tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Connecting Room

The Connecting Room


I just finished checking into the hotel. This was my third business trip this month. I had my suitcase in hand and headed to the fifth floor. As I waited for the elevator this exceptionally cute blonde walked into the hotel. I stared at her as she walked toward the registration desk. She was gorgeous. I figured her to be maybe twenty years old. And look at those legs. She was unbelievable. I sure wished I could get a piece of that.

She had short blonde hair about shoulder length and wore a white blouse with a very short black skirt. And those shapely legs covered in black stockings made me wonder what they might be like naked. That five foot five blonde stood there at the counter a long time. She must be checking in I thought.

I must have hit that elevator button five times and let it go without me, just so I could keep looking at her. Then the door opened once again. I stepped in, but I still watched. As the door closed she turned walking this way.

I glanced up at the numbers. I was at floor number five and the door opened. Now, which way to my room? I had my room key out, slipped it into the slot and went in ready to relax for the evening. I changed, took a shower and went for dinner. Later that evening, I was stretched out on the bed watching television. It was just another typical business trip with not much to do.

I guess it was about ten o'clock when I heard some noise coming from the next room. I lowered the television and walked over to the adjoining door connecting the rooms. It was definitely coming from next door. I was curious so I opened my side. I could hear better now. The sound was a soft moaning. And to my surprise the door on the other side wasn't closed all the way. My heart started pounding as I contemplated taking a peak. I knew that sound. It was the sound of a woman moaning.

I pushed the door slowly cracking it open just enough to see inside. The lights were out. Only the dim light from the television allowed me to see what was happening. There before me was that cute little blonde I saw checking in earlier. She was naked on the bed masturbating with a huge dildo. She was half kneeling with her ass in the air and stuffing what looked like about an eight inch hard rubber cock almost completely up her cunt.

I was frozen in that spot as I watched. I knew that if I stood there she eventually would notice me. So I walked right in going to the bed next to her. I was hoping her embarrassment would be enough to keep her from screaming. Before she saw me I reached between her legs and grabbed her hand while the dildo was still deep inside her. She quickly twisted looking to see what was happening and who had intruded on her sexual pleasures.

"Don't move," I whispered holding her hand tight. "I could hear you in the next room." I could see the tremendous fright on her face even in the dim light. "You're very pretty. Why don't you let me do that for you." And I started working the dildo back and forth, in and out of her wet pussy. For about a minute she was moaning out, "No"..."No"..."Please don't"... But then she let go of my hand and let out this deep groan. "Oh God make me cum."

After she said that, I grabbed the dildo firmly and pushed hard. I was so turned on my cock was rock hard inside my pants. I shoved the eight inch dildo almost completely into her cunt and could feel it stop as it hit deep within her. Her body was trembling. I put my face down next to hers and whispered. "You love it don't you?" She responded by moaning out louder.

"You hot little bitch. You like me fucking you hard, don't you?" I pushed on the dildo with more force making the tip press against the deepest part of her cunt. I knew I was stretching her flesh deep inside. I pulled it back out, looked at how wet it was from her pussy and then shoved it in again. This time I keep pushing. She let out a low groaning sound as I pushed harder and harder on the end of the dildo until the whole thing disappeared into her hot little fuckhole. Then with it buried in her pussy, I began spanking her ass. "Smackk!! Smackk!!" My opened hand kept impacting on her soft butt. "You hot nasty whore." I whispered loudly. "You're just a naughty little slut aren't you?" She just kept moaning and moaning enjoying what I was doing to her. This incredible blonde was like a bitch in heat.

I stood up and quickly took off all my clothes. The way she was acting I was sure I could get her to do anything I wanted. My cock was aching to have this blonde cunt. I got up on the bed behind her. The dildo was beginning to slide out. I grabbed it and pulled it from her wet pussy. I started fingering her and running my hands all over her thighs and ass. I just couldn't get enough of this gorgeous body and she was letting me do whatever I wanted.

