tagGroup SexThe Day After Ch. 2

The Day After Ch. 2


I was asleep with my new girlfriend in her bed in the middle of the afternoon when I was once more awoken by the insatiable Zoey ... her younger sister’s best friend. For the second time that day, she had crept into our room, lifted the sheets and began to suck on my flaccid cock. This girl was such a cum slut. I regained consciousness just as my cock hardened rapidly in her soft, wet mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmphhh” she moaned “I just cannot get enough of this cock, John.”

Nicola stirred beside me and I kissed her nipples to attention as she too began to wake up. Zoey began to slobber noisily on my cock and I could feel her saliva dribble down over my balls and thighs. She stroked me and licked my cock from base to tip. Zoey was a very talented cocksucker and I was soon throbbing with excitement. Nicola sat up and watched attentively. She was naked and her well-rounded breasts hovered close to my lips. Her breasts were so soft. Her big brown nipples edged closer to my lips and I needed no formal invitation. I brought one breast closer to me with my hand and gently licked around the edge of her puffy aureola. She sighed a breathy sigh of pleasure, cupped her breast and fed it to me. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and slid my hand downwards along her soft belly and hips. I slowly massaged her hips and ass, slowly sliding my hand around between her legs. She was wet and waiting for me to pleasure her sensitive clit. But I was in no hurry. I stroked her pussy lips and her inner thighs. Whenever she moved towards my fingers, I moved them away from her hot snatch. I wanted her to wait.

Nicola wasn’t having any of it. She moved upwards and sat astride my face. She stared down at me between her pendulous breasts. She smiled as she hovered her hot pussy above my mouth. She spread her legs apart and lowered her dripping pussy on to my lips. I could see a drip forming on her pussy lips and I reached out with my tongue. She grasped her breasts and squeezed them, pinching her nipples and sighed.

Her pussy spread across my mouth and I had no option but to stick my tongue inside her and swirl it around her inner folds. She tasted so good. She had been fucked solidly for about two hours earlier on in the day and she tasted divine. Her musky smell permeated my nostrils and my cock throbbed with desire. I wanted her. And I also wanted the horny little cocksucker that was so expertly looking after my rigid cock behind Nicola’s back. Her mouth was like a velvet glove as she bobbed up and down on my cock. All I could do was reach around Nicola’s legs and squeeze Zoey’s dangling breasts. Nicola was really wet now and her pussy was flooding my face with its juices.

“Is he ready, Zoey” Nicola asked “I want his thick cock inside me now and you had better have him ready, or I am not going to let you lick me out afterwards.”

“Oh he’s more than ready” replied Zoey “can I sit on his face? My pussy needs a jolly good seeing to.”

Nicola slid down along my chest and tummy. She stood up on one leg and waited for Zoey to point my cock in her direction. Nicola lowered her pussy down on to my cock and slid downwards with a sudden downward thrust.

“Of fuck, that’s good” she hissed “I need cock and yours is just what I want in terms of size and thickness. I do hope you’re going to be around for a while because I just cannot get enough of this.”

Zoey sat back and watched Nicola fuck. She massaged her tits with one hand and fingered herself with the other. She was so horny. And she loved to watch people fuck almost as much as she loved to fuck them. I beckoned her towards me and she leaned down to kiss me. Both my hands massaged her dangling tits and she continued to finger herself with her free hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Nicola place her hands on my hard tummy to steady herself as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Her pussy seemed to suck me inside and squeeze my cock at the bottom of the stroke. Her big breasts danced below and I this was a scene that would make me cum very quickly if I kept on watching her wonderful breasts.

It was not to be. Zoey turned around and sat astride my face. Her tiny blonde pussy opened up before my eyes and she eased back on to my lips. I licked her wet pussy from side to side … slowly flicking her lips open with my tongue and, alternatingly, licking along the inside of each lip. She loved it when I stroked her pussy lips with my tongue. She went crazy when I sucked her clitty inside my mouth and tongued it. I sucked it in between my teeth. I reached up and cupped her tits and tweaked her hard nipples. She loves this and began to rapidly slide back and forth across my face. Meanwhile, Nicola was cumming for the first time and I could feel Zoey reach across to her. I imagined her cupping her big breasts as Nicola bounced up and down on my cock. Zoey’s juices were dribbling down my chin and neck. Her puckered little asshole was visible when she slid forward and I was so tempted to slip a finger into her ass.

