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The Cursed House of Crow


(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent. This story features some characters from one of my other stories, 'Church on State'. Reading that one would give a bit of background to this one, but it is honestly not required to enjoy this story. For fans of my stories, they know what kinds of things to expect. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal, namely cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak. If stuff like that isn't your cup of tea, then you probably shouldn't bother reading it. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)

October, 1692

"My wife is not a witch!" Samuel Crow cried as the jailors drug hum away. Reverend Phillips followed him at a hurried pace.

"I'm sorry, Sam, but the evidence is... I'm afraid... damning." the reverend replied. "We received word that there was witchcraft going on in your home. The city's patrol's investigated, and found three accused witches in your basement. And not only did we find the witches, we found suspicious paraphernalia as well."

"Samuel, I had no idea about any accused witches in my home." Sam pleaded.

"For what it's worth, I believe you. But as the owner of the home, I'm afraid the blame will fall on you." Phillips replied.

The jailors tossed Samuel into a dirty jail cell and locked him inside. The reverend stuck by him as the jailors left. Sam got to his feet and grabbed the bars of the cell and spoke quickly to the reverend.

"Listen, John." Samuel began, appealing to his friend. "This witchcraft business is nonsense! You know that right? There are no such things as witches or ghosts in the night."

"Sam, I... I... it's just, bad things have been happening in town. Things I can't possibly explain. People doing things that I believed they'd never do. People committing sins in the eyes of the lord. People I trusted. I believe in the best in people, so the only explanation can be that there is evil afoot."

"If you believe in the best in people, believe in me, believe in Madeline! We traveled to the colonies together! You knew my wife as a child. You know her. She is a woman of the church! She teaches the children. She is no witch. How could you of all people believe that?" Sam cried. The reverend looked pensive.

"Then explain how three accused witches ended up in your home without you knowing. If you had no idea about this, then why would Madeline do this? Why would she house the accused?" John asked.

"Because she knows, just like I do, that there are no witches. There is no witchcraft out there, and the only true evil is the distrust invading this city." Samuel stated, pleading for his friend to listen to reason. "My wife is a good person. She housed the accused because they are wrongfully accused! There is no such thing as witchcraft. This hunt is madness!"

"I'm sorry, Samuel. God knows I believe you. I believe in you... and Madeline. I believe that you both believe what you say. But there are powers greater than mine that I cannot change. Once word has spread, there is not much I can do to change their minds. The accused women, the women found in your house, they have been accused of terrible things. Many of the men in town have admitted feeling something very... dark... about them. And, I hate to tell you, Samuel, I have heard similar rumors from men when they are around Madeline." the reverend admitted.

"What?!" Samuel cried.

"Yes, I have heard the whispers for some time. It is, of course, not my place to spread rumors." John stated.

"These whispers are born out of jealously and envy. My wife is what others aspire to be. What men wish of their own wives. My wife is not one of those cursed women. She is no witch. I have loved her, I have lain with her. I have had children with her. I know more than anyone who she is. And she is not a witch, the devil's minion. She is good. She is pure! People are just spreading vicious rumors! That is the problem. People are afraid! They are scared and are seeing any little thing as witchcraft! Or demonry! You know my wife! You know she is a good, church-going woman! She would never even think about anything as ridiculous as witchcraft! Anything she did she did out of the goodness of her heart! She was protecting the wrongfully prosecuted, not encouraging witchcraft!" Samuel pleaded.

"I know, Samuel. I trust Madeline, just like you do." John stated. "But, I don't know what I can do. Sam, this doesn't look good. I don't know if I can stop this."

"Is there anything you can do?" Samuel begged. "Not about me, but about Madeline. Whatever happens to me is irrelevant. I will go to the gallows before I let anything happen to Madeline. All I care about is her. Is there anything that can be done to save her? To protect her?"

"Well." John began. "There is something."

"What? Anything!" Sam begged.

