tagErotic HorrorThe Dance

The Dance


After the ceremony, David and Marie left the Basilica and climbed down the stairs that led into the old city by the river. It would be several hours before the wedding party congregated at the hotel for the reception, and this would be a perfect interlude. With their kids visiting Grandma for the weekend, they could enjoy some rare time together. They strolled hand in hand like young lovers, their attention completely taken by each other. The sun was setting by the time they had arrived at the Chateau for the reception. They walked the receiving line and chatted amiably with the other guests at their table. The open bar had ensured that everyone was having a good time.

David sat drinking his coffee. The speeches were long, done both in English and French. Polite for the uni-linguals in the crowd, but for a bilingual person like David, it was doubly boring. He took another sip of his coffee and used the time to admire his wife. Even after 15 years she could still light his fire. She was fairly tall for a woman, short blonde hair and legs that went up and up ending in a lovely tight ass. You would never know that she had nursed three babies by her lovely well-shaped breasts. She was a bit of a loose cannon, but it was exciting. Life certainly was never boring. Yes, he considered himself a lucky man.

Finally the master of ceremonies announced that the tables were to be moved back to clear space for dancing. Everyone quickly lent a hand, looking forward to an evening of music, movement, flirtation and fun.

Stefan and Anna had not attended the wedding. In fact, they did not arrive until after the dancing had started, quietly slipping in among the guests. Stefan offered his hand to Anna as they moved out onto the dance floor. They danced with a grace that was rarely seen, floating easily among the less talented. He held her tightly, his hand in the small of her back controlling her every movement. She moved easily and naturally to his lead. Her long black skirt swirling around his ankles, her bodice held precariously by a fine gold chain over one shoulder.

"Ah, Stefan, I do so love weddings!" said Anna. "They are full of such promise, such potential!"

Stefan took a long appraising look around the assembled guests, a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities. People of all ages, shapes and sizes crowded the dance floor and the tables around the edge of the glittering room. From old grandmothers to chubby cheeked babies; they were all here to witness the birth of a new family; all here to have a good time. He turned back to his beautiful dark-haired partner, "Yes, you should do well tonight." He kissed her without faltering in his steps, his teeth crushing her lips. When he released her, a drop of blood welled up on her lip. He licked it leisurely away.

"Come on, let's dance!" David led Marie out onto the dance floor for the waltz. They moved tentatively and sedately through the pattern. Then the tempo changed as the DJ moved into rock. Marie smiled and started to move faster. After a couple of songs, David had had enough.

"I'm going to get a glass of wine, darling. Have fun." David kissed his wife and went to the bar. Marie cast around for another partner. David knew exactly what to expect. She would dance her heart out and flirt outrageously with all the men in the room. She said it was her job as his wife to make as many men jealous as possible. Dressed as she was in that green silk she was halfway there. He collected his drink and headed back to their table. David loved to watch his wife dance and picked a spot so he could see the whole dance floor.

Anna was hunting. It was close now; she could smell it. Potential. She danced through the crowd, totally disregarding the gender of her partners. She would simply join couples or groups and dance with them for a few minutes. Always smiling, always moving on. Eventually, she merged with Marie and the man she was currently arousing. Ah this was better, she smelled something familiar... almost ready, almost dark. Anna focussed all her energy and attention on Marie, a lovely peacock in emerald green almost as tall as Anna herself. Marie responded to her call by abandoning her poor partner and dancing only with Anna.

Anna licked her lips and moved in closer. She synchronized her movements to Marie's tempo. Shoulders keeping time while her hips moved closer into Marie's pelvis. Up and down they danced keeping time with the movements. Each exchanged look an invitation to accelerate the dance. Anna threw her head back and laughed. She grabbed Marie's hips and pulled her pelvis in close. Marie smiled in response and hiked her skirt higher to get more freedom for her legs. They danced faster. Marie got more complicated in her steps, using the backbeat and a syncopated rhythm.

