tagNovels and NovellasThe Color of Sex Ch. 04-07

The Color of Sex Ch. 04-07


Chapter 4

When Renee walked in the door, the aroma of a well cooked meal greeted her. She peeled off her coat and closed the door behind her. She looked up, just in time to see Ben step around the corner and greet her with a warm and friendly smile.

"Renee, a pleasure to see you again, I'm glad you arrived home safely," he said.

Renee grinned and answered back, "I'm so sorry you had to wait. I do hope Candice was able to keep you entertained."

"She's been a wonderful hostess. Here let me take your coat," he said.

She accepted his offer and pulled off her wet boots, before following him down the hall.

"Well, I'll check on dinner and pour us something to drink. Rick should be home soon. The rain seems be letting up," she said, as she made her way into the living room.

Ben grinned. "Dinner is fine, really. We're just keeping it warm for you and Rick." He followed her and glanced briefly at Candice. Candice looked up from the book she was reading. The television was on and the local news was coming to an end.

"Hey, hon, thanks for keeping Mister Tarnish entertained. I heard you were a fine hostess," Renee said. She leaned over and kissed her daughter, whispered another thank-you and stood back up.

Candice blushed, lowered her head and returned to her book. "No problem mom, it was nothing."

"Well, I appreciate it," Renee said, and turned back to Ben. "If you'll come with me, I'll pour you some wine and we can chat while we wait for Rick."

Ben's eyes held Candice's for a moment before he followed Renee into the kitchen. Candice watched them leave; her gaze never wavered from Ben's ass and her body responded instinctively. She was looking forward to having the man's cock buried deep. Her pussy still ached from the tongue-bath he'd given her.

She tried to return her attention back to her book, which she'd been told to read by Ben after she'd offered to help finish dinner. He'd ordered her from the kitchen and that was the end of their one-on-one time. He had been nothing but a gentleman and it was as if the moments before had never even occurred.

"Candice mentioned being a Junior. I bet you're excited to have her graduating next year," he said once he and Renee were alone in the kitchen. He took a seat at the table, while he watched her grab dinnerware and flatware. "Dinner is in the stove, on warm," he casually mentioned when she looked somewhat confused at the lack of food.

Renee felt somewhat flustered as she tried to appear prepared for her husband's boss, but in truth she was still nervous that he'd been forced to endure her daughter's attitude, which was not always pleasant. "I really do hope Candice wasn't a burden and I sincerely hope dinner tastes good. She's a good cook," she said, without even acknowledging Ben's question. It wasn't until she pulled the food from the oven to inspect it that she realized she'd ignored his inquiry. She took a deep breath and sat down at the table. "I'm sorry. I'm usually more together than this."

"It's no problem. Like I said, dinner is all taken care of and Candice and I got along just fine. Now tell me, are you and Rick excited about your little girl graduating?" Ben asked.

Renee took him up on the offer to have a seat; she poured them both a glass of wine, sipped from it and forced herself to relax. "Yes, as long as we can keep swinging the cost," she admitted.

"Well, I think you'll find it'll be a lot easier than you realize," Ben saw her eyes widen and a spark of excitement filter into them. He knew then that both Rick and Renee were very much aware as to why he'd called this particular meeting - at least their end of it.

"Oh?" Renee tried not to show any signs of excitement and hoped she looked ignorant of his implicating words. "How come?"

Ben sipped his wine and nodded toward the living room where Candice was. "She's a talented young woman. I think I could use her in the office, if she's looking for a job. I've not said anything to her, because well I wanted to swing it by you and Rick first."

Renee's eyebrows rose in surprise. She was not expecting this turn of events, but the idea of her daughter landing a job as well as her husband being promoted had her sitting on the edge of her seat. Ben Tarnish really was the answer to a family's prayers. "Really? You learned all that and came up with that offer in that short amount of time," she hoped she gave the appearance of a devoted mother, concerned for her daughter's well fare, but in truth she really wanted the answer to their financial difficulties to be in the man in front of her.

Ben shrugged his shoulders. "I'm a good judge of character and we've been looking into opening our offices to interns."

"Well, she wants to be a Nurse, not a business executive," Renee said, quickly adding, "but there are so many hospitals and nursing homes being run by corporations it certainly wouldn't hurt for her to gain some real world experience. As long as it didn't interfere with her studies."

