tagLesbian SexThe Complete Submission Ch. 07

The Complete Submission Ch. 07


A special thanks to Estragon for all his editing help. (Re-edited: March 2011)

Of course, all participants are 18 years or older.


After a couple days of calm, it was time for me to really see what power I had over my Mother. I got home from school and decided it was time to have fun with her on my own. I got home and Mom was dressed in a very conservative outfit: a long black skirt, matching stockings and a white dress shirt. I said "I thought you got rid of all your conservative crap?"

"It is Wednesday. You know it is bridge night at Mrs. Blair's house."


"So, I can't go over there dressed like a whore."

"Mom, I thought I made myself clear," I smiled, "Mom, you are mine. I thought that was understood when you ate my pussy in front of Dad."

Mom responded rationally, "That was wrong, honey. I can't take back the past and I enjoyed it a lot. But I need to live my life."

I walked over to her and whispered ever so softly, "Mommy. You are my possession. If I want to take you over to my college and have you suck the whole basketball team you will. If I want you to go up to a random girl and ask her to finger fuck your cunt you will." My hand went to her ass as I finished, "Now go get changed."

In almost an inaudible whisper she responded, "No."

"No," I said back. "Are you sure?"

"No, I mean yes. Honey I am your mother, we need to get back to that normal relationship." She tried to move away. But I held her tight.

My other hand slid under her skirt, I whispered again, calm as can be, "Mother dearest. That is one. One warning, there will not be a second." I then kissed her passionately. She whimpered softly into my mouth and her body broke away from her conscience and moral responsibility. My hand slid down and I slowly took off her skirt. She watched me subserviently. I moved up, my mouth pausing briefly at her panty covered pussy and then moved back up and kissed her. My hand slid underneath her panties and slowly fingered her as our tongues danced inside each other's mouths. Slight moans escaped as I slowly rubbed her g-spot. Her legs gave out as she came quickly on her daughter's fingers. I then put my finger in her mouth and she sucked her love juice off my finger.

I then said, "Mom, I love you. I want to take you with me on many sexual journeys. But I need to know that you understand that I am in charge."

My Mom slightly smiled and said, "I understand honey."

"Great," I said and continued, "Now we need to get ready for bridge night."

My Mom looked surprised as she asked, "You're coming?"

"Oh yes Mom, I have wanted to do Mrs. Blair forever. That British accent is a real turn on."

"What do you have in mind?"My mother nervously asked.

"Oh don't worry Mom. You will have a great evening. Now let's go upstairs and get you dressed." Mom followedme upstairs.

15 minutes later: I had Mom dressed in a school girl uniform, the plaid skirt, mocha colored thigh highs, and a white blouse. I wore a pink blouse, a jean skirt and pink stockings with a black garter belt, obvious if I was sitting the wrong way. My Mom had a vibrating egg in her pussy and a small butt plug up her ass. I had a strap-on in my bag, a double ended dildo, lube and a vibrator, all of which, I hoped to use. We arrived and were greeted with a strange look by Mrs. Blair, who was still in her business attire. Mrs. Blair was a British woman who had only been living in America for a couple of years, but she was a woman of power. She was head of the PTA, a soccer coach for her daughter's team (her daughter was a grade 12 girl named Hannah), and the head of the most powerful bank in the city. She was rather plump but with one of the prettiest faces I had ever seen. But she was quite pompous and clearly the leader of the group. She was dressed in a red blouse, black business skirt, matching pantyhose and 4 inch pumps. My Mom gave her a kiss on the cheek as I had instructed and I did the same. Mrs. Blair seemed surprised, but not shocked.

When we got in there, I saw my hot ex-math teacher Mrs. Winters, who was introduced as Jenna. She too was dressed rather nicely. She was in a pale blue dress that was just below the knee and nude pantyhose. I said, "Hi Mrs. Winters."

She said, "Hi Mandi, nice to see you again. But I no longer teach you, so you can call me Jenna. How is your first year in college?"

I shrugged and joked, "Well, there is way more work, but I get by. You look really pretty" I said to her.

She blushed just slightly and said, "We had parent-teachers today and I didn't have time to change. You and your Mom are dressed," she paused, "Interestingly."

My mother responded, "Well it is a long story, but my daughter and I made a bet and I lost and this was the wager."

Mrs. Blair said, "To dress like a school girl?"

My Mom explained, "Well, I pointed out how all the girls in their school outfits looked rather slutty in these outfits and it came back to bite me in the ass. Although I was right, I do look slutty in it."

