tagRomanceThe Crimson King Ch. 03

The Crimson King Ch. 03


Domenico Roballo. The name Sammi had innocuously transmitted to Thorne had kept his sleep from being restful. Roballo had been one of his victims in 1884. He was more than surprised to find out that Domenico had been, for all intents and purposes, ‘preserved'. Sammi's shock ignited his senses like a short circuit but his trance-like state kept him immobile. Once the sun set, he was able to rise and sat up, rapidly blinking and letting his feelings stretch out for her.

Sammi, Sammi …


She had been so embarrassed. Jake had apologized, upset that the sight of Roballo had affected her so much while Roland looked on, shaking his head.

"I warned you."

"What the fuck was that thing?"

"A vampire." He answered, watching as she sat up with Jake's help. "No one wanted to kill him but we don't allow him to feed regularly. He gets awfully strong."

"Roland, vampires don't exist."

"Then you explain him!"

Sammi couldn't. There was no explanation to be had. The man in that cell was a walking dead man and he was alive. She looked to Jake who nodded. "Do you believe now?"

"I'm not sure." She said shakily. "May I speak with him?"

"Off the record. Permanently." Roland snapped. "And not for too long. He tires easily."

"I promise and Jake will be with me."

Roland gave a curt nod and re-opened the door, moving aside as the twosome entered. Domenico was still standing at the cell door, his gaunt frame swaying slightly.

"Sorry if I scared you, sweet." He rasped. "Are you all right now?"

For a moment, Sammi forgot that she could speak. "Uh … er, yes. Thank you."

"So why would a beautiful woman want to come see me?"

"Are you really a vampire, Mr. Roballo?"

"Yep. Was a farmer first. I sure miss the smell of freshly turned earth. Nothing like it in the world."

"Do you know who bit you?"

"Nope, never had the pleasure of meeting him. I was plowing a section of field when someone grabbed me from behind and bit me. Never knew what happened. Went home and let the wife clean me up. Then, I bit her. I had never fed before so I ended up killing her." He seemed to sag a bit at that revelation. "My boy, Danny, was next, then both of my daughters." He paused to take a breath. "After that, it was just anybody I could find until they caught me."

"And how long have you been here?"

"In this facility, about fifty years. I was captured in 1932 and I've been handed down through many generations."

"Do you want to die, Mr. Roballo?"

The leathery head hung, the greasy hair covering the damaged face. "I'd like that more than anything but I know that I'd probably go to hell."

"It's never too late to confess your sins, Mr. Roballo. A priest could give you a confession."

"Then would you kill me?"

Sammi shivered at the desperation in his voice. "No, Mr. Roballo. I couldn't kill you."

"I could kill you." The compassion she'd felt towards the unfortunate man died quickly, the underlying menace in his rasp palpable. "You'd be a tasty bit, eh?" He took a deep sniff. "Ah, you've met him, haven't you?"

Sammi tried to hide her shock but succeeded miserably. "N-No."

"Yes, you have. I can smell your arousal from here. You want to fuck him, don't you?"

"I think it's time to go." Jake muttered, taking Sammi's arm.

"He wants you, Sammi. He wants to split that snow-white pussy with his red rod. He wants to hear you scream his name as he takes your blood."

"Sammi … "

She couldn't move. Her feet were rooted to the spot as Domenico lewdly continued. "He wants to make you his own!"

"Sammi, come on!"

Later, she would not remember leaving the Examination Center, nor Jake driving her back to the office. She only came back to reality when they slid into her parking spot and Jake laid a concerned hand on her arm. "Hey, you okay?"

"Yes. Sorry to worry you."

"Maybe taking you there was the wrong thing … "

"No, it was right. Just a bit disconcerting." Sammi sighed deeply. "It's all so … "

"I know how you feel, Sammi. I felt the same way the first time I found out." Jake's dark eyes took on a faraway and haunted look. "I've spent nearly ten years searching for the Crimson King. And this time, we're so close."

"Jake … Roballo was right."

"About what?"

"I did meet him. At least I think I did."

"Jesus! Why didn't you tell me?"

"It didn't come together until he mentioned it."

"So you saw the murder?"

"No." She wracked her brain for the memory but they were foggy, like shadows crossing the moon, the light filtering through in patches and illuminating certain spots. "I heard a scream."

"And then?"

"I can't seem to remember, except … "


Sammi closed her eyes and was transported back to her balcony, to the vision of his mesmerizing eyes on the other side of a pane of glass, eyes filled to brimming with pain and despair. We can't try, dear Sammi. I would only break your heart. "N-Nothing." She stammered, her heart pounding as blood rushed to her face, recalling their mind touch. "I'd better get upstairs. I have a bunch of research to do."

"See if you can find out what his name is. It'd be interesting to find out what his history is."

Thorne. "Sure, Jake. I'll see what I can find."

