tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Cost of a Debt Ch. 07

The Cost of a Debt Ch. 07


The next few days were somewhat boring and uneventful. Alex maintained her strict workout regimen that Brian had given her. Her workouts turned out to be a great way for Alex to vent and maintain her sanity. After the gym, Alex would go home to tend to her family.

She tried to keep the relationship between herself and Mike as normal as possible. Mike definitely welcomed the exotic change in her personality. While he was surprised about her newly pierced nipples and her increased overall sexual desire, it was something that he embraced. Little did he know, Alex was living a secret double life, all for the sake of her children. Both of her kids, Annabel and David were portrayed to be successful poster children. To Alex's surprise, both kids had some major skeletons in their closet. To keep their secrets buried, Alex found herself submitting to an influential group that was bound and determined to forcing her to submit her body and mind to their wishes.

Thursday came along, and Alex prepared herself for her next challenge that was given to her. At the end of the school day, Alex got her things together and walked out to her car. As she had been trained, she was wearing a short black mini-skirt, black bra and an almost sheer blouse to work. Everything had been pre-approved, of course. She found that her new attire was an effective way to keep her male students coming to class and at least appear to pay attention to her Physics lesson. Alex was also getting more attention from many of the male teachers around the school.

At the end of her adventure in the cellar of her school, John had given her an appointment and directions to a location. Alex got into her car and she started to drive away from the school toward her destination. She was becoming more anxious and nervous. This was very uncharacteristic of her. For her, the unknown is what Alex finds unsettling.

She finally reached the location that John had told her to go to. It looked like it was a beauty salon. After she parked her car, she walked up to the door only to find John inside talking to a young woman. Alex walked into the salon.

"Hi Alex," John said. "I see that you are even a few minutes early."

"Yes, I am," Alex said.

"Why don't you have a seat," John said while pointing toward a barber's chair. Alex walked over to the chair and sat down.

"Let me introduce you to Ana," he said.

Ana, who appeared to be in her late 20's, was a little shorter than Alex. She was an attractive woman, who definitely looked like she was trendy with her blonde highlights, and her multiple piercings in her nose and ear.

"The two of you will get to know each other very, very well," John said. "Ana is a stylist here, and she has agreed to help us out. She will prepare you for any requests or outings that we have arranged for you."

"Yes, and it should be fun," Ana said. "I haven't had a guinea pig to experiment on since I went to beauty school."

"In fact, I have already given Ana the instructions for your rendezvous tomorrow," John said. "Ana will make you look perfect."

"Tomorrow," Alex asked.

"Yes, tomorrow at least," John said. "You will receive the exact instructions soon. Until then, I will leave you in the hands of Ana."

"Is your hair dyed," Ana asked.

"Yes," Alex replied.

"When was the last time that you had a dye job," Ana asked while running her fingers through Alex's hair.

"About two months ago," Alex answered. She wanted to know why Ana had asked, but she knew that if she did, John would punish her. This was something that she didn't want to chance.

"Okay, John, everything should be fine," Ana said to John. "She will be presentable for tomorrow."

"Very good," John said. "I trust that you will behave, right Alex?"

"Yes," Alex conceded.

John then walked out the front door, leaving Alex at the mercy of Ana. Alex silently sat in the chair while she watched Ana get a smock to put around Alex's neck. Ana then went into a closet and emerged with a few brown bottles in her hands.

"So how do you know John," Ana asked.

"We have common acquaintances," Alex said. She didn't really want to disclose too much information, because Ana was someone that she hardly knew.

"Oh really," Ana said surprised. "So does he want you fixed and prepared to meet these common acquaintances?"

"I am not sure, this is the first time," Alex said.

"I see," Ana said. She started to shake the bottles that she took out of the closet.

"What are you going to do," Alex asked.

"Well, I have strict instructions to prepare you for this weekend," Ana said. "Don't worry, you're in good hands. Just sit back and let me do my thing."

Ana turned Alex away from the mirror so that she could not see what she was going to do. Alex stared out the window and into the darkness outside. She felt Ana run her fingers through her hair. Moments later, she could smell the scent of the peroxide and hair dye that Ana was putting in her hair. Ana brushed the dye into her hair for some time.

