tagBDSMThe Dentist Ch. 3

The Dentist Ch. 3


This is a story straight from my imagination. Any correlation between the players in this story and actual people is purely coincidence. This story may not be duplicated or re-posted on another website or in any medium without the written consent of the author

Enjoy :)

* * * * *

Arianna steps out of the shower and looks at the clock. 5:45pm. She has just enough time to get dressed and leave if she is to be on time as ordered, when the phone rings.


"Hello Pet, don't talk, just listen" his voice harsh and commanding. "I have instructions for you. As you arrive at my home this evening, you will find the door left open. Do not knock but take one step inside. Do not close the door behind you. I will be inspecting you. You are to be wearing only an overcoat and a pair of black high heels. As you step in the door, there is a coat rack immediately to your left. You will place your coat on that rack and kneel down with your head against the floor and your arms outstretched in front of you. I will be checking to insure that the plug has not been removed from your ass. And I will be able to tell. I will also be checking to see how wet you are and whether you have been masturbating or not. This too I will be able to tell. Do you understand all that I have told you pet?"

"Yes Master" is her reply *click* and the line goes dead.

Not knowing whether he can really tell if she has been playing with herself or the butt-plug or not, she is glad that she has done neither.

She runs a hand over her newly shaved pussy and grins at how wet she is. Since her wardrobe choices have been severely cut, she goes in search of her highest pair of black heels. They are 3" high, black paten-leather heels with a small strap that goes around her ankle. Not exactly what one would call "Cum Fuck Me Pumps" but they did make her legs very shapely when she wore them. And besides, they were her best pair, having never needed them for anything better than a formal business dinner party, at some swanky hotel.

After putting the shoes on, she stands to retrieve her coat. She can really feel the plug in ass even more now with the way she is forced to walk in the heels. The sensation it causes in her ass, send ripples to her clit and she feels her pussy moisten.

At exactly 6:55, she pulls up to the gate at the home of Dr. Jake Mathews DDS. Her new Master. Silently the gate opens and she drives up to the house.

"House really isn't the word for it" she thinks as she pulls up to a Southern Plantation style mansion. The kind that has 4 or 5 steps leading up to the front porch, and that porch raps all the way around the place. Not exactly the kind of place you would expect to find an evening of 'pain and pleasure', as Master put it.

She parks and steps out of her car feeling the plug with every step, she winces a bit as she ascends the stairs. She walks the few steps to the door, finding it ajar, she pushes it open and takes one step in, turns left and removes her coat and places it on the rack and then takes the ordered position on her knees with her head pressed to the highly polished hardwood floor.

He has been expecting her. He watches every move she makes. From the moment she parked he could see her. Every movement, every expression that crossed her face, everything about her. Once she has gained the ordered position, he walks up behind her and checks the plug with one hand and her pussy with the other. Merely laying a finger on each. He smiles, "This is how you are to enter my home every time you are called to serve me here" and suddenly, with out warning, he pulls the plug out of her ass and begins a fast and hard spanking. Ten whacks to each cheek and her butt is a nice rosy red.

"Stay exactly as you are. I shall return in a moment" he says and walks a short distance to the wall, takes something off a hook and walks back to stand directly in front of Arianna.

"Kneel and place your hands behind your head." He commands and she does.

She can now see that what he has taken from the wall is a collar and leash, as he proceeds to place it around her neck and attach the leash.

"When you are here, you are to crawl unless told to do otherwise. Your training begins now." And with that he takes the end of the leash closes the door and guides her to a large room just off the main hallway a short distance from the door.

He stops as he enters the room allowing her to drink in the sheer, sensual splendor of the large bedroom.

It is a 40' by 30' room with 13' ceilings. The door is in the center of the south wall.

Flanked by two large freestanding wardrobes. In the very center of the room, under a skylight is the Whipping post. Tall enough to secure a 6' slave with just her toes touching the floor. In the center of the north wall is a large fireplace. The massive carved stone over mantel shading the hearth, in which a fire blazed.

Just to the east of the fireplace sits the Master's chair. A large wing backed overstuffed chair. On either side of the Master's chair are the cushions for slaves to kneel when necessary.

