The Diner

byValet of Roissy©

He had just finished washing down the grill top from the mess built up by the last rush of dinner orders before close, and was looking forward to picking up his day’s pay from the lady who’d hired him on. He was deep in the middle of a self-discovery trip, motorcycling across the US and trying to live either off the land or by doing odd jobs to generate the bit of cash he needed to tide him through the rougher parts of the country. He thought about the irony of how the mechanical failure his bike suffered earlier this morning ended up putting him in a position he’d never thought he’d be in again – back in a sweaty kitchen cooking short orders. The last time he’d done that kind of work for money was in his college days, though he still knew his way around a kitchen much better than the average man. That had come in handy – the place had been packed all day, and had he not seen it himself, he would’ve thought the café never had that much draw over an entire year. Never judge a book by its cover, he reminded himself.

Wiping his hands on the front of his dirty apron, he leaned in the open doorway joining the kitchen with the cramped dining room. It was a small “mom and pop” type diner in the middle of nowhere, but it seemed Mom and Pop had both passed on and now their only daughter had taken over the reins. Kind of odd, he thought, as he watched her perfect figure from behind, hips swaying as she wiped off the tabletops and arranged the condiments. A woman as attractive as her, he assumed, would have been swept up and happily married long ago. He figured her to be in her late twenties, though her eyes revealed she’d experienced much in that time. They’d also revealed a need – one that he’d hoped all night to have the opportunity to fill.

Her average height and slender frame were silhouetted by the occasional beam of headlights from the passing semis, the only thing on the road at this late hour. He thickened slightly as the perfect curve of her ass stretched her tight denim jeans, watching her as she leaned over the table to draw the shutters closed.

“Why don’t you leave those open?” he suggested nonchalantly as he reached in the cooler and pulled out a couple of cold beers.

She turned, slightly startled by his unfamiliar voice, but settled her hands on her hips and her mouth into a warm grin when she saw him walking over with the drinks. It had been such a long time since she’d been attracted to any man, and even then, never to a “drifter” type. She’d initially classified him as such when he first walked in wearing a dusty, grimy leather jacket and equally dirty jeans. His tan face was unshaven for at least a week and his dark hair had been unkempt probably just as long. But something about his eyes told her he wasn’t the rough biker type she’d initially thought him to be. She was certain of it after their short conversation – he was obviously well educated, as he told her he was on a vacation and had experienced some bike problems, needing to work a day or two to pay for the repairs. Handing her the “Help Wanted” sign he’d pulled from the window on his way in, he said he had experience in the kitchen, of which she was skeptical, but after she had her first taste of the omelet he’d whipped up to prove himself, she knew she had no choice but to bring him on. It was the weekend of the monthly Market Days in the nearby town, and it always brought a lot of traffic and clients by her restaurant. She couldn’t afford to have the chef take another one of his ever-more frequent “sick” days, but that was a matter with which she would deal with on Monday. So she brought him on offering two hundred dollars for the full weekend, plus free meals. As she gazed into his gentle eyes, part of her wanted to offer more.

“Now why would I want to do that? So someone can case the place easier?” she kidded as she reached for the beer he offered her. Her eyes sparkled in the dim light of the room, and traced down his frame as he pulled the apron slowly over his head, his muscled chest tensing under the tight, white t-shirt he wore underneath. She flushed as she looked up at to see he’d caught her taking in his body. Quickly switching the subject, she stated, “We did good today. Lots of compliments on the chef, as well as some promised return visits tomorrow.” She raised her beer as if in a toast then drew back a sip. “You know, there’s a washing machine in the back I use for the linens around here. You could use it to wash some of those close of yours.”

“That might be a good idea. It’s been awhile since these things last saw some soap,” he said with a laugh before tilting the bottle back, enjoying a long draw. He sat on the edge of one of a table positioned in the middle of the room, across from the booth against which she now leaned. There was an obvious bulge in the crotch of his jeans as he crossed his ankles and slowly drew his gaze up her long legs, pausing briefly at her hips before continuing up to look unabashedly into her eyes, not at all afraid of hiding his attraction to her. “But as far as the shades, I was thinking it might be more… ahh… exciting to watch the cars go by. Besides, it’s dark in here. They won’t be able to see much.” He tugged the hem of his T out of his jeans and pulled it over his head in the same fashion as the apron… nice and slow, giving her plenty of time to watch and react.