Mrs. Blair said, "I don't know, you actually look pretty good. You pull it off well, June. It is also lucky you brought your daughter, as Carol just called and Gavin is ill and she had to ditch."

For the next hour or so, we played bridge. We took a break to refill our wine glasses and snack dishes. As we sat on the couch, I said, "Mom, can you please give me a foot massage."

"Sure honey," she said and started to massage my feet and the other two women got a good look at my garter and stockings.

I said, "Ladies, now bridge is an ok game, but I need something with a little more action. I say we play a little game called truth or dare."

Mrs. Blair cackled, "I have not done that since university."

Jenna laughed, "It would have been high school for me too."

"Are you in?" I asked.

Mrs. Blair shrugged, "Bloody hell, why the heck not?" Jenna echoed the same sediments.

My Mom now was massaging my ankle, her hand seductively inching forward. "Ok," I said, grabbing a bottle; I gave the bottle a spin and it stopped on Jenna. I asked, "Jenna, truth or dare?"

Jenna contemplated it and said, "Truth."

I asked, "When was the last time you masturbated?"

Jenna blushed and said, "Well I see where this is going. This morning, after Doug did his deed, but as usual he didn't get me off."

I sighed, "What a shame."

Jenna laughed and said, "Indeed it is." She then spun the bottle and it landed on Mrs. Blair. Mrs. Blair quickly called "Dare, definitely dare."

Jenny chuckled, "Alright. Let's see you give the bottle a nice little sexual stimulation."

Mrs. Blair gasped, "You must be joking."

I said, "Oh come on. You're English, don't tell me you haven't deep throated a ton of blokes back in your day."

Mrs. Blair all dignified responded, "I will not even dignify that with an answer." She then grabbed the bottle and said, "I can't believe I'm doing this." She then bobbed up and down on the bottle for a few seconds and then said, "All right, are you quite satisfied?"

I purred, "Not yet."

Mrs. Blair gave me a strange look but then spun the bottle. It landed on me. I said dare.

Mrs. Blair pondered for a while before saying "Show us your knickers."

I shrugged, stood up, lifted up my skirt and showed off my pink panties. I did a mock pose for a few seconds and then sat back down. Mother went back to massaging my feet and I spun the bottle. It landed back on Mrs. Blair and she said truth this time.

I asked "Mrs. Blair, have you ever been with a woman?"

Mrs. Blair blushed a ruby red. "Is that really your question?"

"Of course, it is truth or dare,' I teased. I looked at mother and asked her to rub the back of my leg. She instantly did.

Mrs. Blair sighed, "Yes."

"Yes what," I questioned.

"Yes I have been with a woman before," she responded with a ting of annoyance. She grabbed the bottle and spun it. This time it landed on my mother.

My mother contemplated for a while before saying truth. Mrs. Blair asked, "June, have you ever been with a woman?"

Incredibly unoriginal question, but Mom replied, "Yes, many times."

Mrs. Blair repeated, "Many times?"

My mother just smiled and said, "Many, many times." She shrugged and spun the bottle. It landed on Jenna. Jenna picked truth. My Mom smiled and said, "Well since a theme has been established, Jenna you ever been with a female?"

Jenna shook her head as she said, "No, although I did make out with a friend of mine back in the day."

I looked at Jenna and asked, "You never considered being with a woman? Any of your students?"

She smiled slightly seductively and said, "Hey. it is not your question." She then spun the bottle. It landed on Jenna. She spun it again and it landed on me. I said truth, knowing the question already; Jenna smiled and said, "Although it seems weird to ask an ex-student this, have you ever been with a girl?"

I responded, "Yes, many times, especially with Carla. I have eaten her pussy hundreds of times." Before they could respond, I spun the bottle and it landed on Mrs. Blair. Mrs. Blair chose dare and I said, "Come massage my stocking feet beside my mother."

Her reaction told me I was in control as she simply walked over and sat down beside me and took my left foot into her hand. "For how long?" she asked.

I shrugged and said with a rather casual attitude, "Till you want to quit, I guess." She then spun the bottle and it landed on my mother.

My mother picked dare. As Mrs. Blair gently massaged my feet, I opened my legs a bit so she could see my panties. She seemed distracted and finally said, "I can't even think of anything to dare her with."

I said, "Dare her to do a little dance for us."

Mrs. Blair said, "Great idea, Mandi. June do a little dance for us."

My Mom got up and did a little dance number. It was corny, but she did make sure to shake her butt, lift up her skirt to show her stocking tops. Mrs. Blair watched most of it, but I caught her a couple times checking out my undies.