The two had light conversation, but Alex wasn't really paying attention. All Alex could think about was how she would look. Alex was then directed to stand up and Ana lead her to the back of the salon where she was going to wash her hair. Alex sat down in the chair and leaned back so that her head was in the hair-washing sink. Ana washed Alex's hair in the sink. After she finished washing her hair, Alex was handed a towel to dry off her hair as best as she could.

Alex was taken to another room in the salon. The room was pretty plain and resembled a storage room. There were two racks of clothing in the room. Alex stood by the door while she watched Ana walk to one of the racks. Ana pulled something out and walked back to Alex.

"Why don't you undress and put this on," Ana said handing a garment bag to Alex. Alex took it in her hand and stared at it.

"Where should I change," Alex asked.

"Right here," Ana said. "It's as good a place as any. There isn't anything that you have that I haven't already seen."

Alex was embarrassed, but she followed directions. She put the garment bag on the ground next to her feet and she started taking off her blouse. After unbuttoning it, Ana put out her hand.

"I will go ahead and take your clothing from you," she said as Alex gave her the blouse. "Why don't you take off your skirt next?"

Alex again obeyed. She reached around for the zipper at the waistline of the skirt and slowly lowered it to the ground. Alex bent down and picked up the skirt and handed it to Ana.

Next, Alex picked up the garment bag and opened it. Inside the bag she found what looked to be an outfit for a teenager. There was a pink tube-top and a white micro skirt. Alex took the items out and stared straight at them.

"Go ahead and put them on," Ana said. "The faster that you put these on, the faster you get to look at yourself in the mirror." Alex put on the skirt first. She stepped into the skirt and pulled it up to her waist. As could be expected, the skirt did not cover much at all. The bottom of the skirt was just below her butt. Alex was then handed the tube top.

"I don't think you will need your bra anymore," Ana said. "Why don't you hand it over too?"

Alex reached around and unclasped her bra and took it off. Ana's eyes immediately focused on Alex's pierced nipples.

"I see, someone is a little on the kinky side," Ana said with a grin across her face. "Are they sensitive?"

"Yes, a bit," Alex replied.

"Sorry, dumb question," Ana said. "I should have asked, are they erotic?"

Alex hesitated.

"Well, will you answer, or shall I call Brian," Ana said.

"No, don't call him please," Alex said. "Yes, they are a little erotic."

"They look great," Ana said as she walked closer to Alex with the tube top in hand. "So tell me, are you a closet freak?"

Alex was a little confused by the question and paused before she answered.

"I am not sure what you mean," Alex said.

"Oh, I forgot how old you are," Ana said with a smirk. "Are you someone who puts up this conservative image, but becomes every mother's worst slutty nightmare when the sun goes down?"

"No, not really," Alex answered. "Uh, that's not what I have seen or heard about you," Ana said. "I have heard from John that you have a secret sexual side to your personality. Is that true?"

"Yes," Alex admitted.

"I see," Ana said. "So are you looking to finally release this to John and his other friends?"

"Ummmm, I am not sure," Alex said.

"Not sure, what's that supposed to mean," Ana said. "Does that mean you were holding back in the basement?"

Alex was shocked Ana knew about the basement. Her mind began to wonder what else Ana knew about her.

"No, I have never had sex with anyone besides my husband before," Alex said.

"Oh really," Ana said surprised. "So what made you decide to go to fuck everyone in the basement?"

"I did it for my family," Alex admitted.

"Oh that's right, how are Annabel and David," Ana said sarcastically. "Is Annabel still the slut she was in high school? Is David still the gambler who never knew his own limits?"

"How dare you," Alex answered instinctively.

"Now before you start raising your voice, I want to remind you that I am a phone call away from Brian and John," Ana said. "I am sure they would not be too happy to hear that their slave is not behaving."

"I'm sorry," Alex said begrudgingly.

"So I want to know, what are you doing this for," Ana asked. "I mean, are you doing this for your family or are you doing this for yourself?"

"For my family," Alex said. "I want to make sure that they have stable futures."

"Okay and that's understandable," Ana said. "But it doesn't really make sense. You went out and got your nipples pierced, had sex with a group of your former students, and have allowed yourself to be trained by a total stranger. So tell me, is it really for your family?"