Fuck!!! I didn't even know her name.

My fingers were playing in her asscrack toying with her tight anal hole. I slipped a finger inside probing into her ass. Again she let out a moan. I kissed her asscheeks and licked through her crack. She pushed back against me as if wanting my mouth and tongue to do more. I gave her another hard slap across her ass. "So you like me playing with your ass too. Such a nasty little fuck?"

This little blond bitch was really something. Here I am a strange man walking into her room catching her masturbating and now she's all but begging for it. She was arousing me to the point I wanted to get really nasty and dirty with her. Now I had two fingers digging into her ass and she was moaning out enjoying it. "Yes, that's it. Do my ass. Deeper Oh, push them deeper."

This hot cunt needed more than just my fingers in her ass. She needed to be used and violated and she was all but begging to be treated like at filthy slut. So I knelt right behind her ass placing my hard cock right on her anal hole and shoved it completely in. I wasn't about to go easy to let her get used to my cock. The way she was acting seemed obvious that she needed a good hard fucking. So I just let her have it all at once. She screamed out into the pillow. There wasn't much lubrication on her asshole, at least not until I began fucking her deep and got some of the slime in her ass coating my cock. I just kept letting her have it, sliding my cock in and out of her tight little puckered hole. I'm sure she had never been fucked in the ass like I was giving it to her. She screamed almost the whole time as I reamed her little shithole hard.

I repeatedly sunk my hard cock into her ass. Each time I pulled back out I watched her tiny rectal hole close back up. I kept splitting her ass open again... and again... and again. And not once did she try stopping me. After awhile her hole was gaping wide. It was so hot seeing her dirty asschute gaping open waiting for my cock to travel back up into her body. Finally I pulled out completely. My hard cock was glistening with a pungent moisture from her deep in her ass. I crawled up to her face. "Here you go, honey." And I wiped my dirty cock all over her. "So you like being treated like a filthy slut." Her tongue was licking at my cock. "My God you're such a whore."

I looked around the room. I don't know what exactly I was looking for. I just wanted something else to use on her, anything. I noticed on the night table next to the bed a box of chocolate covered malted milk balls. "Fuck, No!!!" I thought. "Should I?" I guess that was her snack while watching television. I was getting instantly excited about the thought. This was going to be really fuckin' nasty.

I grabbed the box and dumped it out on the bed. The round chocolate balls went all over. I picked one up holding it in my fingers. I thought how nasty this seemed. It was like having anal beads only without the string. I placed the one against her tight puckered anal hole. "Oh you nasty little whore. Wait till you feel this." I pushed on it against her anus pressing hard until it slipped into her ass. "Oh Fuck!"

"How's that feel?"

I grabbed another and did the same. I put it right on her tiny puckered asshole, pushed, and watched her tight anus swallow it up. I leaned down to her as she moaned. "That's your candy malted milk balls going in your ass. Slut!"

I picked up a couple more and one at a time began pushing them into her ass. Even in the dimly lit room it was so hot and nasty watching them pop through her tight anal ring and disappear into her rectum. "My God, you fuckin hot filthy whore. You'll do anything won't you." I don't know how I kept from cumming all over her. This was the nastiest thing I had ever done. I shoved two fingers in her ass and probed around. I could feel the balls inside her rectum as I sort of played with them pushing them around trying to get them deeper.

I withdrew my fingers and then used my hands to spread her asscheeks real wide. I was trying to get her asshole to open up. And most of all what I really wanted now was to see those balls come out of her ass. It just seemed like such a nasty thing to watch. I slapped her ass. "C'mon honey, push them out." I pulled on her cheeks more stretching her anal hole wider. "C'mon, show me how fuckin' nasty you can be." I could see her trying to expel them. Her asshole was heaving like she needed to ... well, you know ... take a shit. Then suddenly her cute little hole widened and one popped out. The round candy ball plopped right out of her ass onto the bed. It was shiny, coated with slime and looked half melted. I picked it up. "Fuck!!! Ohh Fuck!" This is so nasty.

