tagBDSMThe Cruise Ch. 04

The Cruise Ch. 04


I woke up, still warm and curled up next to Mistress. Given the angle of the light in the room, it must be approaching dinner. I yawn, and shift a bit in her arms. She smiles down at me, and pats me gently on the head.

"How are you feeling, slave?" she asks.

"I am well, thank you for caring for me Mistress," I reply, somewhat lying, as my caged cock is now aching and screaming for release. It seems to have dripped a small puddle of pre-cum on the bed where I was sleeping.

I rise out of bed, and help Mistress to her feet. Quickly, I fetch her clothes; a nice evening dress with stockings and heels. I help her dress before dressing myself, and kiss her divine feet, as is customary. It's approaching dinner time, and Mistress is likely getting hungry, so I escort her from our room to the nearby buffet.

We are guided to a table with a few other women. This particular cruise seems to be mainly patronized by a specific type of people, and this table is no exception. The women are quite large, and generally in their mid-40s or early 50s. I strongly suspect that people like Jim frequent this cruise due to this particular demographic.

I smile and greet the women as we sit, and they return the favor before mostly chatting amongst themselves. In the meantime, we order dinner, and Mistress of course enjoys some wine with it as well. I get her permission to begin eating, but not before thanking her for the privilege of dining at the table with her.

The women across from us seem to have noticed our dynamic, and begin whispering to each other inaudibly and laughing while glancing at me occasionally. Mistress has clearly picked up on this as well. Before long, one of them beckons to her, and they adjourn to the restroom nearby. I'm left at the table to speculate as to what's going on between them. Of course, I remain in place and patiently await Mistress' return, as doing anything else would be a very clear violation of my training.

After a good ten minutes or so, the group returns, laughing and chatting together. They seem to have bonded, although over what, I don't quite understand. The women eventually say their goodbyes, and leave the dining room together. Mistress motions for me to get up, and we walk back to our room.

"Slave, these wonderful woman have invited us to their deluxe state room for some fun this evening," Mistress begins, during the walk back to the room. "We'll of course be attending, and you will be on your best behavior the entire time. Don't embarrass me."

"Yes Mistress," I reply, obediently.

We return to the room, and Mistress begins to get ready for the party. I strip naked and serve as her attendant while she prepares. I wash her in the shower, assist with her beautiful hair, and paint her nails. She puts on the beautiful dress from before, and begins to select my outfit.

"I think it's time for us to be a bit more open about what you are, slave," Mistress says, while digging through her drawer. "I suspect it's no longer a secret on this cruise, so there's no point in hiding it anymore."

I nod, not quite understanding the depth of what she is implying quite yet. Mistress turns around and hands me a black thong, a short skirt, and a simple black top. She places a pair of heels with thigh-high socks at my feet as well. I turn bright red, but know better than to complain.

Mistress watches with amusement while I dress, and finally slip into the heels. She guides me over to a mirror, and makes me stare at myself.

"Now this is how my slutty little slave should look," she remarks, clearly quite happy. "Now everyone knows you're here for their pleasure."

I nod, and we walk out the door together. I stumble carefully down the hall, not used to walking in heels. Patrons snicker and whisper to each other as we walk by, and one woman is bold enough to grab my ass, prompting a slight yelp. Mistress laughs, and forces me to keep walking.

We ride the elevator up a few decks, and get out on the most lavish floor on the ship. A few steps away, we reach a double-door, clearly the entrance to the room belonging to the women before. Mistress presses the doorbell, the doors open, and we enter.

The suite as mostly as you would expect. It's large with multiple rooms and bedrooms, well-furnished, incredibly lavish, and even has a private deck overlooking the ocean. I don't know who these women are, or how they afforded this, but it's absolutely incredible. The room is full of people, generally belonging to the same demographic as the women from dinner. There are a few men around, although I don't see Jim at the moment.

As we enter, Mistress forces me out in front of her, and everyone goes silent. They all stop what they're doing, and look directly at me.

"As promised," Mistress begins. "I've brought your...entertainment for the evening. This is my slave, and I've spent a good deal of time training it, so please, accept it as my gift to you."

My face goes cold, and turn back to look at Mistress. She grabs my hair and brings my ear close to my mouth, and begins to whisper.

