tagNovels and NovellasThe Color of Sex Ch. 15-18

The Color of Sex Ch. 15-18


Chapter 15

Candice pressed the doorbell and rolled her eyes as she contemplated the sight that was her. She was naked except for the G-string and her shoes. She wanted to laugh and cry at the circumstances she was in.

Her body was calmer now that she was being forced to wait for someone to free her from prying eyes. Granted she didn't see any other houses and doubted that there were neighbors close by either. But she also didn't like the idea of some delivery boy sliding up in his truck while she was outside waiting for her Sir to allow her sanctuary.

The door opened seconds before Candice lifted her hand to press the bell again. A beautiful woman, standing about six foot two, wearing nothing but a collar, chain, and a pair of stilettos stepped back and waited for Candice to walk in. Once she was inside the house, the door was closed behind her.

Candice couldn't help but look at the woman before her. She was perfect, or at least to Candice she seemed perfect. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her. Her breasts were high on her torso. They looked to be real, moving ever so gently when the woman lifted her arm and waved for Candice to head toward the left of the foyer.

"I'm Candice," she said. The girl rolled her eyes. Candice frowned. "Yeah, guess you knew that," she muttered under her breath. "This is going to be fun," she whispered again, more to herself than to the girl.

The girl however answered, "No shit."

Candice wanted to stop and turn away. If Jon's pet, Amelia, and she assumed that was who this girl was, wasn't into her being there, then what kind of month was it going to be? Her face paled slightly as she imagined the training she would endure at the woman's hands.

"Sir, Candice is here," Amelia said. She stepped back and Candice walked over the threshold and into a room that was full of natural light. Amelia watched the new arrival stare at the wall of windows that stretched from floor to ceiling. The view from them was breathtaking. A lake surrounded by a dense forest would make any naturalist grin with appreciation.

Her Sir rose from an ivory colored couch that sat in the center of the room, pressed up against another of the same material, only longer. He looked so inviting and delicious to her. He wore a thick white robe that was tied loosely at the waist. His cock was hard and the material barely hid the growth hidden within its folds.

He walked around the couch, placing a glass of what she thought was wine on the center coffee table. He stopped in front of Candice and raked his eyes down her body. Amelia looked away. Inside she battled a war of jealousy, rage, and envy. It was always hard for her to share her Sir, but this experience was a true test to her patience. It had for years just been her and Jon, with an occasional lover or two brought in to spice things up. Never had they kept someone under their roof for a month. She swallowed her jealousy and watched with a face void of emotion.

Jon knew Amelia was angry, but he didn't care. He looked upon Candice, openly gazing at the jewel that dangled from the G-string. "I just got off the phone with Ted. You were a good girl," Jon said, before reaching down and placing his palm against her sex.

Candice whimpered, as his fingers curled and toyed with her pussy lips. "You're wet though, very wet." Her hips pushed forward. He stepped closer and pressed his lips to her ear. "Candice, do you agree to be my slut for the whole month. To do as I tell you to do, accept all I place on you? To let Amelia, my loyal and faithful servant aid you in your discovery of your submissive side?" Jon continued to tease her pussy, while caressing her with his words and breath.

Her lower lip trembled. Goosebumps appeared on her flesh. She shook at the contrasting temperatures raging inside and out. She glanced at Amelia and knew the passive look was a lie. What did it all mean? What was the other woman feeling, and why was she so willing to bend to this man's will? Was it because of the money, or something else?

"Candice," Jon slid the string to the side of her sex and pushed two fingers into her slick hole, "you're not listening. Are you willing to give up everything? The money will be waiting for you the day you leave. A white envelope, thick and heavy all for you." He took her hand and used it to push his robe apart. "As am I," he whispered.

She grabbed his cock and began to stroke it to the same rhythm as the fingers that played in her pussy. She was back on the edge of release when she felt a pair of hands reach around and begin to manipulate her breasts. Candice's eyes opened and she looked down to see ten beautifully manicured fingers massaging and kneading the soft globes.