I saw her look over her shoulder in the shadows of the light. I reached to her mouth. "Here, eat this you disgusting cunt." And I shoved it against her lips and into her mouth. She took it. I could see her chew it, licking with her tongue inside her mouth. "You nasty fuckin girl. What a filthy anal bitch you are." I almost came right then seeing her swallow it. Maybe it was just a piece of candy, but it was inside her ass and covered with slime from deep within her bowels. And she ate it.

I kept going. I picked more candy balls up from the bed and began shoving them into her ass. I must have inserted a dozen or maybe fifteen into her at this point. She was moaning, groaning out loud. When the last one went in, I pushed my finger all the way into her ass to be sure they were in deep. I could feel them inside. Her ass was loaded. I was getting crazy with lust. A frenzy was building up inside me. I pulled my fingers out and began spanking her. I walloped her ass pretty hard while telling her what a filthy little whore she was. "How's that feel in your ass, you dirty little cunt. Smackkkk!!!! SMACKKKK!!!!"

"You're an anal whore. You hear me?" She was moaning, squirming on the bed. I put my face right next to hers so I could whisper to her. "You FUCKIN' WHORE."

I didn't think it was possible to get any nastier or any dirtier. But I was wrong. After several minutes of spanking and verbally abusing her, I decided to shove a couple fingers in her ass. I wanted to see if I could shove those balls even deeper into her rectum. I was hoping that I'd make her cum that way. But when my fingers probed into her ass, I could feel the candy balls were dissolving. The heat from her body and moisture from inside her ass was melting them. Her ass was full, but it was full of a pasty mixture of the melted candy balls and... well... all the filth from deep in her rectum I'm sure. My fingers were in it. I was playing with it in her ass.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" My mind was in the gutter toying with another idea. This little bitch was the nastiest thing I've ever seen, so.. fuck why not I thought.

I pulled my fingers from her ass. They were coated completely with a brown slimy paste. I pulled her head up off the bed. "Here you go whore, taste this." And I shoved both fingers to her lips. "Eat it Lick it off." She opened her mouth a little and I shoved my fingers in wiping them on her tongue. "Suck it off, bitch." Her lips closed around my fingers and I could feel her tongue working, licking the stuff from me. "You fuckin nasty, nasty girl." I pulled my fingers from her mouth and shoved them back in her ass to get some more. Then once again they went into her mouth. She was sucking my fingers clean. "How's it taste? "Do you like eating from inside your ass?" She didn't answer. She just kept licking and swallowing.

I pulled my fingers out and wiped them on her face. "You filthy slut."

My cock felt like it was going to burst I was so aroused. Just how much more could this little fuckwhore take. So I pushed her back down on the bed positioning her head hanging over the edge. Then standing next to the bed I stepped up to her face. "Suck me." That's all I had to say. She moved to my cock and gobbled me up. My reaction was nearly complete surprise. I didn't expect such a quick response.

"Fuck!! You cock hungry little whore. That's it, suck my cock you hot little bitch." She was good too. She was real good. My cock was sliding through her lips right to the back of her mouth. A couple times I felt the head of my cock get squeezed right at the entry point to her throat. That was like teasing me. Now all I wanted was to feel her deepthroat me. I wanted to see this cute blonde swallowing my cock. But what I wanted even more was to make her do it.

I grabbed her head and slipped it a little more off the edge of the bed. Before she even knew what was happening I straddled her face and shoved my cock right down her throat. "Ohhhhh, you fuckin whore. That's it. Take it all, bitch." And I started humping her mouth. I was fucking her tight throat. She was moaning and letting out sounds muffled by my hard shaft. I could actually feel her throat muscles spasm around my cock. She was gagging on me. I don't ever remember being so aroused like I was with my hard cock in her throat and feeling her choking on me.