Ah, thought Anna, a challenge! How refreshing. Nothing she couldn't cope with easily, of course. She matched Marie's rhythm and added yet another level of sophistication. Marie's eye's flashed and her feet flew as she fell into sync yet again. She was a worthy partner, a fitting offering. When the music stopped their eyes met as they caught their breath. Anna smiled; yes, surely Stefan would like this one. Anna quickly glanced across the room to where her master sat watching the dance. He nodded. She knew the script perfectly, knew her part. She kept Marie on the dance floor for several more dances each getting more and more complicated and erotic until the girl was almost spent with her exertions. Now. The time was now.

"Let's get some air." Anna suggested as she guided Marie from the dance floor and outside to the patio overlooking the river. The moon cast pale shadows as they walked the length of the patio, the cool night air whispering over their hot glistening limbs. The sweat from the dance had lifted Marie's hair into spikes; her bodice clung to her breast and her back. At the end of the patio they leant on the rail and looked down at the old city and the great wide river beyond. Anna never let her gaze stray far from Marie.

"You're a fabulous dancer," Anna said, watching for the right moment. "Sometimes, I think dancing can be better than sex!"

Marie laughed, relaxing. "Well, at least I can 'dance' with whoever I want!" Marie turned her back to the rail and looked at her partner, a flush on her face and fire in her eyes. "And dancing with you is spectacular."

Anna moved closer, her mouth close to Marie's ear. "Yes, dancing is spectacular, isn't it?"

Marie turned her head towards Anna and was trapped by her mouth. Anna's hands were on her face, holding her fast as her mouth sucked the breath from the girl. Anna could feel Marie's initial shock and stiffness melt and her mouth surrendered. Ah yes, the sweet surrender. This was only the first taste, but so delightful. Marie responded, kissing her back and bringing her arms up to embrace Anna. Anna's hands left Marie's face.

One hand claimed her breast as the other explored the slit that ran up the side of Marie's emerald silk skirt, quickly finding the most direct route into her panties. Oh, this girl was already wet, and not just from the heat of the dance! Anna fingered Marie's clit hard and fast, her mouth still holding Marie captive. Marie's breath was coming in gasps now, she was getting close. Anna shifted her weight pinning Marie up against the railing, pinching her nipple fiercely and thrusting her fingers deep inside her wet and welcoming cunt. Anna's mouth stifled Marie's cry as her climax took her, shuddering, her knees threatening to buckle. Marie shook with the after effects of her orgasm and Anna held her gently until she could collect herself.

"Very nice." Anna wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Shall we return to the dance?" Anna adjusted Marie's skirt and smoothed her bodice.

"Sure. Yes. That's probably a good idea." Marie's breath was still ragged and she leaned towards Anna yearning for more, but Anna would not overstep. She might get a further taste of this girl, if she played her part correctly.

David thought they had been gone long enough, and was just about to go looking for them when he saw Marie and that exotic dark haired woman return from the patio and come towards him. Marie gingerly took a seat at their table.

"I think I'm going to sit for a bit, David. Is there any wine?" Marie looked a bit distracted, flushed. But then again she had been dancing pretty hard.

"Sure, sweetheart. Here, finish mine and I'll fetch you another." David turned around and found Anna holding both a glass of wine and a bottle of water.

"I take good care of my dance partners." She said, her eyes laughing, as she handed Marie the drinks. "You just take a bit of a breather and I will dance with this fabulous man!"

How had she got the drinks that quickly? David knew the line up at the bar was long, but somehow it didn't seem important. He was being asked to dance by this statuesque beauty. He gave Marie a quick kiss on her cheek and let Anna lead him onto the dance floor.

She was hypnotic in her sinuous movements. Her hips and shoulders moving so rhythmically. The raw sexuality of her dance was enchanting. How could she move like that? And in public? Christ, he could see her nipples! She smiled widely, her eyes flashing. Her tongue wet her already glistening lips. David couldn't take his eyes off her. Her lips were so red against her pale skin, her breasts lifting with each breath. And her hair! So long and luscious. David wished he could run his fingers through her hair, breathe in its scent, and hold her with it. David found that he meshed perfectly and effortlessly with her. They moved as one. He lost himself in the dance, oblivious to anything but Anna.

