tagLesbian SexThe Devil Dykes Ch. 01

The Devil Dykes Ch. 01


When the Devil Dykes rolled into town, folks scooted out of the way. The people of this tiny one-blink town gave up tables and booths at the local diner and bars. They hoped, and some prayed, they had little or no contact with the biker gang. More than often, their hopes and prayers were all in vane.

The motorcycles roared into Fountain Springs every summer for five days of hell raisin' debauchery. The county sheriff, forty miles away in Garvey, made sure he and his small unit of deputies had other things to do. Most town folks, the smart ones, took a holiday far away. Then there were those defiant ones who remained, particularly if they couldn't afford to loose the business brought in each year by Ricki and her gang of scooter freaks. They did come to town with a fair amount of cash, and they'd spread it around to businesses that put up with them.

With only one restaurant and three bars in town, Ricki and the girls had made a mess here more than once through the years. But the town folk had learned. One week a year, it was owned by the Devil Dykes Motorcycle Club. Fountain Springs, population 352 ½ (or so the cutesy sign said on the outskirts of town), was out in the middle of the remote Southwest. It had been an annual ride for the last thirteen years. The girls ate what they wanted, slept where they fell and had sex with anyone who was stupid enough to stay in town. This week, there were a few, and it always started out the same way.

They parked their hogs in front of the Lucky Eight Ball, their favorite bar, sandwiched between Miller's Hardware and a used furniture store. Pussy Lips, Ricki's first lieutenant, hustled into every commercial establishment still open and left a few of hundred dollar bills with each proprietor. By the time she returned to the Lucky Eight, the Devil Dykes were in full swing. Pussy Lips tossed ten one hundred bills on the bar in front of the owner, Connie Price, and then reached out, squeezed one of Connie's large breasts and pinched the nipple. Connie didn't flinch. She knew better. It was what she had to endure for the pay day. Except for the first year she owned the Lucky Eight Ball, the Dykes behaved wild and crazy but rarely destructive. If you screwed around with them or denied them what they wanted, however...well, that was a different story. Then there was hell to pay.

"Don't bruise her, Pussy Lips," called out Bertie across the bar room. She was a fat, short biker chick who looked more like a man than any of them. "I just may wanna suck on those titties later."

"Fuck you, Bert. This little towny is mine." Pussy Lips, over six feet tall, grabbed Connie at the back of her head, pulled her over the bar and kissed her. When she snaked her tongue into Connie's mouth, Connie put her hand to Pussy's face and kissed her back. She knew how to behave with this group. Give them what they wanted. When Pussy broke the kiss, she grinned at Connie and let her go.

"Why don't you pour me a beer and a couple shots of whiskey?"

"Sure thing, Pussy. Anything you want."

Connie gave her a feeble smile and tried to relax. It was going to be a long five days, and she knew if she wanted to keep her bar in one piece and the life flowing through her veins, she was going to eat a lot of pussy. And not just Pussy's pussy. Connie wasn't a lesbian, but since she purchased the Lucky Eight Ball four years ago, she got a yearly lesson from these bitches that licking another girl's vagina wasn't all that bad. In fact, Pussy Lip's kiss had started a little tickly itch between her legs.

Well, here it goes, Connie thought.

Across the bar by her self, against the wall, one of the Devil Dykes sat on a stool. Connie didn't recognize her. She looked like she was brooding. She must be a newbie, Connie reasoned. Young, thin and almost flat chested with the muscular arms of someone who pumped iron, her short blond hair was wrapped partly in a bandana. She wore a blouse adorned with cow girls with the shirt tails tied up in front exposing her belly, hard and flat. A tattoo of a large, long snake wrapped around one arm and disappeared under her clothes, then reappeared across her bare belly, wrapped around her torso and then disappeared again into her short, short cutoff jeans.

She stared intently at Connie with a dark, intense look. When Pussy Lips drifted away from the bar, the newbie pointed at Connie and wiggled a finger for her to come hither, and she made the motion of swigging a beer.

Connie filled a frosty mug, walked around the end of the bar and crossed the room. She momentarily stopped to keep from interfering with a pool shot, all the while locking eyes with the girl in a strange embrace. She pushed a loose strand of her auburn hair behind her ear and licked her lips. She smiled when she set the mug down in front of the biker.

"I've never seen you before," Connie said in a hushed tone. "Are you new with the club?"

