tagLoving WivesThe Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 02

The Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 02



Jane seemed quiet that afternoon; her mind was elsewhere as she laid out her clothes to wear that evening. I thought that maybe she was missing the children. My mind was elsewhere as well; I saw the new lingerie she had bought, or rather that I had bought. A red and black lacy Basque with matching panties and black stockings of course. She was going to look super sexy!

I ran a bath for her at her request and then had the pleasure of watching as she stripped and got in. Jane still had a trim figure that never failed to excite me. I undressed as well with the intention of having a quick shower after shaving. I wasn't one to spend time in a bath full of water.

She was still quiet as she bathed while I shaved. I was about to ask her if anything was the matter when she suddenly stood up and ran a soapy hand over her mound and asked me if I would mind shaving her. Mind! I leapt at the chance. It had been something that I had always wanted to do. I squirted some shaving foam over my hand rubbed it in and then began the joyful task of baring her pussy.

"I love you, you know Mark!" She suddenly said.

I looked up at her. "I know that." I told her. "I love you too."

"Men like a shaved pussy don't they?" She asked me.

"Bloody right we do!" I responded.

Her hand rested on my shoulder.

"Would you like another man to see it shaved?" She asked.

It was another stupid question. My cock sprang to attention. "You know I would." I told her.


I looked up at her.

"I could make it happen." She told me.

The look on her face told me that this wasn't just fantasy talk. With all that had been going on over the last few weeks I knew that she was serious and I began to tremble.

"Are......are you serious?"

"I have met a man." She said. "A man who wants to cuckold you."

I stared at her wanting to see a smile break out on her face. I wanted it to be fantasy talk but it wasn't. Her face kept its serious look. "You're not joking are you Jane."

She shook her head. "No Mark I am not. I have met a man called Alex. He wants to fuck me tonight; here in this hotel room. He wants to cuckold you." My knees started to buckle and I had to sit down on the edge of the bath. Jane reached over and kissed me before reaching for my erection. Holding it firmly in her hand she told me all about the man she had been seeing.


The part I was dreading was telling Mark. Telling him about another man while lying beside him in bed was one thing but this was going to be in the cold light of day. When he was horny it was an easy subject to talk about. I knew that he would get even hornier; I knew that he would start to leak pre-cum and I also knew that if I touched his cock for any length of time he would cum in my hand.

Alex had reassured me that Mark would be up for it; he was experienced; he knew the signs, he knew how to handle wannabe cuckolds. I was pretty certain that he was right but I couldn't help wondering whether or not he would take a different view. Would he get angry? Would he get upset? Would he really want another man fucking me?

I owed it to him to tell him everything and tell him the truth. Alex had told me that a real cuckold relationship had to be built on trust. "Be honest with him." He had told me. "The cuckold has to feel that the relationship with his wife is secure and that no matter how much she enjoys herself with another man, the husband is central to her life."

When I told Mark about Alex's visit to the house I sensed his tension and edginess but he remained erect in my hand. "And he is staying here in the hotel?" He asked me.

"Yes." I told him. "In the room opposite."

He was trembling for a few moments and then stood back up to continue to shave me. "If you want to pull out just say so." I told him. "I won't do anything without your agreement." I assured him.

Mark said very little as he finished me off and then showered. He watched me dress as he dressed himself and then when I asked him if I should ask Alex to come to our room he said "Okay."


Meeting the man your wife wants to sleep with was not something that I had ever given much thought to. Yes, all sorts of scenarios go through your mind when you fantasise about your wife fucking another man but not this. That first time when all that you have fantasised about suddenly hits you in the face is very sobering.

Despite all that had gone on I still thought, or perhaps hoped, that it was all fantasy play. I was still somehow expecting Jane to suddenly break into a smile and tell me that it was all a joke; even when she picked up the hotel phone and dialled a number; even though she spoke into the receiver I still expected it all to be a joke.

But when the knock came to the door and Jane stepped forward to open it I knew that it was all real. This was no joke; this was no fantasy play. Jane had found another man to fuck her and he was standing right in front of me with outstretched hand.

"I'm Alex." He said.

What was I supposed to do? Hit him? Run? I reached for his hand "Mark." I told him.

His grip was firm and warm. He then turned to Jane and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "You look stunning." He told her.

Jane seemed edgy. "Shall we go to the bar for a drink first?" She said.

I reached for my jacket. It was a good idea. I was desperate for a drink. I reached for Jane's hand and led her out of the room. Perhaps I was subconsciously making a statement in taking her by the hand. Whatever their relationship was I was still her husband.


I heaved a sigh of relief as we all stepped out into the hotel corridor. Mark was quiet, very quiet as he squeezed my hand but at least he was still with it. Alex moved up close behind us and gave me a sly pat on the bottom as we neared the lift. I felt good; felt sexy; felt very horny and felt excitedly filthy. Why shouldn't I? I was holding my husband's hand and my lover was patting my bottom. What more could a girl wish for?

I knew that the hardest part was still to come. We may have overcome the first stage with Mark but we still had to get into bed. Alex and I had already planned that he would do most of the talking over dinner. He told me that it was best if we did not have any overt displays of affection but take things slowly. "Those things would come later." He told me. "I always like the cuckold relaxed with the acceptance of the situation first before thrusting things in his face."

I agreed with him but as we rode in the life down to the bar I did reach for his hand and held it for a few moments. It was hard holding back. Mark noticed but I gave his hand a squeeze of reassurance; I wanted him to know that even though I ached for Alex's cock he was still my man.


It is hard to put down in words how I felt as we all left the room. I felt a dread in the pit of my stomach; I felt wave after wave of jealousy and yet I felt so incredibly horny. My erection was so bad that I felt embarrassed with it.

