tagGay MaleThe Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 04

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 04


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End of Part 3

You will be put up for auction on stage at Saturday night's Orgy. I really wanted to be the one to bust you open but you are here to make money for me. I know it's hard for you to understand this, but you are not to be afraid. I have trained you well, so you should have nothing to worry about. That last dildo was the large size. It is just a little smaller than I am. You should have no problem taking me or anyone else. Whoever does it to you; I want you to scream anyway. I want you to fake resistance. Make the man think he has to work for it. I want him to think of you as if you are a virgin. Every time a man enters you - make him feel that he is the first man to do so. I want them all to know that you are the best bitch I have in my harem and that when they fuck you they are fucking the best I have to offer. They will be fucking Sultan's queen."

The Customer /Dexter's Saga

Part #4

"Auction?" Dexter asked. "You mean I go to the highest bidder? You are going to sell me to the highest bidder?"

"Yes. That's what we do here. That's my business. I am going to sell your 'services' to the highest bidder for the evening."

"Oh! For a moment there I thought you were going to sell me off permanently."

"No, not yet. This is for 'rent' only. I might decide to sell you outright some day, but as of now, I don't think there is anyone in town that could afford to buy you in an outright sale. Like I told you, a half million would be the starting bid. Perhaps when you are older and 'used goods', I might think otherwise. Aside from that, I really don't want to get rid of you. I will keep you around for at least as long as you keep cooperating like you have been.

"Well thank you... Its nice to know I'm appreciated."

"Don't push it Dexter." Sultan warned. "No one is indispensable and while I do sell off some of my stock at times, this Saturday night's affair will be a 'service' auction by invitation only. As such it will not be open to the general public. Only a select group of our richest clients will be allowed in. These people know, from past experience that something unusual is going to be put 'on the block' and they will be prepared to spend lots and lots of money. You see, lov, its all a big game."

"What if they decide not to play your game?"

"It's not MY game... It's OUR game. They not only play the game, they beg to participate in the spectacular. And this establishment will give them their money's worth. But first I have to plan a big show in order to get the 'suckers' aroused." Sultan continued. "From past experience I have learned that it's always best to have the clients wet in the crotch and frothing at the bit. First, I'll have a small band to play erotic music."

"Second, Belly Dancers, both male and female. They always entice the horny ones and raise the temperature. I have not worked out all the details yet but it will be their job to keep the audience aroused and excited."

"Third, after they do their dancing they will be put up for rental. I think that by the time they are all rented out, what is left of the bidders will be really ready to part with their checkbooks.

Fourth, and this is the part that they all came for, someone will then come on the stage and whisper something in my ear and I will then announce that I have just been notified that I have received a new shipment consisting of only one new sex slave. But he is a very rare male sex slave right off the boat so to speak."

"What boat?" Dexter laughed.

"The ferry boat." Sultan explained. "They all know that this is the way I always introduce a new special employee. By my sending special invitations they know that there is something unusual that will be put up on the block that evening. I always give them a chance to bid on who is going to have first chance to sample my latest acquisition."

"How will they know which one to bid on?" Dexter asked. "Won't they all want to wait to bid on the new one?"

"All of them know that I hold the best of my stock for near the end. They also know that the longer they wait to buy an evening's entertainment the more it costs. The ones of limited means will fight to bid on the first group to be offered. The very rich ones know that I save the best for last and they will wait. This always drives the price up. There have been times when I thought that some of them would start a fist fight, but they are all gentlemen and if they do not win your services for the evening, there are other nights and there are always other prime bits of flesh for them to take to bed." Sultan said. "They all know the game and they all know that I will not let them go without their being satisfied. One way or the other, Sultan always makes it up to them. If not this night than another, no one with money ever goes away with full balls or a full purse."

"What will I be required to do? Is there anything special that I have to do? You know that I don't know how to belly dance or play an instrument."

"You my love, just have to stand there and look frightened or ashamed." Sultan explained. "I have not decided yet how I am going to display you. I may have you on the rack or perhaps have you dragged on stage by a chain attached to a slave collar around your neck. Better yet I could have you hanging on a cross with just a loincloth. My people love to see a Christian hanging from a cross. It is all in the presentation. If the presentation is right, then the evening is made. If it is not right, it just makes it harder to milk these suckers. But there is little chance of that because I know my clientele. I think that if I were to just take you by the hand and lead you to center stage they would go off the deep end bidding for you. But I do want you to have the best presentation possible. You deserve it and besides the customers will be talking about it for a long time. And this will increase our business and also don't forget the added money you will make from the tips. Do you have any ideas? Perhaps a favorite fantasy you might have stored away in that beautiful head of yours?"

"Some how I really don't care for the crucifixion business. I think it is offensive and I won't do it." Dexter said in a hurt voice.

