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The Cruise


I would have never dared to do this before but my best friend had given me the tickets as a birthday surprise. We had been best friends for over twenty years and she had been there for me when no one else had been. Tina and I had been roommates in college and had become very quick friends. We had even been each other's maid of honor for our weddings. We have always been very close and even when we had wanted to experiment sexually we had experimented with one another. Then last year, after fifteen years of marriage, my husband, Gary had passed away from a heart attack. I was devastated and Tina had been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Now it had been over a year since Gary's death and for my fortieth birthday Tina and Brad had bought me tickets for a very special two week Caribbean cruise.

This cruise was special because it was a sex cruise for people between the ages of thirty-five and fifty. I had not had any sex at all since Gary's death and had only recently started having urges once more. Gary had been the love of my life and we had been faithful to one another and he had satisfied all of my needs in that area. But it had been over a year and I had grieved for him for all of that time. In my grief I wasn't even remotely interested in sex but as my grief has eased my sex drive has come back. We had never had children because Gary had been sterile so all I had now was my work and Tina and Brad. My work was very important to me and I loved my job but I did need a vacation. I was a history teacher at a local community college and it was very fulfilling. The school year was just coming to an end when my birthday came around in early May. That was when Tina and Brad had taken me out for dinner and gave me the tickets, which were for the last two weeks of July.

Anything was permissible on this cruise as long as all of the participants were willing. When Tina and Brad gave me the tickets there was a web site address that contained a questionnaire about my body type and sexual preferences and the like. After I got home from my birthday dinner, I read over the brochure and realized that the questionnaire's purpose was to match me up with a roommate for the duration of the cruise. That made me a little nervous but also excited. I would be sharing a cabin with a complete stranger for two weeks on a sex cruise in the Caribbean. This could be quite interesting. Another prerequisite for the cruise was that every person had to pass an STD test that was given by the cruise ship company's medical staff. Only those that tested clean of any STD's including AIDS would be allowed to participate. If someone tested positive then their money would be refunded. They also performed a criminal background check so that there would be no sexual predators on this cruise. I appreciated the security measures because the last thing I needed was to get myself into trouble while on vacation. It was also recommended for women to go on some sort of birth control if they did not want to become pregnant on the cruise but condoms would also be provided. These procedures were why I had until the last two weeks in July to make the necessary arrangements.

As I finished up the school year and then started making the necessary arrangements for the cruise my excitement grew. My name is Elizabeth, but all of my friends called me Liz and Gary had called me Lizzie. At forty my body was still in pretty good shape, although I was a bit on the plus side. I was 5.4 and weighed about 160 lbs. I am a natural blond with long wavy hair that I take a great deal of pride in. There is just a small touch of grey that can hardly be seen unless you know it is there. My best physical attributes were my large breasts, which were 40DD's and my blue-grey eyes. Because of their size, my breasts did sag a little but not that bad for a woman of forty. I will say that I have a very nice shape for a woman my age with just a little bit of a tummy. My pussy was all shaved perfectly smooth except for a thin strip of blond hair at the top and my legs were still very shapely.

I sat at my computer, working on the questionnaire, and had to think about my sexual preferences. I like men but I am willing to experiment with women, but the only woman I had ever experimented with had been Tina when we were in college. It had been a good experience but she had also been my best friend so I'm not sure I would be willing to try anything with another woman or not. I definitely would prefer a male roommate for the cruise and maybe something might happen with another woman. So I answered the questionnaire as straight but with a willingness to experiment. The next question was about what kind of man I would prefer. Again I had to think about it. It had been a long time since I had thought about any other man except for Gary and I wasn't all that sure what I preferred. I wanted a man that was intelligent and funny...I loved to laugh...and he also had to be a good dancer and be willing to do more than just have sex. I liked men who were experienced and knew what a woman would like. Someone with a romantic streak would be nice. He had to be at least in decent physical condition but did not have to be perfect or Mr. Muscles. Gary had been decently endowed with a cock of about 7 inches and I found that very satisfying so I think I would like about the same size. I wasn't too concerned about the other physical attributes of the man except that I prefer white men as I am white. I'm not racist or anything but I have found that very few black men have the same interests as I do. I prefer country music and soft rock. Mostly music from the 70's and 80's, with a little 90's mixed in. I finished the questionnaire and uploaded a picture with it and sent it off to the cruise company.

