tagErotic HorrorThe Devil & Mrs. Jones Ch. 02

The Devil & Mrs. Jones Ch. 02


"My name is Amanda Jones and I am addicted to sex."

I could feel my face flush a deep crimson as all eyes in the small room looked at me. This was my first time at a sex addiction support group and I was nervous. The others were here for the same reason, but I felt no connection with them, no sense of finding a place where I belonged. Maybe I hadn't given it enough time. Maybe once I had met and talked with a few others, I would feel more comfortable. But then again, something told me that I was the only one there who had made a deal with the devil. That made my problem even more complicated.

I sat back down and started listening to tonight's speaker. He told us about how his addiction had ruined many of his relationships and how he'd lost several jobs because of it. I knew too well the burden of an overactive sex drive.

The room was too warm and I was tired. I shifted around in my seat, wanting this meeting to be over so that I could go home and take a nice warm bath and get some sleep. I was overloaded at work and had been putting in a lot of overtime. I looked again at the guest speaker and he was looking right at me. I thought for a moment that he was going to say something about my not paying attention, but he continued to tell his story while glancing around the room, his eyes stopping at me each time. He was young, no more than 25 years old I would say, and quite attractive. Come to think of it, he looked familiar and I spent the rest of the meeting wondering where I had seen him before.

When the meeting came to a close, we were invited to have more coffee. There were donuts on the reception table also, for those who wanted them. I was planning on just passing by the table on my way out, when I felt a hand gently touch my upper arm. When I turned, the guest speaker was standing there smiling at me.

"Hello," he said. "My name is Jim. Amanda, right?"

"Amanda Jones. It's nice to meet you Jim. You look very familiar. Have we met before?" As he shook my hand gently but firmly, I could feel that his palms were moist.

"We haven't had the pleasure before now, but I pack groceries at a local supermarket and I've seen you there shopping on many occasions. I couldn't help but notice that you seem to shop for one person. I'm assuming that you live alone?"

I smiled as I remembered where I had seen him now. I can remember vividly flirting with this young man as he packed my groceries. Why is it that the best looking guys all had such shitty jobs? It didn't really matter what he did anyways. I wasn't looking to get married or anything and my job was more than enough to pay for all that I needed and then some.

"I'm divorced Jim," I answered.

"I'm sorry," he replied as he looked down at his shoes.

"I'm not," I replied "It was a long time coming and I'm much happier on my own."

We then made small talk and as I happened to glance at my watch, I realized how late it was getting and I had an early meeting in the morning that I couldn't get out of, and I needed to get a good night's sleep. I gave my apologies to Jim and he asked for my number. I hesitated at first, after all, this WAS a support group for sex addicts and it might not be the appropriate place to meet a new romantic interest. At the last minute, I decided that it couldn't hurt and I gave him my number. He said he would call during the week and that maybe we could do something next weekend if I didn't have plans already. I told him that I didn't and that I would look forward to his call.

The short drive home was uneventful. I was tired, yet somewhat excited at the prospect of going out with Jim the following weekend. There was probably at least a 15 year age difference between the two of us but I have always been attracted to younger men and the age difference didn't seem to bother him at all either. I wondered what he looked like underneath his clothes. From what I could tell at the meeting, he had a trim body and an ass that screamed 'squeeze me' every time he turned his back to me.

I shifted in my seat as I waited for a light to change. I could feel the familiar tingling in my pussy and my panties were getting increasingly wet as I got closer to home. With my free hand, I reached between my legs. I rubbed my pussy through the damp material, letting out a small whimper as I did so. I couldn't wait to get home and make myself cum. I wasn't even sure if I could wait that long.

The light changed and I snapped back to reality. I've had to be extra careful since the last time I got horny while driving. That accident could have cost me my life, not to mention the lives of anyone else driving in the vicinity, and the embarrassment of having to explain myself to the police officers present should have been more than enough to prevent me from ever touching myself while driving again.

I was relieved to be pulling into my driveway about 10 minutes later. I gathered my things and made my way into the house, depositing my belongings near the front door. I promised myself a hot bubble bath before bed and I was really looking forward to it now. I quickly undressed on the way to the bathroom and turned on the taps. Once the water temperate was just where I wanted it, I poured in some peach bubble bath and waited for the tub to fill. I put the toilet seat down and sat there waiting.

My mind began to drift again and I found myself wondering what it would be like to have Jim touching me. I couldn't stand it any longer and my hands snaked down to my wet, waiting pussy. I put one foot up on the side of the tub and let my other leg fall to the side. I spread my pussy lips open with one hand and let the fingers of my other hand slide up and down my wet slit, coating them with my juices. I brought the hand up and sucked each finger into my mouth, savoring the taste of myself. Fuck, I was so horny. My clit was actually throbbing and the minute I put my hand back and my fingers brushed over it, an electric shock raced through my body. My nipples immediately got so hard that they hurt.

I threw my head back and groaned, imagining that it was Jim's hand on my pussy, his fingers, his tongue, his lips and before I knew it, a tremendous orgasm ripped through my body, making me cry out, head thrashing from side to side. Exhausted, I opened my eyes and then remembered the filling tub! Luckily, the water had not come over the sides and I turned off the taps and pulled out the plug until the level was normal and stepped in. The water felt so good and immediately all my aches and pains disappeared.