Alex sat there and thought about it. What Ana had said did hold some truth. Yes, she had tried to break away before, only to be double crossed by her police officer friend Denise. Her experience with the Head Master, Brian, John and the Club allowed Alex to explore her fantasies and pushed her to the limit.

"No, meeting them have allowed me to explore the fantasies that my husband and I had only talked about before," Alex said.

"So what other types of fantasies do you have," Ana asked. Alex stood there trying to think, but for some reason her mind was drawing a blank.

"Have you ever fantasized about making love to another woman," Ana asked.

"Yes, I have," Alex said quietly.

Ana took one step closer to Alex and raised her right hand so that her fingers ran over Alex's left nipple. Ana's touch sent chills down Alex's back. Ana then started to caress Alex's right breast. Alex relaxed her body and surrendered to her new hairstylist. Then the phone in the hair salon started to ring.

"Let me get that," Ana said while she started to walk away. "While I'm gone, why don't you put the tube top on and check out your new look in the mirror in the back of the room?"

Ana gave Alex the top and walked out into the salon. Alex regained her composure and turned around to look in the mirror in the back of the room. As she approached the mirror, she stood there frozen and speechless. Ana answered the phone and then turned off the lights and locked the front door of the salon.

Alex stood in front of the mirror and saw herself dressed in an outfit that was two sizes too small for her. But she could not take her eyes off of her new hairstyle. Ana had dyed her hair platinum blonde.

"So where were we," Ana said as she walked back into the room. "What do you think of your hair?"

"Uhhhh, I'm not sure," Alex said. "My hair is so...blonde."

"Yes, it is," Ana said. "That's the color that John had asked me to dye your hair."

"Really," Alex responded. She started to wonder how she would explain her hair to her husband and kids.

"Personally, I think you look very, very sexy," Ana said seductively. She then walked up behind Alex and wrapped her arms around Alex's body. She ran her hands over both of Alex's breasts.

"I can see why John likes to brag about you," Ana whispered into Alex's ear. "You look like you love to fuck."

Alex stood there as she allowed Ana to fondle her. She could feel goose bumps all up her legs and arms. Ana lightly ran her fingers over Alex's nipples and then she began to feel up her midsection down to her thighs. Alex watched Ana feeling her up and down in the mirror. To Alex's surprise, she was turned on by Ana's touch.

"You like this don't you," Ana whispered into Alex's ear. "I bet you if I took my hand and ran it over your pussy, I would find it extremely wet."

"Yes, yes you would," Alex said as she started to close her eyes. Ana then reached up and turned Alex around. She then backed Alex up to the wall that stood behind her.

"Tell me how bad you want me to kiss you," Ana said as she started to kiss and suck on Alex's ear.

"I love your touch and want you to have your way with me," Alex said. Alex could feel her body reacting to Ana's kiss. Her nipples started to get hard and burn slightly because of the piercing.

Ana's mouth moved down from Alex's ear down to her neck. She started to kiss and bite Alex's neck. Alex didn't want to move, because she was fearful of Ana leaving hickie marks on the side of her neck. Ana then moved her hands up to Alex's shoulders proceeded to kiss Alex. The two kissed passionately for a minute. Alex could feel herself becoming extremely wet and she started to feel lightheaded.

"I bet you never fantasized about this," Ana said.

"No, I didn't," Alex replied. There she stood in an outfit that would have been a perfect fit for someone much younger, passionately kissing a hair stylist that was probably a few years older than her daughter. She had given in to the personal passions and desires.

"Now, I want you to spread your legs," Ana said. Alex obeyed and opened her legs a little wider.

"I know you can do much, much better than that," Ana said. Alex then spread her legs as far as she could without losing her balance. Her feet were about 3-4 feet apart. Ana's finger went much deeper inside of Alex's wet pussy.

"Now I want you to put your hands on top of your head," Ana said with a smile. Alex obeyed and put her hands on top of her head, virtually giving herself to the young hair stylist.

Ana continued to slowly finger bang Alex. Both women continued to kiss, as Alex was beginning to lose control of herself. Alex could feel her heart beat increase, as the slow burn of lust in her pussy was overcoming her.

"You know what I love best about being with another woman," Ana asked.

"No, I don't," Alex answered between breaths.

