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The Contest Day 03



I woke up around 9:30 with Julie still pressed firmly against my body. This morning there was no rush for anyone to get out of bed because we were all paired with our sleeping partner for the day. Showering with Julie was the shower I had been looking forward to. The site of her naked might be enough to get me to jerk off, and if she begged like Ashley and Alexa had I would stand no chance. I also thought Jake and Matt were in for rough days. Julie seemed to avoid the other two girls for most of the first two days, so I would likely be alone with her. Ashley enjoyed talking dirty and was even worse when her sister was not around. I figured after three days of working on him Ashley would have Matt eliminated. Even Alexa with all day and Ashley's help to work on Jake had a good chance at causing an elimination. If I made it through day three I would again be stuck with Ashley and possibly Alexa if they managed to eliminate Matt or Jake. That would be a nightmare day, so I planned on enjoying my day with Julie as much as possible.

Julie was still sleeping peacefully, so I held our current position enjoying the comfort of being so close to her. I hoped that Julie's outfit for the day would be a bit more revealing than in the first two days of the contest. There had to be a slutty side to Julie. I couldn't believe that Ashley was that slutty while Julie was prude. She had to have a wild-side, and my goal was to last long enough in the contest to see it.

She woke up around 10:15. We left the room and took turns in the bathroom to get ready for the day. I was pleasantly surprised by her choice of underwear for the day. She finally did not have on a sports bra. The bra she chose was light blue, and not all that revealing, but she finally showed some cleavage. She wore lace panties that were enticing to look at. They made you think that staring long enough would allow you to see her pussy. I continued with my trend of standard boxers.

We reached the common room and found that we were the last pair out of bed. Ashley was slightly more covered up today, but still drew attention to herself with a bright red bra and matching pair of panties. Alexa had switched to boy shirts and a sports bra. Jake was fortunate that Alexa appeared to be taking it easier today. Matt didn't stand a chance for his day with Ashley. They sat on the far couch. Matt was trying to distance himself from Ashely who was casually rubbing her clit through her panties.

I already developed an erection when Julie came out of the bathroom, and it seemed to grow even bigger when I saw Ashley playing with herself in front of everyone.

Julie: "Wow Ashley. You have no shame."

Ashley: "Oh come on big sister. I know you do it too."

Julie blushed in response.

Ashley: "Sometimes my pussy just needs some attention. I'm sure yours could use some."

Julie: "That's enough Ashley."

Ashley: "You know you want something. Feeling Adam's cock in your ass every night has to turn you on a little bit."

Alexa: "She gets to shower with him tonight."

Ashley: "I enjoyed my shower with Adam. I came twice for him."

Alexa: "It's fun to cum while showering with Adam."

Ashley: "Poor Adam, must have the worst case of blue balls. I know he wants Julie's pussy."

Alexa: "You think he'd just eat her out right now if she asked him?"

Ashley: "I'm sure he would. Which one of these three do you think would eliminate themselves to see one of us eat Julie's pussy?"

Alexa: "Probably all of them."

Julie: "That's enough talk about my pussy."

Ashley: "When's the last time you got fucked big sis? Or the last time you gave yourself a good time?"

Julie: "That's none of your business."

Ashley: "So it's been a while."

Julie: "No comment."

Ashley: "I'll give you a hand right now if you want."

Jake: "I'll give you another hand too."

Julie: "That's it, we're getting out of this room. Come on Adam."

Ashley: "Aww, poor Adam has to listen to Julie. She's not going to fuck you, so make her stay here."

I didn't answer. I just followed Julie back to our room. Apparently we would be spending most of the day in there. We grabbed a couple of nutri-grain bars from the kitchen on the way back. She didn't seem to be all that upset at what Ashley had been saying, but I don't think she wanted to deal with her anymore. I sat back on the bed resting my back against the wall. Julie sat on the bed facing me with her legs crossed enhancing the effect of her lacy panties.

Adam: "So what are we going to do for the day?"

Julie: "Stay away from Ashley for a while. I'm sure you won't mind taking a break from her."

Adam: "I don't know. If I spend enough time away from her I might just cum without touching myself. I don't think that would eliminate me."

Julie: "So your new goal is to prematurely ejaculate in front of all of us?"

Adam: "I don't think it counts as that. It's not like I'm about to have sex and blowing my load early."

Julie: "I guess."

Adam: "Has that ever happened to you?"