"The church has some... abilities as well. Things not publicized, but things we have been forced to use more and more as this witchcraft, this devil's work, has increased. Unfortunately, the truth is, your wife will never be fully trusted again. That's just the way it is. Once an accusation has been made, you know as well as I do that it can never be the same again. We can't go back to how it used to be. But, we can use these... special abilities... to save Madeline. It will come at a cost. You will of course have to fully admit to the crime, admit to helping these witches, and absolve Madeline of responsibility. You will hang for this, unfortunately. And Madeline will pay a terrible price, but she will live." the reverend said cryptically.

"The children?" Samuel asked, afraid.

"They will be fine. I will see to it. Unfortunately, the devil's influence has found its way into your home. You and your wife will pay the consequences, but she will live." John assured.

Sam stepped back, contemplating his suddenly approaching demise.

"I'm sorry, Sam." John said to his old friend. Samuel looked fiercely at the reverend.

"Just make sure you save her. Give me your word she will live. Save my wife, save my kids!" Sam demanded.

"You have my word." John replied. Sam nodded.

"Innocence must be protected." Sam stated.


October 4, 2012

"Samuel Crow was hung to death shortly after admitting guilt. Even though he was beloved in the town, and no one ever had a bad thing to say about him, he was still put to death! In exchange for admitting his guilt, Madeline Crow was spared. She was imprisoned in her home by the church. How they imprisoned her has been lost to time. Some said the church used their own brand of magic to imprison her. To bind her within her home. Others say they simply posted guards and posted fences to protect the townspeople from the darkness within. Her children were ripped from her, raised by others. She was practically tortured for the crime of protecting the innocent. Supposedly, her screams, her pleas of innocence were so constant that people couldn't stand to hear it. They say those cries drove people away from the town. And when these people put it together that this supposed witchcraft was nonsense, it was too late. The cries had stopped. When they finally opened the house and granted her freedom, the House of Crow was empty. The church claimed there was no way for her to escape, so even though they never found her body, she was marked as dead. Madeline Crow, an innocent woman, was dead, as was her husband, for no crime whatsoever. And those responsible for spreading this idea of witchcraft were never held responsible. The reverend John Phillips was the one claimed as being responsible for spreading the paranoia, but he was supposedly promoted within the church. But he eventually left the church mysteriously and was never heard from again."

"Well, thanks for the summary, narrator." Nadine said from the passenger seat to her best friend, who just finished her speech.

"I'm sorry." Sally replied, "It's just a tragedy what happened to her, and now, how she's built up and treated as guilty, treated as if she was actually a witch, that's just rubbing salt on the wound. You know? It's just twisting the knife."

"Alright, hun, jeez! " Nadine began, "Sorry to insult your girlfriend you fucking dyke!" she replied quickly, before realizing it wasn't just her and Sally in the car, so she got quiet, blushed a bit, and mumbled an apology.

Sally Samson was driving her parent's minivan as she drove her group of friends towards their goal. She looked at the rearview mirror at her gaggle of friends and smiled. It was definitely an eclectic group. They had some things in common. All of them were classmates, all in their senior year of high school, and all 18. But they had little in common other than that.

Her eyes first fell onto her boyfriend, Alex. She always felt a little warmer when looking at him. A lot of people had told her that her and him were meant to be together. They were seemingly just set aside for each other. They were the top two students in the class, and it often felt like they were the only two that understood the ways of the world. They both felt set apart from everyone else, as if they were working on a different level. They both had been called old souls. So it was almost by default that they ended up liking each other. It felt like fate was pushing them together.

As soon as they started dating, it just felt right. To both, it felt like they had met the person they were gonna spend the rest of their lives together. They could literally talk for hours about anything. Politics. History. Television. They had the same tastes in movies, in TV shows. They even had the sense of humor. The only subject she ever couldn't give lip service to him about was sports, but his buddies could talk football with him. And if there was ever any lull in their conversation, Sally would provide another type of lip service.