They were Amelia's and for the first time in her life, she had a woman's hands on her nipples and tits. It felt wondrous and exotic. The soft and firm touch along with the forced fingers inside her sex, pulled her back to the edge of release, left vacant by the toys. She tried to stroke Jon's dick and not lose focus, but she knew it was pointless. She felt her muscles tighten and gasped long and low as her climax slowly began to build to a point where she knew with just the right amount of pressure, or the right stroke she would come apart.

"Ask him," Amelia hissed in her ear. "Ask him if you can come," she told her.

Candice opened her mouth. "Can I come?" she gasped out.

"Not yet," Jon told her.

Candice almost cried.

"Just hold on, Candice," Amelia whispered. "Count to twenty, and ask again."

She nodded her head and began to try to think of the numbers in her head. In her mind she stood in front of a chalkboard and mentally drew out each digit. At the same time she cursed herself and fought back the rolling of her hips that her body seemed to force upon her.

Amelia left one hand on Candice's right tit and dropped her other to Candice's pussy. She pushed her fingers between the upper lips and found Candice's clit. The pads of her fingers began to vigorously rub the hard nub, while twisting and rolling Candice's nipple.

Jon lowered his head and tormented the left pearl with his tongue; he drew it in and sucked hard on the jewel, until Candice was screaming, "Please! Oh God! Please may I come?"

"No!" Jon yelled back and tugged hard on her nipple.

Amelia growled in her ear. "Sir! May I come, Sir? Count to forty!"

"Oh fuck!" Candice grunted. She stomped her foot and threw back her head. Her muscles clenched around his fingers. Her jaw ached. Her eyelids were clenched and a building pressure was forming between her temples.

Jon took his fingers out and dropped to the floor. He pushed his tongue into her pussy, and began to work his way in and out of her slick hole. Candice felt tears falling from her eyes and the need to come was bordering on pain. She grabbed his shoulders and held the terry cloth in a death-like grip.

She counted out loud. Her whole being shook and convulsed as the beginning of her climax was threatening to rear its glorious head. "Sir! Please! Please may I come?" she begged, her voice was laced with the fear of being denied.

"Come slut!" Jon growled and instantly Candice's whole body began to shake violently. Amelia's hands grabbed her arms and she supported her weight as Jon milked more and more nectar from her sex. He was bathed in it.

Candice's eyes rolled back in her head as the play from earlier in the car and the fresh assault on her sex drove her into complete disarray and confusion. There were no more words; just primal growls of release that came up from the bottom of her lungs to escape like a volcano awaken for the first time in decades.

She felt her knees grow weak. Amelia and Jon helped her to the floor. She lay there, and watched Jon open his robe, pull it off and hand it too Amelia. With eyes glazed over with passion, Candice watched Jon sink to his knees. She felt him grab her legs, pull her toward him and spread the weary muscles apart.

His cock entered her with one quick thrust; her pussy once more alive and needy. He fucked her for several minutes, before she was asking him to come again. She followed the rules, and was rewarded with another climax as well as his volley of cum.

By the time he was done spraying her with his seed, she was covered in cream from her pussy to her chest. He had kept himself in her long enough for the first eruption and then coated her with the second and third.

Jon lowered her legs and covered her body with his. He kissed her deep; she licked at his tongue with the weak caresses of a woman spent. He smiled, told her he was pleased and reached down between her legs to place the crotchless G-string back in place. He then rose from her trembling figure. "Rest and when you're able, Amelia will show you around the house. I'm glad you're here pet, very glad."

Jon left the two women and Candice rolled to her side and glanced briefly toward Amelia. She closed her eyes and only stirred when a sliver of drool slid past her lips.

Chapter 16

Amelia watched Sir walk away and then she stared at the resting young woman. She was older than Amelia was led to believe, but still younger than her. There was a twinge of jealousy that she couldn't deny, but in all honesty she was aroused by the girl; if she were to be completely truthful, after seeing the girl come, she very much wanted to rest her face between the cream-colored thighs.

She rose from her place on the floor, folded Sir's robe and placed it on the chair he'd vacated. She then walked over and sat down in front of the window, where she often sat admiring the view and contemplating her life and the life of her Sir.