"You'll do exactly as everyone here says, or you'll be punished in ways you cannot even fathom. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress," I reply, doing my best to hide my fear.

She pushes me away, and resumes smiling. Mistress then grabs a drink, and begins talking with some of the other women at the party, while I'm left standing there, confused and anxious. Before long, a woman I recognized from the dinner approaches me, and grabs my arm.

"Come with me, slave," she says, impatiently. "We need to get you set up."

I follow meekly behind her, still struggling with my ridiculous outfit. She guides me over to one of the side rooms. Unlike the main room, this one is decidedly less lavish. It's full of various ropes, bindings, chains, and tons of various implements of punishment. In the middle of the room is a long flat platform, with a hard metal base and four bindings. The woman pushes me onto the cold table, and snaps the bindings in place around my arms and legs. I'm now completely unable to move, and I begin to panic a bit.

The woman notices, and laughs. Now that I can get a good look, she's absolutely huge. I would guess 5'8", and over 300lbs. She's dressed in a low-cut top and tight leggings, not something you'd usually see at a fancy gathering like this one. She bends over and starts rummaging through the drawers on the side of the room, and I can't help but stare at her massive ass as it undulates with her every movement.

Eventually, she finishes finding whatever she was looking for, and walks slowly over to me. Without a word, she slips a hood over my head, completely obscuring my vision. The only hole in the hood is where my mouth is. I gulp, realizing just how serious this situation is about to become. She starts fiddling with me outfit a bit, and appears to be strapping things to me in various places. It takes me a bit to gather what's happening, but when she straps one of the devices to my forehead, I realize what they are: dildos. My body is now covered in them, and the woman quietly exits.

A few minutes later, the door opens, and I hear a number of people walk in. From the chatter, they sound a bit tipsy, likely due to the free-flowing beverages at the party. I remain completely silent, and do my best to not tremble in fear.

"Oh, is this the first phase of our entertainment for the evening?" One woman asks.

"Wonderful! I'm going to have so much fun with this toy!" another exclaims, excitedly.

I hear the ruffling of clothes, and a few people approach the table I'm lying on. One sticks her finger in my mouth, and rubs my saliva down my neck. Another grabs my caged cock and begins fiddling with it, while giggling. Before long, a number of large excited women are playing with my body, as if I was an object for their amusement. I lie as still as possible, wondering if Mistress is watching how well I'm behaving.

Suddenly, one of the women climbs up onto the table, and lowers herself onto a dildo attached to my leg. Another does the same on the other leg. The rest take this as a cue, and begin scrambling on top of me. I have no idea of how many women there are in total, but it's quite a few. I can hear wet noises as the various dildos all over me slide into the women, and I tense up.

Before long, they go to work on me. They begin sliding up and down on the implements strapped all over my body, with no real consideration for the fact that I'm there. When they first climbed onto me, this was honestly not too bad. However, with the size of these women, and the force of their bouncing up and down, things grow increasingly difficult for me. The woman on my head is particularly difficult, and I suspect she is the massive one who strapped me in to begin with. Her tights clearly did not let her ass or pussy breathe much, and her scent is substantial. Her cheeks slap my face with each thrust, and I get a strong whiff of her odor each time, making me wonder if she left herself somewhat unclean and sweaty on purpose.

The women begin to moan and pant in pleasure as they use my body like some form of erotic furniture. Some of them lean over my body to get a better angle, and others swap in and out with their friends. Before long, my whole body is drenched in their sweat, drool, and juices. The room, and me, are beginning to stink of sweat, ass, and other various smells. I do my best to avoid gagging as the particularly potent ass slaps my face yet again. I hear a faint rippling noise as it does, and my face is blasted with hot air. Had she just done what I thought? I do my best, but end up gagging as the smell mixes with the rest of the odor in the room.

"Oh, did the furniture just make a disapproving noise?" someone asks, between pants. "Better shut it up before it does that again."

A masculine voice grunts in agreement, and suddenly a cock slides into my mouth from the side. Instead of fucking my face, he slides it down my throat, and keeps it there. This forces me to breathe entirely through my nose, and the mask does not provide an adequate filter at all. As the women reach climax, the smell surrounding me only gets worse, and I have no choice but to take it in deeply. My body tries to cough and gag, but the large throbbing cock is preventing it entirely.