"Oh, I know, and I agree, it wouldn't hurt her to know the ins and outs of a corporation either. Today's medical fields are full of red tape and all that red tape is because of corporations," Ben said.

Inside he was smiling from ear to ear. With her parents thinking her job with his company was nothing more than a gopher it would make her comings and goings much easier to explain. If convincing Renee had been this easy, convincing Rick would be a walk in the park. The wheels were churning inside Ben's mind and his palms itched to call Jon and let him know how quickly their little plan was coming together.

Renee thought for a moment, unaware of Ben and his plan for her daughter. All she saw was a future secured for not only her husband but her child as well. "I'm sure she'd love it and you're right. I know firsthand how difficult working within the perimeters of something you don't understand can be. What would she be doing?"

"Grunt work," he said, "you know - the gopher of the shop. She'll run a lot of in-house errands, but she'll make good money, flexible hours and such. I know how hard holding down a job and attending school can be on a girl. I won't over-work her."

"I'll talk to her about it after I talk to Rick," Renee said, though she knew there would be no saying "no" to the man in front of her. Without him they would most likely be saddled with years and years' worth of debt. With the job offer for Candice and the promotion for Rick, they were going to be better off than they had in years. Her stomach was churning with excitement.

"Sounds good," Ben said, "and speak of the devil, the ol' boy showed up earlier than he thought he would."

They both rose and watched as Rick made his way across the yard and up the stairs. He too shook off the rain and pulled off a sodden coat. Once inside Rick quickly offered the same apology his wife offered. He excused himself and hurried to the bedroom to change out of his business attire and into something more casual.

When he returned he and his family along with their house guest sat around a dining room table, enjoying lukewarm vegetables and slightly dry steak, along with an over-dressed pasta salad. Dinner conversation revolved around the storm outside that had picked up in wind speed. Rick touched on a few business topics as did Renee. Candice shared the plot of the new book she was reading, and Ben listened contently to each person at the table.

When the meal was over Rick excused himself and Ben. The two men left the women alone and headed to Rick's office. They closed the door behind them, leaving Candice and Renee to clear the table.

"Typical men," Renee muttered as she gathered up the dirty plates.

"What?" Candice asked.

"Oh, run off behind closed doors and leave the mess for the little women."

Candice laughed. "Mom, it's a business dinner, besides I think you'll be happy with what they're discussing."


"Yeah, Ben – I mean Mister Tarnish, is going to give dad that promotion! No ifs, ands, or buts. It's a sure thing."

Renee spun around, her jaw slack. "What! How do you know?"

She shrugged. "We were talking about college and I mentioned how costly it was and he said that daddy would be making more money soon, because he was going to promote him!"

Renee's eyes brightened and her lips rose in a huge grin. "Wow! That's wonderful! Your dad is going to be thrilled. We both figured out that was the reason behind this meeting and dinner, but one never wants to count their chickens before they hatch," Renee commented before adding, "He's a great guy."

"Who? Dad?" Candice asked with a raised brow.

"Mister Tarnish. Your dad is too, but this is too much. Do you know he wants to offer you a job too?" Renee's grin was wide. "He's going to help us out tremendously. It's a blessing Candice and I know it's not what you want to be, but don't tell him no when he makes the offer. You really need a job and..."

Candice blinked in surprise, lifted her hand and interrupted her mother. "Really? Doing what?"

"Errands, little things, nothing overly stressful and you'll probably have a lot of downtime. But it's a job and you should consider taking it," her mother demanded. Her voice had shifted slightly, the tone becoming more firm and less pleasant. "You're twenty-one and living off your parents. It's about time you..."

"Oh, I will mom, as soon as he makes the offer – I'll be all over it!" Candice told her. She wondered if she'd done such a good job sucking Ben that he was going to hire her to be his personal fuck toy. The idea didn't seem to bother her too much, after all she still had her eyes on that purse and why not pick up a pair of matching pumps.

The two of them quickly put the dining room to rights and settled themselves in the living room. Candice claimed the loveseat, her mother a recliner. The television played an old movie that Renee found interesting. Candice tried not to think about Ben and the potential meaning behind the job offer.

