tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Cruise Ch. 01

The Cruise Ch. 01


It's amazing the things that can happen when your friends convince you to do something. My best friend Glenn somehow got me to sign up for one of those single's cruises. At first I was skeptical, but decided to go with it just for the fun.

The boat set sail from Miami and we were going to be at sea for a week. As soon as we stepped on board, I was thankful that Glenn talked me into going. There were beautiful women everywhere, of all shapes, sizes, and colors. And considering the fact that we were going to be sailing from Florida into the warm Caribbean waters, many of the women were already in bikinis and skimpy outfits. Glenn and I shared a knowing smile, all the exposed cleavage and nice round asses parading around us.

The first night on the boat was cool, with a couple of activities and mixers designed to get to know the other people on the cruise. We had a good time, partying, drinking, and meeting women. It's was the next night, however, where things really got interesting.

There was a party going on in one of the ball rooms. There was a bar and a good DJ playing music. There were a lot of people having a good time. After getting a drink at the bar, I started walking through the dance floor and this woman caught my eye. She was fair-skinned with a nice tan, and had long dark hair. She was wearing a pink bikini top and matching boy shorts. She was dancing with a woman, but I decided to ease up behind her and start dancing. When I got there, she turned around to look at me, smiled, and then faced me to dance. She quickly warmed up to me and started dancing closer, letting me put my hands on her waist and hips. She turned to face away from me and started grinding her ass into my crotch. I was wearing long swimming trunks that came down to my knees, so there wasn't much clothes between my cock and her ass. I'm sure she felt the wood that was starting to form in my shorts.

After a sharing a few dances, she leaned over to whisper in her friend's ear and gestured towards the door. She then leaned closer to me and told me that she wanted to go up to the deck for a quick smoke and asked if I would join her. I said "Yeah" and took her hand as she led me out the dancehall.

We got up to the deck and found an empty section of railing to lean against. It was fairly late at night, and there weren't many people around, so we were basically alone. She pulled a cigarette and lighter from her cleavage and lit it. "I'm Ava, by the way," she said, holding her free hand out.

"Mark," I responded, shaking her hand. I could hear a southern accent in her voice and asked her where she was from.

"Georgia," she said with a smile. "And you sound like you're from up North."

"Yeah, from Jersey."

She told me that she was here with her friend Dawn, the women she was dancing with. "We've been having a really good time," she said, blowing smoke out over the water. "Sometimes all you want to do is relax, drink, and have a good time."

"I know what you mean," I said, looking into her intense brown eyes.

She flicked the last of her cigarette over the railing and watched it as it fell to the water below. "And those tequila shots I had at the bar are making me feel real good right now," she said with a mischievous smile. She moved closer to me and placed her hand on my stomach.

"Oooh, you have nice abs. Can I see?" she asked. I lifted up my shirt and showed her my abs. "That is real sexy," she said as she rubbed her hand up and down my stomach. "You must work out a lot."

"I hit the gym about 3 times a week after work," I said.

"I like a guy with muscles," she said softly. She looked into my eyes and started moving her hand lower. I felt the tips of her fingers reaching in under my shorts. "I wonder what else you have that I might like?"

I leaned down and gave her a deep kiss. My hands grabbed her waist and I pulled her closer, our bodies pressing together. I could taste the liquor and cigarettes on her breath. Her skin was smooth, and her athletic body felt soft in all the right places. We stood there at the railing kissing for a while, her hand in my shorts and playing with my dick. She moaned when she felt it getting stiff in her hands.

I lowered my head further and began kissing on her neck, tasting her sweat. She started moving her hips a little, grinding into me. She used her free hand to guide my hands up her back to the knot of her bikini. I took her cue and pulled it loose. Her full tits popped out, the light brown nipples already pointy from the cool breeze and her arousal. I reached up and cupped them, feeling them fill my hands. She leaned her head back when I flicked my tongue over her nipples and let out a sigh. Eva leaned back against the railing, supporting herself on her back and elbows. I moved my head down lower and kissed her belly. I lightly rubbed her pussy with my fingers through the fabric of her boy shorts, making her moan even more. I pulled Eva's shorts down and took a moment to look at her pussy. The lips were already a little fat from her excitement, and her close-trimmed dark pubic hair was glistening with some of her juices. Eva's clit was just starting to peek out. I didn't hesitate and went straight for it, my tongue licking around it. The taste of Eva's cunt filled my mouth and made me want more. I plunged my tongue into her hole and moved it in and out. Eva moved her hips, fucking my face with her pussy. She grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face in deeper. My nose rubbed against her clit back and forth. I heard Eva let out a squeal and she pressed her snatch tight against my face, suffocating me for a moment as her cum covered my mouth and chin.