In front of the chair is a lamb's wool rug. Jewel-hued oriental rugs lay spread across the rest of the floor. Along the wall behind the Master's chair is the wet bar. Just to the west of the fireplace are the doors to the bath and bedroom.

Hanging from the ceiling at various points in the room, are chains, ropes and bondage slings. Along the walls are arranged different items of bondage furniture, horses, crosses, frames, and racks.

In the center of the east wall is the rack for whips, paddles and other flogging tools. The wardrobe to the east of the door is for the clothes the sub has on when they enter. The wardrobe to the west contains special clothing to fulfill any submissive fantasy, and some of the Masters own.

Opening the door in the northwest wall reveals the bath. In the center of the marble tiled room is an eleven-foot wide sunken tub. Cunningly fitted with points to secure a sub for an erotic bath.

Along the west wall of the bathroom is the shower with room for up to four people, and again plenty of places to fasten a well-loved sub.

Along the north wall is the dressing vanity with oils, perfumes, and cosmetics to meet any whim of the Master.

Opening the door in the north wall of the main room reveals the Master bedroom. Trimmed in black leather, red velvet, and gold silk. Dominating the center of the room

is the 10' wide 13' long four poster oak bed. The rich brocade curtains swathing the huge carved bedposts, the sumptuous silk of his sheets and pillows. Brass and gold inlays winked in the firelight, she would later discover were more than ornamental, but were actually cleverly hidden hooks and anchors. The satin canopy is designed to conceal several attachment points. And each bedpost has brass fittings to secure even the most unruly slave.

At the foot of the bed are two small but comfortable cots for when the slaves have misbehaved, or the Master needs to rest unhindered by the heat of a slave's body.

Along the west wall is a large, floor to ceiling bay window in which a sub can be bound in many ways.

Along the east wall is the Master's closet where his loving subs store his clothes.

Elsewhere in the room there were carved chests and tables in dark mahogany that glowed in the soft light from brass lamps stations about the room. There were a thousand points of interest, myriad of colors, textures, artifacts, and ornaments to please the mind and fill the senses.

He has left her kneeling on all fours at the entrance to this room and is now standing next to the wall with all the pain and torture devices. She gasps as she scans the wall. All manner of whips and floggers, paddles and clamps, cuffs of all degree, from soft leather to police style handcuffs. With eyes that reflect the fear she is now feeling, she looks to him questioningly.

"Here is where your training begins." He says and takes a riding crop from the wall. He walks back to her and takes her leash leading her to the whipping post. He tells Arianna to stand facing the post and hold her hands out on either side of the post.

He places small leather cuffs on her and attaches them to a hook above her head and he places the end of the leash in her mouth and says, "If that falls, it will be worse." He then spreads her legs wide and attaches cuffs to her ankles and secures them to rings imbedded in the floor.

With that done, he starts to whip her with the crop. Not softly, but very hard and very fast. Arianna hears the sound as the crop slices the air just before the impact to her ass, thighs, and back. Giving her no indication of where the next blow will land.

She screams through clenched teeth to keep from dropping the leash. Suddenly the whipping stops, hands spread her cheeks and his cock is thrust deep with no warning, she screams and the leash falls from her lips. He rakes his fingernails across the welts cris-crossing her back making her scream all the more.

"You dropped the leash, not good" and he thrusts deep and hard into her ass several times. Before he cums, he stops and steps back to whip her some more. She is screaming and gasping for every breath, struggling against her bonds to avoid the pain of the next blow.

Fifty stokes later he stops and lets her catch her breath, tears streaming, uncontrolled down her face.

The doorbell rings. He walks to the wall and fetches a blindfold and places it over her eyes and says "Don't move, don't make a sound" and he leaves her there.

Arianna can hear the sound of male voices in the hall. Not loud enough to understand what is said, only that there are 3 maybe 4 men other than her Master.

As they enter the room where Arianna is, she can hear the comments made by the other men. "Very Nice" "Exquisite" "Nice striping" these comments as well as other of the like reach her ears.