Julie: "You mean has a guy done that when we were about to have sex?"

Adam: "Yeah, I think if you're keeping me in here today you should tell me some story of a sexual nature."

Julie: "You want to hear about your bosses sex life?"

Adam: "I've seen your sister cum, and slept with my erection pressed against your body, I think we've crossed that line already."

Julie: "No, it hasn't happened to me."

Adam: "Ok, how old was your first time?"

Julie: "17, you?"

Adam: "19, how often do you please yourself?"

Julie: "Not often. Maybe once every couple weeks."

Adam: "So you're one of those people who like to put some time into it."

Julie: "You could say that. How often do you do it?"

Adam: "Normally at least once a day."

Julie: "Most times in one day?"

Adam: "Seven."

Julie: "Must have been a fun day."

Adam: "It got kind of painful, but I wanted to see how many times I could do it."

Julie: "What gets you off?"

Adam: "Normally I just use porn."

Julie: "When that's not an option?"

Adam: "Stored memories."

Julie: "So like people you know?"

Adam: "Yeah, sometimes I use Facebook pictures of people I know. I love bikini season.:

Julie: "You ever jerk-off thinking about anyone here?"

Adam: "Yes."

Julie: "Alexa?"

Adam: "Yes."

Julie: "My sister?"

Adam: "Yes."

Julie: "Me?"

Adam: "Well, umm, yeah."

Julie: "Do you use Facebook for any of us?"

Adam: "You're the only one with any pictures in a bikini."

Julie: "Wow. That's pretty perverted Adam."

Adam: "I know, but I'd bet that most guys have used a Facebook picture."

Julie: "You might be right. I think I'm going to take those pictures down when this ends."

Adam: "Why bother? If I make it through this competition, the first thing I'm going to do when it ends is masturbate to the memories from it."

Julie: "That's gross."

Adam: "No it's not. I have the image of Alexa's ass burned into my memory and your sister's face while she came against my leg is an image I'll never forget. Even seeing you dressed like that today will stay with me."

Julie: "Wow."

Adam: "Ok back to the questions. Have you had or would you have a threesome?"

Julie: "Two guys or two girls?"

Adam: "Girls. We'll talk gang bangs later."

Julie: "Probably."

Adam: "What if it involved Ashley?"

Julie: "I bet you'd jerk off thinking of that, but no."

Adam: "Alexa?"

Julie: "Maybe."

Adam: "Did you know that Alexa and Ashley had a threesome?"

Julie: "Ashley's 18th birthday."

Adam: "Yup. She told Jake and I about it yesterday."

Julie: "I'm not surprised. Seems like she'll do anything to get you guys to jerk off for her."

Adam: "It's hard to say no to her."

Julie: "Would you do it for me if I asked?"

Adam: "I would have a really hard time saying no to you, but you would have to be naked and close to me."

Julie: "Good to know."

We remained silent for the next few minutes. I smiled at Julie and she smiled back. I slowly leaned closer to her until our faces were inches apart. She leaned away from me and said, "I won't let you do that, but I will let you have some fun. I want you to tell me about the first time you masturbated thinking about me."

Adam: "Whoa, that's pretty dirty. I don't know if I can remember that though."

Julie: "Jeez, how many times have you done it?"

Adam: "I learned a long time ago not to count. Otherwise it could get awkward if I really thought about it. I mean I've used you as motivation right before and right after work."

Julie: "Ok, I want you to tell me about the last time you masturbated to me right before working with me."

Adam: "Alright. This is going to ruin our relationship at work."

Julie: "We don't talk much there and I don't like you that much anyways."

Adam: "Oh thanks."

Julie: "No problem."

Adam: "Well I believe the last time was about 10 days ago. I was going in early around 8:30 and you were scheduled for 9. I woke up early and knew I was going to jerk off before I took my pre-work shower. Somehow knowing that I would be working with you made thinking about you more exciting. I laid back on my bed, closed my eyes, and let my imagination take over.

"The day before you had given me a great cleavage view throughout my shift, so the image of your breasts was still strong in my mind. You made it even better when you bent over to clean under the register in front of mine. I got a good look at your thong through your pants. As I started to stroke myself I pictured fucking you from behind and watching your tits bounce up and down as I pounded into you.

