tagLoving WivesThe Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 10

The Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 10


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It was sad to see Alex go off on Saturday morning but he had things to do and we had to get back to reality as well; family, shopping and visiting relatives beckoned us. I moved back into the marital bed with Mark that night. No sex took place but I did give him a hand job on Sunday morning as a thank you for Alex's visit.

I moved back in with him to reassure him as well. I knew that he was not looking forward to the following weekend when I planned to go and stay with Alex. I knew that he was going to miss me. Since we had been married we had hardly spent a night apart and this was going to be a big thing for both of us. I, of course was going to have Alex for company and I also knew that he had plans for me, sexually. He would not go into detail but I knew that I would be getting fucked by someone other than Alex that weekend.


I didn't want Jane to go and stay with Alex the following weekend. We all talked about it before he left on Saturday morning. Alex and I were sat at the kitchen table and Jane was standing next to him. His hand slid up her skirt from behind as we spoke. His open touching of her was both erotic and painful to watch. I knew that his fingers would be probing her; touching her pussy lips; arousing her and exciting her.

"I am not going to be doing anything to her while she is on her own with me that I haven't done already in your presence!" He told me. "It's just that she will be more relaxed fucking me there and of course, it will be quite nice for me having her in my own bed."

I couldn't argue with that.

"You will be able to ring me whenever you want Mark." Jane said.

There was nothing more that I could do to stop it happening. All I could do was make the most of my time with her until then and I was glad she moved back into our bedroom. Even though we did not have sex it was nice to feel her close to me.


I had settled down to thinking that my next fuck would be at the weekend when I got to Alex's but I had a pleasant surprise on Tuesday.

One of the drawbacks about wearing stockings is that you have to be very careful getting in and out of a car. Preserve your modesty by keeping your legs closed and swinging them round as you get in and out. Sometimes you forget and I did just that on Tuesday morning as I arrived at the office just after nine o'clock.

Mark had a meeting with a client out of town so it was me in charge. As I got out of the car I looked up and saw a van driver looking at me. He was parked in the company car park and I had pulled up just yards from him. I thought the van was empty as I drove by it but it wasn't. There was man sat inside waiting for me. I knew that he caught quite an eyeful of my stocking tops and white panties. I saw his jaw drop and his eyes roll!

I just pretended that I hadn't noticed and walked past his van. I got a bit of a shock when he followed me into the office; apparently he was the service engineer for the printing equipment and he was there for the annual service. I felt a bit uncomfortable with him around knowing what he had seen. Even though I was a Cuckoldress I was learning and still felt a bit unsure around men.

Half an hour later he came into my office with his report. "I expect you are going to tell me that we need a new machine like the last guy that came?" I said to him.

He smiled at me. "Actually, no." He told me. "There are a good few years of life left in it yet."

"Nice to have an honest engineer." I told him.

He smiled again "Thanks."

I smiled back at back him. He was quite attractive in a way. I guessed that he was probably around Alex's age as well. He also wore a wedding ring.

"Any other printers you want me to look at while I am here?" He asked.

I glanced around at the office printers but they were all fairly new. "We have one at home that plays up but otherwise everything is okay."

"Want me to take a look at it?" He asked.

I suddenly realised that I could be entering dangerous territory here. "Is that part of the contract?" I asked him.

He smiled at me. "Probably not but I never follow rules and regulations."

I stood there thinking for a moment. 'Was he going to make a pass at me?' I asked myself.

"It would be no trouble." He said. "In fact it would be a pleasure." He added looking me in the eye.

I may have been new at all this but I knew an opportunist when I saw one. I suddenly felt a surge of excitement. "It.....it's not putting you out of your way is it?"

He smiled again. "As I said, it would be a pleasure. A great pleasure in fact."

Five minutes later I was getting back in my car and he was in his van ready to follow me home.


It was lunchtime when I had finished my meeting and I decided to call by the house first before going to the office. I hadn't expected to see Jane's car there nor had I expected to see the service engineer's van outside either.

A little voice in my head told me that Jane was inside fucking him but I just laughed it off. No, Jane was not like that. I mean, yes she was cuckolding me but this sort of thing was not her. The voice grew louder and louder as I went inside the house and found no sign of them downstairs. I went upstairs; our bedroom door was open and there was no there. I glanced down the corridor at Jane's room. The door was closed. We only closed bedroom doors when we were inside!

I walked down the corridor and stood outside listening for a few moments. Should I open it? Should I knock and call out? I didn't know what to do. Suddenly I heard a noise; it sounded like a groan. There was silence for a few moments and then came another sound; a gasp followed by a moan. It was Jane's voice; she was being made love too, I knew it. Then came a louder moan followed by the creaking of the bed. It was definitely Jane; she was in the room; she was in the bed; she was getting fucked by another man.

Suddenly I was afraid. I was horny but afraid. This was all unscripted. I had walked in on something that I wasn't meant to. I left the house as quickly as I could; walked quietly down the driveway to my car and drove quickly away. I arrived back at the office in a state of shock and yet I was horny. I had an erection because I knew that Jane was in her bed getting fucked by another man.


I was nervous steeping inside our front door with another man. I had no idea what was going to happen; I didn't even know if anything was going to happen but I was still scared. I took him down to the home office and showed him the printer. He gave it a cursory glance and then looked at me. I suddenly realised that he hadn't even brought his toolbox in with him.

"For all it's worth you would be better off chucking it and getting a new one." He said. "They are cheap enough anyway."

