tagInterracial LoveThe Day My Life Changed

The Day My Life Changed


Lydia Davis was a self-employed Marketing Executive. She had built her small business into a multi-million dollar company in just three years. She had put a lot of effort and hard work into it. However, she lacked someone to share it with. Her longing to be loved had been pushed to the back of her mind.

However, sometimes when she looked in the mirror...she could see that caramel complexioned woman with dark brown eyes, black curly hair, high cheek bones and a button nose looking at her longing for a touch. Her tightly sculptured body from hours and hours at the gym would long for a man's touch. Her 36DD breast with those deep chocolate nipples would perk up, and her flat stomach would tease her hand to follow a trail to her wetness. It was always wet and ready for the potential of what could be. Her thighs were tight and you could not help but follow them to those shapely calves. Her feet were like perfect extensions of her high arched foot. Everything about Lydia welcomed the caressing touch of a man's hand.


I woke up this morning with a jump. It took a few minutes to recognize that I was in my own bedroom. I must have been so tired last night because I did not remember how I got home nor did I remember undressing and getting into my bed. However, here I was. I sat up and rubbed the sleep out my eyes and look toward my alarm clock. It was 7:30 am. I cursed to myself; I was going to be late for work. I picked up the phone and dialed the familiar number to the receptionist desk.

"Hey Tiffany, I'll be running late. Please tell Marissa, to reschedule my first appointment this morning and push it back about 20 minutes."

"Sure thing, Ms. Davis." She said respectively

"Thanks, Tiffany." I said running my hands through my curly hair.

"Um, Ms. Davis, this may not be the right time to ask this, but I was just wondering if I could schedule some time this week to meet with you." She added apologetically.

"Yeah, sure Tiff. Just tell Marissa to give you my next free time slot." I said almost dismissively.

"Thanks, Ms. Davis. I'll make sure that Marissa gets the messages. What can we expect you, in case she asks?"

"I should be there no later than 8:45 or 9." I said thoughtfully.

"Great, see you then."


Meeting after meeting, I felt like I was spinning. It was about 1 and I still had not taken a break for lunch. So I thought I would have Marissa order me a sandwich from the deli on the ground floor. I agreed when she asserted that I go out and get something to eat and clear my head before the Board meeting at 4.


I resolved to take a nice saunter over to The Lil Italy Café and have a nice lunchtime feast. Whenever I needed to get away this was my place. There was just something about the ambiance in this little café that made me unwind. It was a peaceful and calming place. It had been over a year since I had last visited it and wondered if it would have the same effect on me today.

As I entered the establishment, it was even more inviting than I remembered. The walls were deep red with off white accents. The scones on the walls reminded me of little place I had visited in Rome about five years ago. They were shaped into a white teardrop. The frosty glass shade provided an artistic element and pale, vibrant luminosity. The soft music playing in the background was a nice touch.

I looked at the menu, noticing that there were several new dishes added since my last visit. As I mulled over my choice, the waiter approached to take my drink order. I asked for some water with lemon and the waiter acknowledged the order, saying he would return shortly.

When the waiter returned, he placed my water along with Bread sticks and vinegar sauce in front of me.

"I'm Mikael and I'll be your server today. Are you ready to order ma'am or did you need a few more minutes." He asked politely.

"What are your today's specials?" I said looking up to meet his gaze.

"Today, we have three specials. The first is Pepper and Egg Sandwich consists of fried peppers and scrambled eggs topped with mozzarella. The second is Tuscan Meatloaf over garlic mashers and topped with a shallot and tomato demi glaze. Our final special is our Chef's Specialty which consists of Lobster ravioli sautéed in crabmeat and shrimp in a brandy dill cream sauce. I must admit the latter is my personal favorite." He removed his pen and pad from his apron and smiled awaiting my decision.

"They all sound so wonderful. I saw a few new dishes on the menu, did the chef change recently." I said thoughtfully more to myself than to him. My mouth was already beginning to water from the choices.