"I didn't have much time, so my hand speed quickly increased. As I reached the point of no return I just thought about your cleavage. I pictured you kneeling in front of me waiting for me to cover your chest with my cum. My orgasm came over me quickly and faded back to consciousness shortly after and resumed my morning. I had a little trouble making eye contact with you that day, but the morning orgasm was well worth it."

Julie: "I can't believe you actually told me that."

Adam: "I told you I'd likely give up a chance at $60,000 to cum while seeing you naked. Obviously you've been a big part of my masturbation fantasies."

Julie: "But you didn't cum for Ashley and Alexa."

Adam: "That's true. You're more attractive than they are, and cumming for you seems like a much bigger accomplishment."

Julie: "Thanks, I guess. I think we should go back to the common room now. Maybe you will like our shower tonight."

Adam: "So much for time away from Ashley being used to calm my erection down."

Julie: "That is quite a tent in your boxers."

Adam: "Well, at least your horny too."

Julie: "How do you know that?"

Adam: "You wanted me to tell you about a time I masturbated thinking about you, and I can see your nipples through that bra."

Julie: "Good point."

Julie smiled as she got off the bed and headed to the door. There seemed to be an extra wiggle in her hips as we walked back to the common room. Again I could not keep my eyes off of her ass. Ashley was now with Alexa on the couch across from Matt and Jake. Ashley had her head resting in Alexa's lap and was laying on her side. Alexa's right hand was stroking Ashley's hair while her left hand rested on Ashley's hip. They had the TV on, but Matt and Jake were both focused on Alexa and Ashley. It took them a good five minutes to realize that Julie and I had re-entered the room.

Adam: "It looks like I'm going to be the last man standing in this competition. Maybe Julie and I should leave so you four can figure out how to make that happen faster."

Ashley: "No, I think you should stick around for the show Adam. Maybe you'll want to join them on that couch."

Alexa: "Or maybe you would enjoy sitting right next to me. I'm sure you'll want a close up view of what Ashley's mouth is about to do."

Julie: "I don't think I need to see this."

Ashley: "Don't leave big sister. If you go then Adam will have to leave to."

Adam: "That would be better for me because I do want to make it until shower time tonight."

Julie: "Adam's a smart pervert. He wants to wait and see all of us naked so he can pleasure himself to all the memories after this contest ends."

Ashley: "I can't believe we just got a sexual reference out of Julie."

Alexa: "Maybe she'll finally take all of her clothes off in the shower tonight."

Jake: "Yeah, I spent the whole hour with her and didn't get to see anything."

Matt: "She did the same thing with me."

Jake: "But at least you get to sleep with a topless Ashley every night."

Adam: "Last night was the last time he'll get to do that."

Ashley: "Adam knows that Matt has no chance of making it through our shower, and when I'm done with him I'll be a bed time free agent."

Alexa: "Combined we could have Jake out of this contest in no time."

Ashley: "Or I could spend the night trying to get Julie to show off her wild side."

Julie: "Good luck with that Ashley."

Matt: "I love how everyone assumes that I'm going to be the first guy eliminated from this contest."

Alexa: "You would have lost day one if I didn't take it easy on you in the shower."

Ashley: "And you only made it to today because Julie didn't even try to eliminate you."

The whole discussion had managed to slightly distract my mind enough to stop my erection. It also helped Matt and Jake because Ashley had sat up and Alexa was no longer caressing her. We still had over seven hours until the showers started for the day, and it was even worse for me because Julie and I were going to be the last pair to shower that night. I had no idea what Julie would do in the shower, but my goal in the competition was to make it long enough to see all three of them naked. I was so close there was no way anything Ashley and Alexa did that day would stop me from getting into the shower with Julie.

We all decided to have breakfast after everyone agreed that Matt would not make it through the day. Matt and Ashley were selected to make breakfast for everyone. I'd like to share the details of what happened in the kitchen, but I knew better than to peak at what Ashley might be doing in there. We readjusted the seating arrangement in the room. I shared a couch with Julie, but we both had our own cushion to sit on and made no physical contact. Jake and Alexa sat across from us with Alexa curling up against Jake's body. Twenty minutes passed with little conversation passed before Ashley and Matt returned to the room with a plate of french toast.

We enjoyed the meal in relative silence, and when we finished Matt and Ashley did the dishes to put everything back in order. Alexa and Jake went off to explore more of the house together shortly after we finished eating leaving Matt and Ashley in the living room with Julie and myself. Matt assumed control of the television and kept his attention away from Ashley by channel surfing. Ashley did not like that Matt was not paying attention to her, so she decided that it was time to make herself the center of attention again.

