tagErotic HorrorThe Dark Moon Coven

The Dark Moon Coven


The light slanted as it came in through the high ceilings, natural lighting always made it easier to draw, especially on the days that the sun was strong, as part of the ceiling was glass.

The art room at Price Junior College was a pretty, open space with loads of light.

There were eighteen people in the class, and they were doing quick sixty second sketches with charcoal pencils.

They were standing in front of large upright easels, and it was a cool day for early September.

The class was working on drawing a clothed model sitting in a chair.

The art instructor Kelly Gruening, was a 'cougar', she was forty, seemed like she was thirty, and had all her moves together.

Later she sat in the small office with her friend, another college instructor Heather Corman.

"I tried to give a kid the candle yesterday after class, but he thought I was just kidding," Heather said with an irritated look.

"Bummer," Kelly said.

"I fucked him, but it just isn't helping, I'm ready to climb the Goddamn walls," Heather said.

"Tell me about it."

"There isn't any way that Astaroth is coming back is there?" Heather asked anxiously.

"Nope," Kelly said somewhat sheepishly.

Heather's normally attractive face was contorted with irritation and stress.

"I thought maybe with how hard it was for his parents to get him out of the house, that maybe he could come back and stay with a relative or something," Heather said.

Kelly said, "There's not much chance of that I'm afraid, of course we're the main reason that they had so much trouble getting him to move."

Kelly leaned back in her chair and laughed, a pretty toothpaste commercial laugh.

Heather ran her hand through her shiny brunet hair, "I swear if we don't get a motherfucking consort in the next week or two, I'm going to go out of my mind."

"Try to say calm, Hecate, I know it's not easy," Kelly said, "I want it as much as you do, it's like being a vampire without a neck to bite."

Kelly looked at Heather suddenly, making a lock of light brown hair to fall down over her eyes.

"It's fucking driving me nuts too," she said with intensity, "but it's only been two weeks."

"And that's two weeks too long!"

Heather took her pretty lips and made a face, "You're the leader, do something!"

"I'm working on something right now," Kelly said.


"He's out there drawing right now, in minute sketches," Kelly said smiling.

"Great, let me see him," Heather said excitedly.

"Class is almost over, you stand outside my office, and I'll have him come in for something and you can get a look at him then," Kelly said.

"Maybe we've been too picky," Heather said anxiously.

Kelly said, "Everybody in the coven said, and I mean everybody that they wanted gorgeous consorts, I mean knockouts."

"That's him over by the window," Kelly said.

Heather opened the door wide enough to peak out.

"Are you talking about the guy drawing left-handed?"

"Yeah," Kelly said.

"Wow!" Heather said, her lips making on O, "it looks good from here."

"Again wow!" Heather said rolling her eyes.

"Why haven't you hit on him?"

Kelly said, "I have hit on him."

"Oh no, not a gay!" Heather said with disappointment.

"He seemed interested," Kelly said, "I just haven't sealed the deal yet."

"Well seal already, please," Heather said, her pretty mouth pouting.

"I'm gonna tell him that I'm a witch, and I'm hoping that it will turn him on, sometimes it does," Kelly said with confidence, "besides I've been putting lust spells on him."

"I hope it works," Heather said.

"Yeah, I'll have him come in before he cleans up and you can get a better look, then I'll give him the candle, I hope."

Kelly went out and told the class that they were finished for the day and to start cleaning up, then she asked Alex Capdevielle to come in her office, the recent object of the women's attentions, Heather stood a few feet away from the door.

Heather waited until Alex's back was turned, then she made a pantomime of oral sex and gave Kelly the thumbs up sign, then she left.

Alex had noticed a dark complected woman standing to the left of the office door as he walked by, he noticed her favorably, a raven haired beauty with shiny dark brown hair, and a revealing outfit for college, with two pretty tits showing. The woman smiled at him, and her eyes glinted with something he couldn't quite place.

His teacher Kelly Gruening, he had noticed her of course, right away, she was tan and statuesque, with pretty light brown hair and penetrating green eyes, she impressed him the first day of class.

He knew or at least thought that Kelly was a cougar, what he didn't know was that she was also a witch.

They walked towards the door with Kelly going first.

Alex took a quick look at Kelly's tanned leggy ass as she walked in front of him.