She'd come into Jon's life many years ago and had encouraged him to make a name for himself, unbeknownst to her he already had. She discovered the reasons behind their quick departure from Europe soon after their arrival in the US. She chastised him as an equal, something she rarely was allowed to do, and he offered to release her, but she knew that was not what she wanted.

They decided together that he would continue working in finance and they would construct a tale that seemed plausible if anyone were to ever ask about their relationship. Her gaze shifted back to Candice. Deep in her gut she knew she was going to have to speak the lies, because this woman was going to have to trust her. Jon insisted on training the girl "for a friend" and though he'd counseled before, he'd never involved her; obviously this woman was special.

She noticed Candice beginning to stir and turned back to look once more upon the water. Like a good pet, Amelia would do as Sir wanted and she would forever be grateful for the rewards he would lavish upon her. Maybe she would even find in the young woman a friend, something she often hungered for, but due to their remote location it was a rarity for her to find a confidant that wasn't her Sir.

Candice jerked up and looked around. Amelia sat on a small black vinyl-covered bench that rested in front of one of the windows. "Sorry, I feel asleep," Candice said apologetically, before rising to her feet. Her stilettos clicked on the floor.

Amelia stood up and walked over to her. Candice felt as if she were being sized-up. "You do know this is only temporary," Candice told her, feeling as if she needed to explain herself.

"That's what Sir, said. He's brought women here before, usually though they are accompanied by Ted, or by their Master. You're the first he's ever brought that isn't collared," Amelia told her.

"I'm different," Candice said. "I'm just here to learn. Not take your place or...."

Amelia laughed. "You could never take my place." She walked past Candice, turned and lifted a brow. "Coming?" she asked, with a lift of one brow.

Candice took a deep breath and turned on her heel. She felt the dry cum on her chest and abdomen, as well as the dry moisture that had oozed from her sex and lay against her bald mound and toned thighs.

Jon watched the two women from his office. The security feed showed them taking a tour of his home; the audio provided him with insight into their conversation. There were another pair of eyes taking in the surroundings and those were the eyes of Gregory Steele. He had managed to tap into Jon's security feed and as much as he hated to find anything pleasing about the man, he had to admit Jon's security was top notch. The man had cameras in every room as well as scattered throughout the grounds and the audio feed was pristine and clear.

Gregory had watched Candice being taken and he had fought hard to control his reactions to the sound of pleasure that bounced off the interior walls of his van. He was just a man and knew that later that evening he would revisit this particular tape and enjoy the beautiful creature that was now a pawn in his game of revenge. He swore to protect her even though his mind violated her in many different ways.

The girls walked through a small sitting room; two windows showed a slim view of the lake and more of the woods. Against the windows was a gray love seat and a coffee table. There were also two chairs with paisley print and a fireplace that was currently full of unburned wood. Over the fireplace was a large mirror.

Candice saw her reflection in the mirror and barely recognized the woman looking back at her. She looked tired and in need of a good shower. Her nipples seemed brighter, more rose-colored than normal. She blushed, recalling the vibrating toys, as well as Amelia's fingers, and Jon's teeth.

"Come on," Amelia said, bringing Candice back to the tour.

They moved from the small sitting room, down a long hall and passed a half bathroom, turned a corner and Candice stopped dead in her tracks. "What the fuck?" she hissed.

Amelia laughed. "That's the dining room."

"It's huge!" she exclaimed as they walked into the room.

Along one wall were two shelving units that were full of various crystal stemware. Another wall showcased a full length bureau, where various figurines rested on the top. At the end of the room were two windows.

The center piece of the room though, was the table. It was long. Eight leather back chairs surrounded it. A chandelier hung in the center of the room. "Where the fuck does he get his money?" Candice blurted out. She immediately covered her mouth. "Sorry," she whispered, "that was rude."

Amelia chuckled and casually began to weave the tale, only somewhat surprised that she would have to launch into it so early. "Don't worry. He inherited most of his wealth and if he wanted he could leave that hum-drum business and be a rich playboy. But he likes numbers and he likes making money, and he likes holding down a blue-collar job."

Candice laughed. "He's so not holding down a blue-collar job. My dad is a blue-collar guy. Jon is far from ever being my dad."

