The Club

byFantasy Kiss©

Heat. Motion. Movement from everyone. Bodies back to back, the rhythm and the beat took control of everyone. I was in the middle of the dance floor. The middle is always where I dwell when at the club. It was there that I saw him across the floor in tight black shirt and pants. I'm sorry to say it, but it wasn't his "coolness" that made him draw attention or even his sense of good style. It was more because he was a well-built and nicely tanned… white guy! And if the fit of those pants where anything to go by he had a very nice package too. I could tell that if I tried to cup him he would run the risk of overflowing in my hand.

The club was a predominately black dance club. Other races where invited of course but Kaya wasn't usually their first choice. His being here could only mean one thing. He liked black women and from the look in his eyes and the smile on his face he liked me. Leaning back against the unknown stranger who decided to walk up behind me and rub his dick on my ass, I smiled at the white boy and gave him my best "you wanna fuck me?" look.

I guess he read it correctly because he walked over to me, grabbed me, and pulled me close. I wanted to pull back as I thought 'what the fuck…?" But I then I felt it-- magnetism. Lust. Right out of nowhere. It took me aback. This shit doesn't happen in the real world; this instant lust on sight, on touch, doesn't happen, but damn if it didn't feel real. There was just something about him. And if I were to admit it, I was more than just a little curious. I've never been with a white guy before.

So we began to dance and grind with out any word being spoken yet tons was being said. My other unknown stranger who made friends with my ass tried to stay close re-stake his claim, but as I wrapped up arms around white boy's neck, I made my choice clear. Later, without a word, he took me to the side, against the wall and kissed me…

Okay, the truth is I attacked him, but he didn't stop me and if his dick and grip on my body was anything to go by he liked it. He reached down to my thighs and slid his hands up my skirt. Yeah that's right I was panty-less, call me a slut if you must. I really don't care. When he looked at me questioningly I simply replied I had to send them away (but that's another story. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime). He looked confused and pleased at the same time. Understandable, he got to feel her, my sweet mound who I've secretly named 'the lil' bitch.'

Why? Because the lil' bitch always got me in trouble. And tonight it looked like I'm was about to get in a whole bunch of trouble. And no matter what I did, not matter what toys I've brought, "the little bitch" was never happy until she got some dick. "The lil' bitch' virtually had a mind of her own so far as I'm concerned she deserves to have her own name.

She was very wet and was dripping down my thigh. It was evident I wanted him too. He whispered in my ear that he had to taste me. He pulled his hand back up, looked into my eyes and sucked the sweet juice off. All that did was feed both our lusts for more.

I heard someone whisper beside us "oh shit!" I turned my head and there stood two men watching us. Watching him lick my juices off his hand and then watching as it disappeared again under my dress. He was kissing my neck as he fucked me with his hand. And on they watched. He on the other hand, had other ideas. Griping my hand, he led me out of the club down the street to his car. Opening the back door, he pushed me in. One leg on the seat and the other on the floor I pushed myself across the seat and further into the car. He followed me in, closed the door, lifted my skirt and all that was in his face was my shaved pussy. I like to keep it nicely groomed with a small fur patch above my clit.

Looking at the wetness that made my thighs glisten and at my swollen extended clit he said that he has had many women before but no one moved him to such desire as I have and that he had to lick that pussy now. He began to lick and kiss up on my thigh and across my mound. He stopped for a second to flicker my clit with his tongue. Then he continued down the other thigh kissing and nibbling along the way. The lil bitch was hot and wanted him to eat her. It was too much for him, he had to go in for the kill, but he didn't. The aroma of my pussy just turned him on more, but he regained control. Instead he leaned back and told me to unbutton my shirt and I did. One button after the other. He didn't touch me but he watched. At first he didn't move. His eyes caressed my breasts. Then he looked into my eyes and slightly smiled. He went straight for my nipples looking into my eyes while he nibbled on the tip through the bra. Nice.

He unclasped my bra and cupped my breast softly sucking on one then the other. Closing my eyes, I leaned back. He twisted and pulled on my nipples, like they were little knobs. Twisting and pulling. Hard and tight, He flicked them back and forth between his finger, using his nail now and then. The slight sharpness added to the arousal and my pussy tightened.

He reached up and began kissing my ear. You liked that he asked. As I nodded he began sucking on my ear and whispered "What's your name?"

"Sabrina" I answered.

"I'm going to fuck you Sabrina. I'm going to fuck you soft and then I'm fuck you hard. Either way we will fuck. My name is Troy. Remember it because I may have you screaming my name before this over. We'll have to see how much you can handle first, you may not have energy for that."

I smiled at that slightly cocky comment. I like cocky. Turning me over until I was lying on the seat, he moved over me, and he pushed himself up. He told me to now unbutton his shirt. I got the chance to touch him. Feel him. Curl the hairs around my fingers and pull. Play with his nipples like I play with mine. I looked into his eyes as he did mine. Sucked and nibbled him as he did me.