"Now you hear this you will do what I tell you to do!" The brothel owner shouted at him in a voice that both scared and caused Dexter to pull away. Then calming himself Sultan said, "However I know there will be some Christians there. No need to offend them. Now do you have any other fantasies?"

"Nope I never thought about it. I leave that up to my boss." Dexter answered trying to appease the big man and he kissed Sultan on the lips. "You are the producer of this extravaganza. I bow to your expertise and will play it your way."

"You know Dex," he said using his shortened name and in his own way trying to show he was sorry for the previous tone of his voice. "I really am pleased with you and the way you have adjusted to this. I just may free you after all!"

"Stop the bull-shit! What happened to that hardnosed businessman that I have come to respect? Master, you haven't gone soft on me, have you?"

Sultan grabbed Dexter and slung him face down over his lap, pulled down his pants and spanked his bare ass. He spanked it until it turned a bright red. "Gone soft! Does it feel like I've gone soft? That may feel like a base ball bat but it's hard man-meat and you better stop parading that naked ass of yours around here or I bust your ass wide open myself."

"Promises, promises that's all I get." Dexter yelled at him while rubbing his ass.

"I'll give you promises," he said. "You better get to bed and get some rest. Come Saturday night you won't have time for rest. You are going to be flat on your back making me lots of money."

Saturday came and Sultan was right, as there was no time for resting. Rising early, Dexter was bathed, anointed and once more the hairstylist fussed with his hair for what seemed like hours. The tailor came in and showed Sultan the costume he had sewn up for the "Star" of the evening. It consisted of two pieces of black mesh-like silk. These almost transparent pieces were gathered together at the shoulders and joined by Rhinestone quick release clips. The garment hung in folds halfway down to his knees and while it was open at the sides there was enough material to make it appear closed. Under this was a loincloth of the same material. It was slung low from his hips, so low that it exposed his belly button into which a jewel had been inserted. The loincloth was held in place by a thin string. Sultan had designed the garment himself and planed it to be removed quickly and with great fanfare. He now took great pleasure in reaching out and with a flourish he tugged at the material and watched as it slither off Dexter's shoulders. Over and over, with an obscene leer on his face, he watched as it floated slowly and seductively downward to the floor clinging to Dexter's near nude white body.

"Yessssss Yes! That's it! That's the effect I want. Perfect, like the unveiling of a Greek god. It will drive them wild with lust." To add to the illusion the brothel owner had ordered leather sandals with black leather straps circling his bare shaved legs all the way up to his crotch. Even if one had not wanted to look at the loincloth-covered crotch-his eyes were drawn to it. "Yes we will have to post guards at the foot of the stage with whips to keep the clients from charging on the stage and trying to grab you. Yes this is going to be the best presentation we have ever had."

Sultan then sent Dexter to his room with orders to rest and have a light meal. He rehearsed the rest of his players for their parts in the presentation. Over and over, like a slave master, he went over each person's part. After everyone was familiar with their parts they were told to get into their costumes, as the guests would soon be arriving.

And arrive they did. The auditorium was soon filled and a hush came upon the audience as the small band began to play erotic Arabic music. The house lights were turned down and the stage curtain was drawn open.

The stage was set to look like the bedroom of a Sultan's Harem with big overstuffed pillows on the floor. In center stage rear, there was a raised platform that looked like a four-poster bed with curtains hanging all around the bed from the rafters to the floor. Sultan was sitting in front of the bed on a big pillow with two female belly dancers feeding him from a bowl of fruit. Twenty near nude young men were scattered about in various seductive and erotic positions at and around his body and feet. Sultan clapped his hands and the female dancers put down the fruit bowls and got up and danced around the stage letting one garment after another fall from their bodies until they were nude. The young men soon joined the nude belly dancers. At one point the men dropped their loincloths displaying their genitalia in the most obscene ways to both the dancing women and the assembled guests. At this point the audience went wild with whistling, clapping and catcalls. However this was nothing compared to what went on when two of the dancing men grabbed the women, slung them over their shoulders and carried the screaming kicking women to some of the large cushions on the stage floor and proceeded to rape them while the rest of the men stood holding them down and rubbing their cocks over the faces and bodies of the two women while waiting their turns.

The audience really went berserk at this point but then you could hear the crack of bull whips as guards came out on stage and stopped the rapists. Sultan got up grabbed one of the bullwhips and pulling the men and women to their feet lined them up facing the guests. By this time none of audience were in their seats. Most of them were on their feet gathered in the open space between the first row and the stage.

Sultan then announced, "Because these sluts have been so bad - I am going to auction them all off for the evening." At this point he had a raised platform brought center stage front and one by one he ordered the nude bodies to mount the platform and be displayed with their fingers clasped behind their heads. Then after fondling them, he took bids for each one. The buyers took their purchases and were directed to prepared rooms where they proceeded to get their money's worth.

