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The Couple Next Door


I'm Eric. I'm around thirty, fit and healthy, with a good job. Not married and currently between girlfriends, a state that I don't expect to last for long.

I live in a semi-detached house at the end of a court. I mention this because it means that apart from me and the couple next door, there are no passers-by. We do get the odd salesmen, but not many of them.

The couple next door are Bethany and Neil. They're both in their early twenties. Bethany is a very pretty girl. A bit shallow and a trifle vain but really just your everyday young woman. A little hot-headed at times, I've noticed, and also rather pigheaded. When she and Neil argue, Bethany generally wins by outlasting him. She certainly doesn't win on logic, because I've heard some of their arguments. They can be a bit loud at times.

Neil is rather more placid than Bethany, which makes me wonder at times how the two of them ever got together. To put it mildly, I'd categorise Neil as a wimp, first class. He really needs to start pulling Bethany into line.

It had been a hot day, and I was sitting on my veranda, enjoying the evening breeze, just relaxing with a beer. After a while I'd go in and watch the game on TV. It was a nice peaceful moment, one of those moments that are hard to come by.

My peaceful moment was ruined when Bethany and Neil came out to sit on the bench on their veranda. Apparently their house was still a bit hot and they had decided to catch the breeze as well. It also quickly became apparent that they'd been arguing while in the house, and were bringing their argument with them.

Neil was being straightforward and reasonable. (In my opinion.) Bethany was being petty and rude. (Also in my opinion.) He'd make a telling point and Bethany would completely ignore it and argue about some irrelevant triviality. She'd have made a fine politician.

It was pretty clear who'd win in the long run. Like I said, Neil was a wimp, and he wouldn't put his foot down. Or plant it firmly up her arse which is what he should do. Bethany's capacity for carping, and her ability to total ignoring the truth and the issue at hand, was going to win out in the end.

They both totally ignored me of course. I was sitting only a few feet away and could hear everything but they didn't give a damn. Neither did they give a damn that they were spoiling my peaceful evening. I was about to give it up and go inside when I decided why the hell should I?

I walked over to the railing separating the two verandas and stepped over it.

"You know, Neil," I said to him, "you're phrasing your arguments to Bethany all wrong. Would you like me to show you the correct way?"

He gave me a sour look, knowing he was getting no place, and assuming that I'd have no better luck. I sat on the bench next to Bethany and nodded to her, smiling. Then I pulled her so she fell across my knee, flicked her skirt up out the way and landed a hard spank on her bottom.

Bethany squealed and Neil laughed.

"That was just the warm up," I told Neil. "The full argument should be delivered on a bare bottom. If you'd be so kind?"

I indicated Bethany's panties and, still laughing, Neil pulled them down and off. Bethany gave another indignant squeal at this but then she had other things to be concerned about. I gave Bethany half a dozen good solid spanks to her bottom, while she squealed and wriggled.

Wondering just how gullible Neil was, I paused for a moment.

"Bethany would feel this a lot more if you took off her top as well. Being spanked while naked is rather embarrassing for a young lady, as well as painful. So if you don't mind?"

I'll give the idiot this much, he did hesitate.

"We are outside," he said. "What if someone comes past?"

"We're at the end of the court," I pointed out. "Nobody ever comes past here."

That seemed to satisfy him and he promptly pulled off Bethany's top before undoing her bra and removing that as well. Bethany squealed and gave her opinion of this desecration, but it didn't help much. She was still naked bar her skirt which was rucked up around her waist.

I gave Bethany another half dozen good firm spanks. Neil was still laughing as he listened to Bethany squealing. I wondered if he'd have laughed as loud if he'd noticed that my non-spanking hand was caressing Bethany's breast while I spanked her.

Pausing after those half dozen spanks I turned to Neil again.

"It is important not to overdo the spanking," I told him. "It's wise to check and see how the little woman is handling it. Like this."