The other woman shrugged her shoulders. "Sir likes to throw parties. He's got one scheduled later this month. A girl is usually brought in and various guests are invited to take turns using her." Candice's eyes grew wide. Amelia grinned and quickly added, "Don't worry, Sir isn't going to do that to you. You'll probably be asked to serve and you'll definitely have to watch, if not service Sir, or one of his guests, but you are here for training. You're not here to be gangbanged."

"Thank-god," Candice whispered as Amelia began to walk out of the room.

"Don't knock it," she said with a wink. "Down this hall and to the right is the kitchen. You can access it via the dining room too." The room was twice the size of Candice's mother's kitchen. Off center was an island that appeared to have a marbled surface. There was a table with four chairs tucked under it, two stoves, a large refrigerator and a separate up-right freezer. "In the morning, you and I will cook Sir's breakfast. He's going to continue working and... ."

Candice interrupted her. "I thought he was going to take the month off to train me," she said.

"He was, but decided at the last minute to give you to me during the day," Amelia said. She picked up an apple from a bowl and bit into it.

"You?" Candice's voice was laced with confusion. "I thought I was here to learn to be a submissive?"

"You are," Amelia said between bites. "But he also said you needed to be able to switch. I'm going to help you do that."

"You? How?"

Amelia chewed on another bite of the apple, swallowed and then grinned. "I'm bi-sexual, and can be submissive as well as dominate."

"But I thought you were pissed that I was here," Candice confessed.

"I am. I'm not looking forward to you being Sir's only fuck toy for a month. I'm pissed about that. He's cut me off from cock, because he says you need it." Amelia rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry if I was rude when you came in. I had sucked him and got him hard and then when you rang the bell, I knew he had only asked me to do it, because you were going to finish him off."

"Where is he now?" Candice asked. "May I?" she added, pointing to the fruit bowl. Amelia nodded her head and Candice picked up a banana. She stopped midway and started to laugh.

"In his office and what's so funny?" Amelia asked. She looked around and saw nothing out of sorts. She leaned against the counter and waited for Candice to explain herself.

"This," Candice said, biting into the fruit. "This is so --- I don't know --- weird. I'm standing here with dried cum all over me, talking to a woman I just met, who is as naked as I am, and we're eating fruit. Hell, we're even having a conversation that sounds like it's being written by some porn director and yet it's like just another chat between friends."

Amelia smirked. "Funny how that works. I think there's a lot more to you than either Ben, Sir, or even you realize. You are a submissive, but you're not a man's submissive. I think you'll make a fine switch, but something tells me only for little women that like to be taught lessons by their Mistresses."

Candice mulled over Amelia's words.

"Come on, finish your snack and I'll take you upstairs, show you around and then let you take a shower and catch a real nap," Amelia told her. She showed Candice were to deposit the peel of her banana, before they left.

They walked upstairs together and Amelia, true to her word gave Candice a quick tour of the four bedrooms and their bathrooms, as well as Jon's master suite. Each room was richly furnished, including Amelia's. Eventually they doubled back and stopped inside Jon's room.

"Am I sleeping in Jon's --- I mean Sir's bed while I'm here?" Candice asked.

"Yes, you are. Most night's you'll be in his bed, sometimes you'll sleep on the floor."

"The floor?" Candice's words were formed in a question, but the words reflected more shock than doubt.

"Not all your Doms will want you to share their bed. You need to mentally feel lower than your partner. The bed equals equality. The floor means he is above you. Sir, usually forces me on the floor if I've been a little overly saucy with him," Amelia confessed. "Go get showered up. There are fresh linens, as well as all the feminine hygiene items you'll need for the next month."

Candice shook her head in amazement. "I still can't believe I'm just walking around here like everything is normal and I've been walking nude in front of you all my life."

Amelia touched her shoulder. "Don't over think it Candice. Just accept your place here and go with it. If you over think it, you'll come to second guess what you're doing and why you're here."

She laughed. "You're very easy to talk to," Candice confided to Amelia.

"Yeah, I get that a lot. People just sort of unload their burdens on me. Go shower and Sir will be expecting you to be ready for supper." Amelia glanced at the clock. "You've got three hours. I'll come and get you as well as help you dress."

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