Now her Master is standing to her right whispering in her ear and says, "You recall when I told you that you were here for my pleasure, to be taken however and by whom ever I choose? Well that training begins now." With that said, he unhooks her hands and ankles. He takes the leash and tugs sharply down, she instantly falls to her knees and crawls where he leads. Two pairs of hands lift her roughly and place her face down across what she believes is the vaulting horse and she is strapped down, leaving her unable to move more than a few inches at best.

Arianna suddenly feels several pairs of hands on her now. Pinching her nipples, scratching nails across the welts on her ass, spreading her and probing not only her ass but her newly shaved pussy as well.

Unable to see, she must rely on her other senses to tell her what they were doing and who was where.

Arianna fells something long and slender being pushed into her ass. Then the sensation of something warm flowing into her. She thinks they must be giving her an enema, until she feels the burning begin. "This is another of my special lubricants slave." Says her Master.

"It is designed to allow us to penetrate you, while keeping your asshole nice and tight. A combination of KY jelly © and Preparation H ©. While your asshole will be very tight, it will cause you great amounts of pain while each person here fucks your ass and mouth. You will cum several times before we are finished with you. However, Understand this, you are not to cum with out permission, Ever. And that, by time we are finished, you will be begging to cum."

As she feels her muscles contract the first cock pushed in very deep and hard. It feels like she is being split in two. She opens her mouth to let loose a scream and a cock is shoved into her mouth. Hot breath, barely above a whisper in her ear, "Any teeth and you will get to feel my paddle." Says her Master as she eagerly begins to swallow on the head of the cock pressed so deeply in her throat.

Harsh fingers pull and twist her nipples, making them even harder than they already were. Clamps are attached to her abused nipples and she screams around the cock in her mouth and strains at her bonds trying to escape the pain. Fingers are pressed to her clit and it too, if that is possible, becomes even more swollen. Before arousal can really register in Arianna's brain, she feels a clamp bite into her delicate clit. A small tug and she realizes that all 3 clamps are attached to each other.

The vibrations began so lightly, Arianna wasn't sure she really felt it, and then with increasing awareness, Arianna feels it not only in her clit, but her nipples as well. And her juices begin flow. Despite all the pain her body is in, her brain screams the need to cum. She can't control herself. As her own orgasm flows down her thighs, the cock in her mouth begins to squirt sweet but salty globs of cream down her throat, nearly gagging her. A few deep thrusts later and the cock in her ass is pressed deep and throbs dumping his load into her pain racked ass.

All of a sudden, the cocks are withdrawn, and the vibrations stop. Masters voice is harsh; "You came with out permission, slave, now you will feel my paddle!" Before she can protest, before she can utter one sound, the first blow lands and any further thought beyond the searing pain, is ripped from her mind. The scream she hears is her own.

Ten hard whacks later and the vibrations return to her clit and another cock is quickly forced deep in her ass and another in her mouth. Pulling at her bonds, clenching her muscles, nothing helps to avoid the orgasm she can feel rapidly building.

Before she can think better of it, her jaw starts to clench. She feels her teeth scrape delicate skin and hears a small yelp and the cock is quickly removed from her mouth.

"What happened?" she hears Master ask.

"The bitch bit me" she hears the other man say.

The vibrations in her nipples and clit cease and the cock is removed from her ass so fast that it made a pop sound like a cork from a bottle.

"First you come with out permission, now you bite, I can see we have our work cut out for us tonight gentlemen." Her Master says.

"I'm sorry Master plea…." She starts, but before the words can really leave her mouth, she is slapped across the face very hard. Her head is yanked back by her hair and his voice rings throughout the room, "Did I say you could speak slave?!" He yells at her.

"No Master" is her only answer.

The vibrations begin again, stronger than before and she starts to whimper. She feels two pairs of hands spread her ass cheeks very wide and something pressed against her anus.

"This is a butt plug slave. At its widest point, it is 8" in circumference. I am going to put this in and then paddle you for biting."

