tagMatureThe Divorce Chronicles Ch. 06

The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 06


One of the benefits of my divorce was the fact that I was now able to re-establish contact with all of the old friends that my ex drove away. She had a bad habit of pissing off my friends wives, which turned into a backlash towards me. Now that she was out of the picture, I was accepted back with open arms, kind of a "Prodigal Son" type of thing.

The best part was that I was receiving invitations to the parties again, including my friend Curt's annual Halloween party, which was always a good time. Curt had one rule. If you' re not in costume, you don' t get in. Considering that most of us in this crowd grew up together (as much as we DID grow up), this led to some sometimes wild costumes, and wilder parties. This year was going to be special, because Curt and his wife, Rose, had just bought a new house, further out in the country, and they were having the party as a house-warming, it was going to be a day- long event, with a pig roast, and events for the kids.

I decided to go as a Celtic chieftain, complete with kilt and sword. After watching

"Braveheart" a few times to get the costume down right, I was ready to go.

When I arrived at the party, I was truly greeted like the "Prodigal son" , receiving hugs, handshakes, and backslaps from the men, and hugs and kisses from the women, a few of whom told me that they were glad that I was back. It felt good to be back, too.

I spent the first hour or so having a couple of drinks, greeting old friends, and making new ones. Curt felt compelled to show me around his new house, including the grounds out back. Fortunately, it was a nice weekend, weather-wise, and quite a few people were making good use of the deck that Curt had built at the back of the house. While we were out there, he was making some introductions, one of which included a rather beautiful woman, in her mid-to-late twenties, that Curt introduced as Barbara, a co-worker of his twin sister, who was an ER nurse.

Barbara was about 5'3", with long blonde hair that went down to just above her ass, and had what appeared to be a slim, petite body. The best part was that she was dressed as a mediaeval princess, with a long gown, and plenty of cleavage, although she appeared to be rather small-breasted. With her angelic face, she had the look down pat!

After the tour, Curt had to excuse himself to attend to hosting duties, and I wandered around some more. Eventually, I found Barbara again, and started talking with her. She delighted me with her humor and intelligence, as well as her beauty.

While we were talking, Curt found me and asked if I could help with the pig roasting duties. Surprisingly, Barbara said that she would help also, so that we could continue our conversation.

After the pig was chopped, and everybody was eating, Barbara was still with me. At one point, our drinks were empty, and she offered to get me a refill, but on one condition.

"I want to know what a barbaric Celt wears under his kilt," She told me.

"Just his boots, milady," I answered.

"You know, as a princess, I could be insulted by that response," She replied. "But, I'll settle for proof, when we're done dining."

When she came back with our drinks, I decided to play up the barbaric angle a bit, and asked her what she was wearing under her gown.

"Just my slippers," She smiled.

"Well, as a barbarian, I may have to find out for myself," I told her.

She just smiled again, and replied, "Maybe you will."

NOW I was intrigued!!!

After we ate, as the sun was setting, we walked around, to let the food settle. We had another drink, and we ran into a couple of people who were smoking what smelled like high- octane weed. I told Barbara that I can't partake, due to random testing at work, but if she wanted to, she should enjoy, and she did.

Curt found me, and asked if I would light the torches lining the paths, as the sun was almost down. That gave Barbara and I more time to talk and walk, and by now, she had a very good buzz going from the smoke and the wine that she had been drinking.

While we were walking, we slipped back into our "barbarian" and "princess" roles, I told Barbara that I would protect her from harm with my sword, and she asked me what would protect HER from my other sword.

"Do you think that you need protection from that sword, milady?" I asked.

"I am hoping so," She answered.

When we got to the end of the path, where Curt had converted an out building into his workshop, Barbara asked me if I had slain many warriors with my sword. When I told her many, she looked at me and asked, "And how many damsels have you slain with your other sword?"

I replied that while I may be a barbarian, I was still a gentleman, and a gentleman never tells such things.

"Never?" , She asked.

"Never, milady."

