tagLoving WivesThe Couple Next Door Ch. 02

The Couple Next Door Ch. 02


Things seemed to be heading in a direction I was unsure of. My nice quiet middle class life with a pretty wife and a garden, a good job with benefits, yes, comfort?

Heading down the tubes.

Right off the bat our new neighbors popped up as practically nudists, something my wife Sally and I weren't exactly used to.

Up until then there had been one time on vacation that Sally had actually gone topless, but ALL the women around us were topless, some even fully nude.

Nobody paid any attention at all, not a bit. So that incident excited me for perhaps 30 seconds, then I found I was paying no attention either. Even when one absolute knockout wandered up to us and asked for some water, wearing nothing but a hankie and some string, even that did nothing to me. Pleasant? Yea. Exciting..No.

So walking up to our fence to find Sally chatting away with David and Dana, Dana topless in her back yard and David naked with a damned full blown hardon was just a bit of a shock to my system.

Hell, it was Sally I expected to be shocked, she acted like this was normal, next thing I know SHE is fucking naked next to both of us, and I ended up sans shorts out in the open for the first time in my life.

I don't even know why, just to keep up maybe?

Then Sally started acting funny, not jealous of me looking at Dana which is what I would have expected, instead she was acting like she was excited at the idea of being nude and seeing David nude practically all the goddamed time.

It wasn't like he was bigger than me or better looking, I don't think he was, it was just...well, I just fucking don't know what it was.

I was probably a combination of turned on and jealous, hell Sally was my WIFE for God's sakes.

I sure as hell didn't want her getting screwed by my neighbor or anybody for that matter. At the same time I liked the looks of Dana and she kept making it obvious as hell that here was some pussy if I wanted it and her damned husband acted like he was totally unconcerned if I went and got some.

Go ahead, YOU try and deal with a situation like that, let me know how it turns out.

Then I fucked up. Bad enough I ended up pretty much masturbating Dana at the beach in public, even worse, Sally turned the tables and let David do the same which he seemed to manage with glee. I felt guilty and pissed off at the same time.

I realized I had pissed her off too, all right. I could understand that. So I resigned myself to keeping myself completely under control.

That sure worked real well.

That day Dana fell on the ladder and hurt herself, I was feeling in charge. I got to be the hero, the strong male figure that saved her, and I carried her in to let my wife treat her, so I was a hero in Sally's eyes, too! Off came Dana's shorts right in front of me(which didn't bother her one damn bit), still, I was now one up on my competitor. He had become that in my eyes.

Pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Yep, proud of myself.

Then Dana came over while I was gardening, one thing led to another and I was in her house, David was gone, off somewhere. Then it was "oil down her sore leg" and then it was obvious that not only was she mine for the taking but she was wanting, expecting me too. I could smell her excitement, and being male......

Somehow my face went between her legs, next she had her mouth on me, only the fact that I came brought me enough back to my senses enough that I managed to not fuck her right there on the couch, so help me.

My retreat was almost an escape, back to the safety of my home, my Sally. Of course I got the third degree, hell, she already pretty much knew, I never could hide anything from her.

One look at my guilty expression, one sniff of Dana's sex on me, yes, Sally knew. My next mistake was missing her anger, next thing I knew she was yanking me out the door, headed for Dana's place. Off to "fuck Dana", her exact words. Sure, I would have liked to, but I really would have preferred a belt upside the head and a couple of weeks on the cold couch as punishment for what we did.

I really did like my nice quiet happy middle class life.

Dana was quite delighted when she opened the door, then I was jerked inside and the door slammed shut. It might as well have been a jail cell, by then it had hit me that Sally was furious, and now not hiding it very well.

Great, I had two women tugging at my clothes in some kind of unspoken competition with each other, in the process Dana's hands were all over Sally who wasn't resisting, another complete surprise.

It never registered on Dana that Sally was pissed off at me and getting revenge, I had cheated on her and she knew it.

I couldn't even complain too much about Sally looking at David, we both always did look at other people and it never meant anything before. More than once Sally had elbowed me, pointing out some pretty gal with extra showing,she knew I liked that. I did the same to her when someone I thought she might find cute appeared, then we would tease each other in bed, fantasy stuff, it helped with lovemaking.

