tagLoving WivesThe Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 03

The Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 03



Our first coupling was over quite quickly; too quickly some might think. As the door closed behind Mark we were already tearing at Alex's clothes. Our hands got tangled up on his belt buckle as we both feverishly tried to undo it. Alex pulled away and left me too it while he stripped off his jacket and shirt.

I was already naked, well naked enough for sex. I wore just my Basque and stockings; my panties lying on the floor where Mark had dropped them.

Some might have thought that after untangling Alex's trousers and boxers from around his feet I should spent some time enjoying his manhood. I did glance up at it momentarily; it was stretched to its limit; veins bulging from its tautness. I did take it in my hand for a few moments and ran the tip of my tongue across its tip to clean it of its precum but that was all the foreplay I gave him.

Some might also have thought that he would have guided me back on to the bed and spent some time giving me oral foreplay but what was the point. I was as wet as I was ever going to be. We stood together kissing for a moments; Alex's cock pressing into my stomach. I reached down for it and pushed it downwards to my pussy. "Fuck me please Alex." I said.

A grunt of pleasure escaped his lips before he guided me backwards to the edge of the bed. As I fell back he reached under my thighs with his arms and lifted them upwards. I reached down with my hand and took hold of his cock and guided it to my pussy lips. Our lips met again as he gave a gentle thrust and it became my turn to grunt as its full length slipped inside me.

It was fast; it was furious; and it was satisfying. What I loved the most was the way he talked as we fucked. Mark was a quiet fucker, if you get my meaning. Unless he was talking fantasy, words rarely escaped his lips as he fucked me but Alex was different. He kept telling me how good my cunt felt; how tight it felt around his cock; how wet I was. He also kept telling me that he was going to make my pussy his; told me that he was going to own it. I responded by telling him that it was to take anytime time he wanted. I told him how good his cock felt; told him how much bigger and better it felt than Mark's cock. I told him how satisfying he was.

Afterwards we climbed under the bed covers and held each tightly; kissing and touching; fondling and exploring, arousing and refreshing each other with words and fingers. When he started to stiffen again in my hand I moved down the bed and took him in my mouth. By the time I had cleaned both our juices from his cock he was hard and ready again. This time when I climbed on top of him it was to start a long and very satisfying fuck.


How can you explain how it feels to be lying alone in a bed in a hotel room while your wife lies in a bed in a room across the hallway with another man? I felt lost; hurt; jealous and yet I felt so horny.

I climbed into Alex's bed naked, feeling all those emotions and yet I had an uncontrollable erection. I began to stroke myself slowly thinking about what they were doing. I didn't need to wonder very hard about what Alex would be doing; he's a man. He would be at her pussy; fucking it; pounding it; screwing it, enjoying it. Enjoying her shaved, tight pussy; enjoying MY wife's shaved, tight pussy! While he had the pleasure of satisfying himself with a nice wet pussy I was satisfying myself with a hand, my hand!

I masturbated four times that night, a feat I had never accomplished before. It might have said a lot about the state of my sexual excitement; it might have spoke volumes about the pleasure I was getting from another man fucking my wife but underneath the surface was also pain and anguish.

To say my sleep was fitful was an understatement. I would fall asleep for a while after each bout of self pleasure but then I would wake up feeling jealous and insecure. What were they doing I would wonder? Were they kissing and cuddling? Whispering endearments to one another? Declaring undying love for each other? Or were they fucking? Was Alex taking full advantage of my absence and generosity by fucking Jane every which way he could?

It was that last thought that kept me sane; that last thought that kept me pumping my manhood every time I awoke. The final time I awoke was to the sound of the telephone ringing. It was 8am and it was Alex. "Sleep well?" He asked after I picked up the receiver.

"Not really." I replied.

"First time is always the worst." He responded.

I said nothing.

"When you come over can you bring my bag with you? It's by the side of the bed." He told me.

I knew that already.

"Shall I come now?" I asked him.

"Give it fifteen minutes." He told me. "I want to fuck your wife one more time."

As I put down the receiver I glanced down and noticed that I was hard again. Once again the thought of Alex fucking my wife was exciting me.


I was sore next morning when I awoke; sore but satisfied. I was sore from Alex's fucking; sore from his long, hard pussy poundings. The first fuck might have been quick but the subsequent ones were not, far from it. He took his time with each one of them.

I knew that he had set out to impress me; I knew he wanted me and was determined to show off his prowess as well as his abilities. I did not complain though; why should I? I had never had a man take control of my pussy before. I had known a few take their time with it but never one who had made it his own.