Marie watched her husband move off with Anna and felt a shudder of remembered delight. That had been amazing. Had that really happened? Did she really do what I think she did? Marie took a sip of the wine and watched David and Anna with a twinge of regret. They moved so easily together. She knew that she couldn't dance that well with David. Oh they could make their way well enough, but they never seemed to mesh with such easy sympatico. Marie always felt a bit of rebellion at being led on the dance floor. She drank her wine and looked around, not wanting to see David dance with her erstwhile partner.

Now who is that? Marie saw him standing just on the edge of the light. He was captivating. When their eyes locked, it was as if time stopped. Light and sound disappeared, her whole world contracting to the points of darkness that were his eyes. The sound of the music and the crowd faded, all she could hear was the beating of her own heart, loud and fast in her ears. She was hardly aware of moving until she found herself in his arms. His eyes were the tethers that bound her whole body. He held her close in powerful arms, his scent filled her; a heady mixture of man, moonlight and musk. Heat rose quickly through her. Her belly contracting, a flush between her legs took her breath away. She couldn't think. Savouring the sensations, she closed her eyes and lifted her face towards him, her lips parted in hopeful anticipation. He inhaled deeply, as if tasting her scent, his breath cool on her flushed skin. Goose bumps sprung to life along her arms.

"You're trembling." He said, his voice deep, resonant. She felt his words fog her mind even further. "Come with me." He took her deeper into his embrace; turned her around, and disappeared.

David knew at once that Marie was in danger. He tried to turn to look at the table where he had left his wife but Anna held him tightly, laughing, spinning in the dance. David pulled away and tried to catch his balance, almost falling into other dancers. Then nothing. Just for a split second, no sound, no movement, no light. When David could move again, Anna was gone. Did no one else notice that, that...nothing? No, everyone else was continuing the party like nothing had happened. He looked around for his wife, feeling almost foolish for his rising panic. Surely she had just stepped outside again. Maybe she went to the washroom, or for another drink. Perhaps someone saw her leaving. Surely. Maybe. Perhaps.

Old Lucille felt the vacuum hit rather than heard it. Oh God, not again. She was too old for this. She gently put down her sleeping great-grandchild into the stroller and painfully got to her feet. Her eyes were not good anymore but it didn't take long till she could feel the panic of loss. She turned to the small girl who rarely left her side and sent her to fetch the man.

David felt tears welling up in his eyes, his breath constricted. Where could she be? He turned around and saw a small girl, with the biggest eyes he had ever seen, looking right at him. He crouched down to her level.

"Little girl, have you seen a tall lady in a green skirt, short blonde hair?"

The girl simply said, "Nana-Luc wants you. Come with me." Then she turned and walked away. David followed, hoping that maybe, someone had seen his wife.

Darkness. Marie lay floating in darkness. She was vaguely aware of her body, but such a great lassitude had settled on her that she couldn't even think of moving. Perhaps she could open her eyes. Yes, maybe she could. Slender flickering cracks of light peaked through her lashes. Candles, yes, they must be candles. She opened her eyes wider and found herself looking up at an ancient vaulted stone ceiling. How in the world had I come here? She remembered dancing with that fabulous woman, then the walk outside. She closed her eyes again. Her hands hugged herself as the memory of the interlude with Anna on the patio came flooding back. Ah yes, I do remember that. Then she danced with David and there was a man. Yes. Now I remember. Her eyes flew open and she tried to sit up, unsuccessfully.

Laughter. Her laughter. Marie stopped struggling and tried to focus on the sound.

"Anna, leave us." His voice slid over her like velvet. Marie's belly started to flutter; her breath caught. She saw Anna in the candlelight as she moved away, a pout melting into a grin under fierce eyes. Then she was gone.

Marie knew she should be afraid; and she was. But her body was betraying her, her excitement clear. She covered her breasts with her arms in a probably futile attempt at defence. He was coming closer. She could tell. He wasn't making any noise that she could hear, but she could feel him. The little hairs all over her body were shivering in expectation. The air was getting harder to breathe the closer he got. She closed her eyes.

His breath was a feather touch across her face. A feather touch that cut through her like a scythe. She opened her mouth to scream and was stopped by his fingertip on her lips, all breath gone. Her eyes flew open.

"It's not yet the time for screaming, Marie."