This wasn't fantasy, this was different, serious, I was getting almost attacked.

Then somehow I was forgotten, I was almost grateful until I realized that Dana had her face between Sally's legs and Sally was acting..no..not surprised, she was acting excited.

I managed to escape to a nearby chair, tugging my shorts back up to cover my quickly growing erection. Sally let out a groan and a shudder, damned if she didn't orgasm and she still had her top and panties on, her shorts went somewhere in the scuffle.

Now I was getting pissed off, Sally had never shown any lesbien tendencies at all. They both were completely oblivious to me, so I sneaked out of the room, through the back door and over our fence to our house.


It was an hour later that Sally came in, she looked at me with a sheepish look.

"Well, are we even?" I demanded.

"Dan, I..." her voice trailed off. She plopped down on the couch.

"I don't know what happened."

"Sally, neither do I."

"Come on, let's go take a shower."

That sounded good to me, we scrubbed and rubbed each other until the water ran cool. Then we walked with our arms around each other back into the living room. I told her what had happened between Dana and me, how I had managed to stop just in time, somehow the oral sex had been enough to bring me back to my senses.

"It won't happen again."

"Dan, I am no better, I just did it with her too."

"Sally, I know. You were mad, it's all right."

"No, you don't understand, once she started I couldn't stop. I wanted ....." her voice trailed off, her expression was one I had never seen before, some kind of deep thought.

"I never knew you had..bisexual tendencies?"

"I didn't know I did, either."

"That was fucking crazy."

"Yes, it was."

Sally and I had a long discussion. We just couldn't ignore David and Dana, they lived right next door. So we knew there was going to be nudity, it was their lifestyle. What we didn't have to do was share in it.

"But you like looking at her?"

"Yes, I do. And you like looking at him?"

"Yes, I do."

"All right, let's just relax, but keep the sex here at home between us."

"Dan, I..I don't know. I LIKED that!"

That didn't surprise me.

We talked for a good hour, finally agreeing that if it came down to just looking, maybe being nude too, then that would be OK, just no secrets. Then we went to bed, I almost expected Sally to reach for me, maybe she felt that I would. Neither one of us did. I was sensing some dark clouds ahead, I lay awake for a long time.

I was in my garden the next Saturday, David wandered out to the fence.

"Looking good!" he called out.

I stopped what I was doing, figuring he wanted to talk. I was braced for it. All he did was ramble on about my plants, then drifted off into telling me about some contract he had closed, that was it. He had his pants on, too, a bit of a relief.

I told Sally as soon as I got into the house. The conversation between David and I was completely normal, just two guys talking over a fence. Hell, a few days before I had had my face buried in his wife's beaver, she had sucked me off, then she had gone down on Sally and best I can describe is screwed her up beyond recognition, and the guy talks about plants and contracts.

I was beginning to think the guy wasn't normal. Oh, Hell. I KNEW the guy wasn't normal.

I did like him better with his pants on, though.

The next week, David was gone all week again. Dana spent a lot of time outdoors, sunbathing with no top on. I spent a lot of time trying to not look, and I will say I had almost no success at that. Then Sally came out and stretched out topless in our yard, now I had TWO beautiful women to look at while trying to tend to my yard.

The mailman came and went, nobody budged. Then the meter reader came down the street, same thing. David and Dana had a pool company service their little pool, two younger fellows came in, did their work and left, nobody budged. It was like some kind of competition between these two, I really couldn't explain or put my finger on it. My Sally just didn't lay out topless as strangers came by, now she did.

Yep, I was confused. Dana mercifully kept her distance from me, just waved and did her thing. It got peaceful around our house for a full month.

I even got used to the girls running around in all stages of undress, there were some other neighborhood gals that came over and joined them as word got around. I got so I could head off to my job, and not even worry.

Until that Friday night. I rolled up my driveway tired, it had been one of those days where either everything I touched broke, or everyone I dealt with was mad. So my mood wasn't exactly good going in.

No Sally. I went and looked out the window, Sally was in Dana's yard, sipping on some tall drink with what looked like weeds sticking out of it. Dana and the redhead I had seen at the party were laying there, Dana topless, Sally topless, and the redhead naked. It hit me I had never seen the redhead with clothes on, and I didn't even know her name.