The various women begin to reach climax using my body. They tremble and moan, and some collapse on top of me. The cock slides out of my mouth, allowing room for them to use my body as a bed. The woman on my face slides off the cock, and simply sits squarely on top of me, forcing me to breathe her dirty ass exclusively. I can feel all of them panting and catching their breath, their large sweaty bodies heaving up and down on top of me as I struggle to breathe under their weight. Some of them use my clothes and limbs to wipe the sweat clean off of them, and slowly they all exit the room.

Finally, the large woman gets off of my face and exits as well, leaving me to breathe freely. She closes the door behind her, and the room honestly barely smells better than the her ass. I cough and gag, and struggle against my bindings, hoping to be free of this sweaty hot box, but there's nothing I can do. I'm absolutely drenched in their sweat and cum, and my clothing is soaked. I'm not even sure if a shower will get me clean of this.

After what feels like an eternity of stewing in humid sticky room, the door opens and a much-welcomed gust of fresh air enters. Without a word, someone undoes my bindings, and sits me up.

"Come, slave," the feminine voice commands. "Now that the guests are warmed up, they're keen to have some more fun with their toy."

The woman guides me out of the room and back into the main area. We cross through, and in spite of my hood, I can feel everyone staring at my drenched filthy attire as I'm paraded in front of them. Some jeer, some laugh, and others poke and prod various parts of my body as I pass by. They can't see it, but I'm blushing bright red under the hood, as my chastity lock jingles with each step.

Suddenly, I'm forced to my knees, and my hood is removed. I'm in another side room. The floor is cold and tiled, and there's very little decor in here. It almost reminds me of a European-style wet room, although it doesn't appear to have any sink or shower. At least the air is fresh and cool, and I savor every breath in relief as I take in my surroundings. This relief is short-lived however, as my eyes lock on the ridiculous contraption in front of me.

It looks somewhat like a medieval pillory, with a slot for a person's head, although it's not quite as tall, about knee-high. It has a lock on the side, and there's two chains hanging from the ceiling behind it. In front of it is a padded area, perhaps meant for sitting or kneeling. To the left, there's a big jar with a sign above it, reading "Full-service Cleaning: $1".

Fear overtakes me again, perhaps worse than before. There doesn't appear to be any washing implements, bidet, or sink in the room, so there's only one thing the sign can mean. The one-dollar price tag just adds insult to injury, making me feel even more humiliated by what is about to transpire. Before I can fret too much, the large woman yanks me behind the device, lifts the slot for the head, and forces my neck inside. It closes with a loud slam, and the lock clicks. She grabs my hands, pulls them behind my back, and binds them to the chains hanging from the ceiling behind my prison. My knees ache on the cold floor already, and I look at the padding in front of me enviously.

The woman leans in front of me, and looks me in the eyes.

"Many of our guests are quite sweaty or otherwise dirty. After you warmed them up, they had quite a bit of fun out here without you. Given that this is a high-class party that tends to virtually every need, you're going to be their personal bidet for the evening," she commands. "Our average guest is also quite large, so self-cleaning can be difficult in general. Do a good job, or I'll inform your Mistress of your failure without reservation."

She grabs my chin for extra effect, slaps me across the cheek, and walks out the door. I impulsively try to move my hand to rub my stinging face, but the tight binds and the jingling chains remind me of the severity of my predicament. My hands go limp, as I resign myself to my fate. The thong itches a bit as it digs into my ass, and my clothes are still damp from my previous activity. I think back on the past few days, and why I've put myself into this scenario, and I'm reminded of Mistress, and how I have to please and represent her well. I sigh, and mentally prepare for what's to come.

Before long, the door opens and a woman I haven't seen before saunters in, clearly a bit inebriated. She's short, plump, and likely in her mid-40s. She smiles slyly at me and makes a show of dropping a dollar in the jar next to me. Without a word, she kneels on the padding section of padding before me, and proceeds to lift her dress. She reaches back, spreads her large cheeks, and presses her ass into my face.

