tagLoving WivesThe Coast with the Most!!

The Coast with the Most!!


It had been a while since my husband and I had been away, and as the kids are old enough to leave home alone these days, we decided to head up the coast to find some sun and a warm beach.

We weren't really looking for anything special sexually, just a few days R&R in the sun to unwind.

Our hotel room was gorgeous, on the eleventh floor overlooking the Gold Coast's main beach, and with a huge balcony which looked out over the ocean and also had a great view of the pool below.

The first day we just lazed by the pool, splashed around like a couple of honeymooners, and ate a nice meal at one of the small restaurants on Cavill Avenue.

The second day I decided to do some shopping. I love all the designer stores on the Gold Coast and while Steve slept in, I decided to hit the shops early to avoid the heat, planning to later lay on the beach and do some work on my tan lines.

Standing in front of the mirror, I thought I looked pretty hot for a 40-plus woman. I have been blessed with long legs and nice curves, and although my boobs are a little lower than they once were, they still are a nice 36C size and raise a few eyebrows every now and then when I show them off. Today was one of those days! I slipped on my white Capri pants, matching cork high heeled sandals, and a red cotton shirt, tied at the waist, with a lacey black bra peeping out underneath for dramatic effect. My flesh coloured thong was only just visible under the white pants, as I like to tease, rather than be totally blatant about the fact I want to show off and make men hard as they see me walking down the street.

As I walked through the foyer of the hotel out into the street, I put on my sunglasses and smiled as the concierge opened the door and made a low whistle sound. I know it's not politically correct these days, but I still love the fact I can turn men on and I blew him a small kiss as I headed out into the warm morning.

My first stop was a jewellery store, as I was in the market for a new watch. I found the Guess shop, one of my favourites, and walked inside. Behind the counter were a young girl, wearing way too much make-up, and a lovely looking but very thin guy, aged about twenty-five.

I immediately made for the guy, and smiled inwardly as his eyes widened when I walked towards him.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, he was gay, and I left that store with a lovely pair of Guess jeans, but no new watch.

An hour later I was feeling quite warm, and I decided to find a swimwear store and see if I might find a stunning bikini or one piece for the afternoon beach session to surprise my hubby, Steve. I knew which store I wanted, the one with all the designer suits. I walked in and found two hot looking young women working, both wearing tiny little shorts, tank tops and crazy heels. I smiled at their outfits, remembering back to when I was twenty and could make cocks stand to attention at forty paces, just like these two babes.

As I was scanning the Gottex suits on the rack, one of the girls came over and introduced herself.

"Hi there. I'm Mandy. Let me know if you need any help, ok? I don't like to hassle people when they're looking for a sexy swimsuit, so just let me know when you need anything or want to try anything on."

Well, I really appreciated her attitude! Most sales people are pushy and I love to just take my time and look, so it was nice to have her leave me alone like that. I spent a good twenty minutes or so before choosing three suits to try on.

"Excuse me, Mandy," I said, "Mind if I try these on?"

"Wow, you have great taste! Come this way. What's your name?"

"I'm Dee, and thanks! I love the beach and hubby and I are up for a few days so I figured I'd splurge and surprise him with a couple of hot suits on the beach. It keeps the spice in our marriage."

I spent the next forty-five minutes trying on the three suits, but also two others that Mandy recommended. In the end I bought three, and having spent a good deal of time chatting to Mandy, and her friend, Linda, the other girl, I left happy, knowing that Steve would get a nice stiff cock whichever suit I chose to wear.

When I got back to the hotel, carrying my shopping bags, the concierge smiled when he saw me coming, and politely greeted me at the revolving door.

"Bought lots of lovely things I see. Let me know if you need a second opinion."

"Mmmm, I might just take you up on that!" I answered, flirting a little with him, all dressed in his waistcoat and black pants. After all, he was a handsome young guy, and I enjoyed wiggling my butt a little more than usual as I walked past him smiling.

Back in the room, Steve was up and about, sitting at the table eating some muesli. I walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Morning, babe!" I said, before plonking my bags down on the leather couch. "I'm hot and sweaty. Fancy a swim with me to cool off?"

"Sounds great. Let me finish breakfast while you get ready and we can head off."