Seeing them holding hands made it even worse; the sudden realisation that your wife wants another man hits hard and it hurts, believe me. Yet seeing their flesh touch in such an innocent but intimate way aroused me even more.

Sitting down at a table in a quiet corner with them was nerve wracking; what should I say? What should I talk about? Jane started to talk about the hotel saying that it was the first time she had seen inside it since the renovation and then left us to go the ladies room.

"How's it going Mark?" Alex asked.

I opened my mouth to speak.

"I know the first time is not easy." He cut in.

"You have been there then?" I told him.

"Not from the position you are in, no." He replied. "But I have been in this position with many like you."

"You have f.................. a lot of married women?" I asked him.

"Yes." He replied.

I said nothing for a few moments. "And what usually happens then?" I asked.

"Whatever you want to happen." He replied.

"And if I don't want anything to happen?"

He smiled. "I think we both know that it will happen. " He replied. "I will be ending up in bed with your wife tonight it's just a question of how the journey will proceed."

"Journey?" I asked.

"Yes Mark, journey." He responded. "The destination ends with me fucking your wife, it's just a case now of how we get there?"

I said nothing. Alex seemed so self assured; so confident and so certain that he was going to be fucking my wife tonight.

"Talking of which." He said. "Here comes the beautiful destination!"

I looked up to see Jane approaching. Yes, she looked stunning. I had never seen her looking more beautiful and yet it was all for another man.


It took a couple glasses of wine to settle me down and Mark as well. I was glad to see him becoming less tense. Alex on the other hand was as relaxed and cool as ever. He was also very bold and filthy at one point. I had to get passed him to go the ladies room at one point over dinner and as I stepped over him he quickly managed to get his hand under my dress. It was so quick that no one else noticed but his fingers pressed against my pussy through my panties. Afterwards he leaned over and quietly told me that I was quite damp.

Mark and Alex seemed to get on, which was good. I already knew that Mark was a man's man as they say, but in the circumstances it was going exceptionally well. I knew that Mark was feeling insecure and a few times over dinner I gave his hand a squeeze to reassure him. Alex did try to touch my hand at one stage but I pulled away. I didn't want to flaunt things in front of Mark.

As the restaurant started to empty and the drinks flowed Alex suddenly asked quietly "So where do we go from here then?"

I said nothing but looked at Mark.

"W.....what had you both planned?" He asked.

I started to speak but Alex interrupted. "Well we were thinking that you and I change rooms for the night."

Mark said nothing for a few moments.

"I....I....I was hoping to be in the same room." He said.

"Personally Mark I would like nothing better but I think Jane would prefer to be away from you." He said. "A wife can be quite inhibited at first with her husband looking on and it would be unfair on Jane if she wasn't enjoying it as much as she could. Also Mark we don't know how you will respond. I think it better if you are not around the first few times."


"First few times!" He had said.

He had said the words 'first few times'. They were planning more than just this one night. I suddenly realised how naive I was; how stupid I had been. In my fantasy it was always a one off; a onetime sexual adventure but no, that was stupid thinking. Of course once a couple does it once and it goes well they would both want more. He would certainly want more and so would Jane. She had already told me that he had a big one; she had held it in her hand; had it fill her mouth; she had masturbated and sucked him into a climax. Jane had yet to tell me outright that she wanted to feel his cock inside her but I didn't need to hear her actual words to know it.

Alex had already tasted her as well. I knew exactly what it was like between her thighs working your tongue inside and around her pussy. I knew the fragrance of her; I knew the feeling of her wetness on your cheeks; I knew the sounds of her cries of pleasure. I was only surprised that Alex had left it at that. Me? I would have fucked her there and then. I would have had taken her on her on floor; on her knees from behind. No way would I have let her off with just an oral climax. I would have fucked her hard and planted my seed deep inside her womb.

I didn't argue the point anymore. When Jane suggested we go back to the room I stood up with them and followed on behind. I had to turn quickly to adjust myself because my erection was uncontrollable and by the time I caught up with them they were walking together; side by side; hand in hand. She may have been my woman coming in but she was most definitely his leaving!

When we reached the room Alex took his room key card from his pocket and handed it to me. For a moment I just stood there looking at his outstretched hand. I knew that once I took it that was it. I would be handing my wife over to him for the night; there would be no turning back. I looked at Jane for a moment as she stood next to him, her hand in his. She said nothing. What was there to say anyway? She was already making her statement!

I took the card from his hand and turned towards the door. "Would you give me a hand please Mark?" Alex said.

I turned to see him standing behind Jane with his hands fumbling at the zip of her dress. "Can't seem to unhook this." He said.

Like I fool I moved to him and watched him momentarily trying to unhook the catch above the zipper on her dress before taking over. There was nothing wrong with it; it came undone without any problem. It suddenly dawned on me that he wanted me to take her dress off for him. He was humiliating me. I should have been offended but I wasn't; far from it. I just felt a surge of sexual excitement undressing my wife for another man.

When the dress hit the floor Jane stepped out of it and I bent down and picked it up before hanging it up for her. When I turned around they were kissing and I knew that it was time to leave them to it but as I heading for the door again Alex called me back. "Can you take off Jane's panties for me please Mark?"

It was a further act of degrading humiliation that I should have baulked at but I did as he said. I knelt in front of her and slid her panties down over her hips and down to her ankles. I felt their wetness as I untangled them from her feet. For a few fleeting moments I looked up at her pussy and realised that it was no longer solely my domain.

As I stood up Jane pulled me to her and kissed me. "I really appreciate what you are doing Mark." She told me. "I do love you."

Her words rang through my ears as I left the room.

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