tagBDSMThe Dinner Party

The Dinner Party



This action in this story occurs between "Justine Makes a New Friend" and "The Trade Show." It can be read out of sequence, however, some background of two of the minor characters is found in the earlier story.


Sharp bars of light and shadow covered the corner table where Justine and her friend Juliette sat looking over breakfast menus. Juliette closed her menu, leaned over and rested her arms on the table one atop the other and looked at Justine. "So, anything planned for the weekend?"

Justine looked up from her menu, took a quick look around the café then turned to Juliette. "Oh. No...no, not really."

"Ok. Now, tell me why do you keep looking around this place? Are you expecting someone else to show up?"

"Um, well, I should have told you but my, I mean one of my other friends wants to meet you and will be joining us for breakfast."

Juliette raised her eyebrows as she looked at Justine. "Oh, ok, so who is this friend? And why does she want to meet me?"

"Her...her name is Jasmine and..."

"Jasmine?" interrupted Juliette. "That sounds familiar. Have you mentioned her before?"

"I don't think so, maybe," replied Justine. "And she's Indian. From India, I mean."

Jasmine, thought Juliette. She flashed back to a day a couple of months earlier. She and Justine were walking on the beach when Justine got a call on her cell phone. Justine had turned away to take the call but Juliette had caught the words "beach", "I can't" and "Jasmine." When Justine broke the connection she gave some lame excuse about needing to go home and had left in a rush. Curious, Juliette had followed Justine as she drove to an upscale neighborhood just outside of town. She had watched Justine walk up to the door of one of the houses and ring the doorbell. As Juliette drove slowly past the house she saw a dark skinned woman in a brightly patterned dress over loose pants open the door. After Juliette was past the driveway to the house she had stopped and turned her rear-view mirror so she could see the door of the house. She watched Justine walk into the house with her head bowed. Juliette had taken down the address, but never tried to find out who the owner was and had forgotten the incident until now. She snapped back to the present when the waitress stepped up to the table and asked if they were ready to order.

Justine shook her head and said that they were waiting for someone else to join them. Juliette looked up and saw that the waitress had a red dot that stood out sharply on the dark skin of her forehead and the darkest eyes that she had ever seen. Her black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. As she turned away Juliette turned back to Justine.

"So, Justine," Juliette said. "I've never been here before. How did you find this place?"

Justine had returned her attention to the menu but looked up and replied, "I was told...I mean I was told it was a good lunch menu. Had a good lunch menu. Has, I mean." She blushed slightly.

"Ok," said Juliette. "Justine, is something bothering you? You've been acting weird since ever since we got here."

"No, there's nothing wrong. I..I was just wondering where Jasmine is. That's all."

Juliette nodded but looked closely at Justine before turning back to the menu. Just then a tall, dark woman with long black hair walked up to the table and looked down at Justine. The woman wore a short dress with a detailed geometric black and taupe pattern, taupe leggings and stiletto heels. Her hair fell in waves to below her shoulders and was so black that it looked blue in the places where the sunlight played on it. Justine looked up at the woman, visibly started and made as if to get out of her chair. The woman smiled and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Please don't get up, Justine" she said. She pulled out the chair beside Justine and sat down.

Justine fidgeted for a second while Jasmine looked across the table at Juliette. Finally, Jasmine looked at Justine. "Are you not going to introduce me, Justine?"

"Oh, sorry, yes." Justine replied. She pointed across the table. "Jasmine, this is Juliette." She lowered her hand. "Juliette, this is Jasmine."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Juliette," Jasmine held out her hand. "Justine has spoken of you often."

"Nice to meet you too" Juliette responded as she took Jasmine's hand. "Though Justine has never mentioned you to me before." She turned her eyes to Justine and raised her eyebrows.

Jasmine gave Juliette's hand a brief squeeze then released it. She smiled and said, "I am not surprised. Justine and I have a very private relationship." She turned her face toward Justine. "Don't we Justine?"

"Yes, Mis. Yes, Jasmine." Justine said.

"Oh? Oh, ok," Juliette said. The interaction between Jasmine and Justine was beginning to get on her nerves. "Well, Justine said you wanted to meet me?"

"Yes I do. You see, Justine is very important to me," Jasmine said. "So I want to get to know her friends, to learn what it is that brought them together. And to know that those relationships are good for Justine."

