tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Distraught Gymnast

The Distraught Gymnast


(This story is based on a real event, but the subsequent story is obviously quite a fantasy!)


The crowd roars as the Chinese Anthem plays. The "home team" had just held on to win a gold medal in female team gymnastics. Their team of women, or girls, had matched their men's team feat of only a day earlier. The Chinese team stands atop the podium, enjoying the applause being showered upon them by their countrymen.

One step below them, the American team politely smiled with their silver medals hanging around their necks. They had lost to a very good team and their coach had assured them they had nothing to be ashamed of. The six members of Team USA wait patiently for this ceremony to conclude, but one face doesn't show a smile. In fact, she is doing all she can to hold back her tears.

Alicia Sacramone is one of the best gymnasts in the world, but at this moment she feels sick. Only moments earlier, Alicia had fallen from the balance beam and then fallen again during her floor show. It could easily be said that the Chinese team would have won without either penalty to the Americans, but Alicia was bearing the entire weight on her shoulders.

Alicia knows this is her last trip to the Olympics, as she is now almost 21 years old. Images from her career enter her mind as she thinks back over the last several years. She should be happy as most gymnasts would kill for the chance to be wearing a medal from the Olympics, no matter what its color might be.

Finally, the music ends and the girls all exchange pleasantries. Alicia wastes no time and heads for the exit. She can hardly wait to get out of this arena and find some way to relax. She pushes open a door and makes her way down one of the many hallways in this expansive building. She stares at the floor as she marches along, replaying recent events in her mind.

Five minutes later she reaches the room reserved for the gymnasts, coaches and team support staff. Team USA's locker area is near the back of the room and she makes her way to her locker. She takes a seat on a bench and puts her head in her hands.

"Hey.." says a voice from behind her. She doesn't even look up as she recognizes the voice to be that of Mike, one of the equipment guys. "You know this stuff happens to the best, and it did tonight."

She sniffles and chuckles for a second. "Thanks, but I cost us the gold out there."

"Nah, even the guys on NBC are saying that China was just too good. They said that even without your penalties, China would have won."

"Doesn't make me feel much better... I mean if I could have had a clean routine then maybe the others could have made a better push to get a couple more points and then maybe we could have won!"

"Don't beat yourself up over this, you need to get ready for your next event!"

"I don't know if I can go back out there, Mike."

"Sure, sure, you're gonna be fine!" he says as he takes a seat next to her on the bench.

"This is my last shot though, I mean I'll be twenty-one in December, I'll probably be done performing forever in just a couple days."

"Look, Alicia, you are one of the best in the WORLD! There is always going to be a place in gymnastics for you!" he says as he puts his hand on her shoulder.

She sighs and then turns to look at him. Her tears have caused her makeup to streak down her face. Her big brown eyes display her sadness along with the little pout on her lips. Mike had become good friends with all the gymnasts of the last couple of years, but he always held a special place of Alicia.

Mike, being only 22, had been a football and basketball player in high school. He chose to forgo college sports for a career in sports physical therapy. One of his professors had been impressed with Mike and called in a favor to get him an internship with the Olympic committee. Little did he know, two short years later, he would be in Beijing with the women's gymnastics team.

To top of that surreal thought, he now was staring into the eyes of Alicia Sacramone. She is easily the best looking girl on the team and she is only about a year younger than he is. Mike turns to straddle the bench and just stares deep into her eyes.

After what seems like an eternity, he slowly leans forward and gently kisses her on the lips. She doesn't pull away, so he begins kissing her harder. Then, she opensd her mouth and he immediately takes his cue to devour her lips. She puts her hands on his head, running her fingers through his hair. She lifts her leg and turns so she too is straddling the bench.

He hugs her closer as they continue to make out. Growing bolder, he feels for the zipper on the back of her uniform. He doesn't miss a beat in their make out session as he finally locates the tiny metal prize.

Slowly he begins tugging the zipper downward, feeling the tension of the uniform beginning to disappear with each inch of advancement. Alicia sits up straight and looks Mike in the eye.

"What are you doing mister?"

"Oh, uh, well... I thought of something that might help you relax."

"Oh really? What might that be?" she asks with a coy smile.

She reaches behind her and pulls the zipper down the rest of the way. He begins to stammer, not sure what to say.

"Well? I'm waiting," she adds.

She shrugs her shoulders and pulls the uniform off those beautiful muscular shoulders of hers. Mike just stares as he bare skin comes into view. It looks perfect and so very smooth.

"Oh, well, now I know what your idea is..." she says as she reaches out and grabs his cock through his workout pants. Mike just about shoots his load right there as he hadn't even thought about how obvious that had to be.

"Yeah, um, sorry, you know, I, uh, couldn't help myself, you know..."

Alicia says nothing but leans back, and pulling the uniform down until her C cup breasts pop out. Mike eyes bulge as he can hardly believe that any gymnast could have those beautiful things hidden in a tight uniform like that. He reaches out and takes one in each hand. Alicia sighs as the sexual sensations pulse into her tense body.

"I think you are right Mike... this just might be the thing I need."

She begins leaning back and he is quick to follow her. Her back comes to rest on the bench and Mike hovers over her, continuing to massage her breasts. He brings his crotch forward and begins to press his cock against that ever so thin strip of uniform that goes between her legs. He leans down and takes a nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling on it. A low moan escapes from Alicia's lips as he gives her his full and absolute attention.