I lay back against the air-filled pillow and just let myself completely relax. An all too familiar feeling of sudden panic consumed me and when I reluctantly opened my eyes several minutes later, I found myself in hell with Satan once more.

"Hello Amanda." The voice came out of the darkness and I turned to see my demonic lover. He had not changed since the last time I was here. He never changes. His deep crimson skin was still slick with sweat. His large belly sagged down in front as usual. His hands with their long pointed talons still rough and intrusive. I was home once again.

"Hello," I replied, my eyes downcast.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked, knowing full well the answer.

I nodded yes and said, "Lets get this over with."

"Not my idea of foreplay," the devil said sarcastically. "But as you wish. I want you on your hands and knees this time. Primitive. Just like the animal that you are."

I got down on my hands and knees, parting my legs somewhat. I could hear his feet shuffle across the hot concrete floor and I could feel the heat of his breath as he approached me from behind.

One of his hot, rough hands reached between my legs. I could feel his taloned finger trace the line of my wet slit and then slip between the folds. I drew in my breath and waited as he replaced his hand with his semi hard cock. He rubbed his cockhead up and down my slit, coating it with my juices. He then placed it at the opening of my wet pussy and pushed a little. I could feel his head and shaft grow even harder and with one deep thrust, he buried his cock as deep as it would go. There is no way that the entire length of his cock would fit there. I don't think his cock would fit completely in ANY human pussy.

As he began to slowly pump himself in and out, I could feel his hot rough hands on my hips….pulling me back to meet his thrusts. No man has ever filled me the way he does. I closed my eyes and pretended he was someone else. A young, attractive lover, instead of this grotesque beast that violated my body and raped my soul time and time again.

His pace quickened and I knew the time was near. I rested my head on the hot cement floor and raised my hands to protect my ears from the upcoming assault. I think this is the worst part of all; hearing it howl in a mixture of agony and pleasure. The sound was deafening and if I didn't cover my ears it would be unbearable. I felt one last hard thrust, then the air was filled with a loud, shrill howling as his demon seed covered the walls of my pussy.

After taking several moments to catch his breath, he withdrew reluctantly and sat on the hot floor. I rolled over and laid on my back, catching my own breath as well.

"Fantastic as usual, my slut. You're still the best fuck this side of hell."

I smiled sarcastically at him and told him that I needed to finish my bath and that I had an early start in the morning.

"Alright then, but I will be anxiously awaiting the weekend. Jim will call and you will go out with him. The minute you are both alone, you will fuck like rabbits and I will benefit from that."

The smile on his face was not a pleasant one at all and I closed my eyes so as not to have to look at him. When I opened them again, I was trembling as I lay in a tub of cold water. I quickly got out and dried off and went to bed.

As I drifted off to sleep, I tried to rid my mind of my demonic lover and turned my thoughts to the young man I'd be seeing the following weekend. The alarm clock rang what seemed like only minutes later. Six AM already. I swung my legs over the side of the bed and brushed the hair out of my face.

My early morning meeting went well, so I celebrated by taking a colleague out to lunch at my favorite restaurant. I also decided to reward myself by taking the rest of the afternoon off to do some shopping. By the time I got home, I was exhausted and it was time to get dinner going. I hadn't realized how hungry I was until then. I decided to use up some leftover chicken and make a salad. I ate a heavy lunch and decided to stay with something less filling for dinner.

Just as I was finishing the salad, the phone rang. I picked it up and answered.


"Hello…Amanda?" came the reply.

"Yes, this is Amanda. Who's this?" I inquired.

"Its me, Jim. From the support group last night."

My heart raced and I could feel the palms of my hands starting to get moist. I didn't expect him to be calling so soon.

With as much resolve as I could muster, I tried to keep my voice even. I didn't want him to know how much I had been thinking about him and how anxious I'd been to hear from him.

"Hi Jim. I'm kind of surprised to hear from you so soon…but happy that you called. How are you?"

"I'm doing great Amanda, and I know that I will probably come off looking like a real loser, but I haven't been able to get you off of my mind since we met last night. I'm not sure that I can wait until the weekend to see you again."

Oh my god! He felt the same way that I did. I decided to get a little bolder.

"Well, who says that we have to wait? I just got home and was just about to have some dinner. There's enough chicken salad for two if you haven't eaten yet."

"Actually, I haven't," Jim replied. "I'm visiting my sister in town and decided to give you a call to see if you were home from work yet. I was going to stop and get a burger on the way home, but chicken salad sounds SO much better. I'd need your address though."

I gave him directions to my place, which turned out to be not that far away from his sister's house. I put the salad in the fridge, checked the wine, and went to change clothes and freshen up. I picked an old faded pair of low riser jeans and a baby blue t-shirt. I dabbed on a little perfume and ran a quick brush through my hair.

I turned on the stereo and poured myself a glass of wine while I waited. Moments after I sat on the sofa, the doorbell rang. I clicked on the intercom and once I heard Jim's voice, I told him to come up and buzzed him in.

A couple of minutes later, he knocked on the door and I went to open it.

Stay tuned for chapter 3.

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