tagErotic HorrorThe Cult of the Lamia Ch. 14

The Cult of the Lamia Ch. 14


She was, for all intents and appearances, a completely stunning normal human; long, glossy hair; fantastic smile. She was brunette, and her hair came down to her waist.

She was tiny, barely even topping five foot, and her waist flared inwards, creating a truly remarkable figure.

She had curves to rival a belly dancer or royalty.

But to be the icing on the cake, she moved with such utter grace, it put her out of every man she laid her eyes on's league.

But tonight, she walked through the shadows of the alley, making sure that the moonlight never touched her. She had never liked the moon, even when He had first shown it to her.

A group of boys stumbled out, and into her alley. She stayed stock still, her eyes watchful. There were three of them, and they were clearly drunk. She angled her head, staring, as if pondering, before stepping out.

"Hey, you boys lookin' for a good night?" She purred, placing one hand on a hip, leaning against a wall. They stared at her, saliva pooling in their mouths. She could taste their desire for her in the air; feel their souls heat up, in preparation.

They pounced as one, the lead growling as he tore at her shirt. Mindless with the lust only she could bring, she forced her mouth at him, biting at his lip while his friends each seized a leg.

He was big, this boy; in all probability a footballer. Tall, his body hard and sleek, taut but not overly bulging, she clawed at the back of his jeans, as his hands fumbled drunkenly at her belt. She stole a glance at the moon, hatefully.

"Look at what you can't have anymore," she whispered, the words not registering in the boy's lust crazed minds.

She continued to stare at the sky, even as the two held her legs apart, groping at her ass and her breasts as the main boy placed himself, running the head of his cock up and down her slit. She moaned, and stoked his flames higher. He jerked, his back straightening forcefully, his cock jamming into her fully in one deep thrust.

He looked down, at his cock, and watched as he continued to thrust away, dimly aware that he could feel something behind him, pulling his pants lower, caressing his buttocks. It was soft, he thought, as it ran up and down his crack, urging him to fuck into her harder. He turned, only to feel her hand pull his face around, back to look at her.

"No, no. Too late for that now."

Her shirt was torn open, leaving her torso bare, so he could see where the mottled green of her scales started, crawling down her body, under her skin before they emerged. He dimly registered how her coils had run around his stomach, pulling him into her even as he tried to stop- but god did it feel good.

"No, boy. Not god." She whispered, her hands cupping his head as she continued to pump him into her.

Her hips were still as wide as they were before the change, but where her legs parted before the beginnings of her tail began; long, thinning out to the width of a finger at the point. He could not have guessed how long her tail truly was in his befuddled state.

Wait, boy. Hold on; help is coming.

He felt her shove his cock in even harder. Where before, she had felt like a woman inside, now it was as though her insides had changed on the surface, her scales going several inches within her before turning into warmth. Warmth that spun and caressed and hungered.

Do not let her finish you boy.

But he couldn't help it. He idly looked to see how his friends were, and he felt the alcohol drain from his system, purging his mind of arousal and replacing it with ice.

They were not drained, or even vaguely eaten. These bodies were preserved perfectly, save for a mark on their foreheads, like a tattoo.

"My mark," the snakewoman said to him, cupping his face in her hands. He turned back to her, her furious movement of his hips slowing to a halt, his cock buried as deeply as she could make it. He groaned despite himself as her warmth twisted around him, the scales within her convulsing.

"What are you?"

"I am Delilah, and I am Jezebel. I am a Lamia, and it is your task to gift me with your semen, then your soul. Your friends were more trusting, or at least, more forthcoming."

Hold on boy, the voice in his mind whispered again. Do not come within her. Withstand.

He groaned again, as she moved her hips against him again, her coils propping them both up as his legs gave out.

"Why not come? You'll come sooner or later, you know." She said, almost conversationally, the tip of her tail again caressing his ass cheeks.

Don't come, don't come. It became a mantra in his mind. Don't come, don't come. He bit his tongue, hard enough to draw blood. He groaned through his grit teeth, pleasure swamping him.


He felt her slow caressing behind him vanish, before he felt it lower.

She pulled him all the way out of her, placing the head of his cock at her entrance, just as he felt her tail touch his hole.

"As you into me, so me into you." She murmured, almost like a prayer.

He screamed, as she forced her way into his ass, the tip of her tail worming its way in with enough force to push him to his root inside her. He didn't stop for breath, spasming over and over into her, his body jerking away from the invader as the tip of her tail wriggled against his prostate. He couldn't have controlled it if he wanted to; his hips moved into her off their own accord, no rhythm or intent behind them, nor desire driving them.

He erupted out of nowhere, coming and coming and coming. He could hear her growling, could feel her jaw clamping onto his head, her mouth far wider than it should have been, her teeth much sharper. They penetrated his skull, piercing into his brain, but all through it he was coming, and she was coming, something hot and powerful issuing from the tip of her tail. He could feel the warmth building even higher, as his head caught fire, and he burnt out.

She slung his carcass from her coils- worthless meat. She was still looking for ones with the potential to turn, to spread her stain on to others.

She looked back up at the moon.

"You know, that's what I think I like best about you now." She said, as though resuming a conversation. "The fact that not only can I get some and you can't, but you can't even bitch about it."

She licked her lips, her tongue protruding from her mouth longer than absolutely necessary as she licked her lips.

"Now that's just gross!"

Jezebel span, her tail flailing out behind her.

There was four of them, three women, one man; a redhead, thin but tall, a brunette with a fantastic ass (it was so good, you could tell from the front how good it was), a tiny, exquisite blonde, and a man with blood red eyes.

"Gotcha," Mark said.

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