I watched him each time we fucked; looked at him every time he got his cock inside me; studied him as he gazed down and watched his cock going in and out of me. I also noticed the way he would constantly change positions; change the angles of his thrusts; change his attack. Yes it was an attack; an assault; a forced penetration for his pleasure. Even though he made it very pleasurable for me I knew that his intent was his own pleasure.

As I say, I was very sore next morning but also very satisfied. I heard him tell Mark that he wanted to fuck me one more time and watched him as he walked back to the bed with his enormous erection pointing in my direction.

I was still sore but I gladly lay back and spread my legs wide for him to allow his manhood full and uninhibited access to my pussy. Or should I say his cunt because that was exactly what he said when he had woke me an hour or so beforehand. "I want some more of my cunt." He had said.

Who was I to argue with that?


I was outside their hotel room door fifteen minutes later but I had to back go back to my room. As I raised my hand to knock on the door I could hear Jane's cries of pleasure; I could hear her cumming. Alex was still fucking her. I heard the sound of the catch from a nearby room door and so I quickly turned and went back to my room. I just managed to get in as they came out of the room.

As I heaved a sigh of relief I suddenly realised that if I could hear her cries of ecstasy so could others and I wondered who else had heard them. I waited another ten minutes and then tried again. This time there was no noise and my knock on the door brought Alex to it. He was naked and I couldn't help but notice his still erect and glistening cock.

Jane was in bed with the duvet pulled it over her breasts. For a few moments we just looked at each other. What was there to say that was logical? Alex went into the bathroom, telling us that he was going to take a shower, so it gave us some privacy.

Jane patted the bed beside her and I went and sat down. "How did it go?" I asked her as her hand alighted on my thigh.

"Okay." She replied.

"Just okay?" I asked.

"It was very good actually." She responded looking guiltily at me.

The question on my lips was "Was he better than me?" but I said nothing. I knew the answer already. I leant over and kissed her and she responded by putting her arm around me and telling me that she loved me. It made me feel a lot better. "Thank you for letting Alex fuck me." She said

There was something else I wanted to do as well. I had seen pictures of it and I seen it on video but I wanted to see for real. I reached for the duvet covering her breasts and gave it a tug. Jane was holding it close around her but as I tugged she lifted her hand away. It was almost as if she knew what I wanted to do.

She was naked: her Basque and stockings had long since gone. As I pulled it down all the way to her feet she opened her legs. The bed was already wet beneath her; her thighs were also wet and sticky and slowly oozing from her pussy lips was a thick white creamy liquid. It was cum. Alex's cum.

For a moment I just stared at it; swollen red pussy lips with a creamy substance seeping from them. Suddenly I found myself lowering my head. I had seen it done on video and I had seen pictures as well; I had seen other males enjoy the phenomena knows as creampie; now it was my turn to enjoy the pleasure for myself.

Jane opened her thighs wider and held my head tightly against her as I began to feast on her. What should have been something abhorrent to even contemplate, I was enjoying; enjoying another man's cum inside my wife's pussy. Jane began to moan softly and stroke my hair as I aroused her with my feasting tongue.

I had not noticed Alex come from the bathroom but when I saw her leg being raised into the air I looked up to see him kneeling on the bed holding it up for me. "That's it Mark clean Jane's pussy for her." He said.

Jane gave a groan and I could feel an uncomfortable erection in my pants. "It was a real pleasure fucking her do you know that Mark? A real pleasure!" He said.

I found myself groaning as well. Jane was cumming and her own release seemed to be bringing more of Alex's cum with it. "You are going to be doing that on a regular basis Mark don't you worry!"

I glanced up him momentarily. He was now leaning over and kissing Jane and she was holding his erection with her free hand. Suddenly her hips started to buck and writhe; she started to scream and her nails dug into my scalp. A few moments later a surge of wetness flooded against my cheeks. I had made her cum.


For me that was perhaps the defining moment of my first cuckolding of Mark.

When he came into the room I was afraid again; afraid of his reaction, just like I had been when I had told him the day before about Alex. Once again Alex's experience as a 'Bull' had come to the fore. Allowing the newly cuckolded husband a few minutes of privacy with his wife was an essential part of the process.

I already knew a little about cuckolds and creampies and Alex and I had discussed getting Mark eat one from me. I never realised that it would be so easy. I also never realised just how pleasurable it would be either. That final orgasm with Mark eating my lover's cum from me while my lover and I kissed as I held his erection was for me, the icing on the cake.

