tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Defiled Temple Ch. 02

The Defiled Temple Ch. 02


Malika was still clutching her umbrella tightly when Pugward hopped between the few spots on the floor unstained by demonic entrails toward the fallen sisters.

"How did you do that!?" She squeaked when she finally found her voice again.

"I told ya already!" He called back over his shoulder as he came to land beside Eluria, the unconscious former High Sorceress. "These silly bitches have been barkin' up the wrong tree for centuries. Demons don't like mortals who revel in evil. We got enough o' that where we're from." His long spidery fingers slipped into Eluria's long violet coloured hair and pulled her head up to let him see her face. "So when these idiots summoned up anythin' they were only gonna get the dregs o' the underworld like Tiny over there." He cocked his thumb over his shoulder toward Deckler's headless corpse.

Realising she was still unnecessarily holding the umbrella, Malika let down the canopy it offered and dropped it to her side before she gracefully followed Pugward's tracks toward where he was standing.

"But I've read all about the demons that have risen over the years. Some are said to have the ability to tear this world apart if they had ever been let loose." Malika looked down on the face of the former High Sorceress as Pugward peeled back one of the woman's eyelids to see that her eyes were now a glazed shade of green instead of their former crimson.

"Well judging from the fuckin' state of this lot I wouldn't be shocked if they'd made it all up. I mean think about it. Every time a chosen one of Lagria summons an infernal and gets eaten alive because her spellwork sucks monkey balls they'd have to emphasise on how powerful the demon was so the whole company didn't look bad." Pugward let Eluria's head fall back on the ground. It landed with a harsh thud against the hard stone beneath her.

"Is she dead?" Malika found that for the first time in her life she really wanted to cease someone's existence.

"Nope, just seriously fucked up. When I blew up her pet it cut her off from all that magic her brain's gotten used to over the years. It ain't a pretty experience for someone like you to lose all that in an instant. Brain shuts down whilst the body adjusts. She's alive tho', only way she'd die by Tiny getting killed would be if she tried ta kill 'im. Demonic contract stipulations and all that." Pugward walked around Eluria's body and with a grunt of effort he rolled her over onto her back.

"What should we do with her?" Malika asked, bending over slightly to see what exactly what the imp was up to.

"I don't give a shit. I was just checking out the merchandise! Look at these puppies!" His hands gestured out to each of Eluria's grapefruit sized breasts.

The clothing of the sorceress was minimal to say the least. After summoning a demon it was usually necessary for the sorceress to keep it interested in her. It greatly helped with the obedience of Deckler if Eluria kept much of herself on show. As such her breasts were barely covered. Two small silver crafted plates covered her nipples with a simple thin length of silver connecting the two behind her back to hold them in place. Likewise a matching silver thong was the only thing covering her lower half. A sorceress would only wear footwear if they were to leave the temple and Eluria's thick fur cloak had fallen open around her when she had collapsed.

Without that cruel look on her face the former high sorceress was quite alluring, not what one would call beautiful but definitely sexy. Her full lips were painted black and her eyelids flushed with dark powder. The violet hair that framed her ghostly pale face was wild and dishevelled after Pugward's handling of her.

"You mind if I keep her boss?" Pugward asked, looking up to Malika for approval.

"I-I don't..." The request from the imp had surprised her. She'd never been able to choose what she had for dinner before let alone the fate of her former mistress.

"Pleease? I'll feed her and take her for walks and everythin'." The little imp was grinning and batting his eyelids in a way that might have been cute if it weren't for his gravely smoker's voice and the fact that he was a little bit hideous.

"I don't know Pugward. If she awakens she will do all in her power to kill us both." Malika's voice was somewhat grave.

"Oh that's no problem, I'll just put her brain in the 'ol demonic microwave an' she'll be as good as gold. Promise!" The imp's gravely voice turned downright menacing and he crawled up between Eluria's curvy breasts to reach up and place his hands on either side of her temples.

Malika watched the little imp as he lifted his head to look at her for approval. She didn't know what a microwave was but it certainly didn't sound like something she wanted to have her brain placed inside. The desire for retribution was strong however. Eluria had been ready to rip her spirit to shreds and to use her as a dead eyed slave for the rest of her life, a fate worse than death to be sure. What's more she wasn't entirely sure she had Pugward's loyalty or his submission. All other demons only existed to follow and lust after their summoner but Pugward seemed to have an agenda of his own. Then again Pugward was a very strange demon.