I clapped when she was done and Mom did a little curtsey. She then spun the bottle and it landed on me. I choose truth and my Mom asked, "Did you ever fantasize about Mrs. Winters when you were still in high school?"

I smiled, good slave I thought, and said, "Yes, actually if we are being completely truthful, Carla and I role played on a few occasions where I was Mrs. Winters and she was, well, herself. Carla then would seduce me and slowly dominate me, making me her personal sex slave for the night." I opened my legs wider so it was clear I was showcasing my assets. I then spun the bottle and it landed back on Mrs. Blair.

She was still massaging my stocking feet when she said truth. I said, "Have you been checking out my panties Mrs. Blair?" Mrs. Blair was clearly embarrassed by the question. She did not answer right away. I said with a stern voice, "Mrs. Blair, please answer the question. Have you been taking quick glances at my panties?"

She whispered "Yes."

I opened my legs apart wider and said, "Here. take a good luck then." There was a long lingering before she stopped massaging my feet and spun the bottle. It landed on my Mom. Mom choose truth and Mrs. Blair asked "June, are you submissive?"

"Yes," Mom responded. She then spun the bottle and it landed on me. I choose dare and my submissive mother dared me "Sugar, I dare you to kiss Mrs. Winters like you have always wanted to."

I got up and went over to Mrs. Winters. I got close to her and moved in for a kiss. I think Mrs. Winters was expecting a peck, but I shoved my tongue into her mouth and kissed her passionately. Mrs. Winter's reluctance died rather quickly and her tongue slipped in my mouth as well. I finally broke the kiss after a good minute and went and spun the bottle. It landed back on my Mom. My Mom requested dare and I simply stood up slid off my undies and said, "Mom, I dare you to eat my pussy." My Mom slid down between my legs and buried her head in my pussy. The two women stared stunned at the incestuous sight, but said nothing.

I looked at the women and said, "Ladies, my Mom is my submissive slut. If you ladies want, she will be your slut tonight as well. Mrs. Blair, why don't you go in my bag and grab the strap-on I brought and fuck my mother."

Mrs. Blair considered it for a moment and then went and grabbed the strap-on. I told her to slide off her skirt and then watched as she put on the nice 7 inch cock. I was surprised that she was wearing a thong underneath her pantyhose. She went behind my mother, flipped up her skirt, pulled her undies to the side and slid the cock in my Mom. She started fucking her and slapping her ass. "Fuck June, I have wanted to bang your cunt since I first met you."

My Mom's expert tongue got me off and I looked over at Mrs. Winters who was in a complete state of shock.

I smiled and stood up. I went to my bag and grabbed a pair of black silk stocking stay-ups and I walked over to whispered into her ear "Mrs. Winters I have wanted you for so long. Do you want me to please you?"

Mrs. Winters remained silent as I nibbled gently on her ear. A soft moan slipped out of her and I took that as a yes. I moved in and kissed her. Soft; sweet; passionate. Her defenses weakened. She slid off her skirt and pantyhose. I moved back up and kissed her again. I moved back down and slid off her panties. I went back up and kissed her again. I then said, "Mrs.Winters I plan to give you pleasure you have never knew existed." My hand slid to her wet, wet pussy. I whispered, "Mrs. Winters your cunt is drenched. What made you so wet?"

Her cheeks were ruby red as she quietly responded, "You did."

I kissed her again and then bent down and started sliding a stocking onto my ex-teachers perfectly toned legs. She whimpered as my hand reached her mid-thigh and my mouth breathed softly on her naked pussy. As I did the same thing to her other leg I heard Mrs. Blair say, "June, are you ready for me to bang your arse?" My Mom whimpered as her good friend plugged her ass with the plastic dick.

I then simply pushed my ex-teacher to the ground and began to slowly, ever so slowly, lick her pussy. I savored her aroma as I tenderly pleasured her. It was slow and sensual, unlike Mrs. Blair, who was ass-fucking Mommy like John Bull's elephant just beside me. Her accent turned me on. And her confidence reminded me of Carla. I heard my mother beg "Faster Sharon, fuck me harder." I looked up and saw Mrs. Blair pull out of my mother and lay on the ground and demand "Straddle my cock, June. I want to see you take the whole cock up your innocent little arse." My Mom obeyed and slowly the plastic cock disappeared inside my mother. It was hot to see my Mom subservient to his sexy, chubby English bitch. I also knew the night was not ending without me reaming Mrs. Blair's ass. I went back to work and pleasured Ms. Winters. After only a minute or two, my ex-teacher's nylon covered legs squeezed my head and pulled me deep into her pussy. Her orgasm shook her body and covered my face with her juices. I climbed above her and simply straddled her head. She needed no instruction as her tongue went to work. She was tentative at first, but as I started grinding my pussy all over her pretty face she worked even harder. The thrill of having Mrs. Winters eating me out had me hot and I came all over her inexperienced mouth.