"What's the matter? Can't handle my cock you little fuckwhore."

I pulled out quickly, letting her suck in a breath and then buried my cock down her throat again. I had her head squeezed right between my legs forcing her to swallow me. "All right honey, you're going to eat my cum now." Again the groaning started. I had her head tight in my hands while I fucked her mouth. Actually I was raping her throat. I was giving it to her hard and fast, fucking my engorged cock in and out of her. The feeling was incredible. And the sounds of her gagging, that gurgling, choking deep within her throat was more than enough for me to know that it would be just a matter of time before I would fill her with cum.

"Oh fuck!!!, you filthy slut."

"Take it!! Bitch!!"

"Whore Yeah...Yeah... You're a filthy fuck whore."

I kept ramming her throat burying my cock completely while calling her every obscenity that crossed my mind. In my frenzy I reached out to her breasts grabbing each one in my hands. I squeezed them hard making her whimper. "Oh you like that too, huh cunt?" So I took each nipple between my fingers. I stuffed my cock once more down her throat and held it there. My balls were plastered into her face. Then I started squeezing her nipples. Harder... and harder ... I was mashing them, pinching them, twisting and pulling. I know I was causing her a lot of pain. But I was lost in this lustful frenzy with my cock buried in her tight throat. "Whore You fuckin cocksuckin' bitch. Swallow me."

She was screaming around my cock. I could feel the vibrations but very little sound, except for the muffled noises within her throat.

"Filthy cunt. Slut!! Slut!! I'm gonna cum in you."

And I started yanking hard on her nipples, twisting them, and pinching with all my might.

"Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhh!!!! Bitch"

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! "I'm cumming slut....I'm cumming." and my cock began throbbing.

As I was enjoying the sensation of my cock draining inside her throat, she suddenly began squirming around violently. At first I thought she needed some air, then I realized she was having an orgasm. Somehow, even with everything I was inflicting on her, she was cumming too. Incredible!! This bitch was getting off on being used. I knew she was going to need to breath soon, but she was going to have to wait a bit longer till I finished shooting my load down her throat. I could feel my cock pumping and pumping, throbbing, spurting my hot juice into her throat. "I hope you like cum, honey. I'm giving you a lot." I was flooding her with thick globs of sperm. And my fingernails were digging in to her nipples. Oh fuck, it felt so good.

Then finally I finished. I withdrew from her throat. She sucked in a massive amount of air and just as quickly choked and gagged spitting up cum. White cream and spit drooled from her lips as she sat up. It was first time I got a really close look at her. She was even more beautiful seeing her with my cum dripping from her mouth. She looked at me licking her lips and using her fingers to push all the sperm running down her chin back into her mouth. Then she rubbed her breasts. I grabbed her and kissed her. "You're a great fuck, honey."

She was lying there exhausted. She rolled over on her side. When she did I could see in the crack of her ass all the slime that had oozed out. She was a mess. I picked her panties up from the floor and used them to wipe up through her asscrack. This was just so unbelievably filthy. Her silky little panties were loaded with what really looked pretty disgusting. I knew it was mostly the dissolved candy balls, but by now it didn't smell that way. It had sort of a combined odor if you know what I mean. I was pretty much through with this hot little whore anyway. She certainly made my night quite enjoyable. And besides, she was enjoying this as much as I was. She obviously like to be treated dirty and made to do filthy things. I just couldn't resist doing one more disgusting thing to her. So I did it. I took her loaded panties and wiped them on her face. Then I stuffed them in her mouth. "Whore Slut Thanks doll. You were a great little fuck." And I walked back to my room.

I didn't sleep that night. All I did was think about everything that just happened. The next morning I checked out and went to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. Halfway through I saw her at he counter checking out. She stood there just like anyone might. She looked so innocent and so beautiful. And to think of everything I did to her only hours before. To everyone seeing her and looking at her, she was sight to behold. And here I am having breakfast thinking, what a slut. And out the door she went.

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