"Good. I like to hear that. That is indeed a worthy trait in a man," She replied. "Now, are you ready to prove that a Celt wears only his boots under his kilt?"

"If milady wishes, who am I to deny such a request?" I told her.

I tried the door to the workshop, and found it unlocked, so we entered. As soon as we were in, Barbara told me to stop, and she slowly unzipped her gown, letting it fall to the floor. I was amazed at her body. She had pert little tits, a shaved pussy, which was already glistening with moisture, and was wearing nothing but a pair of ballet slippers.

"I've proven myself, now I want proof," She said softly.

"You'll have to find out for yourself," I told her, as I approached her.

When I was standing in front of her, she smiled and dropped to her knees, lifting the front of my kilt.

As she raised the kilt, my cock was hardening, and she replied "I am definitely going to need protection from this sword!" as she started to lick along the shaft.

"Oh, my god!" I said, as she started to swallow as much of my cock as she could.

"You like, barbarian?" She asked.

"Your royal mouth is doing incredible things to my personal sword, milady," I replied.

She sucked a little more intensely for a couple of minutes more, before she rose up and said "Now, I want to see how your sword fits into my sheath. Do you have protection?"

"I'm sorry milady, but I was not anticipating such happenings tonight, and came unprepared," I told her.

"That's ok, then. Just make sure you pull out in time. I don't need any princes or princesses of my own right now," She said.

I brought her over to one of the tables, and as I knelt down to lick her pussy, she pulled me up, and said "We don't have time for that. Just make sure you make me cum with your sword."

She turned around, facing the table, and bent over, wiggling her ass at me.

"Fuck me, barbarian. Show me how you can use your sword better than a prince can," She said, as she reached around and spread her pussy lips open.

I walked up behind her, and started to sink my cock into her. She was very wet, but she was so tight that I could only get a couple of inches in at the first thrust.

"Oh, my god! You are already filling me more that any prince has!!! Give me more! I want all of that sword. Bury it deep in my wet sheath!!!" She told me, as she pushed her ass back at me.

I held on to her hips, and started to stroke my cock in and out, getting a little deeper each time. Her breathing was getting deeper, and she was moaning more and more.

"Oh, yes. Fuck me! Fuck me deep. Fuck me hard! Make me cum!!!"

I pulled almost all the way out, leaving just the head of my cock in her, and thrust forward, burying myself all the way in her pussy. I could not ever remember feeling such a hot, wet pussy in my entire life. My cock felt so good buried deep inside her, I didn't want to move. She, however, had other ideas.

She started to move her hips and her ass around some more, and started to push her ass back into me again.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard and fast! Make me cum NOW!!!" She said, loudly.

I grabbed onto her hips, leaned forward, and whispered into her ear "Reach down and stroke your clit, while I pound this hot little pussy of yours."

She gasped, and reached down to her clit. As I was buried deep in her pussy, I could feel her rubbing on her clit, and she was moaning and responding even more.

I reached up, grabbed a handful of her hair, and started to fuck her hard and fast, pounding into her pussy, pulling back on her hair.

"You like this, princess? You like being fucked like this? You like your pussy pounded and being fucked like a barbarian wench?"

"Oh, god yes! Fuck me!!! I'm going to cum!!!" She yelled, and pushed her ass all the way back at me. I could feel her pussy pulsing and squeezing, and could hear her juices squish as I filled her with my cock.

"I'm going to cum, princess," I told her.

"Oh, yes! Pull out!" She yelled.

As I pulled out, and squeezed my cock tight, she spun around, and dropped to her knees, grabbing my cock and dropping her mouth over it. I started blasting cum down her throat, and she managed to swallow almost all of it. A couple of drops escaped her mouth. She wiped one drop off with one finger, and wiped it on her nipple. Another drop, she wiped off and rubbed on her clit. She told me that those were "For later."

After she dressed, and we walked back toward the party, we heard a voice call out to her, and a guy dressed as a doctor came walking up to us.