Next I had to complete the STD test which I was not concerned about in the least because Gary and I had been very faithful to one another. Then the criminal backgrounds check which I wasn't worried about either. The last thing I did was visit my doctor for some birth control pills. The last thing I needed was to come home pregnant. Finally all the security checks were completed and I was cleared to enjoy my sex cruise vacation.

By July 1st all of the preliminary procedures were complete and I was cleared for the trip. Now I just had to think about what I was going to pack. So I called Tina and we took a weekend trip to the city to do some shopping. We had a blast....it was the perfect girls weekend out and by the time it was over I had everything I would need for the trip, from a new swim suit to some beautiful evening gowns with all the accessories. By this time I was bubbling over with excitement. This was going to be the best two weeks of my life.

On the 7th I received an email from the cruise company with the picture, name and profile of my roommate. His name was David and he was from South Carolina and was a real southern gentleman. He was divorced with a grown son and he was forty-five. He had dark hair with a small sprinkling of grey in it and the most gorgeous blue eyes I had ever seen. He was 5.10 and weighed 200lbs. His profile said his cock measured a little over 7 inches and was almost two inches in diameter. He loved to laugh as well and he had a good sense of humor. He loved to dance and was a pure romantic. Exactly what I was looking for....I was really looking forward to meeting him.

The ship was to leave Miami on July 16th so I arrived by plane in Miami on the 15th and would stay in a hotel that night and arrive at the dock in the morning. Tina and Brad saw me off at the airport and said they would be there to pick me up when I got home. I gave them both a big hug and started on my new adventure. The plane trip was uneventful and I arrived at my hotel just in time to have a nice dinner. It was very hot in Miami so I wore a very cool and flowing pink sun dress that ended just above my knees and hugged my curves enticingly. The hotel had an excellent Mexican restaurant on the premises and that is where I had my dinner. I ordered a margarita while I waited for my fajitas and relaxed, listening to the soft music that was coming through the speakers in the ceiling. I noticed quite a few male glances coming my way but I ignored them and just enjoyed my drink and nibbled on a few chips with salsa once and a while. My fajitas arrived on a sizzling plate and they were excellent. After my meal I went back to my room and tried to read a romance novel I had brought but my excitement wouldn't let me concentrate. I finally calmed down and drifted off to sleep at about 11 o'clock.

The next morning I woke up bright and early and jumped into the shower. I dressed in a white sundress that had small red hearts on it. The skirt ended at mid-thigh and it had spaghetti straps at the shoulders. I wore a red strapless bra under it that pushed my breasts up and out so there was plenty of cleavage showing. I also wore a matching pair of thongs as my panties. No panty hose were necessary because it was going to be very hot today. I strapped on some high heel wedge white sandals to accentuate my legs. I added just a touch of makeup...I had never needed much because my complexion was always very nice....but today I added some blood red lipstick and a little eye liner and mascara. My blond hair was swept away from my face with red barrettes on each side and it flowed down my back beautifully. Finally I added red heart shaped earrings and my favorite perfume...Elizabeth Taylor's 'Diamonds'. There that should get the men's attention. I went down to the hotel's lounge and ate a little bit of their continental breakfast but was so nervous and excited that I couldn't eat much.

I went back to my room and packed up my bags and was at the dock by 11 am. The ship wasn't scheduled to leave until 2 pm but I wanted to get to my cabin and get unpacked before we had to caste off. As I walked into the main lobby of the ship and checked in with the attendant, I felt the appreciative eyes of the men that were there. As I turned to follow the porter to my cabin a man in uniform stepped up to me.

"Hello, I'm Captain Carl Johnson. Welcome aboard the pleasure cruise." His voice was deep and sounded like smooth velvet.

I looked up to see smiling green eyes twinkling at me as he welcomed me aboard. He had dark hair with grey at the temples and a goat-tee that was also sprinkled with grey. "Thank you Captain. I am looking forward to a wonderful two weeks. My name is Elizabeth Hanson but everyone calls me Liz." I smiled as I held my hand out for him to shake.