After a few moments contemplation on the matter Malika gave him a nod in the affirmative.

"Alright! Set phasers to scramble!" Gleefully he lifted his head and closed his eyes. His long fingers pressed against the sides of Eluria's head. Thick black veins appeared beneath her pale skin along her hairline as if the imp was injecting some dark liquid into her mind. Quite without warning the woman's eyes suddenly opened wide and her mouth snapped open. Malika caught a glimpse of the light of the imp's green fire radiating from deep in the woman's throat and behind her eyes turning the dull green shade of her gaze the colour of bright emeralds. After a while the light faded and Eluria's eyes once again fell shut as she passed into unconsciousness.

Malika looked at the woman for any signs of change, the black veins beneath her skin around her brow and temples had vanished. Though as Malika drew her eyes over the rest of Eluria's body she was surprised to see that the tiny sliver of silver that wrapped around her back and over her breasts was now pulled far more tightly over the soft tit flesh. It seemed the former sorceresses breasts had grown at least two inches further out from her chest. Indeed the rather enormous proportions were almost as generous as Malika's own.

"I don't understand Pugward, why would you want her breasts enlarged?" The woman asked, blissfully unaware of the benefits a sizable chest had out in the big wide world.

Pugward turned around to hop up and sit down on the squishy flesh of Eluria's boobs. At first he seemed a little uncomfortable and reached beneath his seat before pulling the small silver plate that covered Eluria's nipple out from under his ass. Wiggling his scrawny butt to get comfortable for a few moments, he finally looked back up to Malika with a smirk.

"You got a lot to learn about the big 'ol world kiddo. What's your name anyhow?" Now that all the sorceresses were defeated Pugward now was as good a time as any to get to know his new boss.

"I am not a child and my name is Malika." She replied somewhat tartly.

"Look baby, I'm four thousand years old. If you were over a hundred you'd still be just a kid to me so don't take it personal." His hands came to rest between his legs and those long thin fingers of his testingly kneaded Eluria's bare boob.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't know demons lived that long." Fascinated, Malika lowered herself to crouch so she could speak to the small creature face to face.

"It's no problem toots. Hey c'mere a second will ya? I wanna feel yours." The imp stated, lifting his hands to reach out for her breasts.

Malika hesitated for a moment. Those green clawed hands did not look particularly appealing. The way the imp licked his lips along with the hungry gleam in his dark beady eyes didn't exactly inspire her confidence either. Yet she had signed the contract and he had more than filled in his side of the deal. Within the space of ten minutes she had the entire defiled temple to herself and was free of the sister's spiteful cruelty.

She shuffled forwards making her bountiful tits jiggle appealingly upon her chest and leaned in against the imp's hands. Each of his talons only had three fingers and a thumb, each tipped with a long yellow claw. Mercifully those sharp claws did not dig into her flesh as Pugward pressed the soft pads of his fingers against the large globes.

"Ay-chi wowza! Oh yeah baby these are the real deal." He exclaimed jubilantly in that rusted voice of his.

Malika gave a sharp inhale of breath when she felt his fingertip flick across her nipple. The pink little nub quickly reacted to being touched and Pugward watched as it hardened. He did he same with the other before giving them both a little pinch between his finger and thumb that drew a soft little moan from Malika's lips. Her eyes closed as the imp played with her and despite his rather ugly diminutive appearance he sure knew his way around a pair of tits.

"Wow, real sensitive too ain't ya?" He observed as he lowered his hands from her breasts leaving her to let her eyes flutter open and look back to him. Her face flushed with colour at so obviously enjoying what the little imp had done.

"The sister's always mocked me because of..." She trailed off and looked down at her tits as if seeing them for the first time.

"Yeesh you've had a shut-in kinda lifestyle ain't ya? Well 'ol Pugward be the first to tell ya that those puppies ain't nothin' to be ashamed of. Now you'll prolly get other women looking at 'em and gettin' angry but that's what's called 'boob envy'. You ever seen a man? A real human one I mean?" The imp asked as he summoned another cigar out of the ether and lit it up.