"You do know you're not her mother, don't you?"

Jasmine laughed. "Of course. And I can see from your concern that you must be a very good friend to Justine."

Juliette did not reply, but shifted her gaze from Jasmine to Justine. Justine affected to reexame the menu. The waitress reappeared and asked if they were ready to order. Jasmine said yes, then looked at Juliette and Jasmine. Juliette nodded and Justine said yes in a soft voice. Jasmine instructed the waitress that there would be one check and that she would take care of it. Juliette protested, but Jasmine insisted. They ordered and while they waited for their food and during the meal Jasmine kept the conversation light, speaking of her childhood in India and drawing Juliette out in regards to her early life. Justine had little to say about beyond that she had grown up in the South and seemed content to listen to the other women's stories.

After they finished their meal, Jasmine paid the check and said to Juliette. "I know that you would like to know more about the special relationship that I have with Justine."

Juliette nodded and said, "I think I'm beginning to see what that relationship might be. And, really, I'm alright with it."

Jasmine started to speak but was interrupted by Juliette. "Really, Justine and I are friends and all, but I understand if there is someone else that, well..."

Jasmine smiled, held up a hand and spoke. "Ah, Juliette, I think you have the wrong impression. And I do want you to understand fully the relationship I have with Justine. So I very much want you and Justine to join me for dinner tonight at my home. Seven PM. I know it is short notice. I hope you do not have other plans."

"Well, no. No I don't have plans," said Juliette. "But I don't know your address."

"Mmmm," Jasmine said as she turned to face Justine. "Perhaps Justine could pick you up and the two of you could arrive together."

"Yes. I'll pick you up," Justine said quickly. "Six-thirty. That will give us plenty of time."

Juliette looked from Jasmine to Juliette and shrugged. "Ok. Well, I guess it's a date then."

"Wonderful," Jasmine said. "I am sure Justine will have you both there on time. Justine?"

Justine nodded briskly. "Yes. Of course."

"Good." Jasmine said as she stood. "It was nice to finally meet you Juliette. I look forward to seeing you tonight. Dinner will be informal, just the three of us."

At 6:35 PM Justine pulled up in front of Juliette's house and pressed down on the horn button. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel and fidgeted in her seat as she waited for Juliette to appear. She looked from her watch to the door to Juliette's house and was about to press the horn button again when Juliette came out in an off-white linen dress and low heels. She locked the door behind her and got into Justine's car. She was still trying to fasten her seat belt as Justine backed out of the driveway and put the car in Drive. The tires made short squealing sounds they drove away from Juliette's house.

"Jeez, Justine, what's the rush?" Juliette said. She turned and looked back over her shoulder for a second, then said, "And you know you're supposed to come to a full stop at stop signs don't you?"

"Sorry, Julie," Justine replied. "I just don't want to be late getting to Jasmine's."

"Well if we get stopped by a cop we'll be even later don't you think?"

Justine took her foot off the accelerator for a second to let their speed drop to almost the speed limit. "Yes, ok, I suppose you're right. Maybe the traffic out to Jasmine's will be lighter than it was on the way to your place."

"So why does it matter if we're a little late anyway? I know this Jasmine seemed a little stiff at breakfast this morning, but really, will five or ten minutes make that much difference?"

Justine bit her lip and looked at the speedometer, adjusting her speed up as much as she dared. "Jasmine gets, I mean, she's very punctual and expects...other people to be the same way."

"Well ok. Just don't get us killed getting there." Juliette took in Justine's appearance. "Nice dress by the way."

Justine smiled. "Thanks," she said. "It was a gift from Jasmine." She made a quick glance down at her thighs. Her dress was a simple, low cut black sheath that fell to about mid-thigh when she stood. She blushed as she realized that it had ridden up almost to her crotch and she tugged and wiggled until she got it pulled out along her thighs as much as she could.

Juliette looked closer at Justine and noticed that her nipples were more noticeable than usual and, when they hit a rough piece of pavement, her small breasts jiggled.

"Justine. Are you not wearing a bra?" Juliette laughed. "We are just going to dinner at your, um, friend's house right, not a club?"