Feeling a little daring as the kids weren't with us, and wanting to give my husband a little thrill, I tried on one of my new suits, the black gottex one piece with the plunging neckline that really highlighted my boobs. I looked hot, but just to make a statement of it, I buzzed down to the concierge, and asked if he was still offering to help me with a second opinion.

Minutes later, as Steve emerged from the bathroom, I was standing there, in my new revealing black swimsuit, with the concierge staring at me, his eyes bulging as he admired my body.

"Well, what do you think?" I asked of both men, who were temporarily startled to see each other, and both perving on my boobs as they almost popped out of the black suit.

"Who's he?" asked Steve.

"Umm, I'm James, the hotel concierge, sir. Your wife called me up to give her a second opinion on her....um, shopping."

I interrupted.

"So. Give me a score out of ten for this one piece will you please?"

"Nine," said Steve.

"Madam, I'd be lying if I said anything less. Nine for me too."

"Good, now sit down the both of you while I go try on the other two."

I walked back into the bedroom and removed the black suit. As I was standing there naked, my smoothly shaved pussy exposed, Steve walked in.

Whispering, he said, "What the hell are you up to, babe? What is he doing here?"

"Relax, honey! I'm just playing with him a little. He whistled at me downstairs and so I thought I'd play a few games with him before we go to the beach. You don't mind, do you?"

My big blue eyes rolled and I pouted my full, red lips at him.

"Besides, you know you're the only one for me, don't you?"

He kissed me on the lips, slapped my naked arse, which caused me to yelp audibly, then went back to the main room, closing the door and leaving me to put on the second suit, the red modest bikini.

"Well?" I stood there, posing against the doorway.

"Wow. Now that is hot in a revealing way, but only an eight from me. I prefer the black one," said hubby.

"I must agree, madam. The black one for me too," said Mr concierge.

Smiling and turning with a flick of my blonde hair and a wiggle of my butt, I closed the bedroom door behind me and took out the third, far more revealing swimsuit.

Emerging from the bedroom moments later, the look on their faces told me which suit I would wear that day before they uttered a word.

"Shit!" said my google eyed husband.

"Oh my goodness!" uttered the now shocked looking concierge.

Turning away from them without another word being spoken, the tiny triangle thong bottom exposed to their full view, I carried my heavy boobs in the tiny lipstick pink, wet look material back into the bedroom and grabbed my things.

I was ready.

As I closed the bedroom door behind me, Steve was showing James the door.

An hour later we were laying on the beach and I was feeling really hot. Steve was in the water swimming around, and I was covered in a generous layer of coconut oil, which made my tanned curves stand out nicely. I was sipping on a nice cold can of lemonade from the cooler, when a voice from my left startled me.

"Man! You're the best looking milf I've ever seen!"

Standing there, in a pair of Billabong shorts and with an amazing six pack, was a young man holding a surfboard. He was clearly not shy. I was flattered he thought I was hot, but wasn't sure how to take the 'milf' comment at first!

"I take it that is a compliment?"

"Shit, yeah! Sorry, didn't mean to be rude, but babe, you're smoking! That pink bikini is amazing! Anyway, I'm off to catch a few waves. See ya!"

And with that, he was gone. I followed him down the beach, admiring his back muscles and wedge shaped body as he paddled into the shore break then beyond to where the large waves were forming out the back. He was a good surfer, and as I watched him catch the first few waves, Steve walked up the beach, his body glistening in the sun as the beads of water dropped to the sand.

"So, chatting up young surfer dudes as well as the hotel concierge I see?"

I laughed.

"No! He just walked up and started talking to me."

"Yeah, right, babe. I know you to well to believe THAT!" said Steve, before he dropped his sopping wet body on top of mine, which caused me to yelp so loud several people turned to see what was going on.

We both laughed and I decided that it was time for me to have a swim, now that Steve had got me all wet anyway.

I was still well covered in oil, and with the sun shining brightly, I stood up and started the walk down to the beach about thirty metres away. I knew eyes were on me as my thong covered butt drew the attention of husband's and boyfriends all along the beach. I wiggled it a little more than usual again, just to enhance the tease factor, and continued until I reached the waves breaking on the shore. I waded in, until the first wave reached my pussy, free of pubic hair, and the cold made me have to just dive right in, my string covered bum jutting upwards as I arched forwards and plunged into the waves.