His eyes, those impossible black pools, delved into her soul, calling her darkness. The darkness that she always knew was in her, had always been fascinated with and afraid of. The darkness that she yearned for, but had turned from at every opportunity, was now emerging irresistibly. She was trembling again.

He ran his fingertip from her lips over her chin and slowly, oh so slowly, down her throat. Her arms relaxed to her sides as he drew a line of ice and fire down her chest. Her eyes still held captive in his gaze, her clothing parting at his touch as if it could simply not exist in the same space. Her bodice fell open, nipples painfully hard and hungry for touch. His fingers continued between her aching breasts down towards her belly. Her skirt split at the waistband. The muscles in her belly fluttered as her excitement rose higher; her breath coming in short gasps. Her legs tensed, her ass contracted as her clit pulsed and burned.

His finger just below her bellybutton, he halted in his advance for a moment and smiled at her, his eyes narrowing just a fraction. Marie burned with her desire, her lust. She wanted, needed, ached for him to continue. A small whimper escaped from her lips. He leaned closer to her as his fingertip continued its journey towards her centre. His face so near to hers, eyes still locked. He licked his lips and inhaled deeply as he touched her panties. The fragile lace exploded, and her climax took her. She arched her back and curled her legs, throwing back her head.

He took another deep breath, savouring her climax. "Good girl; so responsive, so delicious. You will learn to embrace the darkness tonight, my beautiful Marie. You will make yourself mine."

She was still reeling from her orgasm as he held her face close to his own, again breathing in the scent of her fear and arousal. She was drowning in his gaze, transfixed like a deer in the headlights.

"Now, Marie, I am going to hurt you." His voice was soft, almost gentle. Her eyes widened with fear. "I am going to hurt you very badly. I promise you that the pain will not leave you damaged; you are safe to accept it. Do you believe me, Marie?"

Marie could barely think, her body a mass of sensation. She had played a bit of bondage games with David, even a spanking or two. She knew this would be nothing even remotely comparable. She believed absolutely that he would hurt her, and so found that she also believed that she would survive it. She gave her head the briefest of nods. He caressed her arms and belly and legs as he reached under the table that she was lying on, producing cuffs and chains that he quickly locked onto her wrists and ankles, securing her now naked body spread-eagled to the table.

"You will accept the pain, Marie. You will accept the darkness." He looked her in the eyes again. "Now is the time for screaming."

He was right. He handled no knife, yet she felt her flesh cut into a thousand ribbons. He handled no flame, yet she burned, her mind simply providing the stench of crisp flesh. He handled no whip, yet the crack and the impact scorched through her limbs. She screamed and begged until her voice could no longer sustain her agony. Between it all he would caress her, sooth her, arouse her. Soon she could not distinguish between the pain and the pleasure. Screams and sighs, pleas and whimpers; they all meshed. The vibrations of her body were moving further away as she floated in time and space. The darkness had taken her and she accepted it, welcomed it.

She was ready now. She would regain consciousness soon enough. He had released her bonds and had wrapped her in a soft blanket. Her body would be cold. She would need something to drink too. He would have to provide. He stood waiting for her to surface. He was in no hurry. He had stood watching her for several hours already. Watching her pass from unconsciousness to the deeper healing sleep. She had accepted her darkness faster then most that he had taken, accepting the pain and the pleasure, riding both deeper and higher. He was frankly amazed at how much she had taken before losing consciousness. Most girls would pass out relatively quickly. Some even before he started. Those were simply prey to be consumed, and he did precisely that. But Marie was something special. She had taken even more than Anna had at her awakening. She was worth his time and his attention. She was worth the wait.

His contented laughter welcomed her as she awoke. She quickly inspected her body. It seemed, incredibly, to be undamaged. She felt fine, in fact she felt fabulous. She looked up and saw him standing beside her. Oh my, he was even more gorgeous than she had realized. She licked her lips as he moved closer, shedding his clothing. Flowing like water, he lay down beside her and she lifted her face and welcomed him with open arms and open heart. Her fear had evaporated, burned away by the pain and the pleasure. He spread her legs with his knees, his cock hard and straight. The weight of his body on her felt so good, so right. She could feel him ready to cross the threshold into her core; she wanted it so badly. Please, her eyes pleaded silently, please.

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