"Nice to meet you Liz and I hope we can get to know one another a little better over the next two weeks." Instead of shaking my hand he brought it up to his lips and lightly kissed it.

I blushed becomingly as I felt butterflies start to flutter through my stomach and smiled back at him. "That would be nice, Captain." My knees were a little shaky and I could feel my panties starting to moisten as he looked into my eyes.

"Until we meet again sweet lady." He murmured as he kissed my hand again. I caught my breath and slowly took my hand from his. Then I turned back to the porter. "Well Captain, I really do need to get to my cabin so I can unpack before we caste off. But I hope to see you later at the welcome aboard party."

"I will be looking for you lovely Liz." The Captain smiled sexily and then let the porter guide me away toward my cabin. Wow, he was quite handsome and a rogue as well it would seem.

The porter opened my cabin door for me and then gave me the key before he brought in my luggage. "You should have everything you need ma'am but if there is anything else you would want, my name is Charlie and all you need to do is dial 0 for the desk and I will bring you anything you desire." He winked at me.

"Thank you so much" I smiled at him and gave him a tip. Charlie gave me a big grin and then he was gone.

I closed the door and then turned to survey the room. The room was quite large with a queen size bed at one end. There was mirror above the bed and night stands at each side. The dressers, night stands and tables in the room were of a dark cherry wood as was the head and foot boards for the bed. The walls were an off white but all of the accents in the room were a blood red and wine colored. The bed spread on the bed was a solid wine color. The carpet was a red and wine stained pattern that accentuated the bed spread perfectly. There were two dressers that sat against the walls on either side of the bed and a large closet near the bathroom door next to where I was standing. Between the tall dresser along the outside wall and the closet was placed a lovely cherry table with two chairs placed near it. The chairs were also covered in the same wine material that the bed spread was made of. There were two port holes for windows and a glass door that led out to a balcony. The other dresser was against the inner wall and it was long and short with a mirror attached to its back. On this dresser were a variety of items and I went to see what they were. I blushed as I saw all kinds of different sex toys there: vibrators of many different shapes and sizes as well as butt plugs and lotions and lubricants. There were a couple of pair of furry handcuffs and even some rope for those who may want to get really kinky. There were even some strap on devices and a note that said there were batteries in the drawer and a new supply would be given if needed. On the table stood a bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne on ice with two glasses. Between the bathroom door and the closet was mounted a nice size flat screen TV that was playing a sex scene at the moment of two men sharing one woman. All in all it was a very enticing and sexy room and I was already a bit turned on by my encounter with Captain Johnson.

My eyes kept returning to the dresser with the vibrators on it with longing. I would really like to get off before my roommate was due to arrive. I tried to ignore that longing and turned to my luggage. I picked up one of my suitcases and placed it on one of the chairs to open it but then the scene on the TV caught my eye and that was all it took. I decided I could just give myself a quick orgasm before David got there. So I went over to the vibrators and picked one out that was about 7 inches long and textured like a cock and quickly put batteries in it. I lay on the bed fully clothed and watched the scene being played out on the TV. The woman was being double penetrated now with a cock in her pussy and a cock in her ass. Then a third man showed up and she started sucking on his cock. Damn that was a huge turn on: three cocks at once and it made me really wet. I pulled the crotch of my panties to one side and turned on the vibrator. I rubbed it up and down my slit to spread my cream and then slowly inserted it into my pussy. I turned the power to high and felt the vibrations deep inside. Then I pulled it out and let it rest on my clit...god that feels so good. Shivers run up and down my spine as the vibrator attacked my clit. Slowly I insert it again and let it pulsate against my inner walls. I lay back and let the waves of my orgasm start to build. As the vibrator filled me up I feel my juices flow even more. My whole pussy is sopping wet and I start to breathe faster as I thrust my toy deeper. I run my hands over my breasts but I can't let them out because I have to be conscious of the time. I watch the scene on TV as the three men pound into the woman and she squirts all over all of them. It is enough for my own orgasm to start. I thrust the vibrator in harder and faster and close my eyes as the wave reaches its crest and my orgasm overtakes me. My eyes are closed and my head is thrown back as one hand pushes the vibrator faster and my other hand is playing with my clit. My juices are flowing so much that it is causing a puddle to pool on the bed. I am coming as hard as I can just as the door opens and Charlie is ushering David into the room.

