tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Concert Rendezvous

The Concert Rendezvous


It was the perfect day. The weather was the wonderful 76 degrees that San Diego is known for. So I wasn't too uncomfortable as I sat in the amphitheater seat waiting for the Dave Matthews concert to start. I was all cool, calm and relaxed on the outside, but internally there was a wicked storm raging. You see, I had the greatest ticket: right orchestra pit, row F seat 8. He had seat 9 besides me. Thank god, he wasn't there yet. We had arranged to meet there. We both loved DMB and it seemed like a wonderful place for a rendezvous. So, again, I was anxious as fuck as I waited for him. To pass the time, I decided to chat up my fellow DMB fans around me. I asked them the usual questions: What's your favorite song? How many concerts have you been to? It's very important to befriend your neighbors at a DMB concert. I'd learned that early on. So I chatted with the married couple besides me and the frat boys behind me. I was deep in discussion about the finer points of the music, when I heard his voice behind me.

"So here we are tonight,

you and me together

The storm outside, the fire is bright."

This internal storm that I had inside of me fumed. My heart raced. I nearly panted. But I turned slowly and saw his smiling face looking at me. This calmed me a bit, not much. We said our hello's, pleasantly chatted for a little. Magically as the concert started, I relaxed. I let myself enjoy the Dave on stage. The David besides me started to slowly wrap his arms around my shoulder, then my waist. As we stood singing along to the music, David started massaging my neck and arms. It felt so damn good that I relaxed into him. Nothing could have been more perfect at the time. After a while, he slowly started to roam his hands over my thighs and teasingly up my skirt. God! There was nothing I wanted more than for him to tease me like that, but the anxiety of being in public made my heart skip. Then, he started in earnest. He wrapped a hand around my chest and exposed my neck as he bit the side of my neck. They were soft bites at first. But then he made me moan into the air as he raked his teeth against my skin. I couldn't help but to let out a little yelp as he tightened his hand around my throat and bit into my neck once again. God, it was divine. Once he knew he had me off guard, he wasted no time. He slid a hand up my skirt and over my panties.

"Hike up your skirt a little more

and show the world to me."

"You're dripping wet," he said into my ear. I just nodded. I couldn't speak. I had to hold my breath as he slid the wet panties aside and slid a finger inside my core. When I opened my eyes, I started to panic. David was shielding my body from the eyes of spectators pretty well, but the closeness of the bodies around us made my anxiety heighten. Then he did the unspeakable, he took his finger out of my dripping wet pussy and slid a finger in my puckered ass. I lost it. Literally, I screamed. This alerted our neighbors and they turned a quick glance at us. My male neighbor smiled as he took in the visual of my hiked skirt and David's body pressed tightly behind. My female neighbor, well, she was tougher to read. The look of shock and awe was clear on her face, but she had a streak of curiosity in her eyes.

"You might want to keep quiet," David whispered into my ear as he bit into my lobe. For the next couple of songs he kept running his wet finger from my ass to my pussy and back again. He'd carelessly slip it in, and back out. It was driving me crazy but keeping me very, very wet. The couple besides us eventually lost interest and returned their gaze onto the stage. I have to say that they would both periodically sneak a peak at us. David kept on fingering me. He'd grind against my clit until I almost buckled under the pressure, then he would switch to sliding a finger or two in my ass, or my pussy, and on several occasions both. I was trying my best not to pant, not to moan, to just take it as best as I could. God, it was deliciously naughty. He then took his wet hand, sodden by my juices and brought his fingers to my mouth. He looked into my eyes and forcefully said, "Lick them."

"Sour as my fingers

Dirty pickpockets

I can still taste you

I won't wash my hands."

I was so beyond gone that I did as he asked. I took his cum-soaked fingers and tasted myself in each and every one of them. What he did next kind of threw me for a loop. He smoothed down my skirt and pulled back off of me. Then, he went fishing around his backpack for something. He kept that something hidden in his hand as he returned to his position behind me.

"I need to you spread your legs slightly for me. You can hold your breath if you need to, to keep you from crying out." I did as he asked, holding on to the seat in front of me as he slid what I would later come to find out was a butt-plug in my pussy to wet it, and then firmly in my ass. I was besides myself then. I wanted nothing more than to turn around and climb on top of him and his cock at that moment. But, instead, I breathed deeply. I tried to calm myself, to not make a bigger scene. After he knew I had gotten used to the small plug in my ass, he turned on the vibrations. This particular model had a cordless remote that came with this little devilish contraption. So, the rest of the concert I spent wet, panting and on edge. David didn't touch my pussy anymore. All he did was play with the vibrations. He'd leave it slow for a while and when the song picked up tempo, he'd turn the pressure on. I endured one hour of this sweet torture. My juices escaped the confines of my panties and started to drip down my thighs. I should have been embarrassed but I was too far gone to think about much more than the constant buzzing in my ass.