David was over by the barbeque doing something, naked of course, and sure enough, a big fucking hardon. I think it was his dick that pissed me off as much as anything, the damned thing wasn't that huge but the end of the thing had a bulb the size of a chicken egg on it, easily twice as big around as the shaft.

I really did sometimes just want to whop him one, and I might have except he was easily as physical looking as me, and he always had that goddammed smile on his face.

I jumped in the shower and washed in record time, jerked on my bathing trunks and out the door. Sally smiled and said "Hi, Honey" as I vaulted the fence, found a chair and plopped down. Dana grinned at me, pointed at the redhead who was sitting there with one foot on the ground on each side of her lawn chair, her pussy popped open for the world to see and unconcerned.

"This is Joan, David's sister. You met her at the party."

I nodded, trying not to stare at the bulge of flesh sticking out from the scattering of red hair on her beaver. She just smiled, then lay back and closed her eyes, making it even worse. I swear to God she even opened her legs even more! Deliberate as hell, I thought. I was already regretting putting on my swim trunks, I had no place to hide my own fast growing bulge, finally I realized there was no need to and managed to breathe.

"So what's going on?" I asked Sally.

"Oh, we are just visiting, and David is making some chicken. I have some of my Potato salad, too."

I looked over at David who now was flipping chunks of Chicken around on the grill, perfect looking of course. I willed them to flame up and burn with no success, the idea that the meat would spatter and burn his fucking dick popped into my head and I went into a giggle fit which somehow got everyone else laughing too.

Then it hit me. Dana and Joan were stoned to their tits on something. I looked around, didn't see anything, now I was really curious, this wasn't like my Sally at all to be around any dope or anything. Lately nothing about Sally was normal. But at least she didn't look stoned.

It wasn't helping me any that six feet away was Joan, legs splayed out with as big a mass of flesh I ever saw pointed right at me. The area over her clit formed an inverted V shape, the fine red hairs curled upwards, leaving the pink underneath fully exposed. A damn drop of moisture slowly bulged up and trickled down her lips, I realized that she was getting off on exposing herself to me. My IQ dropped about 40 points, I was staring and couldn't stop.

Just then Sally reached over and patted my leg, let her fingers slide across my bulge.

"Ummmmm...." is all she said, giving me a wicked look. I managed to not just drop my trunks and hop on her somehow, I was losing control of myself.

David saved me.

"Come and get it!" He yelled. I collected my thoughts with a start, hopped up and grabbed a plate, anything to get away from being just about to make a fool out of myself.

But hell, even if I had jumped on Sally and started screwing her senseless right there, I bet this bunch would sit there and watch while talking about the fucking weather.

I was scooping up some of Sally's salad when Joan walked up, reached past me for a plate, rubbing her bare left tit across my back in the process. She dragged it across me as she leaned back too, that wasn't a bump, either. I tried to ignore her, but I caught her look. As I looked at her, her tongue came out and slid across her lips, then she was gone, heading over over by David.

I grabbed a beer, drank half of it in the first tip. The salad was just like Sally's always are, spectacular, the chicken was perfect of course. I was hungry so I ate, got a second helping and sat down again. In fact, it was VERY good, I was thinking of going for 3rds when I looked over at David and Joan. They were sharing a blanket over in the shade, their plates set aside. As I watched, David was stroking Joan's breast, it seemed almost a reflex. Her hand was on his thigh, another inch and it would be on his cock.

"Didn't Joan just get introduced to me as David's sister?" I thought.

Then they got up, hand in hand they went inside the house. The memory of the party, I had seen them do exactly the same thing popped into my head. I was beginning to get some of the picture.

The surprise must have shown, because Dana caught my eye.

"They are only half brother and sister." she said, like that made a difference? I just shrugged, what could I say?

Then I heard the aqueak of the gate around the side, I looked up and a guy I had never seen before came walking down the short path.

"Someone's coming." I whispered to Sally. She just looked at me, made no move to cover her bare breasts. The man walked into the yard, looked around.

"Hi, Dana." he said finally. "I thought you might be back here."

He nodded at Sally and me, went over to Dana.

"Is Joan around?"