It was a small office, and not as light as the art room, but still light.

"Why don't you sit down for a little bit, Alex," she said.

She gave a dreamy smile that that made him gasp.

They sat a few seconds without saying anything.

Alex noticed her tapping her fingers on the desk, as though she were thinking about something, he was just about ready to ask what she wanted when she sighed and said, "I want to give you something."

"What is it?"

"A candle," she said.

She opened a drawer, and took out a black looking candle.

"A candle," he said perplexed, "what do I need with a candle?"

"Light it at night," she said.

"I don't really like candles," he said.

She took hold of one of his muscular holders and squeezed it.

Then she stood up and came over to where he was sitting and put her arms around him, and smiled again.

"I'm a witch," she said.


"I'm a witch, I can come through that candle if you light it, and meet you in your room for sex."

"You're kidding," he said.

"Really," she replied, "it's black magic, I've done it before, lots of times."

"This is really freaky," he said with an odd look.

She stared at him and he felt a strong hot surge of sexual desire jolt through his body.

She said, "I can turn into smoke and I can come through the candle in my house to another candle when it's lit."

"Wow!" he said.

Alex felt her hands wrap around the back of his neck.

He felt a little nervous and stood up.

She said, "I can do an incantation, that is a spell and I can turn into smoke and materialize in another candle, provided that it's lit, and not too far away."

Alex stared at her.

Kelly said, "At midnight tonight, I want you to light your candle, the one that I just gave you."

"Well...." he said.

He turned his head and stared at the door.

She took her hands and moved his head back to where she could stare into his eyes again.

"Light it tonight," she said again.

"I don't know," he said.

"Light that candle," she commanded.

Then he felt another wave of sex come over him like a fever, he almost started panting from the emotion. Although he was unaware of it, put she had already put lust spells on him repeatedly, and he was feeling the effects of them now.

"Alright," he said quickly.

She laughed then and put her hand on his ass and caressed it.

"It'll be lots of fun babe," she said.

Kelly leaned over and kissed him on the ear.

"It'll be our first fuck!" she said, enthusiastically.

She then put her hand down the feel the nice cock that had sprung up in his pants.

Then she broke away and said, "I'll see you tonight then."

"Okay," he replied.

"Why do you want to do this tonight?" he asked.

"Because," she said, rubbing the nice erection.

The reason, unstated was that her sex power after appearing in a candle was strong, almost irresistible and her goal was to capture him sexually for the coven, and one sex session after astral materialization would very likely do it. Plus the women in the coven were addicted to the blasphemous black magic rituals, and were having terrible withdrawl, after their two boyfriends, they were called consorts in the group, had left.

Unfortunately for Kelly and the rest of the coven, the two guys, i.e. consorts, had reluctantly moved, the first one, a twenty two year old former art student, had moved to the east coast with his family. And the other, a man she had picked up at the grocery store, had also moved when the trucking company he worked for transferred him to Texas.

Her power was strong and it had gotten stronger with every sexual encounter. The college kid in particular had to be dragged away from Kelly and the coven practically at gunpoint by his parents. And the delivery driver had gone with the greatest reluctance as well.

They were both ready to go out of their minds, when the black magic sex was removed from their lives, but Kelly had tried to arrange through calls and the internet for them to be taken into occult groups in their new homes, unbelievably for her, it had actually worked, and two new groups of female witches had eagerly snatched up the two broken in 'consorts'.

She felt that her sexual power was getting stronger every time she had materialized herself into a guy's room and she was very anxious to do it again. It had been two weeks, and it had been hard to find the right guy, most of them didn't seem nice looking enough for her, she wanted handsome and sexy. But she hadn't been able to take her eyes off Alex for any length of time since he had walked into her class on a hot August day. Now she felt Alex should be brought into the coven, and as quickly as possible.

Kelly had put her candle down on the table to put her arms around Alex, she picked it back up and held it out to him, "Light it tonight at midnight," she said shaking her head up and down.

"Boy, will it be some good motherfucking sex," she said, then she stuck her tits out at him.

She waited anxiously as he took the candle from her hand, great! Great! She thought to herself.

