tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Deacon Ch. 01

The Deacon Ch. 01


Deacon Monroe sat at his desk, laughing with one of his friends, Steve Hillsborough. They were deacons at what had been a small local church but what was now growing into one of the biggest churches of the area.

Neither of them really cared about the religious or spiritual aspect of the church, but they both had an intense interest in some of the women that went there, and in fact they were waiting right now for a meeting with one of them.

This was a scheduled pre-marriage meeting with one of the young women who went to the church. Both men had known Kairen Stuxon for over eight years, since she was ten years old - she was now just one month past eighteen, and had flowered into a beautiful woman.

Deacon Monroe was a handsome older man with light blue eyes that could cut like lasers and a hard-planed face, tamed by longish brown hair with streaks of gray running through it. He was extremely fit and in his mid-fifties.

Steve had dark brown hair and eyes, and his hair was shorn close, his eyes were deep and penetrating at the same time and he had a thick, muscular body.

A few minutes later Kairen arrived, and shut the door quietly behind her. "Hi Kairen," the Deacon smiled at her, and stepped forward to shake her hand. She was much more than pretty - she had a straight, bold nose over a wide, full lipped mouth in a pixiesh face, and could not have stood more than 5'2". Her wide, hazel eyes always seemed slightly startled and she had a habit of sticking her tongue out when she thought about things.

As gorgeous as her face was, her body was even better. Her legs always seemed longer than they actually were, and flowed beautifully into wide hips and a plump ass that was just the right size in the Deacon's estimation; she often wore the new style of skin tight pants, though she favored long shirts that hung past her ass he had gotten glimpses of it before.

Today she had on a nice, thin knit dress that zipped all the way up the front and ended some inches above her knees, and the Deacon noted that she had on tanned hose underneath the dress.

He tried to see if she was wearing a garter belt, but could not tell; at any rate, at the sight of the short beautiful woman in the tan stockings his large prick gave a lurch.

She had a softly rounded tummy, and her dress hugged her large breasts. The men could see the fabric of the bra under the thin material of the dress, and exchanged a long look and a smile.

The young woman usually went out of her way to conceal most of her body except for the tight pants; she almost never wore anything that accentuated her impressive breasts, which seemed the size of small coconuts.

Even zipped all the way up, this dress left an impressive amount of cleavage on display, the Deacon thought almost to the line of her bra. He saw her blush slightly at his frank appraisal of her generous cleavage, and then was leading her over to the couch where Steve was already seated.

"I'm afraid Mrs. Carter can't be here, dear, would you like to reschedule the meeting? It is customary to have a female present as well."

The gorgeous young woman bit her lower lip and glanced back and forth between the two men, then looked down at the floor, blushing softly. "I - I guess that's OK," she said softly, her eyes glancing about the room.

They chatted casually for the next twenty minutes or so, getting to know the pretty young woman; they asked about her education desires - she couldn't afford college, she said with a sigh, and Steve patted her gently on the shoulder in commiseration, then let his hand gently rub her upper back as she began talking about her dad, who had passed away several years before.

"Anyway, Tad is going to college and we are going to move into a house off campus," she said. "He's getting a business degree," she added, and glanced quickly at Steve, who was still gently rubbing her back.

Deacon Monroe tried not to snort - he was in a variety of businesses, and knew that business degrees were almost worse than useless. "Well, perhaps we can find him a place in one of my organizations, dear," he said, and patted her stocking clad knee for just a moment.

Kairen was still sitting very straight on the front section of the couch cushions, her small graceful hands clasped in her lap, and she twisted her delicious body, hoping that Steve would get the hint and stop rubbing her back. When the Deacon patted her knee she just about jumped out of her skin, and tried to breathe evenly. He had removed his hand quickly, before she could push it away, but Steve's big hot hand was now rubbing further up and down her back, and it was confusing the young bride to be.

"That - that would be great, sir," she said, thinking how nice he was, and deciding to ignore the way the older man's sharp eyes were studying her cleavage - this dress did show off a bit more of her firm, round breasts than she had planned!

"Well, the wife is always an important aspect of the people I hire, Kairen," he smiled, and she suddenly felt as though she were on a job interview as well as being in pre-marriage counseling.

