tagLetters & TranscriptsThe Diary of Rebecca Smudge

The Diary of Rebecca Smudge


There is a delicious glee in finding someone's diary which you instinctively know is deeply private. You open it with trepidation, glancing over your shoulder.

How disappointed you are when all that is inside are times and appointments.

But not this one.

I have no idea who Rebecca Smudge is except, that is, for how she describes herself. You too will meet that person shortly.

I found the diary under a hedge. And for all my well meaning intentions I have yet to hand it in to a lost property office.

You will find out why soon enough.

These are excerpts from the diary. They are taken in chronological order.


My best friend Tracy told me I should write a diary. That was before we had that row. She said I was frumpy, old fashioned. Things I didn't want to hear. Maybe she's right.

I have broken up with Steve. He said the same thing. Bastard. But I thought he liked me for who I was. Perhaps he just said that to get into my knickers. Are all men the same?

But Tracy as well? Bitch.

Right I'll show them.


I stood in front of the mirror this morning and tried to analise what I saw. OK here goes.

I'm 26 years old and 5 foot 7 inches tall. My boobs are small and rounded. I'm thin and pale. I hate myself especially naked.

I dressed today in my favourite dress. I got it at Laura Ashley. It's pale coloured sort of non-descript. Flowers in pink and pale blue. I think it's pretty.

Tracy says she masturbates every day. I don't believe her. Just writing "masturbates" makes me feel guilty. Well OK it also makes my tummy fuzzy too.


When I got home to the flat this afternoon I felt different. I felt horny that's what. I flopped down on the sofa and was going to switch on the telly but my hands sort of crept up my legs. It was hot and I remembered Tracy's words; just touch yourself she'd said.

So I worked my hands up my legs and ran my fingers inside my knickers.

I dare not write what I did.

Note to diary; get some better underpants.


Vagina. See! I can write it down. It's not rude. It's part of me.

It's a Sunday and I sat on the bed and explored my body like Shari Al Rhabayam suggested.

I stroked my nipples and ran my hands up my legs. I cupped my breasts and ran my fingers through my, now, longer hair. Then I opened my legs. I was already fairly warm by this time and opened the outer lips of my....vagina, my pussy.

I have to giggle a bit writing all this down.

I was surprised to find myself so wet and my fingers slipped into my pussy so easily.

Before I knew it the sensations were building inside me and I sort of naturally rubbed harder at the solid little nub of my clitoris. Oh it was delicious.

And my fantasies while I rubbed!!

I longed for a good hard man.


(The next day)

How can I write such things? Well I know of course. I am feeling more liberated already. A prude they called me! Old fashioned! I'll show them!


I met a man and he snogged me outside the pub. It was like this: I was talking to DeeDee at work and she said to come to the pub afterwards so we did and we had a few drinks and suddenly these two blokes sat down and chatted us up. I would never do that a few weeks ago. But I quite fancied mine and well one thing led to another and at throwing out time he took me down the alleyway round the back of the Coach and Horses and started kissing me. It felt good. His hands were all over my bum and he even rubbed my pussy. Lucky I had jeans on and a shirt. When he started fondling my boobs I stopped him and made an excuse to go home. But now I'm horny as anything and I've just started touching myself.....


I went shopping today.

This is the new me. DeeDee said I had to get some better clothes. She's coming round later to see how I look.


DeeDee came round last night. Oh my! Oh my!

We started on a bottle of white wine and soon got fairly chatty about everything and she then said: Come on girl let's see the new you.

So I disappeared for a minute or two and threw on some of the things I got yesterday.

When I came out of the bedroom she was quite critical. She took me straight back into the bedroom and made me strip off. I was quite embarassed at first but she pretended to look away while I changed my knickers.

DD made me wear a tiny little thong and short skirt and a tight shiny shirt. Not like me at all.

BUT then she started sort of touching me. The thing is that it felt good.

Here she said and stood behind me holding my breats a bit higher. Lift your tits UP, she said. Then she tweaked my nipples. Men love to SEE your nipples she said. Look at mine! And before I knew it she had opened her shirt and was showing me her breasts. Well I'll be....

How are you at kissing? She asked. What? I said. Kissing she said and before I knew it she had put her arms around me and had kissed me on the lips.

DD! I exclaimed. Look she said, I thought you were no longer a prude. You'll never get a man if you can't kiss.

Oh! I said and DD and me started snogging. It felt good actually because men are so rough don't you know and DD was diffierent. She was soft and caring.

I felt her hands on my thighs and then on my pussy.


It didn't feel wrong at all really but today I feel sort of guilty and need a man all the more to make up for it.

DD found me at the stationery cupboard and first of all I couldn't look her in the eye but then found the courage to tell her that we couldn't do that again,

Until the next time, she said. Ever so cockily. And I sort of twitched inside thinking how sexy it had been.


That man at the pub found me again yesterday. He's more of a boy really. DD says he's really sexy and I should go for it.

He's going to meet me on Saturday and take me out.

DD is coming round tonight!


I can hardly wait to tell you, diary, what DD has done.

She stormed into my flat after work last night and said she was going out with the brother of the boy I'm dating on Saturday and how great it was we'll go all together as a foursome. We'll go to a movie and stuff.

I've got to show you something she said and before I could say anything she lifted up her tee shirt and showed me her tits.

God she's got pierced nipples. Touch them she said. No I said. Go on she said don't be a prude. Go on. Well, I hesitated.

Go on she insisted I thought you were gong to be all different now.