Honestly, compared to before, this woman's ass is a fresh field of flowers. It's a bit sweaty and bears a bit of a scent, but beyond that, it's quite tolerable. Not wanting to make her upset, I quickly begin licking, even if her ass doesn't really need a cleaning. As Mistress has trained me, I swirl my tongue around the unknown woman's cheeks first, making sure to lick up every salty sweat drop. She lets out a sigh of pleasure as I work my way closer to her tight puckered asshole. The taste is a bit stronger here, but I know my role, and quickly lap away at her. Before long, she leans forward, and then stands up. She crouches atop my head, and quickly uses my hair to dry her ass a bit, before shutting off the lights and leaving without another word.

I heave a sigh of relief, and begin to hope that maybe, just maybe, this wouldn't be as bad as I thought. Compared to the other room, this hasn't been too difficult so far. Over the next hour, a few more patrons come and go, most silently presenting their asses and treating me like nothing more than a living bidet. My tongue grows tired, and my jar begins to fill. The patrons start to blend together in my mind as I begin to accept my new role. I still haven't seen Mistress, but I suspect she's having a great time at the party, which makes me happy.

The door opens again and the bright lights switch on. I'm mostly mentally checked out at this point. As my vision adjusts however, my haze dissipates as I see the same woman who sat on my face in the previous room stand before me. She has a sinister grin on her face as she drops a dollar into the jar, now nearly full. She leans forward and presses her face almost right against mine, and begins to speak.

"I'm glad to have you alone, slave. I told your Mistress how you offended me before, gagging at my divine scent. She apologized, and gave me permission to do whatever I please with you in here, alone."

I break out in a cold sweat, and struggle with my bindings. The woman laughs, and walks over to the door, locking it. She slowly walks back over to me, and pulls down her tights. A familiar odor wafts into my nostrils, and my eyes water slightly. I steel myself, hoping I can get through whatever comes next without incident.

Much to my surprise, unlike the other patrons, the massive woman does not simply bend over on the mat. Instead, she faces me, squats, and yanks my head backwards. She then places her fat sweaty pussy on my face, and spreads her lips.

"Open wide," she commands.

With no choice, I comply, fully aware of what comes next. The woman takes a deep breath, and hot bitter liquid begins to flow out of her into my mouth. She presses against me, sealing the liquid in, so I have no choice but to drink. She's clearly had quite a few beverages, since the flow seems to have no end. I choke down bitter gulp after gulp, but I just can't keep up. Before long, my mouth is completely full, and I begin to choke and gasp. The woman laughs, her large belly bouncing slightly on top of my face.

Finally, the flow begins to subside, and I take one final mouthful and swallow it. I begin to lick her sweaty pussy clean, not enjoying a single moment of it. When I finally finish, she looks down at me. She spits into my still-open mouth, and then forces it closed. I swallow again, reluctantly, tasting the remnants of a glass of wine mixed with the strong bitter taste of her urine. Hopefully, this will be enough to sate her desire for punishment, at least for now.

Unfortunately, I'm wrong. She assumes the same position as the previous guests on the padding in front of me. Her massive ass is now a few inches from my face, and she spreads her cheeks. The same smell from the previous room hits me, and I briefly grow faint. In the bright light, I can see her huge sweaty cheeks spread before me. The sparse hairs are matted down by sweat, and she's clearly not showered today. Before I can think much more about the implications of this, she backs her massive ass into my face.

I'm completely enveloped from forehead to chin, and then some. My entire face is now buried in her ass, and I know I won't be free until she's satisfied. I take a deep breath to prepare for the task ahead, but all I can smell is her ass. For some reason, it's almost intoxicating. It's the same odor from the previous room, but something about me has changed, and I'm almost enjoying it in a way. I know it stinks and part of me is revulsed, but another part of me is almost hungry for it. I decide to embrace this strange moment of clarity, and begin licking.

My tiny caged cock strains against the cage yet again as I go to work on the woman's ass. I start by licking the sweaty matted cheeks clean. The taste is powerful, to say the least, but I actually find myself savoring it. I lap away, taking great care to be thorough. As I work my way deeper into the woman's ass, my face grows wet with saliva and sweat, allowing me to easily slide it up and down her ass. I clean the entire crevice, and start to work on her asshole.

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