Alex was very excited too, while dubious at first, Kelly's intensity and energy had won him over, plus the talk about witchcraft and conjuring summoned up occult devil worshiper type images that were really turning him on.

"Sure," he replied, "right around midnight."

"Great," she said, unable to hide her enthusiasm.

"I'll see you later," he said and turned to leave the cramped office.

"Certainly," she replied.

The black candle was about six inches long and about two inches thick, he stuck it in his book bag and headed for the parking lot.

The minute he was out of earshot, she picked up her cell phone and dialed Heather.

"He took it!" Kelly said with excitement.

"Cool! That's awesome, I thought he was fantastic."

"He is going to get a nocturnal visit tonight," Kelly said with an evil smile.

"Shit, what if he doesn't light it?" Heather said.

Kelly said, "I saw his face, he'll light it, don't worry."

"Great!" Heather replied.

Heather said, "Jesus, I hope this works out, I miss those nocturnal meetings, shit, I miss being a succubus."

"Me too," Kelly said emphatically.

Both women were feeling the withdrawl pains from the dark rituals.

Kelly said, "Anyway, don't worry, once I give him the black magic fuck, he won't be able to resist from here on out," she smiled confidently.

Heather said, " I just hope he doesn't get scared, change his mind, and not light the candle, that happened to me last year."

Kelly laughed, "You should have seen him when I handed him the candle, if he wanted out he wouldn't have taken it, I'll bet he's already figured out how much time there is to go, he can't wait to light that sonavabitch. God I am ready for this, and he is too, I just know it."

"Awesome!" Heather said again, "call me tomorrow."


He drove home, which was south Alton. He was so excited that his heart was racing and he could hardly keep his hands off of his penis. Alex was really not sure at all that she could do what she said she was going to do, but he was really hoping that she would do it. The talk about witchcraft and black magic was driving him nuts with excitement.

His cock was already as hard as a rock, and stuck up out of his abdomen in a good erection. Alex was having trouble concentrating on his driving, he was so excited. He absolutely could not wait to light the candle and go through with the ritual! He checked his watch to see how soon it would be until midnight, it was around four in the afternoon.. It would be eight hours to go!

Alex worked part time at the post office in Godfrey, and studied art at the junior college level, and he had most of the top floor of the house, his aunt's room being downstairs, he could make a hell of a lot of noise without her being aware of it.

I met a witch, he thought to himself, and she's good at black magic, cool!

Alex stuck his hand down his pants and began squeezing his throbbing penis.

I hope she's as good at black magic as she says, he thought eagerly stroking his cock.

His aunt worked at the driver's license bureau and wouldn't be home until after six o'clock.

Alex watched t.v., and couldn't concentrate, then he tried to play video games on the computer and couldn't concentrate either. He kept wanting to masturbate, his cock just kept getting hard.

It was ten thirty now, and his aunt was in her room, watching t.v, his erect penis ached for release, he stroked it and stroked it but didn't shoot.

Then finally it was time! He had gotten an antique candle holder out before his aunt came home and set it up in his room. The thick black candle sat there waiting to be lit. He picked up his cigarette lighter up and got it going with a trembling hand, then held to the black candle and lit it.

It shown brightly for a minute or two, with nothing happening, then some inky black smoke began to come out of it, then more and more until there was a big cloud of acrid black smoke in his room. Presently it began to take shape, slowly at first then quicker and quicker.

It was her! She'd actually done it, he couldn't take his eyes off of her as she took shape in the smoke.

She came out of the smoke somewhat so he got a better look.

Kelly was dressed all in black, black shoes, black skirt, black blouse with a plunging tight neckline, and her pretty light brown hair made a great contrast with all the black. The thick inky smoke hung around her body. And surprisingly, she was holding a black book.

"Hello," she said.

"Glad to see you," he said, not knowing how to respond and almost dumbfounded by what he was experiencing.

His eyes took in the sexy witch dressed all in black.

"I wasn't sure you could do this, but now I'm really impressed, wow!" Alex exclaimed.

Kelly smiled at him brightly, pleased by his compliment.

"Oh fuck, I've done this lots of times," she said, "the problem, once in awhile is finding a consort."

"A consort?"

"Yeah, the devil has consorts," she said.

"Should I put the candle out, or leave it going?" he asked, to change the subject.