Just before the movie ended the door to Rick's office opened and he and Ben were shaking hands. Candice watched; her expression hid her curiosity. Rick moved over and took a seat in the other recliner. He sat on the edge and grinned at his wife. She looked back; her gaze was a false questioning one.

"Ben's offered me a promotion, and it comes with a weekend in Vegas," Rick said with excitement.

Renee grinned and rose up to hug her husband, who joined her in the excitement rolling from her embrace. "Wonderful! Thank-you so much!" Her words of praise were aimed at Ben.

Ben grinned and shook Renee's hand. "It's a great position and I know Rick's just the man for the job. The Vegas trip though, well that's something that I really need Rick to take care of immediately."

"Oh? I'm sure we can rearrange the schedule," Renee told him.

"I was hoping he could go tomorrow and of course I'd foot all the expenses and I'd like you to go with him. A celebratory weekend," Ben explained.

Candice couldn't help but notice how he kept his eyes on her mom and dad. She knew the truth. Ben wanted them gone because he was planning on fucking their little girl. Her nipples hardened and she thanked God for the power of cotton and silk, which kept the evidence of her aroused state hidden from prying eyes.

"Leave tomorrow?" Renee asked in a stunned voice.

"Well, I've called ahead and my private jet will be waiting for you. You can leave tomorrow morning, it'll be early, and the storm will have moved through, so you should be able to land relatively on time. Rick has a meeting to attend that afternoon, but the rest of the night and the rest of the following day is all yours. I won't need Rick back till Monday, so you are welcome to stay as late as you want, just let the pilot know when to expect you, so he can be well-rested. I mean, he'll be in Vegas too," Ben winked knowingly at Rick.

Renee sat back down and stared at Candice. "Are you okay with this?" she asked.

"What?" Candice countered.

"With spending the weekend alone," her mother said.

"I'm twenty-one years old; it's no big deal. Besides you and dad haven't gone out for a while, it'll be fun. And, before you say it - no I will not throw a party." Candice's voice came across slightly annoyed, but it wasn't a sound she could hide. Her parents were constantly threatening her with banishment if she broke their rules and it had only gotten worse as she'd gotten older. The only reason she'd gotten away with blowing Bobby at her house was because she was on break and her parents worked days.

Renee chuckled softly. "I know, dear. I trust you." She took a deep breath. "Well I guess it's settled then. Tomorrow, early in the morning we'll head out and we'll spend some time throwing this new money away."

Rick and Ben both laughed before Ben once again offered his hand to Rick saying, "Well, it's getting late and I need to head home." Ben reached out and shook both Rick and Renee's hand and waved goodbye to Candice.

In the kitchen Rick and Ben talked while Renee collected Ben's coat from the closet. She waited patiently while he slipped his shoes back on. Once he left, she and Rick hugged tight. They kissed and spoke excitedly about the unexpected blessings. They headed back to the living room, only to hear a knock on the door.

Rick frowned and went back to see if Ben had forgotten something. Ben stepped in and cursed softly. "Damn car won't start," he muttered.

"Do you know what's wrong?" Rick asked.

"No, just had it checked out, everything was running fine," Ben muttered. "I thought I'd call for a tow truck and a cab. That is if you don't mind me staying for a couple more hours."

Renee shooed away the idea. "Not at all. You know what - why not just stay the night? We've a spare room and in the morning, you can have someone take a look at the car, maybe it'll be something really simple."

"But you guys are leaving in the morning, and I don't want to impose," Ben said.

"It's not an imposition," Renee told him. "It's the least we can do. Now, we won't be here when you wake up, so feel free to use our house as if it is your own. There is plenty of breakfast food in the fridge, as well as in the cabinets and Candice will be more than willing to keep you company while you wait for a mechanic, a tow, or a cab."

"It's really not a problem," Rick said, adding to his wife's already good argument. "It makes no sense for you to rush around to get home tonight, when there is a warm bed waiting upstairs."

Ben looked up and caught Candice's gaze. She had come into the room and stood a few feet away from her parents and her dad's boss. "Is that alright with you?" he asked, showing her parents that he valued the young girl's opinion.

She nodded her head. "I'm cool with it. The guest room is on the left," she said, as if he didn't know.

"Then I'll accept the offer and reward you all greatly," he said to Rick, Renee, and Candice.