The Deacon smiled down at the girl, who was trying to sit still. There was a lull in the conversation, and she glanced shyly around the room, but still did not ask Steve to stop rubbing her back through the thin knit dress. Deacon Monroe smiled at Steve as the man toyed briefly with the clasp of her bra through the dress, and the Deacon noticed that the 18 year old's ears were suddenly a brighter shade of pink.

"So, are you a virgin, Kairen?" He asked suddenly, making the decision that they were going to try. Steve smiled in wide satisfaction, and toyed again with the delicate clasp of Kairen's bra through the knit dress.

She was biting her lip, and twisting slightly; it made her big, round breasts strain a bit harder against the tight fabric of her dress but she seemed not to notice, and she licked her lips, and then bit her tongue lightly with the tip of it sticking out.

The Deacon felt his large staff give a lurch at the sight of the gorgeous young woman's tongue slipping back into her mouth, and she blushed again when she looked at him but still did not answer.

"Kairen?" Steve asked, his big hand now spread flat on her back. "Are you still a virgin, dear? We aren't here to judge, and we won't tell anyone anything you tell us or anything that happens in this room."

Kairen bit her lower lip, and wondered about the last part of that statement - what did he mean anything that happened?

"We, I'm - I'm not," she finally stammered, blushing a deep red. What business was it of these guys what had happened in her life? "I was - umm, I was with a date, and he got me drunk, and I just made a mistake. I've never told anyone else about it," she finished quietly.

"So, he took advantage of you? That's not your fault, dear," the Deacon said, and once again patted her knee. This time he let it rest on her stocking clad knee for a long moment.

"No, it wasn't him - he drank more than I did and passed out. It was his dad," she said in a whisper. She shifted slightly, and her breath caught in her throat as she felt Deacon Monroe's big, hot hand slip down to the inside of her knee. It wasn't his fault, she said to herself, she was the one who had moved, but for some reason she did not push his hand away from her tender leg.

"So what happened?" Steve asked from the other side of her. She felt his big hand lying flat on her back, and sliding lower, and automatically slipped forward a bit on the couch; unfortunately, this did two things, it made Steve's hand slip even lower on her back so he was now rubbing the swells of her rounded hips, and her skirt rode up slightly; it also made Deacon Monroe's hand slip off of her knee as she moved forward, so that his hand was now on the inside of her thigh directly above her knee.

She realized she was biting her tongue again, and she smoothed her skirt with nervous hands, and smiled tremulously at the Deacon. He seemed much nicer than Mr. Hillsborough, whose fingers were once again toying with the small catch on her bra; she twisted again, and wished the older hard eyed man would get the message.

She felt her breasts tightening for some reason, and realized she was breathing shallowly, but that it was still making her generous cleavage heave a bit more in the tight dress. What had she been thinking to wear this thing? She had not realized how much of her bosom it showed off. "Umm, I was just drunk, and he took advantage of me," she said hoarsely, not staring at either man as they seemed to be trying to comfort her.

The Deacon smiled at the fiancée; "There there, dear, these things are unfortunate but we all make mistakes. Now, is there anything else you think we should know about?" His fingers brushed against hers as she was smoothing her skirt down again, and she pulled her hands back higher up her lap, inadvertently giving his hand more room on her lithe, stocking clad thigh. His finger brushed against the edge of her skirt.

He noticed that her ears immediately turned a brighter shade of pink; they were now edging into red, and she was squirming slightly as Steve continued to rub up and down her back, his hand dropping now quite leisurely to her rounded hips and the tops of her ass.

He watched with delight as she stuck her tongue out and bit it; this was the same thing she had done right before she told them she had been seduced by the father of a former boyfriend! He could not help himself, he gave a bit of a harder squeeze to her slender thigh, but all she did was catch her breath and clasp her hands a bit tighter on her lap, then shoot him a somewhat shocked glance, but she did not ask him to take his hand off of her firm thigh.