"Absolutely, leave it going," she said quickly, "I'll disappear if the candle is put out."

"Under no circumstances put the candle out, ever, understand?" she said forcefully.

"Of course."

"Some of the other women in the coven are going to want what I want, which is, a dark ritual fuck," she said.

"Sure, I understand," he replied.

"That means that they'll come to you through a black candle, and you light that candle when I call and tell you to light it."

"I understand," Alex said, staring at Kelly.

He waited a few seconds then said, "What'd you mean by consorts?"

She stared at him, "I mean you, I want you for the coven."

"Uh huh," he said quickly and nervously.

The witch stood in front of Alex staring at him, the hot hypnotic eyes burning into him like a laser beam.

Then she leered at him and opened her mouth and tilted her head a little sideways, an obvious invitation for a kiss.

He put his arms around her shoulders and kissed her hard on the mouth.

"Mmmmm!" she exclaimed eagerly returning the kiss, her arms went around the back of his neck.

She stepped back for a minute then she gestured towards the book she was carrying, "Now honey, this is the book of The Dark Moon Coven, and I'm the leader."

"I understand."

"You aren't allowed to tell anyone about any of this, not the name of the group, not about ritual sex magick, nothing."

"Okay," he said quickly.

"And if you say anything to anybody, we'll kill you," she said with a surprising smile.

"Of course, I understand," he said.

Then she laughed, "And I don't want to kill you, I want you for my sex rituals."

She said, "There are thirteen of us in the coven, I'm the high priestess, I'm the devil, my name in the coven is Naamah, that's my devil name, don't call me Kelly."

The witch said, "You'll have to follow my directions, you won't be a full member for awhile, but an associate, you'll have to agree to embrace wickedness, blasphemy and evil."

"I understand," he said.

"You're going to need a name in the coven, I'll help you come up with one later," she said.

"Look, she said, "this book records our group activities and we all have to sign it."

"Yeah," he said.

The witch stared at him again, "You were really ready to light that candle weren't you?"

The witch's stares brought wave after wave after wave of desire that boiled up in his balls.

"Well sort of, it seemed different," he replied.

She kissed his neck.

She reached out and caressed his cheek.

The witch stared at him again, she said, "You actually couldn't wait to light the sonavbitch."

"I don't know about that," he said.

Her eyes burned at him again again, even hotter this time if possible.

She said, "You were going nuts waiting to light that motherfucking candle, weren't you, you just could not wait to light that sonavbitch."

He stared back at her not saying anything.

An evil cult! Ran by a powerful witch, incredible, he was getting more excited by the moment.

She was right of course, he was turned on by her being a witch, he had counted the minutes until he could light his candle, he couldn't wait to do it. And the more evil she acted, the more it was turning him.

The witch's amazing sexuality poured out of her in hot flash waves, wave after wave hit him as he stared at her.

"Before I initiate you into the Dark Moon Coven,you have to sign the book," she said.

"Oh?" he said.

She walked over to the small table that was next to the bed, opened the book to a particular page.

"This is where you sign," she said.

She pulled a dark pen out of it and held it out to Alex.

"If you want to be initiated into the coven, then you have to embrace the wicked," she said evilly.

"What am I signing?" Alex said.

Naamah said, "Repeat after me, our mother, who art in hell."

"Our mother who art in hell."

"Devil be her name."

"Devil be her name," Alex repeated.

"Her kingdom come, her will be done on earth, as is it is in hell."

"Her kingdom come, her will be done on earth as is it is in hell," Alex said.

Alex watched as her face shown as she recited.

"Take this day our daily bread," Naamah said.

"Take this day our daily bread,"

"Trespass against those before they trespass against us," she said her voice throbbing.

"Trespass against those before they trespass against us," Naamah said.

"And lead us into temptation," Naamah said, her voice rising.

"And lead us into temptation,

"And delivery us to evil," Naamah said staring at her would be conquest with another evil smile.

"And delivery us to evil."

"For hers is the kingdom and the power and the glory and forever."

"For hers is the kingdom and the power and the glory and forever," Alex repeated.

"That's what the fuck you're signing," she said, her face glowing with passion.

She had the book on the table and was standing about ten feet away from him, the pen was black like the book, and she held it out for him to take.

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