Alex was the first and only guy she had ever gotten physical with. She couldn't resist him, but it wasn't like he was forcing the issue. It was just... he was so hot! Sally couldn't control herself around him. He drove her crazy whenever they were around each other. On top of being the smartest guy into school, he was also widely considered the school hunk.

He played running back for the high school football team. Even though football was a foreign language to her, she loved watching Alex on the field. She loved watching him move so confidently on the field, bowling over the opposition. She loved watching the way his muscles flexed and shined with sweat as the game went on. She loved watching the way his tight football pants clung to his cute butt. She loved watching him drive his way on, using his manly strength to push forward, his hips and legs thrusting, his tight butt flexing... it always got Sally hot under the collar.

Despite being a football player, he wasn't a typical jock. He was very soft-spoken, but when he did speak, it carried a lot of weight. Alex was one of those guys that just kinda commanded respect. He wasn't the super popular guy, but if you asked anyone, they would say they liked him. He never sought popularity, but it kinda came to him anyway.

Part of that was due to his looks. He was tall and fit, but he was lean and not overly muscular. He had striking eyes, a boyish face, prominent jawbones, and shaggy, brown, unkempt in just the right way hair. He had the cutest, sly smile, and his dimples were enough to make any girl melt. But no girl could crack his code. He was an old soul, so he would not easily be lured in typical high school girl tricks. No, Sally was his first and only girlfriend, as far as she knew, and knowing that filled her with pride.

In the far back seats were Tony and Timmy. Tony was a big guy. He was on the football team, and you could have figured that out just by looking at him. He was well over six feet tall and built like an ox. Just tall and thick and bulging with muscles. You would look at him and think he was a typical jock. But shockingly, he and Sally were longtime friends, since childhood. They had been neighbors most of their lives, and while him and Sally had little in common, they were still friends. He was like Sally's unofficial big brother. He was always around to protect her and have her back. He was not the brightest guy, and he would go as far as his body would take him career wise. But, he was a great, loyal friend, and he would be a friend to Sally for life.

Timmy was sitting next to him. He was one of the few black students to go to their school. Sally and him had ben lab partners in chemistry their sophomore year, and it was there they became friends. And they remained friendly, but admittedly, he was closer with Tony and Alex than he was with Sally, since they were all on the football team. He was a wide receiver. He was about six foot, lean and muscular. He was a handsome guy, and he had no shortage of romantic success.

In the middle seat, next to Alex, was Dom, Alex's best friend. They were an odd pair, as while Alex was quiet and laid back, Dom was outgoing and the life of the party. Dom was just fun to be around, and was as quick-witted as they came. And not only that, he was exceedingly worldly. His parents were rich, so he had traveled all over the world. He also was always the first guy to discover new bands, and in general, he was ahead of the curve on all things cool. He was one of the most popular guys in school.

Sally glanced at Nadine next to her. Nadine was her absolute best friend in the world. They had known each other since pre-school, and had stayed friends all through school up to now, their senior year of high school. Nadine was a fiery Latina. She was always very loud and opinionated, and definitely not someone you wanted to get on your bad side. This was all in contrast to Sally, who was always very studious, quiet and humble. They were very much opposites, but they had always been best friends and that had never wavered once. Nadine had a tough exterior, but underneath her loud mouth and confrontational personality, she was fiercely loyal and a great friend.

She was always that friend that grew up a bit faster than the others. She was the first girl to ditch the dolls and start becoming interested in boys. She was the first friend who started dating. So, even though Sally was more of book-smart girl, her best friend was always more street smart, to put it simply. Nadine had always been there to guide her less worldly best friend without worry of embarrassment.