“Fuck me, please fuck me harder” pleaded Nicola “give it to hard and deep.”

I held on to Zoey’s hips and bucked up into Nicola. I clasped my ankles together and thrust my hips up and down beneath Nicola. I could hear my cock squelch in and out of her sopping cunt and she leant forward to steady herself. Her pussy walls were clinging to my cock and I could feel the friction building up. Nicola slipped into a screaming orgasm and began to shout obscenities at Zoey and me. Zoey was cumming on my face and she was also screaming. Zoey couldn’t take any more and slipped off me. I picked up Nicola and slammed her down on the bed. She rolled over, spread her legs and presented herself to me. I grabbed her ankles and put them on my shoulders. Zoey grabbed my cock and once again, guided me into her. I slammed into her and fucked her mercilessly. My hips slapped off Nicola exposed ass as I fucked her. I could see Zoey licking her lips in anticipation of cleaning Nicola’s pussy after I’d cum. Nicola began to cum again and Zoey sat on her face to quieten her.

She leaned forward for a kiss but I was fucking too hard for us to kiss.

“Can I lick her cunt when you cum into her” Zoey asked “I want to taste your cum. I want to lick this bitch out and suck every drop of your spunk out of her”.

That did it. I could hold back no longer. I felt my balls tighten and my cock go numb, as I began to spurt endlessly into Nicola. I slammed my cock as far inside her as I could and kept it there. My eyes blurred and I came in buckets inside Nicola’s gaping cunt. When I was finished, I kissed her deeply and slid off her. I wanted to see her pussy. It was reddened and her lips sloppy with her juices and my cum.

“Mmmmmmmmmm” cooed Zoey “don’t you just love to see a well-fucked pussy dribble?”

Yes, Zoey was definitely a cum addict and she sucked the last of my seed from my slick, slimy cock as she watched Nicola’s pussy convulse in post-orgasmic joy. She sucked and licked me clean and then went down on Nicola’s pussy. It was fascinating to watch. I have no homosexual tendencies myself but I do love to see a woman eating out another woman’s cunt … especially when it is dripping with my cum!!!

We got out of bed and showered together in Nicola’s vast en-suite shower. We trapped Zoey in between us and fingered her to a series of tumultuous orgasms. I had two fingers in her pussy and Nicola had a finger in her ass as she wriggled and screamed through cum after cum, and cum after cum. When she was finished, she turned and sucked on Nicola’s nipples and fingered her until she came too. I had a semi-hardon but didn’t fuck either of them. We dried off and Nicola gave me a sensuous massage with her moisturiser creams, before She and Zoey greased each other down. I know I’m being a man about this but I now know a little bit more about why women take so long to get ready for a date.

The visitors for lunch had by now left and the house was, once more, quiet. I think everyone was totally fucked out after lunch and the entertainment thereafter. I was hungry for food and wandered out into the kitchen. I noticed that Penelope was in bed with Pierre (the butler) and Andrea (the groom) as I walked by her open bedroom door. They both lay against Pierre’s barrel chest and he was a picture of contentment, as he lay between two happy and horny young ladies. Their parents (Dave and Veronica) were showering in their en-suite. I think they might have been fucking again. I could hear the shower pump and the water splashing … and more than a little bit of groaning and grunting. I was tempted to go in and watch them. I think they’d have liked that but I was totally fucked out and I just knew that Veronica would like me to join them and I also knew she’d want me to blow another wad of cum over her tits or into her hungry mouth. I just wanted something to eat … and I didn’t mean another pussy!

I bumped into Beatrice (their sexy French maid) in the kitchen. She was wearing her maids outfit. Damn, that woman is sexy. Her legs were wrapped in sheer black stockings and I could see the beginnings of her stocking tops. She had a slim waist and a pair of tits that would give a corpse a hard-on. She asked me if I wanted something nice to eat. Hmmmmm, what a dilemma! I could have a club sandwich, or some cold pasta and salad, or perhaps something hot??? I settled for a club sandwich and some fruit juice. I ate my food and chatted with Beatrice. She was looking forward to going back to her former employers but was definitely going to miss being here. She told me how much she loved Dave, Veronica and their crazy daughters. I think she also liked Pierre and Andrea too. Meanwhile, Dave and Veronica appeared. Veronica was wearing a tan trouser suit with a sexy belt and a black shirt under her jacket. She looked neat but not too formal.