Back on the beach Steve smiled in admiration as he watched me parade before everyone. Secretly, I knew he loved watching me show off, and knowing that every man on the beach wanted to fuck me. I must admit I liked it too.

Back in our room a couple of hours later, my thong tan was excellent, and as I slowly undressed, I made sure to give Steve a good eyeful of my tanned bum and hairless pussy, before jumping into the shower to get ready for dinner.

"Jees, babe. You're killing me! I hope you're as horny as I am cos I'm gonna want to fuck your brains out when we get home from dinner!"

"We'll see," I replied, soaping up my big boobs and squeezing them together as he watched me through the glass.

"What are you wearing?" asked Steve.

I was feeling a little daring, and very horny from the afternoon parading around in the tiny pink bikini, so I challenged him.

"Whatever you choose for me. Pick what you like."

As I turned off the taps and reached for the towel, Steve spoke.

"It's on the bed. Hope you like it as much as I do!"

I smiled, knowing that my usually quiet, but always horny husband had probably laid out something hot for me to wear. He has always loved showing me off, and is proud to walk into a restaurant or party with me on his arm. It always makes me feel happy to know that he still finds me hot enough to want to show me off too!

As I towelled my hair dry, there was a flash which startled me.

"Gotcha!" said Steve, his Nikon camera in his hand, having just snapped a picture of me naked drying off my hair.

Pretending to be shocked, I covered myself with the towel, and as he continued to snap away, I flirted with him and then slowly lowered the towel, exposing my big boobs as he took pictures, before completely removing it and parading around naked as he snapped away. We spent about ten minutes with me posing in different positions, before Steve started to get horny, and suggested I push my fingers inside my now, very wet pussy. I squeezed my boobs together, sucked on my own nipples a bit as he took more pics, then, noticing his erect cock inside his jeans, I inserted my finger into my pussy, pumped it in and out a few times as I lay spreadeagled on the bed, before sluttily putting my own juice covered fingers into my mouth and sucking them dry.

"Ooooh, fuck. Can we skip dinner?" asked Steve as he continued to take pictures.

"Not a chance. I'm hungry. Besides, it's early and I'm in the mood to dance and party a little. Now get out and let me get ready will you?"

"Ok, ok. Where do you want to eat?" he asked.

"Surprise me!" I said, closing the bedroom door and ushering him out.

Once he had gone, I finished doing my hair, but looking in the mirror at my body, with my nipples hard and my pussy wet from the posing and fingering I had just done in front of my husband got me going again. I was totally horny!

I walked back to the bed naked, then reached into my handbag and took out my clit vibrator. Then, laying on the bed and spreading my legs wide apart, I placed the little buzzing head on my clit and switched it on. I closed my eyes and my mind drifted to the young surfer hunk at the beach earlier on that day. In my fantasy, driven on by the now throbbing buzzing of my clit, he was slowly pumping his gorgeous cock into me missionary style, as I pinched and pulled my own nipples.

Within minutes I was cumming on the bed, and I actually moaned quite loudly.

Too loudly!

In seconds Steve was in the bedroom, his eyes popping out of his head, realising I had made myself cum without him, and he started to strip off his clothes immediately.

"Whoa! Not so fast, big boy!" I said. "I'm hungry and it's time we got some food. You can wait till later tonight, and then, if you've been a good boy, and danced with me long enough, then, and only then, I might just fuck you."

I loved teasing him.

"Fuck! Then for god's sake get dressed before I push you down and have my way with you!"

Once more he left the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

This time I put my vibrator back in my handbag and finished getting dressed in what Steve had put out for me.

When I had finished dressing, I put on some high heel sandals and applied my makeup in the mirror. He had chosen a simple white dress, three-quarter length, with a slightly plunging neckline which highlighted my big boobs, and underneath he had left out a white, not flesh coloured, g-string panty. He must have known the white panty would show through the white dress, but I was so horny I didn't mind showing off a little, and so I left it on, the outline clearly visible as I turned to check my arse in the mirror. No bra, a little makeup, and some John-Paul Gaultier perfume and I was ready.

Holding hands as we left the hotel, the concierge smiled and greeted us warmly, having met Steve that afternoon in our room as I was trying on the swimsuits in front of them both.