A few moments later she reaches down and begins rubbing his cock through his workout pants.

"Take those off," she commands in a seductive voice.

Mike wastes no time as he jumps up and pulls his shirt and pants off. He then crawls back on top of her, retaking his position from only seconds ago. His bare chest meeting hers as he leans in to kiss her firmly on the lips. The electricity shoots through their bodies as they begin to grind together.

Mike lifts his head and opens his eyes. He is staring into her eyes as he reaches between her legs. He gives the uniform a good tug and it gives little resistance now that it is mostly off of her body. He pulls the material to the side and begins rubbing his finger along her already moist pussy. She just stares back at him in anticipation as her breathing begins to deepen.

She sucks in a deep breath as he plunges a finger into her, sawing it back and forth into her. Once she has loosened up a little, he inserts a second finger. She smiles in pleasure as she closes her eyes and relaxes. Mike pulls himself closer to her as he places his cock against her.

She looks up at him and just smiles a little as he begins pushing into her. He takes his time and just puts the head in for a few moments. Then he leans forward with a steady force that buries his throbbing cock inside her. She hugs him close and then wraps her muscular legs around him. There is no doubt at this point that he is in her control now.

She begins squeezing with her legs locked behind him. This action forces him deep inside her and then back out as she relaxes. He just enjoys the sensation as their bodies are unified in pleasure. Her vaginal muscles are also squeezing him in unison with her legs as she continues to fuck him at her own pace.

"This is amazing," he says.

She smiles. "Maybe we should do this more often?"

"Anytime you want!"

She closes her eyes and lays her head back as she continues to squeeze his body into hers. A squishing sound begins to fill the room as her pussy releases her first orgasm around his raging hard penis.

"Oh, Alicia, I don't know how much more of this I can take!"

"Just relax," she says as she continues to milk his cock with her muscular body.

His balls begin to tense up and he knows he is about to shoot his load. He tries to pull out, but is no match for her legs.

"I'm gonna come..."

"Go ahead, I'm on the pill, don't worry"

He can hardly believe this as feels his cock twitch deep inside her. Seconds later he begins spurting a huge load of cum deep inside her. The sensation of his hot cum sets her body reeling through another orgasm. They cling to each other as they soar through a blissful moment together. His balls continue to slap against her as he squeezes out every last drop.

Finally her legs drop to the floor as she finds total relaxation. Mike kisses her again and massages her tits one more time as he starts to stand up. He enjoys the sensation as his softening cock slides out of her. He lifts his body slowly, taking in the view of her mostly naked body.

"Nice cock," says a voice a few feet away.

Mike startles and looks up to see Nastia, completely nude, sitting on a nearby bench. She has her legs spread and her pussy lips are swollen. Apparently she had walked in on them only moments after they started fucking.

"I, uh, well..." stammers Mike.

"Oh, I won't tell anyone I guess," says Nastia. She has Mike's full attention but sees the slight grin on Alicia's face.

"Oh, wow, that is..."

"BUT, only if you fuck me too... right now!"

Mike looks down at Alicia, who is grinning up at him.

"I think she means business!" says Alicia in a playful voice. Mike can hardly believe this as he looks back over to Nastia who is now lying back at end of the bench. Her vagina looks to be begging for his cock as it glistens with her juices.

She doesn't have tits like Alicia, but her long legs are amazing. Mike stands and walks over to her, taking his place between her legs. He looks back to Alicia, and is amazed to see her leaning on one arm, watching intently.

His cock has found new life and he leans over Nastia.

"Let's go chief, who knows when someone else might show up."

Mike is shocked by her forward nature, but grins as he grabs his cock and jams it into her sopping wet pussy. He hammers his hips forward and is amazed at how wet she is. He grabs her hips and begins fucking her as hard as he can. She cries out in pleasure as he makes no attempt at being romantic. He had felt a connection with Alicia, but this is just a good old fashioned fucking.

Having dumped his load into Alicia only minutes ago, Mike has the stamina of an endurance runner. He huffs as he thrusts into her pussy over and over again. She too has wrapped her long legs around him, but she doesn't have the same leverage so he is still in control.

Three orgasms rip through her body as he begins the ascent toward his orgasm. Nastia feels his cock begin to twitch and pushes him away.

"No, no, no! I'm not protected!"

"Fuck!" he yells as the cool air surrounds his cock. He knows he will be blue balled if he doesn't take care of this quick. He begins beating his meat right there in front of Nastia and Alicia, but he can tell that it isn't going to be enough. How could he expect his cock to be satisfied by his hand when it had been in two pussies in the last fifteen minutes.

He turns and looks at Alicia who is just grinning at him. Without wasting a moment he hurries over to her.

"You gotta help me!"

"What? You fuck her and I have to fix it?"

"Oh shit..."

She just shakes her head.

"Men... Sit!"

Mike quickly takes a seat as Alicia stands up. He is hoping for her to simply jack him off and save him the pain of a blue ball. She has another plan.

She turns her back to him and bends at waist. Her perfect pussy is right in front of him, but this isn't helping him at all! Suddenly she drops her hips and impales herself on his cock again. He groans in pleasure as she begin grinding her hips against him.

"You are fucking amazing!" he exclaims as his balls tighten. He thrusts up and grabs her tits as he pumps yet another load of cum into her. She sighs, knowing that she owns this cock.

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