“Are you going somewhere Veronica,” I asked casually “you look beautiful in that outfit.”

“Nope, not going anywhere but you are correct in your observation,” she replied. “We are expecting a few visitors later on this afternoon. Some friends of ours have a mare that needs covering. She didn’t go in foal earlier in the year and, since they are not breeding thoroughbreds, it isn’t important that they are mating her so late in the year. Nicola’s horse is a young stallion and we thought it might calm him down if we gave him the occasional mare to cover.”

“So your friends are coming over here today for this,” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “but its OK for you to stay. You might make a useful business contact since my friend’s husband is also in your business sector.”

“OK” I replied “I am quite enjoying meeting your friends. You have a very interesting social circle.”

Veronica smiled and looked down at my crotch. I think she had other plans for me later on in the afternoon. By this time, the girls were all showered and dressed. Beatrice had prepared a huge ‘second’ lunch for us and we all sat around the long table in the dining room and discussed what was going to happen for the rest of the afternoon and evening. The Potter family lived a few miles away and their girls had gone to boarding school with Nicola and Penelope. They were also members of the local ‘horsey set’ and attending many of the same social functions and dinner parties.

We waited for them to arrive. Nicola and I wandered down into the stable yard. We loked in on all of the horses and Andrea put the head collar and lunge rope on to Nicola’s ‘big boy’. He obviously knew what was going to happen next because he immediately got a huge erection. It was a special head collar Nicola explained and he knows what is about to happen. We checked on all of the other horses and inside each box, we kissed and cuddled. Nicola was also ready for some more loving as she ground her pussy into my stiff cock at every opportunity. She was a great kisser and her tongue explored all of my mouth. By the time we came back to the house, the Potters had arrived and were drinking in the lounge.

“John” exclaimed Veronica, “I’d like you to meet Mr & Mrs Potter and their two daughters, Davina and Louise.”

“Call me Georgina” Mrs Potter added “and this is my husband Peter. We’ve heard so much about you and its all good.”

I smiled and shook both their hands. I also smiled at their daughters and didn’t fail to notice their lithe, athletic bodies. I wondered if these people were as horny as the last lot. Georgina was wearing a very tight pair of designer jeans, with high heeled boots underneath. She had a thick white blouse that held a sizeable pair of tits beneath. She had big nipples and they stuck out from underneath her blouse. She sat back in her chair and my eyes moved towards her big pussy that bulged out from under her very tight jeans. She caught me looking and smiled back. I nodded and smiled back. Yes, these people might be horny too, I thought.

Her daughters were also immaculately dressed. Both had skin-tight black jeans on, plus loose t-shirts. Davina, the elder of the two, had long flowing hair and dazzling white teeth. Her smile lit up the room. Louise had dyed her hair ashe blonde and had a very sophisticated look about her. Her gaze, however, was switching between Nicola’s father (Dave) and Pierre (the butler). This didn’t escape her mother or Veronica, who simply smiled knowingly at each other. Yep, this was going to be another session.

After the drinks were finished, we all made our way down to the stable yard. Louise took her mare down from the horse box and brought her out into the middle of the yard. Her tail was up and her pussy was dripping with a yellowish fluid. Nicola explained that this was what happened when a mare was in season and that, to make sure she was receptive, she’s have to be teased by a pony stallion they kept for this purpose. I sniggered, not fully realising what was about to happen.

Their mare was brought over to the teaser’s door. He looked out over his door and sniffed her pussy. She raised her tail up even more and he snorted. He obviously smelled something because he whinnied and kicked out at the door with his front legs. The mare stood still and pressed her ass in closer to his door. He licked and snorted some more. The mare stayed still. Louise brought the mare out into the middle of the yard again. Penelope looped a lunge rein through the teaser’s head collar and opened his door. He trotted out with his long prick swaying from side to side beneath him. He trotted to the mare. Once again, she stayed rooted to the spot and lifted her tail. He attempted to mount her but Penelope pulled on the lunge rein and stopped him from getting his dick into her.

“Just look at her shiver when he sniffs and licks her pussy” whispered Nicola into my ear. “She ready to be fucked by my big stallion. Just you watch her wince when he gets his big cock into her. Ooooh, the very thought of a cock that big is making me very, very wet.”

