tagErotic HorrorThe Cult of the Lamia Ch. 01

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 01


It was dark as he turned away from the door, and walked towards his car. It was late- late for normal people, but not really for him. It was just before the new moon, so there was almost no light, nothing save outlines and shadows that guided him to his car. The wind wasn't strong, or cold, but it was loud. Loud enough so that he couldn't hear the footsteps behind him, soft footfalls on wet ground. Loud enough that he didn't sense the hand reaching round, or the rag, until it was too late.

His back seized up, arching in pain.

"Don't worry; the pain is only passing. The after effects of the drug, you understand."

He shifted. The voice was right, it was subsiding already. He opened his eyes, and tried to sit up, only to find that his wrists were bound tightly, and were held out, stretching his arms. There were ties on his ankles that held him likewise, and he found that he couldn't move his limbs at all. His head, though, was unbound, and he could see around the room.

It was beyond opulent, beyond even garish. The walls were red, a deep rich red, as were the divans that rimmed the room, the passion surrounded by rich mahogany. There was a lit fire directly down from him, and the roof was black, save for the mirror that was directly above him. It made staring straight up uncomfortable- Mark was not narcissistic at all, and he was totally naked.

"I would imagine you have questions, Mark. That is what I am here for; ask them. There is still time vacant before we are all blessed."

He craned his neck, trying to find the speaker. It was a male voice, but it was high pitched, like a boys.

"Who are you? Where am I?" he asked, his voice slightly panicked.

"It matters not where you are, but I am Nathan, a Brother of the Order of the Lamia."

"What the fuck is the Order of the Lamia? And Why the fuck am I here?!"

"The Order of the Lamia is the only true faith still in existence. We can see and converse with our gods whenever we wish- given that certain... criterion is observed beforehand. And our deities have real power; to grant wishes, to do our wills. As to why you are here, you are to be a sacrifice to the Gods."

Mark was definitely worried now. Panicking, he tried to force the bonds holding him, furiously trying to loosen them, but they did not budge. The ties were not even slightly moved.

"Relax. It will not hurt. I am told that it is rather pleasant to be the subject of a Lamia. But it could never be me who partakes in this honour; I am the God's Seneschal, and am thus to defer all potential that I have to be subject to Her desires. My position requires certain... sacrifices."

Mark gave up. He certainly did not care about the seneschal's inability to satisfy whatever a "Lamia" was. He heard a door open.

"A real pity. I could have told you so much more. But it is too late for instruction now."

Mark felt hands at his bonds, and as they loosened he felt his wrists. The marks were not deep; they were almost nonexistent.

"Mark", came the voice, and instantly Mark fell under the spell. It was like that of classical music; a beautiful flute solo. "Mark, how are you this day? Are you well?"

Mark sat up, still massaging his wrists. Before him was a woman. She had blonde hair, and my god, what a figure. Her breasts were big- at least C-cups, if not D's- and her hips flared dangerously. She was sex to him, everything he had ever wanted in a woman. Her face was gorgeous, the face of a movie star or an angel. He felt his cock stand up just looking at her.

She was looking at him, her eyes penetrating. Her gaze flicked up and down his body, a caress. He felt his cock burn.

"You have more questions. Ask." She commanded.

"W-What are you going to do to me?" he said, his voice full of trepidation. "And who are you?"

"My name is Astartë, and I am to renew the vows between mine and my people." Her voice was music, perfect, harmonious. "If you are looking for the terminology, I am sure you could find any number of words for what I am: succubus, Lilith, Mara, all the same."

Mark relaxed slightly; he knew what a succubus was, if not the rest. A sexual demon.

"Are you going to kill me?" He asked. He had heard that succubi need not kill their food, just did when it suited them. And if that's what she believed she was, than it was best to humour her.

She looked at him, her gaze smouldering. "Yes."

"Will it hurt?"

"No, my sweet. Every soul I have ever consumed has been in rapture, has wanted to be with me forever. And you will beg me for the end before you are done." She ran her hand across his cheek.

Well, that was cliché, he thought. But she was right- There was something about her, a combination of her smell, her body, and the way she looked at him that made him want her, want to be in her. Now.

And he didn't believe her either. I mean, come on, he thought. If you want to fuck me, that's ok, but at least he could wrestle her off, and escape. She probably has a knife on her somewhere, he thought. He cast his eyes around the room. There wasn't really any exits, but there were plenty of places that a weapon could be hidden. He would just have to play it by ear.

Without his knowing it, she had moved closer, her face inches from his. He started, but before he could pull away, she wrapped her arms around his head and kissed him hard. She fought him for control, and as they wrestled they both fell back onto the bed. She was on top of him one second, below him the next. He tried to breathe, to take it slower, but she was having none of that.