She waited, but the newbie didn't answer. She just stared at Connie with her cold, blue eyes, picked up the beer and chugged it down in one swift motion. A fine down of blond hair filled her arm pit. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and returned the empty glass. Her eyes swept up and down Connie's body making her blush bright red. It also gave her an odd feeling she had never felt before. The area around her naval began to itch.

The biker continued to bob her head up and down with her eyes only partially open. After a few minutes Connie couldn't stand it any more. She jumped to her feet, clutched the area around her belly button and started shaking. Her strange new acquaintance also stood.

"Whoa, sweetheart," she said. "Settle down. I'm not going to bite you." She pointed at the chair. "Sit down."

Connie hesitated for a second and then sat.

"Hey, Pussy Lips! Come here," the newbie called, keeping her eyes on Connie. Pussy belched loudly and joined them.

"I want this bitch for my own. Let's arm wrestle for her."

"Fuck you, Witchy Poo," Pussy laughed and turned to Connie. "Look at those biceps, Sweet Meat."

Pussy gave the newbie's arm a squeeze. "I can't take you arm wrestling."

"Then I guess you'll just have to give her to me."

"Like hell! This bitch was born to eat pussy. Last year every damn one of us sat bare ass along that bar as she went down the line like a damn lickin' machine. I'm not passing that up."

Witchy stood and faced Pussy Lips with her hands on her hips. "I want her for my own. I'm quite certain that's not going to be a problem."

"Christ!" Pussy Lips turned to the room. "Ricki!! Witchy's claiming Connie's cunt for her self. Come settle this."

"I want some of that bitch too," Bertie cried out.

"We all want some," some else yelled. The hooting and hollering created a crimson tide across Connie's face. She felt the heat under her blouse. Her heart started racing. Her knees shook with fear. She remembered all too well that day when the Devil's Dykes lined the bar naked. She found it interesting that the thing she remembered the most was how different each woman tasted.

"Hold on now," Ricki said. "Connie's been a good girl for us here. Never has given us any trouble. She can have a go at the rest of us on our last day, right?" She slapped Connie hard on the ass and laughed.

"But Witchy put together that deal up in Barstow last fall that's payin' for this ride, so I say she gets what she wants. Besides, you know as well as I do, our very own private witch always gets what she wants."

Ricki pinched Connie's cheeks together and made her lips squish into a smooch.

"You belong to Witchy Poo. Take real good care of her." She slapped her hard one more time on the ass and walked away laughing. Connie now burned from her face to her spanked ass.

Witchy cocked her head at Connie but her eyes remained cold as steel.

"Go get two beers, a bottle of your best whiskey and come sit with me."

Connie did as she was told, relieved to get her legs moving again. She hadn't taken a breath during the whole encounter, and now she took two or three deep ones, poured the beer, slipped a fifth of 12 year-old Irish whiskey under her arm and clutched two shot glass in her free hand. The room became surreal for her and all she heard was distant laughter, cursing, pool balls clacking together and her heart pounding in her ears.

Oh well, this should be interesting, she thought. Haven't tasted another girl since the last time they were here. Haven't had any sex since then.

She set down the beers and the shot glasses and poured two whiskeys. Witchy picked up the bottle and examined the label.

"Nice. Are you a good Irish lassie?" She asked. Her mouth softened slightly and almost broke into a faint smile. Still with those cold blue eyes.

Up close, without any confrontation going on, Connie relaxed and looked into Witchy's face. Her complexion was flawless. Her skin was deeply tanned. She wore a small pearl stud in her left ear, and a long thin scar ran down from the pearl, across her jaw to the corner of her mouth. It was so thin Connie hadn't noticed it from across the room. She reached a finger up and gently touched the scar. Witchy's eyes followed the hand, but she didn't flinch. She did catch her breath when Connie's finger began tracing the scar across her face, and her eyes revealed surprise.

"How did you get that?"

Witchy didn't answer, but when Connie's finger reached the corner of her mouth, Witchy turned slightly and kissed it. She flicked her tongue over the finger and then sucked it into her mouth. Slow and steady, she drew Connie's finger all the way in and curled her tongue around it, bobbing her head sucking. Witchy closed her eyes. Her mouth was so soft and wet and warm. The sensation went straight to Connie's pussy. Connie smiled, Witchy pulled away and finally smiled back at her.

"A knife fight in high school," she whispered. Connie's hand with extended finger hung in front of them. She didn't want that initial feeling to end.