"Well, no, not out in the world anyway. It is forbidden for apprentices to leave the temple until we have performed The Tempting. All of the worshippers of Lagria are female." She lifted her head back up as she explained, relieved that the imp seemed to have no further intentions in regards to her body right then.

"Well when we go out into the world you're gonna be able to get almost any guy and some girls to do anythin' you want with a pair like that." Pugward chuckled to himself sending wisps of black smoke from his mouth.

"I see." She still wasn't so sure.

"We'll get to that soon enough. Right now we got this whole place to ourselves! Let's go take a piss on Lagria's altar!" The imp hopped down from his seat on Eluria's new and improved bosom to land on the ground.

"Actually we don't..." Malika was about to tell Pugward about the other apprentices residing in the temple just as she realised she was forgetting something. "Shanti!"

"Whoza what now?" The imp raised a crooked brow.

"There are apprentices still here." Malika explained before turning to run through the vast hall toward the apprentice chambers.

"Sweet! More meat for the grinder. Hey wait up!" Pugward had trouble keeping up with her as she bounded across the room on those long slender legs of hers. He had so much trouble keeping up in fact that his cigar fell out of his mouth.

Upon hearing him she stopped quite suddenly and turned back to him. When he caught up with her she crouched down once more to speak with him eye to eye. His narrow black stare met her blood red gaze.

"Now Pugward you are not to hurt them, do you understand?" She pointed a finger at him to make sure he got the point. Of course she didn't want him to hurt Shanti but the truth was that most of the apprentices were much like her. It wasn't until they found their first taste of power that the sisters usually became insufferably cruel. The apprentices lived in a state of constant fear, the hope of The Tempting giving them their only reason to live. Perhaps Malika could offer them another.

"Hey, you're the boss remember? I'm just here to protect ya and incinerate whatever ya tell me to! So ease up on the little guy already an' gimme a ride." He reached up for her to lift him onto her shoulders once more.

Malika nodded to him and reached down to lift him up over her head. His small stubby legs rested across her shoulders and he once again grabbed ahold of her ears. She wasted no time in hurrying from the hall down to where she would find the apprentices in the bowels of the temple. The higher rooms were kept for the sorceresses of course and the apprentices were often locked away for much of their lives to be brainwashed into the Cult of Lagria.

Pugward bounced on her shoulders as they ran and occasionally would scream "Yee-haa!" for no apparent reason which became slightly distracting after the seventh time. They eventually managed to find what they were looking for however as they reached the locked door to the apprentices quarters.

"Pugward, can you...?" She wasn't able to finish the request however as the little imp released one of her ears to point a clawed finger at the door. The crackle of magic filled the air before the heavy lock on the door snapped and the heavy door forcibly swung open.

The apprentices had heard the commotion upstairs and since none of the sorceresses had returned to bark orders at them they had all huddled up together in their small dining room. Unlike the palatial marble constructed halls where the sorceresses dwelled the apprentices dining room was small and stuffy. Malika had to duck her head slightly so that Pugward wouldn't be knocked off of her shoulders by the low ceilings.

Given that after a battle the sisters favourite means of celebration was usually torturing an apprentice the girls were understandably nervous. Malika saw wide frightened eyes looking at her and heard the subdued whimpers of fear in amidst the huddle of women. Thankfully the sisters had been somewhat lax with recruitment for almost two decades putting the youngest of them at eighteen so at least she didn't have to deal with frightened children.

"Malika?" The unmistakable husky whisper of Shanti's voice filled the room with the sorceress' name.

"Shanti? Where are you?" Malika looked into the huddle of apprentices until Shanti's head popped up from behind them all. Her dusky features held a fearful expression, though unlike the rest there was also hope in her eyes.

For the first time in her life Malika smiled at her friend. Shanti's lips trembled as her eyes lined with tears. Despite the tell tale crimson hue of the sorceress' gaze Shanti knew that she had not lost Malika's affection. Without any more words she ran across the room, her robe whipping up around her to reveal her dark athletic figure beneath. The two almost completely naked women clashed together and kissed each other deeply, their mouths revelling in a hunger they had long since felt for each other.