"She is inside with David."

"Oh." He sat down next to Dana, close. Too close, I thought.

"This is Charles." She looked at me. "Charles is Joan's husband."

"Oh.." I was thinking it was time to leave before the fight broke out. But Charles settled in right up tight next to Dana, she didn't seem to mind. He reached out a grabbed a brew, tipped it back. Then he put his hand on Dana's thigh, smiling. He got up, held out his hand and she hopped up, off towards the house they went.

Sally and I looked at each other.

"Time to go," I told her. Sally got up, we headed back to our house. I was settled in, watching the Discovery channel an hour or so later when there was a knock on the door. I stared to get up to go answer but Sally went by headed for the door, still wearing just her bikini bottoms.

I started to say something but she already had the door open, Charles stood there. He looked her up and down with a smile.

"Hey, the party is still in full swing, why don't you guys come back over?"

My mouth was coming open to say "No thanks" when Sally said "sure, be right over." I resigned myself to it, I didn't really want to, there was too much going on over there all the time.

Everybody was sitting around, they now had a small fire going in the little circle of rocks in front of the chairs, it did feel good as dark was setting in and it was cooling off.

I started drinking. That is usually a mistake for me, I might have a beer, sometimes two over the course of an evening. Seldom more. So when I was a full six-pack down just an hour later let's just say I was not exactly myself. Joan was still running around naked, and she looked good enough to make me drool, I was staring. I wasn't doing a good job of being sneaky about it either. Her husband Charles soon had Sally cornered and as they seemed deep into conversation, I felt pretty relaxed about doing a little flirting.

Not my intent at all when we came back over, I just got drunk. Silly drunk, too. I completely missed it when Sally took off her bikini bottoms, David and Dana were both nude when we arrived. Charles had on a pair of yellow bathing trunks and soon lost those, and this left me the only one left with anything on.

I had managed to get into the pool with Joan and we were splashing around, acting silly. She was pretty drunk by this time, too. In one of the pretend scuffles she managed to get the waistband of my trunks with her fingers and down they went.

I didn't even notice Sally watching me intently as Joan made her escape with my trunks across the pool, throwing them up on the cement far out of reach. I tackled Joan, got a handful of titties, dunked her under the water. She came up sputtering and piled on me, getting ahold of my cock which by now was as hard as it ever gets in the process. I returned the favor by lifting her up out of the water, giving her a little toss, my hand directly on her crotch. We ended up with me pressed back against the side of the pool, her body mashed against mine, her fine breasts pressing into me. Her hands went down and found me, her hips came forwards, poised, she pressed down.

Suddenly I was fucking Joan in the pool, not even a thought to our surroundings, not a thought to Sally just 30 feet away. It didn't last long, either, and it didn't help any at all when Joan rolled her head back and let out a moan loud enough to wake the goddammed dead. Her body felt fantastic, she was tight and the large mass of flesh she carried between her legs felt like they were wrapped around me, gripping. I could feel the suction of the water, which caused us to use very small strokes, almost just a squirming against each other.

I was drunk enough that I thought no one realized, I paddled around for awhile and climbed out. I grabbed another beer, sat down next to Dana.

"That looked like fun."

"Oh. You saw..." I drank about half of the beer, looked at her through blurry eyes.

"Hard to miss!" she laughed.

I reached for another beer, looked around for Sally. She was nowhere in sight. It hit me then, I got up and found my trunks, hopping into them as I headed for the fence. I hopped it and went inside looking for her, she wasn't there. I looked everywhere, no Sally.

I ran back outside, hopped the fence, Dana was still sitting out there, Joan was sitting beside her.

"Where's sally?"

"She's inside."

I started to head for the house, Dana reached out and stopped me.

"You don't want to go in there."

I just looked at her.

Dana smiled at me, opened her legs blatantly.

"Stay here with me."

I pulled free, went inside. There was no one in the main room, I headed down the hall, cracked the back bedroom door a bit. With the outside light streaming in through the window, I could see Sally. Her head was bobbing up and down, I realized it was Charles laying there, she was sucking on his erection furiously. I pushed the door open, David was on his knees behind her, he was inside her, fucking her. Sally was obviously in the throes of orgasm, she never saw me.

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