“See much of what, exactly?” she asked, trying to act aloof to his intentions. But her nipples gave away her excitement, thick and firm, poking abruptly through her lacy bra against her cotton top. She glanced down his tone frame again as he sipped from his bottle, letting her eyes linger at the package between his thighs. She could feel the dampness brewing within her and she let go the tiniest moan as she tried to think of the last time she’d felt this kind of arousal.

He stood and stepped towards her, his tan torso illuminated by the red neon “Closed” sign hanging in the window behind her. “Oh, I don’t know… I was thinking maybe two consenting adults thoroughly enjoying one another’s company,” he said as he tucked his thumbs into the waist of his jeans, fingers dangling by the button and zipper.

“That doesn’t sound very committal. An awfully ‘PC’ comment for a half-naked guy,” she retorted, drinking back another gulp. As she looked into his eyes awaiting his answer, she heard the smooth metallic sound of his zipper lowering.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I meant to say two naked adults,” he replied as he pushed his jeans down equally toned thighs and legs, pulling off his boots and socks while bent over. When he stood back up, all he wore was his smile and a quick wink. Now his entire body glowed in the dim interior light washed over with red neon. He hung full, but limp for the moment, swollen only in thickness by the intensity of the situation rising between them. He reached again for the bottle and took a sip. Cold condensation dripped down the glass surface, landing on his firm chest, rippling over his abs, then disappearing into the faint trail of dark, curly hair, which started just below his navel.

Her eyes took all this in during the short moment it took her to lunge forward, dropping to her knees before him and digging her nails deep into his cheeks and back of his thighs. Her hot breaths came short and shallow over his thickness as her tongue delved into the creases between his sex and thighs. She whimpered as she licked and nibbled his flesh there, breathing deep his musky scent, at the same time feeling his fingers tangle into her hair and scalp, gripping handfuls of her curly locks as she gobbled around him.

She hungrily sucked at his scrotum, rolling her tongue over and around each of his heavy balls in turn, drawing them deep into her mouth until she felt him flinch as the pleasure bordered on pain. She dropped her head lower still, pushing his thighs apart with her hands as her tongue traced over the swell of flesh between his now-glistening balls and his tight hole. Again, she breathed his scent deeply through her nose, his raw, pure odor driving her mad with desire. Her head yanked back suddenly and sharply just then, and she watched as he squat down before her, bringing his lips to hers and kissing her wildly, their tongues pressing harshly against one another. She quivered as he bit down on her lower lip before sucking it in between his own.

He continued kissing her like this for long minutes while his hands explored all of her body. After a few anxious squeezes of her pert breasts, he grabbed her collar and ripped sharply apart, tearing her blouse down the center. Just as aggressively, he ripped the thin rib of fabric connecting the cups of her bra in front, allowing her breasts to swing free, her nipples peaked above engorged areolas. He bent lower and took each into his mouth, paying them the same rough oral attention he had to her lips just moments before. Her loud gasps were suddenly squelched when he quickly stood back up, forcing her head back between his thighs.

He was fully erect now, and his solid shaft pressed against her cheek as she nuzzled his thigh. She licked and kissed her way back along the length of his rod, pausing for a moment to circle his head with the flat of her wet, cat-like tongue before swallowing him up completely with one gulp. Fighting her gag reflex as his head tickled deep down in her throat, she puffed hot breaths around his shaft, which further increased his passion. He lost control for a moment, grabbing the sides of her face between his palms and fucking her mouth and throat with long, deep strokes, every muscle of his thighs and ass clenched tight. They both screamed out in unison as she raked her nails along the front of his legs as he pulled himself free of the vacuum she was creating between her lips with a loud popping noise. She gasped heavily as the strands of saliva trailing from her lips to his cock hung lower and lower, finally breaking and sticking to either of their bodies. Recollecting herself, she raised her wide-eyes to look up at him wantonly… her questioning gaze asking him why he’d backed away.