He touched me, everywhere. He touched me and kiss me all the while talking in my ear-- some words were sweet and some words were… not so sweet. It was hard to determine which I liked better. Then he moved to kiss me, there- on my pussy, that nasty eager lil bitch. He pulled me abruptly toward him, as if with little thought. Moving down he placed my legs on his shoulders, lifted my body at a slight upward angle, and proceeded to lick. Grabbing his head I pushed his face in deeper telling him to kiss it and suck it some more and he did.

Coming back up he kissed me again and I tasted myself. Pushing him back, I sat up and though it wasn't easy, we switched positions. I explored him some more. Again I felt him, tasted him, smelled him, and watched him. It was strange touching a body that wasn't my own. Feeling the texture of his skin. Like a toy that is all mine to play with and do with as I please. And then there is his dick. Long and smooth, hard, and kinda cute. Pretty almost. Big too.

Not bad. Can I handle that? How much will it hurt? Will I like the hurt? Probably. It is the ultimate toy. I learned to master it before the night was over. He told me everything I needed to know. How to suck, where to suck. How hard, how soft. How long. What he likes, and what he doesn't. I sucked the head, the shaft, and his balls. I sat up and just played with it as he watched. Sometimes we took turns touching him. He even masturbated a bit for me. There is nothing more interesting than watching a man fuck himself.

"That's right," I said. "Show me how you do it. Fuck yourself for me, Troy baby." I was so turned on my pussy was contracting, trying to grab something to fill it. My fingers were too small and not nearly hard enough. Looking around I saw a paper bag on the floor. Looking inside, there was a flashlight still in its package. Perfect.

Opening the package and siting on his thighs as he hand fucked his dick, he watched me as I inserted the handle deep into my pussy. I was so ready it glided right in. Now he watched me fuck myself as I watched him.

"Oh shit" he whispered as he watched me. "You're crazy, but damn if I don't love it." Moaning, I humped the flashlight over and over as I got closer and closer to the edge of cumming. When it happened I screamed. My body jerked uncontrollably and my voice was horse. My head thrown back I barely felt the cum that shot on my face, pass my lips and into my mouth, on my neck and down my breast. I barely heard him say, "Damn baby boo. Maybe it'll be me screaming your name."

Falling on his chest, I tried to catch my breath. He lightly stroked my hair from my face and after a minute he asked.

"Ready for round two?"


The time came for him to enter me. Turning me around he placed me on the seat doggy style. It was a tight squeeze. It was also hot as hell so I rolled down the window and stuck the upper part of my body out, nipples and all, and I braced my hips against the car door. He laughed and said I just maybe the wildest he ever had.

"You know we could get arrested for this?"

"Then you better hurry."

He slid on the condom and entered me so slowly. I wanted it as much as I didn't. I was still kind of tired after my round with the flashlight. I pulled as much as I pushed. I cried as much as I moaned. Then he began to talk again, that sweet, yet not so sweet talk. A bit insulting, but in a gentle way.

"Feel the dick?" He asked.


"Good. You may call him yours."

Mine. I like that.

"Does the pussy have a name?"

"The lil' bitch."

Laughing he thrusted to the rhythm of his words as he asked, "My… lil… bitch… likes… my…DICK… doesn't… she?"


"And when I'm finish, you will lick it clean… wont… you?"

"Yes. Yes. But only… Only… Only if…"

"If what, baby boo"

"You will kiss my pussy afterwards and make her feel better."

"I promise."

Then it began.

Fucking and fucking and fucking. He stuck his hands out the window to grab my tits and squeezed them. My nipples were erect like his cock was hard. He pumped and thrust all the while his hands explored my body. He felt my ass, he felt my thighs, rubbed across my tits and kissed my neck. He fucked my pussy like there was no tomorrow!

It was all too intense. I felt all wild and free. My back arched back until my head rested on the hood. His hands was squeezing my ass and my hands where now pumping my own tities and twisting my nipples. My head was thrown back as I whaled out my lust into the night air. My hips banged against the door. My legs were wide open and the door handle banged against my clit with each thrust, intensifying the fuck.

We both were grunting with every thrust. I had to be heard all down the block. I began to twitch as my pussy tightened to cum. The contractions made him cum as well. My pussy tightened so hard that it felt like the lil bitch wanted to crush him. I passed out from the intensity.

When I cam through he was calling my name.

"Sabrina. You're home."

Waking up to his kisses on my neck, I looked around and saw I was indeed home. Looking down I realized I was covered by a huge black coat.

"I'm sorry. It was kind of difficult to get you dressed, so I wrapped you up in my coat." He reached in the back and handed me my clothes in a bag.

"How did you know where I lived."

"I looked in your wallet."

"Oh. Thanks." I said, as I got out the car and slammed the door behind me. He watched as I walked to the door and unlocked it. Turning around, I dropped the coat from my shoulders and bared my nakedness for him to see, as well as anyone else who just happened to be walking by. I asked one last question.

"Ready for round three?"

What do you think he said? ;-)

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