"In my experience at least, women know each other's bodies best," Ana whispered into Alex's ear. "A woman knows how to truly satisfy another and have them come back for more. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes," Alex said weakly. Her hands tightened around each other as Ana continued to finger bang her.

"You are so, so naughty," Ana said before moving back in for another kiss. Alex continued to let Ana explore her body.

Alex leaned against the wall. It wouldn't take much longer for Alex to reach her climax, and Ana sensed this. Ana smiled as she could feel Alex's breathing increase and her body tense as she neared an orgasm. Alex closed her eyes prepared for her orgasm, but Ana stopped finger banging her. Alex opened her eyes only to see Ana smiling with satisfaction.

"You really liked that didn't you," Ana asked. Alex simply nodded her head. Ana pushed her index and middle fingers deep into Alex's pussy. Alex's knees started to quiver and she began to take deeper breaths. Ana smiled and pulled her fingers out of Alex's pussy and held the two finger's up next to Alex's cheek.

"You know, there is something sweet about the smell of a wet pussy," Ana said. "Now, why don't you tell me how it tastes?"

Ana then put her fingers in front of Alex's mouth. Alex instinctively opened her mouth and started sucking Ana's fingers.

"You are such a slut, Alex," Ana said as she pulled her fingers out of Alex's mouth. "You just love the taste of your pussy don't you?"

"Yes, I do," Alex said.

"Well tell me, what do you want to do now," Ana asked. "Do you want feel how it feels to have another woman explore your body?"

Alex stayed quiet, although the thought of having Ana feel her up excited her immensely.

"Well, I think it's time for us to part onto our separate ways," Ana said to Alex. Alex nodded again, however, she was greatly disappointed.

"You better get used to wearing these types of outfits," Ana told Alex. "They are expecting you to wear this for this weekend."

"Yes, I understand," Alex replied. Ana handed back Alex her clothes.

"Go ahead and change into your clothes," Ana said. "You have been a good girl, and you will have enough to explain with your hair."

Alex took back her clothing and set it on the ground next to her. She first took off her skirt. She looked down and noticed how wet her thong was. She bent down and picked up her black skirt and put it back on. Then Alex took off her tube top and picked up her bra off the ground.

"How is it that a woman like you has such old kids," Ana asked.

"I had Annabel when I was 18 years old," Alex answered as she was clasping her bra around her back. "I had David two years later."

"I see," Ana said. "So why are they such trouble makers?"

"I don't know," Alex said quietly. "Mike and I tried our best to provide for them, but I guess we didn't spend enough time with them. We spent too much time working."

"Oh really, well it seems as if you didn't even have enough time to enjoy yourself," Ana said very seductively. "I guess we will have to take care of that at some later time. But before you leave, I have one question for you."

Alex looked up giving Ana her full attention. Ana moved in again to whisper her question into Alex's ear.

"What would your husband, kids, family and school think if they were to see you giving your pussy to a woman you just met and almost brought you to orgasm," Ana whispered softly. The question made Alex wet again.

"I don't know what they would think," Alex said.

"I want you to think hard about that," Ana asked again. "What would they think?"

"They would think that I am a slut," Alex said.

"Perhaps," Alex said as she buttoned up her blouse. Ana gave her a bag for her clothes and Alex bent down to pick up to take home. Ana then walked her to the front door of the salon and let her out. Before Alex left, Ana turned her around and kissed her.

"I guess we will see each other again when they need you get another make over," Ana said.

"Yes, whenever that may be," Alex said as she walked back to her car.

Once she got in, she drove away thinking of an explanation of her whereabouts and her new hair color. The drive back home didn't quite take as long as she had hoped or imagined, however, she could not believe how late she was getting home. It had almost been 5 hours since the end of the school day. She pulled in the driveway and parked her car. She then put her slut outfit in the trunk of her car while she gathered her brief case and walked into her house.

As she opened the door, she saw Mike sitting in the living room watching television. She took a deep breath and walked in.

"Hi honey, how are you," Alex said to her husband.

"I'm alright," Mike said staring at the television. "Did you have a late night at school?"

"Well, sort of," Alex replied. "I went and got my hair done."

Mike looked up and gave her a puzzled and confused look. She was not sure what to say to him.

"What happened to your hair," Mike asked surprised.

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