Although she could be a bit intimidating and tightly wound, Nadine was smoking hot. She was definitely curvy. She wasn't skinny as a rail like some of her female peers, but she was still quite fit and an athlete. The extra few pounds she did carry went to all the right places, making her curvy body extra juicy and sexy. She had a very large set of breasts, a pair of perky, firm DD's, and her consistently tight wardrobe always highlighted them. She had a round, shelf-like ass, heart-shaped and ripe like an unpicked fruit. Her skin was caramel colored, silky and smooth all over. She was a bit short, but her attitude more than made up for that shortcoming. And her face was very pretty. She wasn't the type to be too girly and wear tons of make-up, and the truth was, she didn't need it. She was naturally very pretty. Her chestnut eyes, long eyelashes, and thin eyebrows were striking, drawing any man's attention. Her curly brunette hair was typically in a pony-tail, feminine but not girly. Her lips were very plump even though her natural expression came across as a bit of a sneer, the look worked for her.

Nadine had a major crush on Dom. She had had feelings for him for a while now. She was not very subtle, so she had done all she could to make it clear she liked him. He probably knew that, but he never pursued it. She was not his type. He was interested more in the cute, dressed down, hipster chick kinda girl. Nadine was more up front and brash than he was used to. Dom was always polite to Nadine, but he never returned her feelings. Plus, he had started seeing another girl at school. But that never stopped Nadine. She was too stubborn to give up. She kept pursuing him, even though he might be a lost cause.

Whenever she was around Dom, she tried to cool her jets and be on her best behavior. She had a brash, kinda mean sense of humor, and she always thought it might a bit much for him. So, she tried to tone it down, but it was hard for her.

While she was not much in the ways of school work, she always had an opinion, and she was accustomed to getting her way. In classes she would often get into loud disagreements. The only person who could keep her calm was Sally.

Sally and Nadine where always looked at as an odd pair. While Nadine was not much of a student, Sally was literally the top student in the class, and she was always responsible and respectful. She had already locked up a full-ride scholarship, but she was not the type to sit back and relax. She was always driven for certain causes, and she always strived to give everything her best. And even though she was the perfect student, she definitely could get a fire under her for certain causes, and when she got worked up, very few could hold her back. She was very stubborn and headstrong. Nadine and her were more common than you would think.

Sally was always an overachiever, and it didn't hurt matters that she was also classically beautiful. She was a stunning blonde, with crystal blue eyes, perfectly formed cheekbones, thin, sinewy lips, and a nice, tan complexion. Her smile could light a room, and it often did. And her body was nothing to sneeze at. She was fit and thin, thanks to years of running track. She was fairly tall, and her legs were nice and firm. Her belly was relatively flat, and she had a nice pair of B-cups. She was the type of girl who made other parents jealous that she wasn't their daughter. She was everything you could ever want in a daughter. And plus, she was always responsible, always professional, and always courteous. She was quite nearly perfect.

The only time she ever got mad or worked up for were her causes, as her friends would refer to them. Every so often, she would dive in on different causes, and she would dive in hard. The economy, the poor, the genocides in Africa, and alternative energy were all among the causes Sally was involved with. And now, her new cause was to clear Madeline Crow's name.

The story of Madeline Crow had become something of a local legend. As time moved on, what began as a tragedy became something of a ghost story. Over time, flourishes and embellishments had been added to Madeline's story. Suddenly, in these stories, she had been caught in the act, caught cursing people in town. She was apparently practicing dark magic and the occult, and they found her secret room full of occult imagery. None of this was true, of course. The actual story was far more tragic. There was never any proof of anything connecting Madeline to dark magic. But society had already made its mind up. In the eye of the world, Madeline was guilty.

Madeline Crow was now synonymous with witchcraft. People told ghost stories claiming to have seen her. Kids played tag, and the tagged person was told that they were "Maddy Crow." Kids thought that if you said her name three times, she would appear and curse them. Every time some aspiring teenage filmmaker made a movie in town, it would be a poorly made ghost story involving Madeline Crow. There was the Week of Crow, a festival the week before Halloween with the theme of witchcraft, with Madeline as sort of a mascot. There was even a local metal band whose imagery was themed around Madeline Crow. They even had their van painted up, showing both a witch version of Madeline and a devilish version of her, both images sexed up to draw people in, both images based on the one existing image of Madeline. And during their concerts, they had imagery of her hung up that was practically pornographic.

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