I stared down at the machine as he moved closer. I just couldn't look at his face.

"Is there anything else that needs servicing?" He asked.

I could feel his eyes staring at me and I forced myself to look away. "I can't think of anything." I told him shyly.

Suddenly his hand was on my shoulder. "Are you sure about that?" He said quietly.

I looked up and caught his eyes. His face came down and our lips met. Moments later his hands were cupping my breasts through my blouse. I didn't know what to do. I should be pushing him away; I had only met the man a couple of hours ago. Hell, I didn't even know his name and he was touching me; he was not only touching me, he was also undoing my blouse.

His lips broke away from mine and he concentrated on undoing my blouse. I just stood there and let him take it off. His hands then went round my back to my bra fastenings. I had never known a man unhook a bra so quickly! I had hardly had chance to catch my breath when he bent down and started to kiss my breast; not just kiss them but take each nipple in his mouth and gently nibble.

I gasped.

His hands reached around the back of my skirt and the next thing I knew it was in a heap at my feet. He sank to his knees and then began to kiss my thighs as his hands reached for the waistband of my panties. "You had better show me the way to your bedroom." He said as I stepped out of them.

I walked up the stairs clutching my clothing in a daze. I felt such a slut. I was almost naked and taking a man I had met only a short while ago up to my bedroom to fuck me. I knew nothing about him; nothing at all apart from the fact that he knew how to pick a woman up.

I climbed into bed and started to shyly pull the clothes around me but he pulled them out of my hand and pushed me back. Moments later his face was buried between my thighs and he was probing me with his tongue. I had to admit he was better than Alex with his tongue; better than any man I had known so far. His tongue explored every crevice; every fold of flesh ever part of my pussy. From the hood of my clitty right down to wet opening his tongue delved and plunged and then it slipped down lower.

No man had ever touched my anus with a tongue before; no man had ever ventured in that area before but he did. I had never realised just how erotic it was until he had touched me down there.

I screamed in ecstasy. I got so lost in my pleasure that I hardly realised that I was begging him to fuck me. When he finally pulled away I lay there breathlessly watching him strip.

His cock was big; big like Alex's but not as thick and it also had a bend in it; turning upwards to his belly. The fact that it had a bend added to my pleasure as it brushed past my g-spot. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I clung on to him while he fucked me through two orgasms. After he had pulled out of me to lie down by my side I finally got round to asking him his name.

"Rod." He replied as he laughed.

I reached down and held his wet but still hard cock. "A very appropriate name." I said.

I held him as we kissed and talked. He told me that he was married but his wife was not all that interested in sex. He also told me that when he saw me getting out of the car earlier he just had to have me. "It is such beautiful sight." He told me. "Seeing stocking tops and crotch." He added. "Bet your husband is always at you?" He said.

"Actually he's not as interested in sex as me." I told him.

"Fuck." He responded. "If I were your husband you would be getting fucked two or three times a day."

"Can you manage two or three times a day?" I asked with a smile.

"Fucking right I can." He replied as he rolled me on my back and entered me for a long slow fuck.


Jane came back to the office just after two o'clock. She had been with him at least two hours. It was difficult to talk around staff and with the telephone going most of the afternoon but I did ask her where she had been and she just told me that she had been out. I didn't mention that I had called back at the house; I waited for her to say something first but it was hardly the time or place to have that kind of discussion.

I thought maybe that she wanted to keep her liaison to herself. The jealousy was strong and hard to control but she had warned me the other night. She intended sleeping around and there would be times that I would not approve of what she was doing. Perhaps this was one of those moments.

At the same time though I was excited; I was horny. I could imagine that her pussy would still be swollen from her fucking; her pussy lips would be redder than usual and of course they would still be wet. It would be a sticky wetness from cum; another man's cum. I wanted to taste it.


I knew that there something wrong with Mark; he was quiet and that was a sign that he was troubled. When he told me that he had dropped by the house I realised that he knew that I had been fucking. I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him that I had been fucking.

"Going to tell me about it?" He asked me.

I thought about it for a few moments. "It was best he knew all the gory details." I thought, but then I remembered something Alex had told me. "Sometimes it is better having something just for yourself." He had said. "Let the Cuckold know that he has been cuckolded, of course, but keep the details to yourself. Keep him on his toes."

I reached down with my hand and held his bulge. "I would sooner keep all the details to myself." I told him. "But you can taste for yourself." I added.

Mark dropped to knees and lifted my skirt and reached for the waistband of my panties. My panties had been fresh when I put them on after Rod had left but they weren't now. Mark pulled them down as far as my stocking tops and put his hand under the gusset. "Clean that up as well." I told him.

I watched him scoop up the thick, juicy remains with his tongue; watched as he cleaned the crotch of my panties. "That's a good cuck." I told him. "Clean it all up and then clean my pussy."

From my panties his tongue moved upwards to my crotch. I pulled his head tight into me as his tongue reached right inside me. I thought about the fucks I had with Rod; recalled feeling his cock throbbing inside me as he released his cum inside me. I came as I stood there.

After kissing his cum stained lips I took him upstairs to bed and rolled a condom down his own cum covered shaft. "This is for being a good cuck." I told him as eased myself down on his erection.

He didn't last long, a couple of minutes at the most, but he was left satisfied and so was I. Afterwards I slipped the cum filled condom off his cock and held the opening to his lips. Mark drank as if it was nectar from heaven.

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