tagErotic HorrorThe Devil & Mrs. Jones

The Devil & Mrs. Jones


I looked around at the blackness that surrounded me. How did I end up here again?

"I don't like it here," I said.

Out of the darkness came a low growling sound. If you've ever tried to take food from a dog's mouth, you know what it sounded like. Every time he spoke, the warmth of his hot, sticky breath consumed me. It made me shrink back in terror.

"You aren't supposed to like it here. Nobody is. And you know why you're here." His voice was deep in the vast, dark nothingness where I resided for the time being.

I cast my eyes to the floor, thinking about what the beast said. He was right. I knew why I was here and that I belonged here. It wasn't fair though. There were a million others out there no better than me. I wondered why they weren't here as well. I wanted to ask him, and then thought better of it.

Resigned to my fate, I closed my eyes and waited for my tormentor to touch me. I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and my nipples became immediately hard and erect. I didn't like him being this close. I felt one of his hands reach around and tweak my nipple. The beast laughed, but not the sort of laughter that you hear at parties or anywhere else where the participants might be having fun. I hated having him touch me but there was something I hated even more; the way my body responded to his touch.

I should have run away or at least tried to. I should have screamed in terror. I should have been horrified by his appearance, his odor, his voice.

"Open your legs for me whore," he whispered in the dark. I obeyed because I'd learned long before that resistance only made things worse. As bad as this was, there WAS something worse...much worse. I shuddered at the thought of that alternative and then opened my legs in obedience. I closed my eyes so that I wouldn't have to witness what was coming.

I felt the demon's hot hands separating my legs even further. As his hands began to explore my body, in my mind I traveled to a far away place where I was safe...where the thing couldn't find me. I loved being there. It was quiet and peaceful and nothing bad ever happened to me.

I hated his hands. They felt like sandpaper that's been warming in the sun for hours and hours. They burned my skin as he trailed them over my body, touching every inch of me, making sure that I remembered. He played with my nipples, tweaking them and pulling them with the small silver rings I wore. He always pulled to hard too see how much pain I could take before letting out a squeal.

He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer. His hot, sticky chest touched my back and a cold shiver ran down my spine.

The beast found my pussy with his hands and ran his talons along my wet slit. He smiled when he felt how wet I was.

"Juicy cunt you have there, slut. I know you hate the fact that I can do this to you. The fact that you have absolutely no control over your own body." Even though I couldn't see his face, I knew the tone of his voice enough to know it was smirking.

He flicked my earlobe with his forked tongue, causing me to jerk my head in the opposite direction. I felt my nipples getting hard again.

And then I felt it. The beast's huge, slimy cock started to harden and I could feel it getting longer and longer. It slowly plowed through my ass cheeks and then snaked its way up until it found my pussy. With one slight adjustment of its posture, it entered me. The heat of its cock was almost unbearable as it slinked its way into the depths of my pussy. I could feel it pushing up against the walls of my pussy, looking for more room. It pushed even more until I was screaming that I'd had enough.

"Take it," the beast commanded. "Take every last fucking inch or you know what will happen. Now we BOTH know you don't want that, right?"

I emphatically shook my head from side to side. Not there. Never there again. I would do anything else first.

"Then fuck me. You know how I like it," was all he said. I didn't need further instructions. This was not the first time.

I laid my head back until it rested on the beast's shoulder, allowing him to wrap his limbs around me, and began to rotate my hips in a small circular motion. He grunted and the sound made me cringe. I started to move up and down on the thick shaft of his cock, impaling myself over and over again. I could feel him moving behind me, matching my rhythm. I reached down and with one hand separated my slick pussy lips, while the other gently massaged my clit. The heat from the creature's body was meshing with my own. My skin dripped with sweat and my hair curled around my face. I could hear his breathing become ragged and even raspier. It was almost time. I tightened my pussy muscles around his cock as I bounced up and down.

As my orgasm ripped through my body, I clenched my teeth to not give the beast the satisfaction of hearing me cum. As my pussy convulsed, I could hear the creature behind me draw its breath. It was time.

The noise that escaped the demon's gaping mouth made my hands quickly clasp over my ears. It didn't matter how hard I pressed, I could still hear it. I screamed to drown it out. As the beast emptied his balls into my my pussy, covering the walls with his lava, I came once more. As I closed my eyes and tried to forget the face of my lover, my mind exploded with lights and sounds like only a union with him could provide. I remembered now...this always made me remember why I kept coming back. Once he was sure that he was done, the creature slipped its limp cock out and again held me close.

"That was sweet, my slut. Do you know how much I adore you?"

I nodded my affirmation. I knew how he felt.

"You really should be flattered, you know. Not everyone gets the treatment that you do. I am kind to you. The others don't even know that I am capable of that."

"But you always hurt me. You call that being kind?"

"Several years ago, you told me that more than anything, you wanted to be noticed. You were tired of people looking past you like you weren't even there. You wanted to be remembered. I said I could help you and I did. Heads turn wherever you go now and you've got men who are literally begging you to be with them. Even women find you attractive. The only thing I asked from you was a cum for a cum sotospeak. Every time you get to cum up on earth, I get to bring you down here, to me, so that you can return the favor. Was I not being as fair as possible? Most don't even expect fairness when dealing with the devil. I give you the best of everything I have to offer and you still complain....still loathe me."

I knew he was right. He had given me all that I asked and more. The only drawback was the time I had to spend here, and even THAT I had control of. If I didn't cum on earth, I wouldn't have to sink to this depth. Who was I kidding? I loved sex and I loved to cum. He knew I did. That's why he made this deal to begin with. He knew I would be back again and again.

He squeezed my body one last time and turned his head to kiss my cheek I allowed my eyes to close and woke up sometime later in my own bed. As I opened my eyes and realized where I was, I smiled to myself. As I turned to get out of bed, a strong arm pulled me back and then I remembered that I hadn't gotten into bed alone last night.

Chris kissed me and said, "Good morning sweetheart. Last night was awesome."

"I thought it was too, Chris. I'm glad that you're still here."

As we kissed, I could feel his hard cock stiffening against my thigh. As I reached down to gently stroke it, I was filled with mixed emotions as I remembered the cost of such pleasures up here on earth.

Somewhere down in hell, the beast sat with his hot cock in his hands, smiling.

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