"A girl fight," Connie asked? She lowered her hand, grabbed a shot glass and tossed the whiskey into her mouth. Witchy smirked.

"Ya," she said with a chuckle, "This is my badge of honor. The other bitch has..." she paused long enough to toss back her shot of liquid fire. "...reminders too. I think she's still limping." She ran the back of her fingers over the scarred area. Connie leaned across the space between them and lightly kissed her jaw. This isn't so tough, Connie thought. I kinda like this one. And a little romance can't hurt. It's been too long.

"Where do you live?"

"Upstairs. I have an apartment."

"Let's go. I haven't had a good fuck in weeks." Witchy grabbed the shot glasses and the bottle. "Bring a sixer."

Connie went behind the bar and pulled a six pack from the cooler. She scooped up the hundred-collar bills Pussy Lips left and stuffed them in her pocket. Her crotch was on fire and getting wetter by the moment.

Witchy kept her eyes on Connie. Her gaze had that strange feel again, and Connie became anxious. It was almost like Witchy was seeing something inside her. It perplexed Connie and scared the shit out of her.

"Serve your selves, girlies," Witchy called out. "My bitch and I are retiring for the night."

"Not so fast," Ricki said and turned to Connie. "Gives us some names, meat. We all want to fuck someone. Don't make us tear Fountain Springs apart looking for it."

Connie stopped and thought it over. She knew there was no use trying to protect anyone. Those who stayed in town knew the risks.

"Let me think of who's still here. I think Betty Jo's over at the market. She closes up at six. Lives in a trailer behind the store. The Benson's eighteen year old daughter lives in the last house on the left across from the church. Shelly. I saw her earlier, so she's around. Real cute too. It's rumored she's pretty easy. Her momma may be there too. Not bad for an old broad. There's the preacher and his wife. He's a prune, but she's doable. Steve, the tow truck driver and mechanic, down at the gas station; Merle runs the ice cream parlor, but he only likes boys. And then what ever you find in the other two bars." She smiled at Ricki and turned toward Witchy but stopped.

"Oh ya. Three girls moved into that old house just south of town. They're trying to set up a bed and breakfast. Nice gals and very cute." Connie smiled again and waved goodby.

"Okay, bitches," Ricki hollered. "Split up and make this sweet little town our home. Check out the other bars. Pussy lips, you can fuck anything that walks through the door. Double Dee and Animal, come with me. Let's check out the bee and bee."

"What the fuck," Pussy Lips complained. "I have to stay here by myself?"

"Just hold the fort down, love bug," Ricki grabbed her from behind, cupped both her breasts and sucked a hicky up on Pussy's neck.

"Tiny, stick around and keep Pussy company. She's irritable today. Feed her your strap-on or something." Tiny howled like a wolf.

"Come and get it, bitch," Pussy called out to Tiny. "I need a good fuck!"

Witchy waved her head toward the stairway, and Connie followed with a smile.

I think I might even have some fun for change. Hope so.

Witchy led the way, and Connie watched her ass as she climbed the stairs.

A bubble butt in cut-off jeans! Damn!! I can't believe how turned on I'm getting.

Witchy's muscular legs were tanned, long and ended in high top, black boots. Like her arms pits, they were covered in a very fine down of blonde hair almost invisible. She was at least five foot ten.

The snake came out of her blouse and coiled across her back. The artistry was impeccable, and it seemed to move as she climbed each step. Connie felt like she had fallen under a powerful spell.

I am sooo turned on! She could feel the moisture seeping into her panties.

This is unreal.

Witchy leaped up the last three steps, turned quickly and looked back at Connie as she followed. Elevated above her, she peered down into Connie's voluptuous cleavage.

"Stop!" Witchy held up her hand. "I just want to look at you."

Connie pulled her shoulders back and pushed her breasts out. She posed with a tiny smile on her face. The six pack swung in one hand. After a few moments, she gave it to Witchy and slowly undid button after button. Her blouse fell onto the stair tread behind her.

I can't believe how slutty I'm acting.

She reached for the back of her bra which forced her shoulders even further back, and her breasts swelled in the bra cups. Witchy's lips parted. Her eyes glazed slightly.

"Beautiful," she whispered.

Connie's breath began to heave in her chest forcing her breasts to rise and fall.

Crap! I can't believe this! I'm about to cum just standing here.

