tried very hard to relax. She made every effort to concentrate on her breathing. In and out, in and out, she was doing fine too, until she felt the cool air of the room hit her ass. David had lifted her skirt up over to her lower back leaving her bare ass and her damp pussy peeking out naked for all to see. She felt his hand slip under her tummy and lift as he slid a soft pillow beneath her hips to raise her ass up even more. Oh migod, what a deliciously erotic moment for her. Tasha was so wet and ready to cum and David had not even begun to play yet! Strong warm fingers gripped the cheeks of her ass and spread them wide.

"Ooooohhh, David" Tasha gasped out.

"Shhh, love, it is okay" He reassured her.

His finger pressed on her puckered opening adding only pressure. He was not ready to give her more. Looking at the tasty slit as moisture made it glisten, caused his cock to throb almost painfully in his pants. David took some lubrication and covered his fingers with it and gently slid it to the crevasse he had just explored, only this time he did insert his finger. First to one knuckle, then to another turning and twisting his finger inside her knowing she was dying a sweet death as he did this. Another finger slipped in as he heard her cry out, "No, David, it is too much!" David ignored her outburst. He knew she could take it and much more importantly he knew she wanted it. So, stopping was the last thing he was going to do!

David looked over at a naked blonde standing nearby watching so closely. She was beautiful and the flush on her skin, her plump hard nipples and her shiny puffed pubic lips showed him she was enjoying this scene. He nodded to her, motioning her to come and join him. Without hesitation she was by his side.

"Lube that and hand it to me." He demanded.

Tasha could hear but not see, so she did not know what "that" was or even to whom he was speaking. Hearing a feminine voice answer, "Yes, Sir." offered her only a hint of who might be assisting him. The blonde handed the lubed toy to David and he shook his head no. Instead, he spread Tasha's ass cheeks open and motioned to the blonde to insert the toy. A smile crossing her lips, she stepped forward and gently placed the butt plug on Tasha's anus. Pushing slowly, she inserted it into her ass, then a little further and a little more until it was fully embedded. David gave her ass a loving slap and Tasha jerked a little.

The blonde went over to the table and brought back three silver balls in her manicured hands. She showed them to David and he nodded yes. Next Tasha felt feminine fingers spread her wet swollen lips apart and she could feel a cool egg shaped ball being pushed inside her. It slipped in easily as she was so wet. Then there was another and Tasha wanted to cum but she knew David would be angry so she tried to hold it back. When a third ball was inserted, the full feeling of her cunt and ass, the knowledge that all around her were watching this happen to her was too much. She moaned out loud and began writhing on the table. The blonde seeing this wanted to help, so her fingers quickly circled Tasha's clit and a flood of wetness filled her insides but the balls prevented most of it from escaping. When the orgasm ended the blonde took her moistened fingers and licked them clean, enjoying the fruits of her labour.

David, seeing what happened, went to the table himself and retrieved a paddle; on his other hand he put on a puffy soft mitt. Turning back to Tasha, David brought the paddle down on her cute little ass hard. Whack! "oooohhhhh" Natasha screamed. David took the mitted hand and caressed the sting from her ass. The pain was just beginning to subside when WHACK, David spanked her again. "Ahhhh!" Tasha cried out again. Again, David caressed her ass with the mitt. Whack! This went on and on until her ass had the rosiest pink glow and Tasha was squirming close to another orgasm.

The forgotten blonde walked over to David, kneeling she took his hard cock from his pants. Gripping it firmly in her fist, the blonde took David into her mouth. Moaning David thrust his hips forward forcing his hard cock deep into her throat. The blonde just moaned and took him deeper, cupping his balls and sucking as if her life depended on it. David still sent the paddle down hard on Tasha's ass while the stranger was sucking him. The closer he got to cumming the harder David hit Tasha's ass. David heard Tasha scream out that she was cumming again, and it was too much for him. He dropped the paddle and gripped the blonde by her hair as he fucked her mouth. "GRRRRRRrrrrrr" David screamed as he poured his seed down her lovely throat. The talented blonde did not spill a drop; her mouth was full of David's cum. She swallowed the first spurt but kept the rest in her mouth. Spent, David pulled his cock from her mouth and zipped himself away as he watched the blonde go up to the head of the 'horse'. Taking Tasha's head in her hands, she placed her cum soaked lips on Tasha's, kissing her; allowing David's cum to pour into Tasha's mouth. Tasha swallowed knowing that it was NOT David's lips kissing her but she was sure that it was David's cum flowing into her mouth.

David watched this and hardened again. He wanted to get home now and fuck Natasha as she had never been fucked before. Gently, David removed the butt plug, reaching between her cum soaked pussylips, he retrieved the balls from inside her. Pulling down her skirt, David then kneeled to un-cuff her ankles and then her wrists. He lifted her up into his arms holding her close to him. Natasha took off the mask and David saw the love and passion in her eyes. She smiled at him and whispered, "Thank you, David."

Resting her head on his chest, David walked out of "The Club" with his precious bundle. The valet, not unused to these kinds of sights as people came out of "The Club" brought the car around right away. As David set Natasha into the seat of the car, she gripped his shirt and pulled him down for a kiss.

"Take me home, David." She whispered.

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