"If you need anything Mr. Sanders, just.......oh my god" I hear Charlie say as he sees me on the bed for the first time.

I am so far gone that I don't even fully comprehend that they are there. My orgasm is washing over me over and over when I feel some hands on my legs. I open my eyes and I see the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes looking at me. When David speaks it causes shivers to roll over me once again. "You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen." His voice is deep....he sounds like Johnny Cash with a wonderful southern accent. David spreads my legs and moves his head between them. "Let me taste that sweet nectar love." Then I feel him take the vibrator out to be replaced by his tongue.

Charlie has moved to one side of the bed near my head and he has his cock in his hand. He asks, "Would you suck on this cock, lovely lady?" I open my eyes and Charlie has his cock right in front of my face. I open my mouth and he quickly places his hard shaft into my warm and wet mouth and I start to suck on him while David is licking my pussy. David then sticks two fingers up inside of me and quickly finds my G-spot. That pushes me over the edge and I start to squirt all over his face. I am moaning as my orgasm washes over me and I suck even harder on Charlie. It doesn't take long for Charlie to let loose into my mouth. I swallow every drop as I feel David kneel between my thighs and push his thick cock into me. He thrust all the way in and starts pumping into me right away. Oh god I am going to cum again....his cock feels so good inside of me. It is thicker than the vibrator so it stretches me even more. I can feel my pussy start to convulse around him and I hear him groan. "You are so tight sweetheart! I'm going to fill you up with my seed." He starts to move faster and harder and I start to orgasm yet again. He groans and releases himself into me with rope after rope of hot cum. I feel it hit my womb and it makes my orgasm even stronger. Oh god, that was the strongest orgasm I have ever had!

Charlie has collapsed into the nearest chair while he watches David fuck me hard. David collapses on the bed next to me and that is when I finally come to my senses and blush a deep red. "I'm sorry....I didn't mean to...."

David interrupts me and says, "Don't apologize love.....I couldn't have asked for a nicer welcome." His voice sends shivers down my spine again. "But we do need to get up and about if we want to be on deck for the caste off and then the welcome aboard party." He clumsily gets off the bed because his pants were still around his knees. I giggle a little at the sight but I should get cleaned up as well.

Charlie grins and says, "Ms. Liz, I think you will be one of my favorite guests on this trip." He gets up and straightens his uniform and says, "Now if you will excuse me I really should get back to work."

"Of course, Charlie, and you are welcome to come back any time love." I say as Charlie takes his leave.

Chapter 2

I look at David and say, "I should get cleaned up. Do you want the bathroom first or can I go first?"

"You go ahead love. I need to get some clean pants out." He smiles and waves me toward the bathroom.

I grab my toiletries and walk into one of the most luxurious bathrooms I have ever seen. On one wall is the counter with two sinks and a wall size mirror over the sinks. There is a medicine cabinet on each side so there is plenty of room for both mine and his things. The colors of the bathroom accentuate the bedroom with off white walls and the sinks were a deep wine color. There was a border along the top of the walls in red and wine as well. The towels hanging on the racks were also a red or wine color. The toilet sat across from the sink and the far wall was taken up by a huge shower stall. It was enclosed in glass doors and I opened one to turn the shower on. I undress and then take a facial cleanser out of my bag to wash the mascara and eye liner off my eyes. Then I take the barrettes out of my hair and take my favorite shampoo and conditioner out of my bag. I put them on the ledge in the shower and turn to get my soap and a red washcloth. Then I step into a warm luxurious stream of hot water. The spray feels so good as it flows over my hair and down my back. The shower head is one of those that can be taken down, with a hose that extends to reach all the way to the back of the stall if necessary. At the back of the stall is a bench that I can sit on and play a little if I want to.

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