She knew she should - neither of the men had any right to be touching her! she said to herself, but then the young fiancée looked by accident at the Deacon's lap; his fat cock bulge was quite apparent; Kairen swallowed, and tried to breath evenly - what the hell was going on here, she thought to herself, and realized she was still twisting slightly without really trying to get away from Steve's big hand on her back. She also suddenly realized that the twisting was making her large, swollen, super sensitive breasts move sexily in the little dress and bra she was wearing.

"Kairen?" She heard Steve asking as he once again toyed with her bra clasp. She bit her lip and looked at him out of her large, doe like eyes, and saw him smiling at her as he pulled her bra strap out from her body through the dress. "What happened, honey? You can tell us," he smiled; his hand left trails of fire on her back as he slipped it back down to her rounded hips, now squeezing them familiarly.

"Umm, it wasn't anything really - a couple of weeks ago Tad left me with two of his friends at their dorm room, they just flirted with me a little; it was really nothing!" She breathed out, trying to make her voice strong, but she realized her hands were smoothing her skirts again, and she could hear her voice shaking a bit. Her hand bumped into Deacon Monroe's hand on her thigh, right at the edge of the thin skirt, and she bit her tongue, then without thinking she pulled her skirt up several inches, showing off more of her fabulous legs. She tried to pretend she had not just done that, but the Deacon's hand immediately slipped a bit higher on her thigh.

With Steve's hand constantly rubbing her back now, and the Deacon's hand continuing to grow more familiar with her firm, supple thigh she found it hard to catch her breath for some reason; it was coming in small gusts now, and she felt more flushed than ever. To her shame she realized that flush was spreading to her chest and the exposed parts of her bosom!

"I think there's more to it than that, Kairen," the Deacon said softly, and squeezed her thigh a bit harder than he had before, slipped his hand up another inch on her thigh. She looked at him miserably, and shifted on the couch again, not realizing that it left her thighs a bit further apart. "Why don't you tell us how they were flirting with you?"

"Umm, they started by saying how pretty I was, it seemed pretty innocent," she said softly, and peeked at Steve's lap as well; she was shocked to see he had a giant bulge in his pants as well! "Then they started saying I was dressing - oh, god, I don't think I want to do this," she said, feeling like she was about to start crying. Steve's fingers began working into the taut muscles of her shoulders, and he said softly into her ear, "Don't worry Dear, this will be good for you."

For long moments she sat there as Steve's fingers dug harder into her shoulder muscles, and then they slipped up on to the bare skin at the back of her neck. "I - I really think I had better just leave!" she said softly, still squirming slightly on the couch. The Deacon was mesmerized by the feel of her slim thigh moving under his hand and the sight of her large round breasts in the tight dress. Every time she twisted it pushed her cleavage into slightly greater prominence.

"You do know we can stop the marriage, right Kairen?" Steve said, and again actually pulled her bra strap out from her body for a long moment.

"No, you said -"

"Oh, we won't tell anyone what you said, but it is part of our duties to stop a marriage if we don't think it is the right match," the Deacon smiled at her as she pulled her eyes up again from his crotch, blushing furiously. "Of course," he said, looking into her wide eyes, "Everyone would know that it had something to do with you."

"Yes, we're not trying to scare you, dear," Steve said from the other side of her, once again pulled her bra strap out from her body; this time he pulled with enough pressure so it made her soft breasts bulge upwards slightly, but both men noticed that she leant forward a bit as Steve pulled. "We just need to know what happened, so we can counsel you - men can be horrible, you know. They will try all different kinds of tricks to get women to do what they want!"

"Ohhhn, OK, I mean, umm, OK - but if I tell you, you'll let the marriage go through?" She asked in a tremulous voice, and then shot a glance at the Deacon: "And, and you'll interview Tad for a job when he graduates?" she asked; she could feel his big hand higher on her thigh, and felt her stomach slowly turning over.

"That's right," Steve said, and the Deacon nodded as well.

"Oh, well, ummmm, they ohn, they said I was - that I was dressing like a slut," she said, her voice getting softer as she finished the sentence. "I - I couldn't believe it!"

"Well, what were you wearing, Kairen? Guys can be really crude, you know, and dressing sexy isn't an excuse, but you do have to expect some guys will try to take advantage." He smiled at her, and she realized his thumb was once again brushing against the hem of her thin dress; for some reason this seemed inappropriate, so she pulled it up several more inches without thinking, smiling in thanks at the Deacon's kind words.