Hours later, Sammi found herself in the library, searching through dusty tomes and crisped fiche plates looking for any information she could find on Thorne and coming up empty. She'd fielded a dozen calls concerning Mary, people claiming to be her parents, agents for the local welfare agency, etcetera. They always came out of the woodwork. Deep Throat had called, unfailingly polite as he reminded her that she held her life in her hands.

She forwarded the call to Jake, checked with Leon about the girl and satisfied that she was safe and taken care of, filmed a short follow-up for inclusion into the five o'clock broadcast and headed off to the library, where she still was now as the clock chimed eight.

"You won't find any information about me in these." The breath caught in her throat as she looked up into his luminous eyes, trapped between fear and flirtation. He pulled the chair out across from her, dropping his book onto the table and giving her a knowing smile. "Doing a little light reading?"

"Uh, yes." Sammi sat dazed, wondering what had gotten into her. Ordinarily, she was never at a loss for words but with this beautiful creature sitting across from her, she came undone. "Trying to find out more about you."

"Why?" He paused, pulling her legal pad over to his side and quickly perusing her writings. "Ah, a story. On vampires?"

"You know?"

"Of course." Thorne smiled into her eyes. "We're connected, love. Everything you see or feel, I see or feel." He moved closer to her, his scent wafting towards her. "Did you forget last night?"

"I wasn't sure that was real." Sammi blushed, looking back down at her notes.

"Shall I make sure that you know it's real?"

"I … " The moment his fingertips touched her cheek, she knew she was lost. A spark charged between them and his strong hand slid down her arm, the thick fingers weaving through her sweaty ones.

"Come with me."

She wanted to say no but her body betrayed her. Sammi blindly followed him up the stairs, not knowing where he was taking her and not really caring. The heat of his flesh against hers confused her senses and she found herself craving it. She hated that he seemed to know her better than she knew herself and she was afraid to find out what he had discovered carnally about her. He led her to a secluded area on the second floor of the library, respectfully placed the unused books and periodicals on the surrounding chairs and turned to her.


His seductive whisper fired her soul and she moved into the circle of his arms, her heart uncertain but her passion sure. The loneliness that rang so loudly in her heart found an answer in his embrace. She pressed her body against his as his mouth captured hers, his warm, dry lips meeting and measuring hers, then forcing hers open. She whimpered, her body shuddering as he took control, wresting that precious commodity away from Sammi Glass, TV reporter and finding Samantha Glassman, woman.

Sammi couldn't breathe. Every inch that pressed against his body tingled and she was growing light-headed, now that his mouth was claiming hers. Her hands encircled his neck and her hands slid through the thickness of his silky hair, the curls winding around her fingers as she opened her sweet mouth further, allowing his tongue to sweep inside and explore.

Thorne sighed with the slightest hint of whimper as her soft mouth opened to him. His tongue wrapped around hers, teaching her the experienced dance of seduction as he knew it and fanning her flames until glowing embers ignited into a tumultuous blaze, scorching them both. She clung to him, gasping as his deep kisses robbed her of breath, turning her shapely legs into jelly and reducing him to an enamored schoolboy.

"Do you still doubt that what's between us is real?"

His mouth took hers again, his hands sliding over the soft fabric of her blouse and pausing at the buttons. As he popped each one open, his lips kissed the newly exposed skin, lower and lower until his breath was fluttering over her quivering abdomen. Slowly, he placed a wet kiss just under her belly button and smiled at her loud intake of breath.

"Thorne … "

He unbuttoned the skirt and slid it past her hips, then used one of his sharp canines to pierce and shred her pantyhose. Her entire body trembled as he ripped them aside and lowered his face to the very wet juncture of her legs. Her juices had run down the inside of her legs, the majority pooling in her panties. He slid his hands very slowly up the curves of her hips, hooked his index fingers into the sides and pulled the panties down.

Sammi gasped at the feeling of nakedness. Her trimmed pussy was open to the air and exposed to his eyes. She felt the urge to speak, to cover herself from his scrutiny but the warm gust of his breath on her mound drove all thought from her mind. A shiver ran through her when his hands lifted her knees and pulled them aside, baring her weeping core. Knots of anticipation and pleasure twisted her stomach, tightening and unraveling at each touch of his mouth. She screwed her eyes shut and endured the breathless expectation that stretched her nerves to almost breaking, waiting for the stroke of his tongue.

Thorne spent a few long seconds inhaling her musky scent, then used one thick finger to part her ruby pussy lips, his mouth watering at the pearly juice that spilled out. Her body reacted immediately and he gazed at the beautiful sight of her body arching back, her heavy, rose-tipped breasts softly swaying. Her body hummed with tremors as his finger sank into her honeypot again and again, slightly curving upward and finding her special spot. He gently stroked, bringing her closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, then stopped, kissing her stomach as he waited for her to come back down.