Ashley: "I think it's time that I have a little fun with my sister."

Julie: "Whatever you're thinking in that twisted mind of your Ashley; don't do it."

Ashley: "Oh come on sis. It will be fun."

Ashley quickly crossed the room and sat between Julie and I. Before Julie knew what was happening Ashley grabbed her right boob and gave it a quick squeeze.

Ashley: "Now Adam, wouldn't you love to do that yourself?"

Julie: "Ashley stop that. I will smack you."

Ashley: "I think it would be better if you spanked me Julie."

Matt had suddenly forgotten what was going on with the television and entered the conversation.

Matt: "I agree with Ashley."

Ashley: "See Julie, Matt wants you to take me over your knee."

Julie: "You have problems Ashley."

Adam: "She just wants to win, and she's doing a good job."

Julie: "Well I'm not going to spank her or anything like it."

Ashley: "I thought you might say that."

Ashley rotated her body so that she was on her knees and straddling Julie's lap. She brought her lips inches away from Julie's without saying a word. I wanted to call out for Jake to see this, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. Ashley moved one hand onto Julie breasts and the other on the outside of Julie's right leg while lighting caressing Julie's neck with her tongue. Julie seemed to stunned to react, or maybe she just enjoyed what Ashley was doing. Either way she let Ashley continue.

Ashley moved her head away from Julie and leaned her upper body back to give me a better view of what she was doing to Julie. Her left hand teased both of Julie's nipples to the point that they seemed ready to poke completely through her bra, and her right hand slowly moved up and down Julie's side. Julie's face was a mix of pleasure, shock, and fear as Ashley continued her ministrations. Julie let out what sounded like a quiet moan as her body started to betray her. It had been a very long time since she experienced any serious sexual pleasure and being in front of other people added to her enjoyment.

Since Julie made no protest Ashley took it a step further and reached under Julie's bra with her right hand while bringing her left hand down to feel Julie's ass.

"What the fuck?!"

Jake and Alexa had returned to the room. The sudden shock of hearing Jake's voice brought Julie back to reality and she pushed Ashley off of her. I noticed Matt remove his hands from his underwear as I was suddenly aware of my surroundings again.

Ashley: "Damn it Jake. Matt was going to eliminate himself."

Adam: "And I was really enjoying that show."

Ashley: "Julie was enjoying it even more."

Jake: "Why does this stuff happen when I'm not in the room?"

Alexa: "We can leave again and let you finish what you started."

Julie: "No that's not needed. Come on Adam we're getting out of this room."

Jake: "No. You should stay a little longer."

Ashley: "Yeah, I'll make it worth your while."

Adam: "Well I guess I'm leaving again."

I had no choice because Julie had gotten up without saying another word and was heading back in the direction of our room. Julie sat on the bed with her back up against the headboards. I opted to sit on the floor near her and lean against the wall.

Adam: "So how long are we going to stay in here today?"

Julie: "Till the first shower starts at least."

Adam: "You upset or something?"

Julie: "I don't know. I don't know what happened out there or why I let Ashley do that."

Adam: "I have a guess."

Julie: "And what is that?"

Adam: "Well Ashley said it's been a while since you've gotten laid, so how long has it been?"

Julie: "Four months."

Adam: "And how long since you took care of yourself?"

Julie: "I've been busy with work, so over a month."

Adam: "See your well-hidden horniness finally got the best of you."

Julie: "I don't know."

Adam: "Well you could take care of it now."

Julie: "I'm sure you love to watch that."

Adam: "You are the only girl here I haven't seen cum first hand."

Julie: "I don't think I'm in the mood to do that now."

Adam: "Come on I won't tell anyone. Hell I'll look the other way and just listen."

Julie: "No, I don't think so."

Adam: "Why not?"

Julie: "I don't need Ashley knowing that I had to masturbate after what happened out there."

Adam: "I told you already that I won't tell anyone."

Julie: "How can I know you won't tell anyone?"

Adam: "Easy. If I keep your secret then you'll shower naked tonight."

Julie: "For not telling anyone about this your reward is me showering naked?"

Adam: "Yes, I assumed you'd keep your bra and panties on for this and still want the chance to see everything later."

Julie: "It's a deal if you'll keep a blindfold on and sit naked."

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