She pushed him down- hard- in the centre of his chest, as she positioned herself lower. Flicking her hair behind her ears, she held his cock upright, looking him straight in the eyes the whole time. Eyes a smouldering fire, she took his entire length in the first thrust.

He moaned. Most girls could barely fit him in their mouths; he wasn't overly long, but he was thick. This girl may be nuts, he thought, but she really knew her stuff. Not that he was really thinking for long.

She bobbed her head, taking shallow thrusts, prolonging it. With every thrust, she licked down his cock, as far as she could reach. But then her thrusts got faster and deeper. Her mouth seemed to close around him, in a mass of throbbing heat. He looked down at her, and nothing had changed, but it felt like his cock was inside her vagina. It was too much.

She stopped thrusting, and simply embedded him as deeply as she could. His hips moved involuntarily, as he came hard into her mouth. He felt her head move again, as she sucked the last of his orgasm down her throat. But she didn't stop when it finished; she kept sucking, and sucking. He felt himself build again, faster and faster. He grabbed her head, and screamed out his second orgasm, mere seconds after his first. She looked up at him, her gaze approving. He lay there, panting.

"I told you that you would enjoy it."

He nodded. He didn't really care if she thought she could suck his soul or not- if she did it that way, it didn't matter. He had had his fair share of women, but none of them had made him feel like that, made him come more than once in the same blowjob. But it was more than that too; the orgasms themselves were even better, lasting longer, filling up his entire body with fire.

Her eyes flicked down to his cock. "This simply will not do."

Her hand ran down the centre of his chest, the nails barely touching the skin, before she got to his cock. She lightly stroked it, using one hand, looking at it idly while holding the other hand upright. Almost as if it were a snake, waiting for a chance to...

He saw her hand move, and tried to move away, but the other hand had him. The fingernail of her index finger dug into his cock, and again he screamed. It really hurt, but there was more to it than her just stabbing his cock with her nail- it felt like his entire cock had filled with boiling liquid, and it overflowed into his balls. It was not a pleasant experience.

She looked back up at him, smiling. "Now you can last a bit longer." He looked down, to see his cock was again standing to attention, far harder than it was before. Mark didn't really have time to wonder at this, because she straddled him, and took his cock into the warmest, wettest, tightest pussy he had ever felt. It was so tight, yet so soft. He thrust up into her involuntarily, his body wanting more. He almost came when she moved, her hips thrusting down, meeting his movements.

Her eyes were alight with need, and her breathing was erratic. She began to hum, the rhythm pulsating, and he found that her pussy pulsed in time. She got louder, and her pussy got tighter. He could feel it starting in his balls, and he felt her clench around him, her own orgasm drawing him deeper. His cries joined hers, as he erupted inside her. He felt the orgasm even stronger than he had before; it lasted longer, and where before he was merely out of breath, now he was exhausted. She was watching him now, calculating. The look was predatory and, for the first time, Mark was afraid.

He was still inside her, and he could still feel her throbbing around him, wrapping him in heat. He was still hard, but it kind of hurt. She began to move slowly, raising herself only to impale him back inside her, deeper. He felt a new wave begin to rise, and he burned out his orgasm again.

Enough, he thought, weakly trying to get up, to roll her off him. But he seemed to move in slow motion, his arms barely moving at all. He looked at them in astonishment; they were mere skin and bone, almost no muscle.

"It'll all be over soon," she said softly, impaling him again. "Just two more."

He tried to stop her, to wrestle her off him, but he was far too weak. She was still thrusting furiously, and he could feel it building again. This time he actively fought it, forced his orgasm back down. She looked at him, her expression empty.

"Not many humans are capable of that with one like us. Interesting..."

She leant over him, rubbing his chest with her breasts as she released his cock from her embrace. He struggled feebly, but it didn't help. Her hand was on his cock, and she repositioned it- my god, Mark thought, is she going to...

He didn't have time to finish the thought, as she forced him all the way into her ass. It was so tight, he almost came from the first thrust. He struggled for control- if he came now, he might be too weak to fight the next orgasm off.

She kissed him hard, distracting him. He felt her caress his balls, but he could see both of her hands in front of him, feel them driving him on. The sensation was too much, and as much as he tried to fight it, he felt it build.

"For you, I will make this quick."

Whatever it was that caressed his balls thrust a small digit into his ass. He lost all control, his body bucking with strength he thought had left him. The approaching orgasm hit him like a flood, and it was the biggest yet. It felt beyond anything he had felt before; it was bliss.

He felt something within him tear, and as he looked up at her, his eyes swam.

She got up, and brought his still hard cock to her mouth. She sucked him clean, before driving him towards the last orgasm. He had no thoughts, no desire. He was a husk, and all that existed for him was his cock, in her mouth. She deepthroated him, hard and fast, and he erupted for the last time. She sucked out his life, and tasted his soul.

His life ended in total bliss, and he saw no more.

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