tagBDSMThe Day in the Life of a Servant

The Day in the Life of a Servant


She woke up in her bedroom. The sheets were spread across the deluxe-sized bed like a bomb had gone off, her long, platinum locks in a halo around her serene, sleeping face. Almost like a goddess, only a goddess has free will.

The sleeping beauty was most certainly a beauty. A girl many men would wish to marry, to dedicate their life to chasing. Her most catching feature was of course, the two large orbs attached to her chest. There was no denying that they were plastic, fake, but only few men would point that out around her. They were glorious all the same, like a monument to her beauty. Full, larger than watermelons bolted to her chest, looking like they were barely able to fit onto her tiny torso, that they were much too big for her. They were full, smooth spheres, no imperfection to them. The hard nipples pointed upwards ever so slightly, finishing off the look of perfection.

The servant's body was toned, athletic. She worked out every day, a task set to her by her Master. Squats, deadlifts. A regime set by him and followed by her. At first it was exhausting, but after almost a year after arriving at the Mansion, she knew it was worth it. Her abs were just about visible, on display with a small diamond piercing that glinted whenever she moved, catching everybody's eyes, everybody's attention.

Her face was painted in permanent make-up. Tattooed on, used advanced technology that she herself had created. Once upon a time she was a CEO, but only with her advanced knowledge, her broadened mind did she realise what gave her ultimate satisfaction and pleasure. Her only purpose was to serve her Master. In bed, she puckered her lips, her tongue running through their naturally-glossy shine. It felt good to always have make-up on, always be pretty. It's what Master wants, after all. And what Master wants, Master gets. Ultimate, complete obedience leads to enlightenment of the mind.

Sadly, as much as she wished to lay in bed and daydream about her perfect life, she knew that she had jobs to do. Many jobs, in fact. Living a life in the Mansion wasn't just working out and looking perfect. It was a life of servitude. In exchange for expensive dresses, swathes of jewellery, implants that add expanded curves and botox to perfect her face, she must pay the price to serve her Master in every conceivable way. And she couldn't think of a better job to have.

The babe rolled out of her bed, her hair bouncing slightly before resting into curls as she sat up from the massive white bed and onto her heel-clad feet. The only thing she was allowed to wear anymore are heels... And not just any old heels. Classy heels, heels that you would wear to an evening event. Carefully designed stilettos encrusted with various bands of diamonds and gems A symbol of luxury, of power, of class. It showed that she wasn't just a brain dead bimbo, no. She was a powerful woman who chose to be a slut to her Master. She chose this life.

When she first wore the heels, her feet felt like they were on fire, every day was a training session whenever she had to move. But within weeks her feet adjusted, and changed, and adapted and now she couldn't imagine walking without her feet arched in such a precarious position. Heels were natural for her now.

Normally she would shower first, but every morning she has to visit him. Worship him. Part of the daily routine, she must be fed before she does something, anything else. She takes slow, short mincing steps out of her room, her wide child-bearing hips swaying with the force of lust, her juicy rump shimmering with each click of the heel against floor. Maybe one day she could have children, she would be delighted to have such a gift from Master.

But only if he gives it, of course. She lives to serve her Master, and her Master is everything to her. Walking down the hallway, she knew the path to his bedroom perfectly, even though the white, luxurious building was like a maze filled with paintings of old art and sculptures of renaissance establishment. Of course, It was a wonderful sight to see such magnificent works. Some she owned, before she moved into the mansion with her Master. Though the ones she owned were particularly more expensive and located in a fancier wing of the grand building.

What life could be better than walking down hallways filled with ancient and established culture, expensive works of art and miracles of the human ingenuity. And to worship Master's cock, as well. A perfect life, an ideal one.

She was halfway there, now. Heading down one of the larger corridors, she saw two girls, maids. They looked unimpressive, fairly old ladies. Petty compared to her image of beauty. She saw how the pair looked at her, before quickly looking down.

The last maid to make a snide comment about the Servant was dutifully punished. At night you might hear her moaning in the stockades. When she's taken out, she might make a good Servant as well. Though that really didn't matter to her, it wasn't her place. Her place was to serve Master, and do as he commands.

The walk to Master's room was always fairly uneventful, if not exciting. It built tension for her daily feeding, made her nervous. Anxious. And every morning she knew it would be worth it. It felt good to be anxious, it felt good to be worried. Disappointing Master would be the last thing you would want to do, but pleasing him would only be the greatest.

And finally, she arrived. The door was already open, and she slowly pushed the door open, hearing it creak slightly. Her Master was leaning back in one of those big fancy leather chairs, a small glass of some alcoholic beverage in his hand. Naked, with his flaccid, juicy cock between his legs, cleanly shaven.

There were no words exchanged, and there didn't need to be. In the silence between them, she knew what she must do. And she relished in it. Taking longer, powerful strides towards her new target, she quickly and seamlessly slid to her knees between the legs of her Master, each of her delicate hands resting on his inner thighs.