The concert finished all too soon and David was nothing but a gentlemen as he took my hand as we walked out of the amphitheater and towards his car. I had taken the trolley to the concert, knowing full well that we would spend the night together. Now, as we walked hand in hand in the parking lot we started to talk about the concert. What our favorite parts were, well besides what he was doing to me in my seat. I had become lost in conversation and soon noticed that we had walked the length of the parking lot and were approaching a grassy area with trees and shrubs that separated the amphitheater from the mountain behind it.

"Are you still wet?" he whispered as he snaked an arm around my waist and pulled me close to him.

"Oh fuck yes." My breath sounded raspy, desperate for some sort of release.

"You were so hot in there, trying to hold everything in. Did you enjoy it?" I nodded my response to him but I couldn't take much more of this teasing so I wrapped my arms around his neck and threw myself onto him for a kiss. It was a long, wet and desperate kiss. One that begged for release. I guess his need was getting the best of him as well because he pushed me hard up against a tree, dropped to his knees and lifted my skirt. Finally, after hours of waiting he yanked my panties down, slid the plug out of my ass and buried his face in the wetness of my pussy. I couldn't help but to grind my clit onto his face as he wrapped his arms around my ass and pulled me down onto his mouth. It was heaven. He dove in devouring my pussy. He alternated his delectable ministrations. First he'd shove his tongue as deep into my pussy as it could go and the next second he'd suck on my clit until it's little pink head was exposed making my knees buckle as he flicked his tongue over it. I grabbed his head and pushed his mouth and nose deep into my pussy. I wanted him to drown in my juices, suffocate in my flesh. I held him there a good thirty seconds before releasing him. When I did, he shot me a ravishing look. His eyes screamed his arousal. With renewed enthusiasm, he shoved not one but two fingers into my dripping pussy, then ripped them both out replacing them deep into my ass. As he did this, his mouth and tongue just about raped my pussy. I was screaming now. I couldn't care less who heard. With his fingers in my ass and his mouth sucking the orgasm right out of my body, I could no longer control myself. I screamed loudly, cursing into the night air. I let the orgasm rock my body as I flooded him with my cum.

"Lovely lady

Let me drink you please

I won't spill a drop I promise you."

"You taste delicious." He whispered to me.

"I need you in me, please." I begged.

He stood up and held me against that tree, while rubbing one finger over my pussy lips. Slowly, he came up to my neck and started to kiss and bite his way to my ear. He whispered, "Beg for me, Mina."

"Please, I need you in me. I need your cock deep in my pussy. It's been wet for so damn long. I need your cock slamming into me, slamming into my walls. Please, I need to cum around your cock. I crave you, need you stretching me." I looked into his eyes, brought my lips onto his and whispered one last sigh, "Please."

"Well, since you begged so nicely."

David finally pulled down his pants and boxers, exposing a rock hard throbbing cock. When I looked at him, it was obvious that this little teasing had him just as worked up as I was. He sat down against that tree and motioned me over to sit on his lap, facing him. I brought my pussy on top of his hard cock, letting my juices wet his head. Then slowly, because I needed to enjoy his entering, I slid my all-too-wet pussy onto him. I let him fill me completely before I began to move. He wrapped his arms around my waist, helping me buck onto him. He was lifting me up, then slamming me back down. It felt intoxicating to have his hard, thick shaft stretching me. I started to ride him harder, thrashing my pussy against him. My orgasm was close and I raced to it. David took both of my nipples in his hands and started to pull on them, twist them and bite them. Then he did the one thing that would push me over the edge. He grabbed hold of my hair with one hand and pulled my head to the side, exposing my neck. He sunk his teeth into the side of my neck and twisted my nipple all in one motion. I flooded him then. My scream rent the night's thin air and then I fell exhausted onto his chest. I had been on edge for so long that my orgasm drained me of all my energy. I looked up at his face and smiled. It was only then that we noticed that we were not too far removed from the parking lot and those car headlights were coming dangerously close to us. Reality came back to us and we ran quickly to his car, that thankfully was parked not too far away.

When we were safely in the car we looked at each other and laughed. He took my hand into his and smiled, "It was nice to finally meet you."

"Likewise. I hope you enjoyed the concert."

"It was orgasmic," he replied. We laughed at each other and enthusiastically made our way to our hotel where we were hopefully going to get to know each other even better.

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