Justine's face turned a deep shade of red. She made a nervous giggle then said, "Well, I really don't need a bra, you know. Just to hide my, um." She shifted her arm as if she were going to cover her chest, then put both hands on the steering wheel. She glanced over at Juliette. "And...and that's a lovely dress you have on. Is it new?"

Juliette hesitated for a second, wondering if she should let Justine get away with changing the subject, then replied. "Yes. I got the just the other day.

Justine said, "I really like it. I noticed how nice it looks on you when you came out the door."

"Thank you, hon," Juliette said.

Justine didn't respond and continued to shift her view from the street, the speedometer and her watch as they drove on in silence. Juliette decided it was best not to distract her and the two women sat in silence for the remainder of the drive. When they arrived at Jasmine's house, Justine almost leaped from the car and rushed up the walkway to the door and pressed the doorbell button as if she were a paramedic responding to heart attack call. Juliette sat for a moment shaking her head at Justine's behavior. Then she recognized the house as the one she had followed Justine to just a few weeks ago. She got out of the car and walked to the door where Jasmine stood speaking softly to Justine. When Juliette got to the door, Jasmine turned to her with a smile and stepped aside to let the two women walk inside. Juliette looked at Justine and saw that she looked almost weak with relief. She looked down at her watch. The dial showed 7:00 exactly.

Juliette looked around the foyer of the house. "You have a lovely home, Jasmine."

"Thank you, Juliette. I find it comfortable and it has room for guests."

Justine stood in the center of the foyer with her hands clasped in front of her staring into the living room that was situated off to her left.

The dining room was to the right and Juliette noticed that the table was set for three. Jasmine stepped into the dining room and sat the head of the table. She smiled at Juliette and indicated the chair to her right. Juliette sat where Jasmine indicated. Justine pulled out the chair across the table from Juliette and sat down, staring at her plate.

Jasmine picked up a small brass bell beside her plate and rang it twice. The door to the kitchen opened and a young woman pushed a cart into the room. The woman was short with blonde hair in a tight bun behind her head. Her hair appeared to be pulled so tight that her eyes had a slanted appearance. Behind her was a slim black woman with a similar hair style. Both women appeared to be in their twenties. They wore matching outfits composed of knee length black skirts that were so tight that they could only take short steps as they walked. Above the skirts were black corsets that pinched their waists and pushed up their breasts barely covering their nipples. They both wore black velvet chokers with cameos in front. Justine looked up at the two women. The blonde woman gave her a hateful glare and Justine turned her gaze back to her plate. Juliette could only stare at the two women, shocked by their outfits.

"Elaine, Sasha, please serve my guests first, then me," Jasmine said. "Then you may go about your other duties."

"Yes, Miss," both women said at the same time.

The two maids carefully served the dishes and left the cart by the wall of the dining room. Then they made small bows toward Jasmine and left the room.

Jasmine looked to Juliette. "I hope you like Indian food, my dear."

Juliette leaned over her plate and breathed in. "It's smells delicious."

"These are northern India specialties, not too spicy," Jasmine said. "But you have some yoghurt there in the small bowl if you need it."

Justine took a small bite of her food, wrinkled her nose and took a drink of water. Jasmine laughed and said, "Try some yoghurt if it's too hot, Justine."

Justine nodded and took a spoonful of the creamy white yoghurt. "Much better."

While they ate Juliette said, "Those were interesting uniforms your maids were wearing. And I can't imagine having even one maid, let alone two."

"Oh, it's not quite what it seems," replied Jasmine. "Elaine and Sasha are working their way through school so I have them over to help with dinner parties and the like. I met them through Justine, actually. Isn't that right Justine?"

Justine looked over at Jasmine, her face pale. "Um, yes, I suppose you could say that."

Jasmine turned her attention back to Juliette. "Now, my dears, if you are finished, why don't we all step into the living room for an after dinner drink? I have an excellent tea that I have sent over from home or some wine if you prefer." She touched her napkin to her lips and stood. The other two women followed suit.

"Juliette, what would you prefer?"

"I believe some white wine would be nice, thank you."

"And you, Justine?" Jasmine said.

"Um, some tea I think," Justine replied.

"Excellent," Jasmine said. "Let's step into the living room and I will ring for Elaine."