"Yes Ma'am. The café has made some major changes and we were acquired by a new owner at the beginning of the year".

"I see it's been over a year since I dined here last. I will take your recommendation and order the Chef Specialty."

"Very good Ma'am and I might add a very wise decision. Would like anything to drink with that?" "Well I better stay light I am still on the clock. I'll just take a Raspberry Iced Tea."

"Sure thing, I will place your order and bring your Raspberry Iced Tea with your meal, unless you'd prefer to have it now?"

"No, No, with the meal is fine." I said quickly. "Excellent, it'll be a few minutes before your meal is ready." He said and turn to walk towards the kitchen area.

I picked up a savory bread stick and dipped it in the oil and vinegar sauce. I closed my eyes and let the flavors ravage my taste buds experiencing every stimulating morsel. I reveled in the delight as a moan escaped my lips. I had forgotten how much I loved the bread sticks here. They were better than I'd remembered.

"Well, I do love a woman who can appreciate good food."

I opened my eyes to be met by the owner of this muscular lightly accented voice. The voice belonged to a tall, athletically built man of about his mid-forties. His salt and pepper wavy hair seemed to be highlighted on the top to enhance his haircut, complimenting his rounded facial features, which reminded me of George Clooney. His greenish hazel eyes were bright and inviting. His tanned olive complexion reminded me of toasted almonds. His custom made classic black Armani single breasted suit fit in all the right places and absolutely complimented the his build. His crisp white shirt with a silk black tie demanded attention against his perfectly set jawline. He was beautifully flawless but not in an overwhelming way. He flashed his porcelain white smile as he examined me. I must have stared a bit longer than I should have because he continued to speak.

"Tesoro, did I catch you by surprise?" he spoke with a pure masculine tone that sent chills up my spine and caused my juices to flow slowly. His words penetrate the very core of me.

"I --I'm sorry what did you say?"

I mentioned how I love a woman that appreciates good food and when you did not respond I ask if I had surprised you?"

"Um, no, well sort of."

I do apologize; just your reaction to the seasoning of the bread sticks was so appealing to me. Many women seem to shy away from food these days. It's refreshing to see one take it all in." he smiled.

"Thank you, I guess." I said shyly.

"Believe me the pleasure is truly mine. What is such an attractive woman doing sitting alone?"

"Oh I'm on my lunch break and needed to clear my head."

"I see, however, if I may be so bold. I would love to sit with you and continue to get to know you. I'm very intrigued by you, to say the least."

I blushed. It had been a few years since a man had paid more than professional attention to me and I could feel that my body was responding to his words. "Y-Yes", I said almost whispering.

I saw him wave his hand to the waiter and slide the chair across from me so he could sit down. I felt myself release a breath. A breath that I hadn't realized I was holding.

"Hello, pardon my manners; I'm Roman Mancini, the owner of this quaint establishment." He said holding his hand out to accept mine.

I giggled and said, "Nice to meet you Mr. Mancini, I am Lydia Davis." Taking his hand and feeling an electric current shoot through my entire body and lingering between my thighs.


It's been a two weeks since I last ran into Roman Mancini. We have chatted a few times on the phone. About a week ago we got into a text conversation that got deep and heavy in a matter of minutes. Whenever I thought about him, a goofy smile would eclipse my face. How I wanted this man, scratch that I need him badly.

Lost in my thoughts, my cell phone buzzed.

Roman: Hi, you busy?

I texted back, "No, just thinking about you actually." No sense beating around the bush now. Roman: "Hmm, Tesoro, what were you thinking?"

Lydia: "A girl has to have some secrets." I said smiling to myself.

Roman: "Let's meet up? Then we will see what will be of your secrets."

My thighs began to rub together to relieve me of the passion rising in my core. "When?"

Roman: "How about tonight, let's start with dinner at the café and then a movie. We will end the evening revealing secrets. I have a few to tell you too."

"Yes." I simply texted back

I knew from that moment forward, my life would never be the same.


The End.

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