I stood behind her with my cock rubbing off her firm ass and she moved slowly sideways to get me harder. I had a funny feeling Nicola was going to need a servicing too, after her stallion serviced this mare. I looked sideways at Veronica. She gave me a knowing smile as she folded her arms under her big chest and squeezed them upwards for me. I guess she’s going to need one too, I thought to myself as I continued to rub my cock off her daughter’s shapely ass.

“She’s ready” snapped Dave “bring on the main attraction.”

Andrea brought Nicola’s stallion out of his loose box. He was huge. His cock was about three feet long and had a huge knob on the end. It was like a plunger you’d unblock a sink with. Nicola gasped as she saw his cock swing to and fro.

She whispered into my ear “Gawd, could you imagine a cock like that fucking you?”

“Not really” I replied “I guess I’m just not built for something that big in my ass.”

“Fuck, look at the size of that boy’s cock” gasped Louise, almost audibly. She looked over at Nicola and me and added “Jesus, I have never seen a cock that big before. He’s fucking huge.”

Nicola sniggered and rubbed her ass against me and replied “Does it make you wet, Louise? I know I am.”

“Oh yes” she whispered back at us. “I’m soaking and I cannot wait to see him fucking our little girl. And look at the big balls on him. He must have a lot of spunk up there. If we didn’t want the mare in foal, I’d love to watch him cum.” She stood beside us and blazonly rubbed her pussy through her jeans right in front of her parents. Her nipples stood up proud through her thin t-shirt.

Nicola’s stallion was brought around to the rear of the mare. She has pads on her hooves in case she kicked him and a twitch on her nose to control her, should she try to turn around or misbehave in any way. She also had a blanket slung over her back and neck. This seemed a bit odd to me but I decided to wait and see what was going to happen. Davina held the mare steady and Andrea manoeuvred the stallion into position. He reared up and fell on top of her. His cock missed her opening first time but Andrea moved alongside, grabbed the huge piece of meat and aimed it at the mare’s pussy. Wham, he was in. The mare tried to step forward but Davina held firm. Andrea stepped back and let the stallion’s lunge rein lay loose. He fucked her for less than minute and chewed on her neck as he did so. The blanket made complete sense now. His huge teeth bore down on her and if she had no protection, he’d have taken a lump out of her. His back arched with each powerful thrust. And then, with a grunt and a fart, he came inside her. I could only imagine how far his cock must have been inside her. Nicola rubbed her pussy off my ass and squeezed my hand as he came. She was obviously excited with the spectacle. Zoey and Penelope were pulling their tight jeans up into their pussies in an effort to masturbate unnoticed. The stallion slipped off and his giant cock shrivelled up almost immediately and dangled limply beneath him. I smiled and suppressed a laugh.

Nicola heard me and asked “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing much” I replied “I was just imagining how Zoey would clean that pussy and cock up afterwards.”

Nicola sniggered at the thought and rubbed my cock a little bit harder with her ass. Davina led her mare back to a spare stable for the evening. Nicola’s stallion trotted back to his stable behind Andrea … looking very happy indeed! We strolled over to the stable after him. Andrea took off his head collar and gave him some hay. Nicola carried a bucket of fresh water to him and patted him. Andrea slung on his blanket and made sure everything was OK with him. When they were finished, Nicola and Andrea exchanged a long, passionate kiss. I watched on as they continued and began to fondle one another. They broke apart as I slipped a hand between their legs and felt their shapely bottoms. Nicola suggested we go and see what everyone else was up to.

I walked between them along the stable block and heard some heavy breathing from inside the tack room, which was situated just beside the hayshed and a foaling box. The two sets of parents had obviously got together. We opened the door quietly and stood watching them. The girls stood on either side of me allowing me to feel their bottoms and they rubbed their pussies into my thighs. They placed their heads on my shoulders and watched attentively, taking turns to stroke my hard cock beneath my trousers.

Dave was getting a blowjob from Georgina and had his hand down her cleavage as she squatted in front of him. Veronica had stood up on the saddle rack and leaned over the top of it. She had dropped her trousers and Peter was licking her pussy. Georgina had big tits like Veronica although not quite in as good a shape as V. Dave was now lifting her massive mammaries clear of her stretchy top and tweaking her nipples. She responded groaning loudly and giving him a very sloppy blowjob – periodically spitting on his dick. Veronica could see his every move as she wiggled her bottom for Peter to lick. She slipped her foot out of the trouser leg and raised her leg up on the saddle rack to give him greater access to her pussy and ass. We could see he was licking her from clit to asshole and she was loving every second of it.

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