She moaned in despair. She was so close … his finger was joined by another, stretching her, filling her, stroking her. A low groan escaped her and she heard herself grunt each time his fingers pumped into her hole. She tried to be quiet, remembering that they were in the library, but the sensations were too strong. A deep shudder tore through her as she moved toward the crest, only to dwindle into an erotic shiver when his fingers slid out of her.

"Thorne, please!"

Thorne ignored her plea, lowering his mouth to the inside of her thigh and sensuously licking her juices up and running them over his tongue. He pressed her knees farther apart, examining the pink outer lips and the much darker inner lips surrounding her blood red center with an appreciative eye, then snaked his tongue into her dripping hole. Her body arched again, the breath leaving her in one long gasp as he speared her deeply. He reached up and grabbed her pendulous breasts, giving them the attention he had earlier denied.

With each lick, he squeezed her soft flesh, rolling the nipples and pinching them in concert with his actions. Her pussy muscles rippled around his tongue and her nectar coated his face and flavored his mouth with its tangy sweetness. Thorne didn't think he could ever get enough. He moved his nose upward and pressed its tip on her hidden button, his tongue still stroking.

Sammi nearly screamed when he touched her clit and an intense jolt of electricity sliced through her, sending her already overloaded senses into overdrive. She wasn't aware that she was shouting his name. She wasn't aware that she had grabbed his head. She was only aware of her impending climax, wildly humping her snatch against his face as she finally reached the pinnacle. Pleasure burst through her, consuming her and leaving her gasping in its sultry ebb, her pussy still quivering around his tongue.

He drank every drop of her luscious cream, savoring her release as if it was his own and pulling back when she finally released his hair. If it was possible, she was even more beautiful, spent and sated. Her cheeks were as rosy as her hard nipples and her green eyes had darkened to a lust-driven hue that sent a shiver rushing down his spine. He retracted his teeth, forcing his hunger down for her sake and moved over her trembling form, seizing her mouth with a soft caress.

His husky whisper sent chills up and down her spine. "Do you still doubt that what's between us is real?"

"No." She answered breathily, caught in a blissful cloud. His elegant fingers rebuttoned her shirt and pulled her underwear and skirt back up. "Thorne … " She sat up and was immediately caught up in the beauty of his eyes, blushing as he raised her still damp panties to his nose and sniffed deeply.

"I can't help you with your story, Sammi."

"You can't? Or you won't?"

"Both." Thorne touched her cheek, his fingertips memorizing the silky softness of her skin and the warmth that throbbed underneath. "And you know why."

Sammi met and held his gaze, a tremble of fear snaking through her. "Because you're a vampire, too."

"Yes." Thorne nodded, tracing the tempting contours of her bottom lip. "But you already knew that." He watched the change in Sammi's face, seeing her accept the truth of her feelings.

"Did you … " She didn't want to offend him but she had to know. "Did you bite me?"

His smile was easy, lazily playing on his lips and brightening his eyes. "No, sweet." He almost chuckled at the relief on her face. "It was very tempting, though." He moved close and kissed her ear, whispering, "Especially when you were calling my name."

Sammi blushed again. "I … I … "

"Say nothing." He smiled. "It would take more than that to incite me to feed."

The word feed made her shiver. "I see."

"No, you don't, but don't worry, Sammi. I have given you my promise that I would not hurt you and my word will stand." He tucked her panties into his pocket and helped her onto her feet. "Let's get you back down to your books."

He escorted her back down the stairs and to her seat like a gentleman. It was such a departure from how he'd been just minutes ago, ravishing her pussy like a madman. Her still throbbing pussy twitched in response to her thoughts and she smiled even wider.

"Something funny?"

"Not really."

Thorne knew exactly what she'd been thinking. The connection they shared laid her every thought and feeling bare and he'd been hard as a rock since he'd taken her upstairs. He watched as she sat, checked the time on her cell phone and turned to him with a smile. "I'll say good night."

"Good night? Already? It's only 8:30."

"I know, but I don't want to impose on your time."

"It wouldn't be an imposition, Thorne."

His heart leaped in his chest and he took a breath, hoping that the warm feeling he felt from her was borne of attraction and possibly affection. "Then in that case, would you like to have dinner with me?"

The smile she gave him was so brilliant and so warm that he thought he'd died and had gone to heaven. "Dinner? You can have dinner?"

"I do eat, Sammi."

She laughed. "I'm sorry. I've just never known a vampire before." Sammi felt so stupid. How could she have said something as stupid as that! "I'd love to have dinner with you."

"Good. Shall I pick you up here?"

"Yes, the library closes at ten. If you could come back here … "

Thorne leaned down and kissed her, pressing her mouth open and tasting her yet again. "I'll see you at 10:01."

"Okay." Her shy smile gave him the jitters. "See you then."

Sammi Glass watched Thorne leave, closing her eyes and remembering the feel of his hands on her skin, of his mouth on her legs, of his tongue in her sex. Her pussy pulsed again and she felt his warm breath on her neck, even though he had departed.

Soon, dear Sammi. Soon.

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