He smiled back at her, and she swallowed as he moved his gaze boldly back to her now gently heaving breasts. Steve was once again pulling backwards on her thin bra strap, and she leaned forward again so she wouldn't be pulled backwards, but for some reason she still did not say anything about his hand on her back, or the Deacon's hand, which was now sliding deeper to the inside of her thigh.

"Umm, oh, I was in a pair of stretchy pants, and a t-shirt," she said softly, glancing around the room again. She did not like to think about what happened after that.

"You usually wear quite loose, long shirts to cover those," Steve said from the other side of her, his hand once again on her well rounded hips.

"This one was a little tighter, and only came to the top of my pants," she muttered.

"Was it as tight as this dress?" The Deacon asked; he was now kneading her thigh constantly, and sliding his hand from mid-thigh down to knee and back up to mid-thigh, going just a bit higher each time.

"Umm, the dress is actually a little tighter," she said. "They - they said they could see my - oh, my gosh, this is wrong - said they could see my pussy lips through my pants, and then they started talking about - ummnnn, ohnn, Steve, I really wish you wouldn't do that!" She finally protested softly as Hillsborough was once again pulling backwards on her bra strap. She had just realized how much it was making her soft tits bulge out of the small zip up dress!

"Don't worry, dear, go on, tell us what happened," Steve said, but he did not stop pulling on her bra strap, in fact he pulled back a bit harder!

Kairen realized she was panting softly, and that her nipples were now as hard as rocks, poking out from her round globes like little fingers. Her tummy was writhing constantly now, and she drew a deep breath as the Deacon's hand nudged her skirt again, harder than before. It was starting to bunch up she had pulled it up so much, but his thumb slipped underneath the edge, and Kairen bit her lip again as her fingers pulled the skirt up a bit more. She had to wriggle slightly to get it up higher, which again caused her lithe thighs to part a bit more, and she was mortified to see the very bottom edge of the darker band at the top of her stockings.

"Then, then they started talking about my breasts . . ." She breathed softly.

"Well, what did they say Dear?" Deacon Monroe asked after a long moment.

"They said I wore a shirt like that so guys would want to play with them, and they said I looked like a porn star, they were so big!" she gasped.

"Why didn't you leave, Kairen?" The Deacon asked, and caught her staring at his cock again. She raised her eyes to his after he asked the question, and blushed even deeper when she realized that he knew she had been staring at his huge cock bulge. She decided to ignore that for the moment, and clenched her jaw as Steve once again began pulling on her bra strap, this time rhythmically so her breasts bulged in time with his manipulations.

She twisted on the couch, and leaned forward a bit harder, she unconsciously pulled her skirt up another inch even though the Deacon's hand had not yet quite made it up to her skirt. Now almost the entire band at the top her thigh high stockings was visible.

"They - they said I should show them my - oh god, I can't say it!" She said, and started to tear up a bit at the situation then and the one she found herself in now.

"They said you should show them your tits for dressing like a slut? Was it something like that, Kairen?" Steve asked.

"Yes, and they asked how big they were - they said they didn't think they were real, and that I had to let them feel them so they would know for sure. They said they had to do it for Tad, so they would know he was getting, ummnnn, getting the real thing." She found herself staring at Mr. Hillsborough's giant cock log through his pants this time, and didn't say a word as he continued to pull and release her bra strap. She thought that her breasts were starting to come out of the little bra and tight dress, and the feel of the bra rubbing against her nipples now nearly had her eyes rolling up into the back of her head!

'Did you do that?" The Deacon asked gently, and Kairen swallowed and shook her head. "I said I didn't want to, and then they said - they said that if I didn't show them my breasts I should feel their - ummm, feel their things through their pants."

"You mean feel their cocks," Steve said harshly, and Kairen jerked softly at the tone of his voice. He was back to kneading her neck, and it was not making her breath any smoother the way his skilled, hot fingers were rubbing her fine neck muscles through her silky skin.

After a long moment of sitting there miserably, she nodded slightly. "Yes."

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