Her Master was handsome, lean yet still muscular. And tall as well, or at least tall enough for the girl. And now it was time to worship his cock. Carefully, tactfully bowing her head, her lips met the head of the still flaccid cock, though as she took it in her mouth, she felt warm blood rush into it. It was growing erect in her mouth.

She waited, keeping the piece of meat warm in her mouth, her tongue running circles around the pole as it grew and grew in size. Within the minute it filled her mouth, with the skilled subservient slut barely able to hold the entire length in.

Yet she barely managed, making soft gagging sounds as she began the blowjob proper. Bouncing her head, bobbing and building up speed, the sound of glucks came from her throat as the massive meaty shaft pistoned in and out of her throat, creating a bulge as it did so. A particularly violent deepthroat, but one that she had gotten used to after many times servicing her Master. The Servant's mind went blank all signs of intelligence vanished as she dedicated her entire, limited thought process into serving the shaft in her mouth.

She knew her Master would get bored with one motion, though. She knew many ways of pleasuring a cock with her mouth. She slid the meat out of her mouth, spitting on it and covering it in her saliva before placing a hand at the base and beginning to stroke the delicious cock off. As she did this, her mouth ducked down to suck and play with his massive balls, filled with the eager sauce that she needed inside of her.

Whilst this was happening, her lone hand was playing with her large breasts, her tits, pinching and playing with the nipple, knowing that her Master would be watching them. Every touch was like static electricity, but she knew to put most of her focus into the blowjob.

After a few minutes of playing around with the cock, she knew it was time for the serious business. She resumed her position of deepthroating the massive schlong, but now Master was serious, his hands grabbing her head and fucking it furiously, barely giving time for her to breath. However, her gags and coughs did not cause any hesitation from the cock, and her long, silky platinum blonde hair was messed up, some of the strands resting on His thighs, whilst the rest was being grabbed and grouped up by Master, using her hair as a way to control her head.

Her tongue was anxiously waiting to taste the first drop of precum, and whilst Master could last for a long time, it finally dropped out. A drop of salvation, a dribble that was a taste of what would come. The taste of valhalla, of heaven. Utopia.

As soon as the salty lubricant popped out of the cock head, the tongue quickly smashed against it, absorbing it and tasting it. The sensation was insanely arousing, it was like a miniature orgasm exploding over her body. Her mind was even blanker than it already was, focused on one goal only. She was even forgetting to breath sometimes, bobbing her head up and down on her focus, her love. Cock.

She knew what Master was like. His cum output was so much, too much. Once he started to leak precum, he wouldn't stop. Every bob was rewarded with a mini droplet of pleasure, and it only increased.

By the next minute his precum was almost like a trickle, a trickle of sweet salivating fluid. Now she was sucking on the cock like a straw every other bob, desperate to get the most of the blissful ambrosia that was contained inside of this meaty surprise.

However, it was soon to be over. She didn't know how long it lasted, she never really counted, she could never really concentrate, but time didn't matter. All that mattered was to make her Master cum. And cum hard. Firstly, because she would get the delicious cum, and if you think the precum is good, the actual cum is ten times better. And secondly, making her Master feel pleasure is the greatest goal in her life. It's what truly motivates her, other than sucking cock and drinking cum.

It was then that she felt a twitch. A telltale twitch that told her it was time. Normally she would love to swallow, but she knew better. Let Master control the flow, where it hits her. Then she must scavenge the rest, to show her humility to her Master.

She smoothly, seamlessly slid the giant eight inch cock out of her mouth, shuffling backwards slightly as her Master got up to paint his fuckhole with his cum. Kneeling down in front of him, she pushed one arm underneath her large fake breasts, pushing them together to create another target if her Master wishes to shoot at it.

She was admiring the perfectness of her Master's beautiful cock, almost taken surprise by the first spurt. It was almost like a firehose, a spray that coated her face. She opened her mouth quickly, managing to get a decent amount in...

And as she tasted the cum she nearly blacked out, orgasms wracking her body. She couldn't help but moan, desperately trying to receive the rest of the cum explosion from her Master. But it was no use! The orgasms were too strong, she could barely predict where the spray, which was now turning into more of a spurt, was aiming, and her body was spasming every other seconds with orgasm after orgasm, lightning-like pleasure exploding from her core up to her head turning it into a pink mist.

By the time she managed to regain control of her body, she felt the warmness from where it landed. Her breasts were covered in the sheen glazed by cum, glistening over her canyon-like cleavage. Her tongue leaped out, licking the remains off of her lips, yet her face was still decorated with the white frosting.

She quickly began to use her hands to scoop up every last dribble and drop with her fingers, her fake nails helping in this effort. It took a few minutes just to clean her tits spotlessly, and it was at this point she realized that her Master had already left, probably to go do hard work. That was fine, she had all the time in the world to eat the orgasmic juice left behind.

And there our little story ends, the true life of a Subservient and her Master. Sitting there on the floor, the morning rays shining through the window as she nakedly cleaned herself with her fingers, scooping up semen and sucking it clean off of her body, getting every drop caught between her eyelashes and in her hair. Orgasming, her hips gyrating every time that finger slipped back into her mouth to give her more of that secreted salvation.

And she wouldn't have it any other way.

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