By this time, my Mom had also climaxed from her nasty ass-fucking and was now in-between her friend's legs. I grabbed the strap-on, hooked it on and walked over to Mrs. Blair. I smiled and said, "Mom, move over." She obeyed and I stood on the couch, straddling Mrs. Blair, and demanded, "Suck my cock, Mrs. Blair." She looked at me cautiously, tentatively, then leaned forward and took the plastic rod in her mouth. Aftertwo minutes of her submission, I told her get on all fours and bend over. She obeyed and I quickly slid my cock into her pussy. After a few quick pumps, I slid out and without any warning pushed the cock into the English MILF's ass. She grunted and actually pushed her ass back onto my cock. Soon the whole cock disappeared in her ass and she started bucking back onto my cock. My Mom moved in front of Mrs. Blair and presented her pussy to her friend. My Mom then got aggressive and grabbed Mrs. Blair and shoved her friend's face into her pussy. As I plowed Mrs. Blair's ass, I heard the door open and in walked Hannah. I kept hammering her ass as Hannah starred in shock. A few seconds later Mrs. Blair screamed, "Fuck my ass harder." I then pulled her back and in one swift motion I fell back on my ass and she fell back engulfing the cock as deep as humanly possible in her ass. As she screamed in pleasure and pain she looked straight at her daughter. She began to get off, but I demanded, "Keep riding me slut," as I began bucking into her already full ass.

She whimpered and said, "Sorry Hannah," and began bouncing up and down on my cock.

My Mom walked over to Hannah and kissed her. Hannah did not break away. Mrs. Winters walked over too and started undressing the 18 year old. Soon Hannah was on the ground with the two older women both sucking on a juicy firm breast. Hannah still had not said a word.

Mrs. Blair shook on my cock and collapsed onto the floor. I whispered into her ear, "Do you want to pleasure your daughter?"

Mrs. Blair whispered, "Yes."

I then led her to her daughter and watched as she crawled between her daughter's legs and began licking. Hannah moaned and looked up and realized who was between her legs. She finally spoke, "Mom, what are you doing?"

Her words were muffled by my lips as I kissed her. I then spoke into her ear. "Hannah. Your Mom is your slut for now on. You can fuck her pussy and ass; you can have her between your legs whenever you wish. She is your slave."

I don't know if it was my words, the scene or her Mom's tongue but Hannah moaned and said, "Oh yes, Mommy, suck my clit, make your baby cum." I shoved my cock back in Mrs. Blair's ass and started hammering her, each thrust forcing her face into her daughter's pussy. Hannah came pretty quickly from her mother's tongue and Mrs. Blair eventually completely collapsed, her face still buried in her teenage daughter's pussy, as she orgasmed from the harsh ass fucking.

I pulled out and watched my Mom and ex-teacher in a sweet 69. I then took off my cock and said sweetly "Mrs. Blair, do I have your permission to have your daughter eat my pussy?"

Mrs. Blair responded "Yes." Hannah got up, came over to me, dropped to her knees and began licking.

I looked at Mrs. Blair and said, "Mrs. Blair, she has done this before, haven't you."

Hannah looked up at me and smiled, "Many times Mandi."

"With who?" I asked.

"My best friend Zelda and I eat each other out all the time." Hannah went back to work on my pussy and I came all over her pretty little face. My Mom and Mrs. Winters had also both orgasmed and the night came to an end.

As I left I said, "Hannah enjoy your mother, she is your sex toy now."

Hannah purred, "Oh I will. Mommy, you are going to service me and Zelda and the whole fucking soccer team."

Mom and I left and returned home. We walked inside and were amused to see Dad dressed in a pink sundress getting his ass reamed by Mark. Watching my brother fuck my Dad was hot. Mark looked at me and said, "Well Mom wasn't home to fuck so I figured might as well use daddy's eager ass."

I shrugged and laughed "He's all yours, Mark." Watching Dad get fucked turned me on and I got undressed. Not surprisingly, Mom did too. We sat on the couch with our hands gently teasing each others' pussies as we watch her husband fuck her son and my dad get reamed by my brother. I could tell Mark was getting close so I said, "Dad suck your son's cock."

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