She released my head and I stood up, a little dizzy but ready to continue. Eva pulled my shorts down and started stroking my hard cock. I turned her around and and kissed the back of her neck. Eva spread her legs as I pressed my cock against her pussy from behind. I felt her grab my hard shaft and guide into her pussy. Her walls were tight, but her cum helped me slide in until her ass was pressed against my groin. I stayed like that for a moment, just letting her feel my full cock filling her pussy.

I gripped Eva's hips and started fucking her from behind. Her ass was nice and firm, making a gentle slapping sound against my groin when I slid back in. Eva reached down and started playing with my balls, her fingers tickling them and sending chills down my back. The cool air felt good against my sweaty skin. I reached around with one of my hands and grabbed Eva's tits. I started pinching and playing with her hard nipples. Eva started moving her hips and fucking me back.

I heard a sound from behind us and turned around. A woman was standing a few feet behind us, watching Eva and me fucking. She had medium-length blonde hair and was wearing a yellow tube top and black short skirt. On her feet were a pair of gold rope sandals. The woman sat on a deck chair and smiled at me. I smiled back as I continued to pound Eva's pussy. She kept her eyes on me as she slowly pulled down her tube top, her small but full tits popping out. She rubbed her nipples in slow circles and licked her lips at me. I fucked Eva harder, making her squeal more. The woman's hand disappeared underneath her skirt for a moment and I watched as she shifted her weight. Her hand came back into view, pulling her black thong down her legs. She let the underwear dangle at her feet and wiggled them at me seductively. The woman then lifted the front of her skirt up and showed me her shaved pussy. She spread the lips with her fingers and started rubbing her clit. She never took her eyes off me and Eva as she slid her fingers into her snatch and started finger fucking herself. I winked at her and got an idea in my head.

I grabbed Eva by her hips and slowly lifted her feet off the floor. Eva wrapped her arms around the rail and her feet around my back to support herself. I looked back at the woman and smiled widely. She started fucking her hole faster, her chest moving up and down with her shallow breathing. Eva started moaning louder as I controlled the pace of our fucking, my thick cock slamming into her pussy. My balls slapped against her cunt. Eva let out a loud moan and I felt her body tremble. She gripped the rail tight and moaned my name as she climaxed. I felt her pussy grip my cock and dripped down my legs.

"I want you to cum on my ass," she managed to say in between breaths. I let her stand on the floor and slowly pulled my dick out. I felt more of her cum gushing out, dripping down my cock and legs. Some of it even splattered on the floor at our feet.

"I didn't know you were a squirter like that," I said as I rubbed the head of my cock over her ass.

"That ony happens when I'm getting it real good," she responded. I gently spread her ass cheeks and pressed my cock in between them. Eva started moving her ass, moving my cock up and down between her cheeks. I looked behind us and saw the woman furiously fucking her pussy, her glistening fingers sliding in and out of her wet hole.

"We have an audience, and she's enjoying the show," I whispered in Eva's ear. She turned around and saw the woman sitting back on the deck chair, masturbating. Eva waved her fingers at the woman, and the woman smiled back. Eva reached back and grabbed the back of my neck. Turning her head, she pulled me down and gave me another deep kiss. She continued to grind slowly on my cock as we kissed. After a few moments, I felt the pressure build up in my balls. I told Eva I was about to cum. She pushed me back a little and reached behind her to grab my cock. She started stroking my dick. I felt my toes tense up and my head start spinning. I let out deep grunt as cum shout out my cock and onto Eva's ass. She jerked my dick faster, pumping my hot semen out. She looked right at our watcher and rubbed the head of my cock all around her ass. The woman arched her back and her body shuddered. When she was done, she pulled her top back on and pulled her thong off her feet. Holding them in her hands, she stood up, straightened her skirt, and gave us a big smile and nod before walking away.

Eva and I pulled our shorts back on and, as I was about to tie her top back, she reached up and stopped me. "No, I think I'll go back to my room like this," she said, smiling. "It will give Dawn something to talk about." She took my hand and led me back inside so I could walk her to her room.

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Yeah, right!

I have that exact same dream! Amazing!
Only in my dream, you fuck her after me, getting my sloppy seconds.
As a result, you end up impregnating her ass, and she gives birth to a baby boy turd, who to thismore...

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