She unhooked the bra, held it for a moment to tease, and then let it fall straight away. Her large breasts barely sagged. Witchy gasped.

"Lord, lord, lord. Those are the most beautiful."

"You're making me blush." And she did. Her entire torso and face bloomed crimson. Her chest was covered with a delicate field of freckles.

Witchy held out her hand and pulled Connie up the last two steps. Her breasts crushed against the hard body at the top of the stairs.

I can't breath!

"You're my new girlfriend," Witchy said, rubbed her nose against Connie's nose and gently brushed her lips.

"I need to hear you say it."

Connie stared into Witchy's eyes.

Shit!! I'm under a freakin' spell. Who is this bitch? What is she?

"I'm..." Witchy raised an eye brow and cupped Connie's ass in her free hand. "...I'm..." Connie couldn't find her voice. After a moment, Witchy placed the cold sixer against Connie's bare skin and she screamed.

"I'm your new girlfriend, okay?" Connie squirmed and giggled. She was shocked at what she heard herself say, but she believed every word of it.

Oh my god! What the hell?

"You're my girl now. All mine."

"I'm your girl, Witchy. I'm all yours," Connie said and then choked. A sudden unexpected flow of tears began to roll down her cheeks. She sobbed.

What the fuck is happening to me?

"I'm your girl," she said again. Her body convulsed with emotion that seemed to come out of no where and she started sobbing.

I am her girl. What? No I'm not! Hell yes I am!!

"God yes, I'm your girl!!" She mashed her lips into Witchy's and kissed her as hard as she could. Her tongue slid into the Devil Dyke's mouth, and their hips mashed together making a primal contact. As they kissed, they slowly edged closer and closer to Connie's apartment door. When Connie's back hit the door, she turned the knob, and they fell into the room in giggles.

I haven't felt like this in a long time. Hell, I've never felt quite like this.

Suddenly Witchy pulled away and looked into Connie's eyes.

"Do you wanna know why a snake is my totem?" The question startled Connie, and her body suddenly tensed.

"What's a...totem?" She knew the term from Native American culture, but she wasn't sure where Witchy was coming from.

"A spirit animal. A spirit helper. Gives you your mojo." Witchy had a mischievous look in her eyes.

"Okay. Why is a snake your totem?" As they spoke, Connie untied Witchy's cowgirl blouse and it pulled away revealing two small, perfect breasts with hard little nipples. Between her nipples, the head and face of the snake looked back at her, the snake that wrapped around her body several times.

"We're all born with an animal spirit. My birth animal is leopard. The Anaconda was acquired much later." Connie didn't respond. Her attention was riveted on the eyes of the tattoo snake.

"Most people never acquire a second spirit helper. You have to seek it out, win it over, and surrender to it." Witchy's lips held a wicked little grin. She took Connie's chin in her hand and turned her face up breaking her gaze away from the snake. She stared into Connie's eyes until Connie shook slightly and reconnected.

"I'm feeling very strange. What's happening to me?" Connie trembled, and Witchy pulled her closer and wrapped her arms around her new girlfriend.

"Just surrender to me. Relax." Witchy kissed her neck. "You're my girl. Let me make you feel things you've never even dreamed about."


"Shooo." Witchy's lips found Connie's, and they kissed for several minutes without speaking. Finally Connie found her voice again.

"I've never felt this way before, Witchy. Something's different. You are different from anyone I've ever been with."

And it's freaking me out!

"And do I have to keep calling you Witchy?"

Witchy smiled, took Connie by an arm and whirled her onto the sofa. She followed her down and knelt at her side, and gently caressed Connie's breasts. Connie moaned. When Witchy leaned in and circled her tongue around one of Connie's large swollen nipples, she groaned and shivered. The fire smoldering inside her burst into a flame. The heat spread all over her body, and she pulled Witchy's face against her breast. Witchy sucked the nipple into her mouth.

"Oh, God!" Connie arched her back, and the center of her womanhood grew hotter and wetter.

I'm going to faint.

Witchy kissed up across her breasts, to her neck, along her chin and then pulled back and looked into Connie's eyes. She lightly pinched Connie's nipples.

"I'm a witch." She laughed. "That's why they call me Witchy." Connie stared at her, again surprised at how quickly this woman could turn the energy to a different direction. Witch?

"I grew up in Brazil. My parents were missionaries, and by all measures, complete idiots. The woman they entrusted their young daughter to was a very power witch."

"You're serious?"

She's serious!

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