My hand slipped between Bethany's legs and I inserted a finger between her lips, pressing in deeply. She was quite hot and rather wet, and the way she squirmed under my touch she was rather excited, too.

Unfortunately, she squealed in indignation when my finger slipped into her, so I had to shake my head in sorrow.

"Not quite done, it seems," I said, and resumed the spanking.

More by bad luck that deliberate design, a number of the next few spanks landed on Bethany's pussy, stinging it to the sound of protesting squeals.

Stopping again, my hand went wandering around and my finger went investigating inside Bethany. Now she was wetter than ever, and I could feel her clamping down on my finger as I moved it inside her. She was also not squealing, just gasping slightly as I stirred around inside her.

"I think you'll find that Bethany agrees that you were right and she was wrong," I told Neil. "Isn't that right, Bethany?"

Bethany was quickly nodding her head in agreement.

"Ok, now if you'll please stand up and lean over the veranda railing," I told Bethany, and she hastened to obey.

I'd stood up and moved behind Bethany, undoing my zip as I went. I had my cock out and was in the process of sliding it into Bethany when Neil finally realised what I was doing.

"Hey!" he squawked, "What are you doing?"

"Oh I'm just emphasising my mastery to Bethany," I told him. "Women are funny that way. They expect the man who spanks them to take them afterwards as a sign that we're accepting their submission. Isn't that right, Bethany?"

Bethany was nodding her head and at the same time pushing back against my cock, encouraging it to enter her faster.

Neil wasn't laughing any more. He didn't seem to know what to do.

"But we're outside," he protested. "You can't just bend Bethany over and fuck her in the middle of the street like this."

"You worry too much," I told him. "There's no one watching."

By this time I was not only in Bethany but drilling her hard, while she was eagerly lifting her bottom to meet me. She may not have enjoyed the spanking, but getting screwed by me out on the front veranda in front of her husband and the whole wide world was exciting her. She could always claim that she'd had no choice. She was, however, quite enthusiastic about accepting the terrible position she'd been forced into.

Having no idea when wimp boy would come to his senses and realise I had no right to be doing my best to screw his wife senseless, I set to with a will. I reached around to capture the breasts that Neil had so thoughtfully exposed while I also put in some serious pussy pounding.

I smacked into Bethany just as hard and fast as I could, while Bethany reacted positively, pushing back hard to meet me. We seemed to be in agreement that our sex would have to be hard and fast so that we might reach our climaxes before Neil overcame his wimpishness and protested.

We were both breathing hard as we came together. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

"You may want to prepare to have a go at Neil for putting you in this position," I told her. "Preferably before he has a go at you for submitting."

Fortunately, Neil ran out of time before he could launch a protest. I felt myself coming and thrust even harder into Bethany, finding her primed and ready to explode. She squealed as I finished inside her, gasping and shuddering as she had her own climax.

I stepped away from Bethany, leaving her bending over the veranda railing and gasping. I turned to Neil.

"You see," I said to him. "You just have to demonstrate who's in charge. If she tries to give you a hard time about letting her have this little lesson, repeat it. Toss her over your knee and spank her and then finish up by showing you're her master."

With that I stepped back across to my own side of the veranda and went inside. I waited just inside my front door, watching. I had a good view of Bethany and Neil's veranda from there.

Bethany finally straightened up from where she was leaning against the rail and came out fighting. She started to give Neil what for, but then things went slightly awry for her. Neil must have got himself an erection watching Bethany get balled, as he finally showed some balls of his own.

Bethany had barely got started on Neil when he grabbed her. He dropped onto the bench, dragging Bethany across his lap as he did so.

"You're a slow learner, aren't you, Beth," he told her, and I saw his hand rise and fall with a loud slapping sound.

Neil suddenly seemed to realise that he'd got away with it and he set to work with a will. Poor Bethany had her tail soundly roasted for a second time. When he finished, I thought for a moment that he was going to bend Bethany over the rail and take her then and there, but he wimped at that. He dragged her inside where I have no doubt he did his manly best.

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