"Have a lovely evening, folks. Remember, if there's anything I can do for you, just ask!"

He was a little TOO enthusiastic, but after my flirting with him so much earlier in the day, I couldn't blame him for trying.

"Thanks, pal. We'll give you a yell if we need you," said Steve.

I was intrigued, because Steve usually dismissed such amorous advances.

Walking down the street hand in hand in the warm evening, we turned into the infamous strip section of the Gold Coast, just off Cavill Avenue. The spruikers were out and active, and as we walked past Showgirls, we laughed as the short man in a tuxedo tried everything in his power to get us to go inside. A few hundred metres later, as he wolf-whistled the thong outline of my panty, we came to the Hollywood Showgirls club, and Steve pulled me towards the entrance.

"We're having dinner in a strip joint?" I asked him, surprised.

"Yep. I figured it's been years since we saw a strip show, and they have a special seafood banquet tonight, so we're eating here and then we can go wherever you want afterwards, ok?"

Dinner was nice enough and I must admit, the girls working the poles and dancing around on stage were gorgeous. By the time we finished our main meal, I was really horny.

"Ready to go dancing?" I asked Steve.

His hand snaked across to my thigh underneath the table, and as I parted my legs slightly, he pushed a finger inside my already sopping pussy.

"I was thinking maybe just heading straight back to our room for a fuck, baby!"

My legs snapped shut, forcing his finger from inside me.

"No chance. I'm in the mood to dance, and you know what that means afterwards."

We paid for dinner and left the club. Just as we walked onto the street, we bumped into a group of younger people, very well dressed and obviously out on the town looking for a good time. I smiled at one of the young men who was checking me out as Steve and I walked along in front of them towards the dance club I loved. It was just around the corner.

"Dee? Is that you?"

I slowed for a minute and looked back. It was Mandy, the girl from the swimwear store who had looked after me so well earlier that day!

"Mandy? Hi! Great to see you again, and thanks for all your help today. This is Steve, my husband."

Introductions were made all round, and we found out they were all heading to the same club, so we all walked together and had a chat as we entered the club and ordered drinks, before heading out onto the dance floor.

The young crowd were dancing all together, and Steve and I were nearby, immersed in the throng of gyrating bodies swaying to the music. I was really horny, and Steve knew it by the way I was rubbing my white dress all over him, and as the night wore on, my moves became more and more sexual and provocative.

Steve excused himself to go pee, and I kept dancing. My eyes were almost closed over as I melted in the beat, and when a pair of hands gripped me from behind a few minutes later, I presumed it was Steve, back from the bathroom.

I was wrong.

After a few moments of slow rocking, the hands pulled me back closer, and my body felt the unmistakable lump of an erect penis pushing into the crack between my arse cheeks.

I opened my eyes and rolled my head back, expecting to see Steve and kiss him for being so damn sexy, but I was shocked to find a young hunk just smiling at me, his hands still pressing me against his obvious hard cock.

"Like what you feel, baby?" the cocky young stud said.

"As a matter of fact I do," I said, "But I'm a married woman, and way too much for you to handle."

With that I broke away from him, leaving him standing there with a bad case of blue balls and an embarrassing lump poking out in his trousers.

I went to the bar to get what I planned to be my last drink of the night. I was pretty sloshed and totally fucking horny, and as I ordered a gin and tonic, Mandy turned up next to me.

"Hey, Dee. Tim just told me what you did to him on the dance floor. Classic! He's a cocky bastard, but his dick is to die for, and he knows how to use his tongue better than any man I've ever known."

"Oh, really? Well, maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty then?"

"Well, I'm not sure if you and your hubby are into it, but we're all heading to a swingers party in a while. Want to come with us? I'd love to thank you properly for buying so many suits in the shop today, if you're into that sort of thing that is."

"A swinger's party, huh? Sounds fun! Problem is Steve is dying to fuck and I promised him he could if we came here dancing."

"Well, I tell you what, Dee. If you come and let me thank you properly, I'll make sure Steve is well looked after, if you know what I mean."

My mind was made up. Mandy was a hot little babe and the thought of maybe getting a taste of the young cock that had been poking into my butt crack earlier made my nipples throb and my clit pulse.

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