And with that, he pushes very hard and the plug disappears into her ass. She screams loudly, the pain almost unbearable, and then hands spreading her are gone. A paddle is laid against her ass and she hears Master behind her and he says, "You remember that paddle the principle used on you in high school? Well this one is just like it." And with that said he proceeds to paddle her. Smacking all over her ass and thighs. Several blows land right against the plug in her ass. The vibrations increase, her muscles clench.

Arianna's screams reverberate off the walls. After about 25 whacks a cock is pushed forcefully into her mouth and halfway down her throat. It makes her gag with the suddenness of the thrust. 25 more whacks and she is nearly incoherent. Her breathing is actually heavy panting and her ass is on fire. As the paddling stops the cock in her mouth explodes and dumps it's load down her inflamed throat.

At exactly the same time, the cock is gone from her mouth, the plug removed from her ass and the vibrations stop. She hangs there limply. Gasping for breath, supported only by the soft leather under her stomach.

She feels two sets of hands now at her tits and a set at her clit. She whimpers softly and shakes her head. Suddenly the clamps are all removed at the same time and she screams loudly as the blood and feeling rush back.

The soft fingers of her Master trail across her back and down over her inflamed ass. She whimpers softly and then realizes she has tried to raise her as to meet his fingers. He chuckles softly. He shoves three fingers deep into her dripping cunt and he whispers in her ear, "Cum now slave" and her pussy explodes, washing his fingers in her juices.

Before her orgasm ends, the fingers are gone. Replaced by the sound of the restraints being unhooked, though not removed from her. Arianna is then lifted off the horse and pushed to her knees. The leash tugged, she follows crawling across the floor about 6'. The hands return and lift her off the ground. She is placed straddling another kind of horse. This one she can feel in designed with a dildo in the center of it and she is forced to impale herself on it. The sound of a crank being turned reaches her ears just before the press of another dildo is felt against her anus. It presses hard but does not enter her.

Her hands are then hooked behind her back and her ankles are tied to the sides of the horse. She is told to rise up a little and she hears the sound of the crank again. She only has her thighs and ankles for support "This is a special toy of mine slave." Her Master says in her ear. "The dildo's that you are straddling are actually vibrators, they will slowly continue to press ever upward. I don't expect you to be able to maintain that raised position so you will be forced to take them inside both your ass and cunt. They are both 10" long and 6" around. My friends are going to have drinks and refresh ourselves. If you cum before we return, you will be paddled again. Is that clear slave!?"

"Yes Master" is all she says.

And with that he flips a switch that starts the vibrators. Not able to hold her self up long, she lowers herself and feels the vibrator that was only just pressing her ass a few moments ago sink into her ass. Just as she is getting used to this feeling the vibrator in her ass sinks in further. She winces and rises back up. She can hear a faint clicking sound and she looses her grip on the sides of the horse and she slams down taking both dildos deep inside. The dildo in her ass presses deeper than before.

She is forced to ride the dildos for ten minutes before the sounds of returning men reach her ears. Arianna is crying and moaning all at the same time from the double penetration her body is forced to endure. He body straining no hold off the orgasm that has been building since the vibrators were turned on.

*Click* and the all the vibrations stop. No words are spoken to Arianna, as her ankles are let down and she cries out as the feeling returns to her stiff legs. The cranks sounds again and the dildos are removed from her, leaving her straddling the horse. She is pressed face down, her hands tied to the underside and her legs are lifted to lie flat across the horse. Her head is left to hang down just off the end.

Arianna feels a finger slide down the crack of her ass to her dripping pussy. Her legs are yanked apart and the finger is shoved deep. She whimpers, knowing that she has cum at least three times. The invading fingers leave and her legs are pushed back together and a strap is secured across them.

She can feel the heat and smell the musky scent as a cock is placed at her lips. She tries to swipe across it with her tongue only to have it pulled away. She feels the paddle against her abused ass again, he words ring in her ears, "You came without permission again slave." *Whack* 10 times in fast secession. Before the last blow falls, her head is pulled sharply back by her hair, and yet another cock is jammed down her aching throat.

After this cock has dumped its load down her throat, she hears Master ask, "What do you have to say slave?"

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