After the last item had been sold a slight sign of discontent came upon the remaining guests. At this point a messenger came on stage and handed Sultan a sheet of paper. He read the paper and smiling broadly as he announced that he had just been informed that a boat had just arrived with one new item. And he had decided that it is to be put on the block.

"It is a special item and very rare. I guarantee that no one in this room has ever seen anything like this before." Sultan said and then corrected himself, "well perhaps in your wildest dreams some of you might have been privileged to contemplate a vision of such wild untamed beauty as this. I have purchased this vision at great expense. This creature is truly a rare diamond of such brilliance, such splendor and magnificence that you will want to cover your eyes when you view him. His radiance is such that I really feel that I should have provided you with sunglasses."

One man shouted out. "Sultan, cut the bullshit and lets see this beauty already. I will open the bid at $1000.00 unseen."

"$1100." Another man yelled out.

"Gentlemen. Need I remind you to behave yourselves?" Sultan shouted swinging his bullwhip over his head and whipping it backward with a tremendous crash. Then smiling he walked to the raised platform in center stage and stood before what appeared to be the four-poster bed. He reached over and pulled a heavy silken cord and slowly the floor to ceiling curtains parted exposing the costumed body of Dexter. Around his wrists were fur shackles to which were attached lengths of chain drawn taught above his head and attached to the cross beam of the bed. His body was stretched tight so that it looked like he was up on his toes. His head of blond hair, the ends curled and streaked with even blonder highlights were hanging down just short of his shoulders. His steel blue eyes were facing down from his perch looking out into the audience with pleading, abject shame and misery.

"Gentlemen! Gentlemen I, the Sultan, present for your pleasure my latest and greatest procurement, the blond bombshell, Dexter!"

The crowd went wild with cheers and whistles and obscene remarks. Everyone crowded closer to the stage. Sultan had to remind them to move back by snapping his bullwhip harmlessly in the air. "Back you rabble!" he screamed. "I know you have not seen such a beautiful blond before....."

"Blond... are you sure he is a true blond or are you playing games with us? It looks as if you bleached his hair."

"Only the sunlight has touched his beautiful body and kissed his pure white skin as he ran free and naked before his capture and sale to me." Sultan said bragging about the value of his newest acquisition. "Well I must admit that I have sampled and tasted a small bit of his charms, but only enough to assure myself that this is prime, tender, young meat fit for my honored clientele."

"But is he a natural Blond?" Demanded one of the customers.

Walking up to Dexter he reached out and tugged at the black mesh-like silk covering which then floated slowly to the floor uncovering the white skinned near nude body.

At the press of a button the platform began to rotate slowly displaying Dexter's lithe body to the hungry dark-eyed crowd.

When Dexter was again facing front, Sultan shouted, "You need more proof?"

"Yes came the shouts from the hungry sex craved spectators."

He then reached out and tore the loincloth from Dexter's body and running his fingers thru the blond pubic hair, he said, "what further proof do you need? Perhaps you were also wondering if he were potent? He looks too young and helpless strung up there. Perhaps the Sultan is trying to pull a fast one on you by offering you damaged goods? Fear not, I assure you he is capable of having not only an erection, but also having sexual intercourse and having multiple ejaculations that will satisfy your wildest fantasies." He reached out and with one hand he held the flaccid cock in his black fingers, giving it a few strokes. As it started to harden, he moved the other hand holding the bullwhip under his balls and with the whip he raised both, thus displaying the package to the crowd.

"Picture yourself playing with these, babies." Then placing his fingers on Dexter's lips and commanding him to suck on them he sighed and said, "these lips, this mouth and throat they are guaranteed to drain you dry." Then running his black fingers up and down the inside of his legs, he called out, "Think of these creamy strong legs wrapped around your body as you pound your cock into his man pussy." Next he pressed the button again and the turntable turned one hundred and eighty degrees.

Placing his fingers on Dexter's ass he pulled apart the cheeks thereby exposing his pink inners to the drooling patrons into which he then forcefully inserted a wet finger into the screaming victim's ass. Sultan cried out above the screams, "Gentlemen need I tell you of the hidden delights you're going to have licking and eating this delightful man cunt. And then having the exquisite pleasure of playing and probing his tight, moist, and hot love channel... One, which even I, have not enjoyed yet." He said withdrawing his finger and holding it out to the front row of men whom he allowed to sniff and lick the digit.

Then returning to Dexter's hanging body he kneeled down and placed a kiss on his ass and rubbed the bullwhip handle over the white globes and tried to push the knobbed end against his rosebud. "I won't push it in now because I don't want to ruin his pussy yet as this knob is too big. No, it won't fit up his love hole, but I'm sure you will enjoy making and pushing your cock up in there to the hilt. Now let's get serious - how much am I bid for the Queen of my Harem."



"Gentlemen, please do not insult me! This is not a quickie. Need I remind you that this is for the entire evening? Surely you can do better than that?"

"$5,000 and throw in breakfast..."

To be continued...

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