Well DD has got nice tits that's for sure and just looking at them all pert and round made me feel just a bit well curious. So I inched closer and put my hands under them and felt how smooth they were.

That feels good she sighed and she cupped my fingers around the silver jewellry which pierced the hardening nipples.

DD half turned and we snogged with wet and sloppy tongues. DD put her hand up my skirt and she found pretty quick that I was sopping wet. She pushed me back on to the sofa and went down on me. I had no choice I was already so horny I had to come. And she made me come again and again!


Going out with those boys was a great success on Saturday. I said to DD from the start that there's no way I was just going to have sex with them. I said to her we have to make them work for it.

She reluctantly agreed. I need a big cock in me she said. I said DD you can't say stuff like that. She said there you go again "Prude".

But she agreed and we four went to the pictures and to the pub. The two boys were in good form with loads of jokes. And they didn't mind when DD and me went to the bog together. Boys never know what we do there. In fact DD and I talked about how big we thought their cocks were! Ha Ha!

We were fairly drunk by the time they walked back to my flat and they obviouslt thought they were going to get some but after we had had a good snogging we turned them away.

DD said to hers: you ain't shagging me on our first date!

OK he said we'll see you next week.

Mine was a good kisser and I was getting wet as anything as he started slipping his hand around my bum and up my skirt.

That's enough I said see you next week.

DD and me ended up in my bed together but we were too knacked to get up to anything. She's got a nice arse though and she told me that now I'm not a prude that she fancies my arse too! Ha Ha!


I played the innocent at work today. DD thought it was funny and I had a great time.

I put on one of my old flowery dresses from Laura Ashley and put my hair up. I flounced about all day at the office being all girly and winding up the boys. When you go girly they can't do enough for you.

I said Oh I can't reach the photocopy paper and David in accounts ran to fetch it. Oh I want a cup of tea and Paul in deliveries went and fetched one. Men! they are a push over.

Especially my boss, Mark, I could see him looking at me all day. So I went to the loo and took my knickers off.....I would never have done this 6 weeks ago....and then stood in front of his office partition windows where the light from the big outside windows shines through. I pretended to do something but pretty soon I had his full attention as the light shone through my thin dress lighting up my thighs. Perhaps he could see my pussy too. Just as I had his full attention I tottered off on my cutey high heels back to my own office and pretended I hadn't so much as a care in the world.

As soon as I got home I flung off all my clothes and lay back stroking my clitoris until waves of come just flowed out. Phew!


Last night the boys managed to separate DD and me out and my boy had me at last. It went like this.

I wore the raunchyest outfit I could think off. A black leather skirt and black satin shirt with high heels and stockings of course. I know now what these boys like. No bra and no knickers! Like DD says.

I met DD round the pub. She looked pretty good too in her denim skirt number with itsy-bitsy tank top. Her nipples sticking out all over the place. I was clear enough what we had in mind.

At chuck out time we fell out of the pub and the boys had their hands all over us.

Better come round to my place I said. So we all fell through the dor to my flat and things went from bad to worse....


DD and me met up at work today and compared notes. She said she'd measured her boy's cock but I don't believe her.

Just as we laughing too loudly that old stuck up cow Tracy came by. Do you know she called me a "Loose slut". That's it with her I'll never speak to her again.


DD said if you're going to keep him you've got to keep him interested. Talk to you later she said.

So I went round to her place after work. Right listen she said you've got to do STUFF.

What do yer mean stuff? I said. I mean STUFF, she said. Like what? I shrieked at her and she said. You've got to give them loads of blowjobs and...and...and you've got to take it up the arse.

UP THE ARSE! I shouted. Yes, she said. Oh yeah, I said, like you do as well.

I DO actually she said, it's....er....quite good when you get used to it.

And with that she started snogging me again. She freed my tits from my tee shirt and moved downwards towards my pussy.

She was really hot today and I returned the favour by teasing and licking her clit until she moaned and groaned.

Wait there she told me half way through and she came back with a replica cock. What are you going to do with that? I asked her. She said you are going to stick it up my arse.

That's it, work it in she said. I couldn't believe I was realy doing this. I had used a load of vaseline stuff around her bottom hole and was slowly working the plastic cock into her. She was frigging her clit with one hand and teasing her nipple piercings with the other.

I could see she was getting hotter as her cheeks got really red and her pussy was wet. Oh yes, she shouted oh yes.

We lay on her bed together for a bit and then she said now it's your turn.

What? Me?

Yes, she said.


DD was away for the weekend so last night I did something really bad. I'll tell her when she gets back I promise I will.

The two boys took me out last night and I got a little drunk.

They took me back to their place on the west side and they...well...they both sort of, you know, both of them. Perhaps Tracy is right I am a slut. I am such a little slut.

But God it was great fun. First one then the other was snogging me. One of my boys held me really tightly from behind with a blindfold over my eyes while the other opened my blouse and sucked my nipples. They told me they secretly filmed it all and they'll show DD later.

They took it in turns to go down on me pushing my skimpy little silk knickers out the way.

I took first one then the other into my mouth and could taste the salty precome on their swollen big cocks. Then they fucked me first doggy fashion then one each end. All that practise with DD was worth it because the big one slowly slid his hot member up my arse as I sucked off the smaller one.

They finished off by taking it in turns to come in the missinary position as I groaned and panted like a steam train. I can't wait to tell DD all about it.


See, see now I've showed them, call me a prude would they God they know nothing.........


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