"Alright then, let's have a beer, and enjoy the rest of the night," Rick said as Renee put Ben's coat back in the closet. Once again Ben's shoes were by the door and he was settling himself into one of Rick's comfortable chairs.

While they watched television Ben would occasionally catch Candice's gaze. He knew she was aware of the lie he'd told. There was nothing wrong with his car; he just needed a reason to stay under the same roof with her. He had planned on leaving and coming back in the morning, but the desire to drive his cock between the folds of the young girl's pussy was too great. He wanted her as soon as it deemed reasonable and that would be after her parents were gone.

Candice shifted nervously in her seat, eventually forcing herself to look at the book in her hand and not at Ben, who looked like a tiger ready to pounce. She couldn't wait to have him pouncing her. As the night grew later, the small group watched the late night news and a stand-up comedian play host to various celebrities. Eventually Candice rose and kissed her parents goodnight. Her mother smiled softly and hugged her close.

"Dad and I are going to be leaving real early, so we'll let you sleep, is that okay?" Renee asked her daughter.

Candice shook her head. "Yeah, I'd rather not be woken up at 4 or 5 or hell, even 6 in the morning. I'm more of a noon girl." The others in the room laughed, and Candice made her way to bed. Her mother was quick to retire, and soon she too was resting soundly in her and her husband's bed.

The two men polished off another beer each before they retired. Rick headed to his and Renee's downstairs' bedroom and Ben headed up the stairs to his. The door to the stairwell clicked closed behind him.

When his feet hit the landing Candice sat up. Her gaze fixated on the door knob of her room. She had left the door unlocked, unsure if he would take her with her parents in the house or not. A part of her wanted him to; another part knew it wasn't the smartest move. She heard him walk away and knew that he had played the safest hand dealt to him.

She sank back into the bed and frowned. Disappointment, but also relief swept through her. It took hours before she was finally able to fall asleep.

Chapter 5

Renee and Rick moved around the downstairs rooms as quietly as they could so as to not disturb their daughter or their house guest. They were unaware that Ben heard them and was already leaning over to view the numbers on the alarm clock. The glowing number 5 and the eerily glowing number 30 bore into his eyes. He lay on his back and rubbed the sleep from them. His cock was hard and thick; desire for their redheaded daughter had kept him from gaining precious hours of sleep.

As they shuffled around in the kitchen, he stroked his hard shaft and toyed with the head, teasing himself with alternating firm and tender touches. The memory of Candice's mouth wrapped securely around his cock brought him closer to the edge of release. He backed off on his stroking and waited for the telling sign of her parents leaving.

When the downstairs door closed, Ben waited ten minutes before pulling the covers from his body and opening his bedroom door. He looked at Candice's door and wondered if she'd locked it last night. He had been sorely tempted to check and equally tempted to fuck her with Rick and Renee downstairs. The only thing that stopped him was the new found knowledge of how loud she screamed when she was coming.

Ben didn't want her to keep her mouth shut when she was being rocked by an orgasm. He wanted to hear her shout from the rooftops and the only way to do that was to make sure mom and dad weren't home. His cock leapt in delight as he reached for the door knob and turned it. The smile on his lips was genuine.

A nightlight, coming from the open bathroom door, streamed beams into Candice's room. He saw her bed; the body, covered by blankets made his cock and balls ache. He was naked and ready to slide his dick into her hot tight channel, but Ben also knew he had to prepare her – a chore they would both find very enjoyable.

Candice felt his presence before she opened her eyes and fully took in the outline of his body. Her gaze made a beeline to his crotch. She reached out and flicked on her bedside lamp. Immediately they both blinked at the brightness of the bulb and little beams of light flickered before them. After a moment, their eyes adjusted and Ben allowed her to take a good look at his morning arousal.

"When did you finally fall asleep?" he asked her as he moved closer to the bed.

"I don't know, but it was late. Yet, now, I'm suddenly wide awake," she giggled nervously.

"Scoot over," he told her.

She did so and watched him pull back the blankets and crawl into bed with her. Candice stared at him and waited for him to do something. Her skin was too warm, yet her palms felt cold and chilled. She watched his hand move to cup her cheek. Her expression was hard to read, but his was easy. He leaned in and covered her mouth with his.

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