In the living room Jasmine picked up another bell that stood on an end table by a dark wine colored leather wing chair. Elaine and Sasha both came into the room. Jasmine told them what to bring for her and her guests and sat in the chair. Juliette took as seat on a dark sofa and Justine sat on a small side chair a not far from Jasmine. Juliette looked at Justine questioningly but Justine turned her head and stared out into the foyer.

When Elaine returned with the drinks, Jasmine thanked her and directed her to help Sasha with the dishes and then to make final preparations for the evening. Elaine nodded and went to the dining room where Sasha was already clearing the table.

Jasmine crossed her legs and rested her elbows on the arms of the chair. She steepled her fingers in front of her chest and looked across the room at Juliette.

"Juliette," she began. "I'm sure you are interested in the relationship that Justine and I have."

Juliette took a sip of her wine. "Um, well, like you said, it's a private relationship, so I really don't want to pry."

"Not at all," Jasmine said. She rested her hands on the arms of the chair. "Let me begin with a little history of how Justine and I came to be in this relationship."

Juliette nodded. "Ok."

Justine sat with her legs together, her hands clasped and her eyes on the floor. Jasmine related how she had met Justine in an online chat room and how they had spent several weeks getting to know each other and role-playing. Juliette sipped her wine and looked from Jasmine to Justine with growing concern. Justine was biting her lower lip, clearly uneasy.

Jasmine then told how Justine had wanted to meet in real time when she came to San Francisco for a conference. Juliette shifted in her position as she became increasingly alarmed at what Jasmine was saying.

"And so, as you can see, rather than return home, Justine decided to stay here in California."

Juliette could only stare at Justine in disbelief. "Justine, you just stayed here? You never went back home?"

Justine looked up from the floor at Juliette. There were tears in her eyes. "I...well, this...this is my home."

Juliette looked at Jasmine and started to speak but Jasmine turned her attention to Justine. "Justine, I do not believe that you greeted me properly when you arrived this evening. Please do so now."

Justine looked at Jasmine, slowly stood and pulled her dress up her body revealing that she had no panties or hose on under it. When the hem was at her waist she crossed her arms and pulled the dress up and over her head. She dropped it onto the chair, got to her knees and crawled the short distance to Jasmine. When she was close enough she leaned forward and kissed Jasmine's feet, then sat back on her ankles.

Juliette stared in mute horror at her friend.

"Now, pet," Jasmine said. "Go to Juliette and show her the same kindness you just showed me."

Justine whimpered and got back to her hands and knees. Juliette sat frozen in place as Justine turned and crawled toward her. As Justine leaned forward, Juliette quickly jerked her feet away and finally regained her voice

"Justine, for god's sake what are you doing?"

"Juliette," Justine replied. "Please, please just play along."

"Play? This is not playing, Justine. You've got to realize that. Now get up and get dressed and let's get out of here."

Jasmine laughed lightly as she sat in the wing chair across the room. "Justine, I want you to remove Juliette's clothes and make love to her."

Juliette was speechless as she looked at Jasmine. Before she could say anything, Justine said "Mistress, please, I...I can't do that. Not to Julie. I can't."

Juliette looked from Justine to Jasmine, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Can't or won't, pet?" asked Jasmine.

Juliette snapped, "She doesn't have to do anything you say you bitch."

Jasmine remained calm and did not even raise an eyebrow to betray displeasure with Juliette. Instead she directed her attention to Justine.

"Pet, I had hoped that you were past your disobedient phase, but I see that you are not." She rose from the chair and stepped over to a cabinet beside the bookcase. She opened the door and selected a long white cane. Turning back to Justine she said, "I will give you a choice, accept your punishment in front of your friend or spend the rest of the weekend at the training house."

Justine paled and with a whimper, got to her hands and knees and crawled to the center of the room. She placed her head on the floor and arched her tummy toward the floor.

"What the hell is going on?" shouted Juliette.

"Juliette," Jasmine said with a sigh. "I am being patient with you because you are a guest in my home. But please, do not try to interfere with the way I treat my property."

Before Juliette could reply or make a move, Jasmine whipped the cane through the air and struck Justine's upraised ass. Justine cried out piteously and squirmed. Juliette could only stare in mute horror at what had just happened. As Justine realigned her body, Juliette got up from the safa, knelt beside Justine and put her hand on Justine's bare butt. She just as suddenly lifted her hand up and held it over Justine. She said in a strangled voice.

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