Looking down to her dark eyes, he pulled her up and pressed her bare chest to his own, locking lips in another passionate kiss. His hands groped at her tight ass, pulling each cheek up and apart, kneading the flesh and feeling his cock jump as he fondled his favorite part of the female anatomy. But it was even better in the flesh, and her Levi’s, sexy as they were, were impeding his progress. He worked the button-fly loose and pushed them down as she wiggled her hips free of the restricting denim, feeling them fall to a pile around her ankles. She alternately kicked off her shoes and pushed her jeans free of her ankles. Now the only thing separating either of their swollen sex was the sheer black fabric on her satin panties. These, he noticed as she pressed herself against his manhood, were soaked through, a wetness he longed to taste.

Kissing his way down her body, he wrapped his lips around the outline of hers, which protruded through the damp material. His tongue traced her long slit up and down, wiggling slightly left and right as he tasted her essence. His fingers curled under the border of one leg of her panties, pulling them to the side and revealing her ass, while his other hand pushed her around to face away from him and out the open window shades. Pressing her cheeks apart, his tongue delved into the heady cleft, circling round and round her tight hole, feeling it pucker and tense against his tip. He heard her gasp loudly as he pressed it deep into her, her dark rosebud quivering around him as he passed the first of her rings. Settling in to a more comfortable position on the balls of his feet and knees, he massaged her ass cheeks while administering healthy licks and sucks at her hot sex as it swelled behind her.

Meanwhile, she was caught in a mild dilemma of the most intense orgasm welling up inside of her versus the thought of one of the few cars passing by deciding to pull in for any reason. The booth he’d bent her over was against a window adjacent to the door, and enough light was spilling in from the outdoor overhead lights that she was certain it wouldn’t be long before they were discovered. But the sudden and fantastic feel of his tongue thrusting between her tight pussy lips sent her to another place… a place she’d not been in years. As her first orgasm of the night rang through her, she wondered at the differences between it and the one’s she’d grown accustomed to giving herself. Such a different intensity and lack of control… feelings she was experiencing the extremes of on this night. His teeth bit down into her cheek, drawing out a sharp scream, but it was squelched by the soft and tender kisses along the small of her back as he stood behind her and pecked his way up her spine, nuzzling behind her ear.

“You feel like you’ve needed this for awhile, sexy,” he whispered into her ear. Rotating his hips slightly until his thickness protruded between her wet and tender thighs, he gave her no time to respond as he rocked back and forth, his erection driving like a wedge between her lips and traveling the course of her lips without yet entering her. He could feel her clit swelling larger with each stroke as his cockhead tapped it with every forward thrust. “The question is… do you trust me? I mean, really trust me?”

She nodded her head and in an instant felt him pushing her face into the table’s surface with more force than was necessary. Her heart skipped a bit in a moment of fright as she felt a cold leather strap tighten around her knees, clamping her legs together around his thick cock. How he’d managed to loop his belt around her legs with one hand was the farthest thing from her mind at the moment… her body forced into a state of “fight or flight”, adrenaline coursing through her bloodstream. What had she gotten herself into?

Just as she thought this, the first of several sharp, stinging blows to either of her upturned ass cheeks came, each one driving out a loud yelp… but each one a little less painful… a little more exhilarating. She felt his right hand leave her ass and was readying herself for another blow, but instead she sensed the thick head of his cock sliding up and down her slit… then withdrawing as his thighs peeled away from hers.

A wave of excitement washed down the center of his body as he took in the perfect visual feast before him. His hand was wrapped tightly around the base of his thick cock, blocking the outward flow of blood so that he swelled tremendously, veins distending along his full length. His head had turned a deep shade of violet and the entire length of his member was glistening with her essence, the electric neon glow making his manhood all the more phallic. Her ass was lifted high as she stood on tiptoe, and the light spilled over and accented her soft but tone curves. Her cleft was wet, as was her anus, and he watched it pucker as he held his cock mere inches over her sex. With a flick of his wrist, he smacked the underside of his cockhead against her tight hole, watching her cheeks flinch with each contact. Hearing her moans as he felt the sounds straining from their source, his other hand closed loosely around her throat.