I felt the most complete woman on the planet having a husband and a lover together in that way.


Jane suggested we get showered as I got off the bed. She was hungry and wanted breakfast. Those few moments in the shower together were priceless. At last I had my wife to myself; naked, close and all to myself. I was still erect but I was also sore from all my masturbating. I touched Jane; touched her pussy lips with my fingers but she pulled back. "I am quite sore." She told me.

I found myself apologising to her. Absurd I know; a husband apologising for touching his wife's pussy because it was sore from her lover's fucking! Back in the bedroom a few minutes later Alex was sat in the chair he was changed and dressed. Jane stood close to him drying herself. Another absurdity; your wife standing naked in a bedroom with another male present.

Alex reached for the towel and suddenly started to dry her bottom. I felt my knees weaken. Alex glanced up at me and then looked at her bottom again. "Your wife has a fantastic bottom Mark." He said. "Best I have seen in ages....well at least the last twenty four hours!" He laughed.

Jane gave him a playful slap on the head. "Oi!" She told him.

"Seriously." He said as he continued to dry her. "It is a beauty."

Watching their playful intimacy hurt but there was worse to come. Alex glanced up at me and asked me how it felt to be a cuckold, staring at my erect cock as he spoke. I felt intimidated. "I'm not sure yet." I told him nervously.

Alex looked at me again. "Cuckolding experts say that a Cuckoldress and her lover should set out to quickly establish their relationship." He said. "You know, meet often and regularly. Get to know each other. It also helps in the process of getting the cuckold to accept the relationship between his wife and her lover."

I said nothing. There was a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I knew what was coming next.

"So you are okay with me and Jane seeing a lot of each other over the next while?" He asked.

"What do you mean by a lot?" I asked him.

Jane's hand was on his shoulder and she was looking down at him. "Well we were planning a couple of mornings together next week." He said. "You won't mind giving her the time off work will you?"

I was aghast.

"And we need at least one whole night together at the weekends." He said. "It will be at your house, in your bed, of course!"

It was like a punch in the stomach and yet my cock was straining. Suddenly Alex's hand moved to Jane's groin and he began to stroke her pussy. "They also say that while the relationship is being cemented it is best if the husband does not have sex with his wife." He said.

"No sex?" I blurted out.

"No penetrative sex that is Mark." Jane suddenly said as she looked up at me with her arm now around Alex. "I will still take care of your needs but it will only be orally or by hand."

I was completely stunned.

Jane came over to me and kissed me as she took my cock in her hand. "I am sorry Mark but for the next while I just want it to be Alex's cock that enters my pussy."

It hurt. Mentally, it was a like a kick in the balls yet I was really horny, so horny that my cock was beginning to leak precum. Jane noticed it and pounced. Dropping to her knees to ran her tongue over the tip and reached for the towel that hung limply in my hand. With the towel now in her hand she began to masturbate me. "You don't mind it just being Alex's cock inside me do you?" She said softly.

All I could do was groan.

"It is such a beautiful, thick cock." She said. "It really fills and satisfies me."

I groaned again.

"Tell him." Jane told me. "Tell him that it is his cunt from now on." She said, stroking harder and faster.

I just groaned.

"I want to hear you say it darling." She told me. "Tell him that my cunt belongs to him from now on."

I just managed to get out the words "Her cunt belongs to you now." Before I came.


I had no idea where all that came from. No idea what made me say it or even think it. Maybe it was just seeing him standing there weak and helpless as Alex humiliated him. Maybe it was sensing his submissive vulnerability that brought out my dominating side, but making him say those words while I masturbated him in front of my lover made me feel quite wet.

It also had an effect on Alex as well; his slacks displayed a huge bulge. I found myself getting up and reaching for him. With my hand on Alex's bulge I told Mark to get dressed quickly and go and order breakfast for us. "We would be down as soon as I had taken care of this." I told him as I squeezed Alex's cock.

Mark was stunned but still quickly dressed and left us.

Alex smiled and told me that I was learning fast as I unbuckled the belt of his slacks. I just smiled back at him as I climbed on top of him on the bed. I was still a little sore; still a little tender from all his poundings but I didn't care. I wanted his cock; my lover's cock; my new found joy, inside me once again.

Ten minutes later with one hunger satisfied we headed down to breakfast. Hand in hand we walked into the dining room together. I didn't care if there was anyone there that knew me; didn't even care what anyone else thought. I was a satisfied and happy woman enjoying my new found freedom as a Cuckoldress.

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