On Malika's shoulder's Pugward was almost shaken off by the impact of Shanti's embrace. Though, upon seeing his new boss making out with the beautiful bleach blonde apprentice, his eyes widened with abject glee.

"Holy shit! Malika you never told me ya liked munchin' on the 'ol rug! Way to go Sugar Tits! An' me 'ere without my camera." He eagerly watched the two beautiful women make out with each other.

The gritty male voice coming from atop Malika's head surprised Shanti enough to pry her lips away from the sorceress' and look up to see Pugward looking down at them with his pointed tongue hanging out. Her arms were still wrapped about the pale woman's bare back and Shanti had no intention of releasing her but the ugly little face of the imp surprised her enough that she let out a yelp.

"What is that!?" Shanti squealed with surprise.

"Name's Pugward, owner of the lips you were just slurping away on." Pugward extended his hand out to the girl, giving her a smirk that flashed those sharp little yellow teeth of his.

Upon remembering that the imp's contract explicitly stated that he owned every sexual move she made Malika jumped out of Shanti's arms quickly. She had completely forgotten she wasn't allowed to touch anyone but him like that anymore. The realisation left an unexpected heavy weight in her chest.

"What's the matter?" Shanti stepped back, more than a little confused.

"This is my demon." Malika explained.

Upon hearing and seeing all this, curiosity finally got the better of all the apprentices and they stood up to watch what was going on. Something like this certainly had never happened before.

"Oh." There was a moments pause before Shanti realised that Malika must have been successful in her Tempting. "Oh! Well congratulations Sorceress of Lagria."

As Shanti lowered her head demurely as was the proper way to address a sister Malika shook her head making Pugward wobble slightly on her shoulders.

"No!" She held up her hands as the apprentices started edging away from her once more. "The sisterhood is destroyed. You're all free."

The apprentices looked at Malika as if she was suffering from a bout of insanity. Some of the younger girls looked between each other hopefully whilst the more experienced among them were watching Malika awaiting the whole thing to be revealed as just another ruse to test their loyalty.

"Hey we ain't gonna wait around here all day ya know. Scram!" Pugward added helpfully.

The apprentices were jolted into action and many started to run from the room up toward their freedom. Shanti was the only one who stayed, still hanging her head slightly and awaiting her orders.

Pugward lifted his legs up from Malika's shoulders and rolled down her back to land on his feet with a small grunt. As he stood he pulled his dirty shorts up from where they'd sagged around his narrow hips and walked across the way toward Shanti.

"Pugward, remember I said..." Malika took a step forward, worried about what the little imp might do to her friend.

"I know, I know. I ain't gonna hurt her." Walking in front of the woman, Pugward put his hands on his hips and looked up at her. "Alright, so you like the boss? Well far be it from me to stem the tides of lesbian love. I just wanna make one thing clear. She's mine first, yours second, got it?" Shanti's eyes lit up with hope and she looked from Pugward up to Malika and nodded vigorously.

"Yes, I understand."

"Well then I guess I'm fine with you two enjoyin' yerselves." No sooner had the demon given his permission than Shanti had once again locked herself against Malika. This time with much more eagerness as the girl's legs lifted up to wrap around Malika's slim waist. The sorceress had no problem holding the girl aloft thanks mostly to the infusion of strength that Pugward's power had given her. Their lips found each others and melted together again, this time taking their time and enjoying every moment of their kiss.

"There's just one condition." The imp added and both women turned their heads to look at him. He could probably have asked them for the limb of his choice right about then and they would have willingly given it over if it meant being with each other.

"What, what is it?" Malika demanded, her hands slipping around Shanti to squeeze the girls tight ass.

"I get to watch." Pugward grinned.

Malika and Shanti looked from the little imp to each other and after a moment of consideration Shanti once again clamped her mouth over the sorceress' They kissed each other for a long time, committing acts of love in the temple was forbidden and Malika found that only excited her all the more. That was when an idea popped into her head and she pulled her lips away to speak.

"We should do this in the high sorceress' bed." She whispered.

Shanti's mouth fell open and then lifted into a naughty grin. She nodded her approval and slowly slipped her legs from around Malika's waist to stand beside her. The sorceress turned her head to look at Pugward who had been sat with his back against the wall enjoying the show. There was a small bulge in his shorts that showed he had enjoyed their display.

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