Cinching up on his cock, he wiggled the head between her swollen lips, elated at how they pressed back between her bound thighs. Glancing to his left, he could see their reflection in the mirrored surface of the old Wurlitzer jukebox against the wall, and he watched intently as he sank himself into her depths with one slow, steady push. Her scream barely registered in his thoughts as he pressed his thighs against hers, forcing the last couple of inches into her hot, tight cunt - inches he usually reserved for later in intercourse, after his partner had relaxed enough to accommodate his generous length and girth. But he was beyond the point of holding back… he needed this as much as she did, and he had regressed to pure animal instinct, focusing solely on his own need. Keeping her face plastered against the table with his hand around her neck, he returned his right hand to her ass, pinning her hips to the edge of the table as he slowly withdrew his massive cock. The friction her vice-like pussy created was so intense, he felt certain he’d come in a matter of moments.

Her own orgasm had begun as soon as she’d felt his thick head pierce her tunnel, and had been constant ever since - growing steadily in intensity with each hard stroke he delivered with astonishing perfection. She knew from the moment she first talked to him that there was an attraction she couldn’t deny, but she had no idea that this is the way she would have him… totally relinquishing control to him… letting him fuck her like an animal. His strong grip around her neck and over her ass reinforced this submissive position she’d allowed herself to be in, and further heightened the intensity of the experience. Already, she was responding in ways she never had before… with any man or woman. She grit her teeth as he drove harder and faster, his full strokes never shallowing, even as his pace quickened. The spasms throughout her pussy came faster and faster as her orgasm continued to escalate. Her moans wailed in a constant drone, the pitch heightening each time she felt his cock bottom out abruptly against her cervix. Her grip closed around the edge of the table just as the hand around her neck released, only to return its strong grasp around her ass. She stood higher on her toes, arching the small of her back, offering her sex up to him, relishing in the way he was taking her – so happy to finally submit herself to someone.

As both hands grasped the perfect heart shape of her tight buttocks, he could feel her pressing back into him… meeting each thrust… the new angle of her sex tightening on his cock even more. He’d crossed the point of inevitability and he knew it was just a matter of sending her over the edge to finalize his own orgasm. As his gaze slowly drifted from her sweaty, distressed grimace down the line in the middle of her back, he focused on that which he held tightly in his grip. Bringing his thumbs together along her cleft, he drew her cheeks wide and placed the tips of his thumbs against her tight rosebud. Never breaking cadence with his hips, he slowly pressed his thumbs into her self-lubed ass, all the way to the first knuckle. He heard her shouts echo through the diner, spurring his actions along further. He could feel his member pummeling in and out of her through the thin membrane separating her two caverns, and the pressure his thumbs exerted along the top of his shaft was incredible. Pushing deeper, his thumbs entered her completely as she groaned loudly, and he squeezed each hump of her ass from inside and out, like a catcher closing his grip around a blazing fastball. Sweat dripped from his forehead, over and into her wrenched-open backdoor.

Bright white lights streaked across their bodies, the shadows of the open blinds masking horizontal stripes across their glistening skin, reminding each of them of the precarious position they were in. It was all he needed. His balls, which had been loudly slapping against the front of her sopping pussy and clit, now lifted tightly as his sack tightened in preparation.

The sudden blinding light brightening the softly lit room worked similar effects on her, and with a sudden sense of fear for discovery, every muscle in her body tensed simultaneously. Her sex, in the throes of a continuous orgasm, cinched tightly together just as she felt him driving in. His unrelenting momentum and force, together with the sensation of her virgin ass being stretched so wide, was all too much, and with a silent gasp, she hovered between the conscious and unconscious… images a blur… sounds fading in and out like waves… as the most intense feelings she’d ever known washed over her. And still, the pounding came, though more sporadically and without the syncopating rhythm she’d grown accustomed to. Then she felt it… the warm flood of his hot seed shooting deep into her before it flowed back out, displaced by the pummeling of his huge cock. As the first bits dripped from her engorged pussy lips down the back of her thighs, she felt another wave hit… then another… then another. She felt like she was sitting atop a geyser.

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