"Barb, I've been looking for you. I just got here," The doc said.

"Hi baby. This nice Celtic barbarian was showing me around. He's a friend of Curt's, and was protecting me with his sword. Kurt, this is my fiancé, Dave, who apparently couldn't even wear a costume tonight."

"How are you, Kurt. It's DOCTOR Dave, actually. Honey, don't I even get a kiss?" He asked her, and started to kiss the same mouth that I had just shot a load of cum into a few minutes ago.

"Well, I'll leave you two alone, while I get another drink. I could use one at this point," I told them, and started walking for the bar.

While I was pouring myself a drink, Barbara came up to me, and told me "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about him before, but I really needed that pounding you gave me. He has never made me cum like that. If it's any consolation, he's going to be tasting you later when we go to bed, and he sucks on my tits, and licks my clit."

"You are one weird woman," I told her. "Weird in a good way, mostly, but still weird."

"I know," She giggled, and walked away.

Later, as night settled in, and the smaller kids started to drop off from exhaustion, I resumed my walking around and drinking. The good thing about this years party was that with all the land, Curt had set up tents for people to sleep in, so that nobody had to drive home after drinking. The bad part was, that even more people were drinking even more.

We started a big bonfire, and were all sitting around, rehashing old stories and laughing over exploits of younger days. At one point, during a lull, my friend Ricks' wife Bonnie, who was dressed as a cavewoman, came up and sat down beside me.

"What an asshole," She said.

"That's a fine greeting," I told her.

"Not you, Rick. He was supposed to stay sober, so we could get home tonight, and he's ready to pass out," She told me.

"And this surprises you?" I asked.

"No, it doesn't surprise me, but it still pisses me off . I'm definitely too drunk to drive!" She answered.

Just then, Curt came up and asked if we could help get Rick to a tent, before he did pass out. Bonnie refused, telling Curt to let him sleep where he fell, but I decided to give a hand.

Curt and I carried Rick to a tent, and laid him down. As Curt and I were leaving Rick to sleep it off, Rick called out, "Curt, wait a minute."

"Which one?" We answered, both of us used to that sort of thing.

"Kurt with a K," he replied, so I went back in to the tent.

"Man, I'm glad you're back, brother. We all missed you. Do me a favor. Sweet talk Bonnie for me she always liked you. Hell, maybe you'll get lucky and get a blow job from her. That way, she won't be so pissed at me," He said , as he passed out.

I laughed as I walked back to the bonfire, but I have to admit that my mind was racing. Even after all of these years, Bonnie still looked good. Her long legs still looked firm and strong, and even though they looked to be drooping a little, her tits still looked mighty fine.

Bonnie always had a habit of walking around bra-less, which is something that irritated my ex. I knew she had to be doing the same tonight, looking at her costume, and she saw me looking.

"Yeah, they're still there, just not as perky," She said. "What was it about my tits that used to piss off your ex so much?"

"I don't know. Jealousy, maybe?" I told her. "She was probably jealous that she couldn't walk around without a bra and look that good."

"Oh, you are so sweet!" She said, as she hugged me. "I'm just glad that you finely got rid of that bitch. It's just too bad that she couldn't even divorce you with out all the drama."

"Yeah, it was bad enough that she didn't want to sleep with me anymore, and she was fucking some cheesehead, instead, but then to put me and the kids in the middle of all that dramatic bullshit really did a number on my self-esteem." I told her.

"I just don't understand the no-sex part," Bonnie told me. "She was always happy before. She used to brag about you all the time. Hell, half the women here wanted to fuck you, just find out if she was telling the truth!"

Knowing that she was drunk, I decided to push the envelope, and asked, "Does that include you?"

"Hell, yeah. I've always thought that you were cute and sexy," She answered. "Oh, my God, I can't believe that I just told you that! I've had too much to drink!"

We were almost the last ones left at the bonfire, and I said that I was thinking of finding a tent to nod off in, myself.

"I think that I'm going to stay up a little longer," Bonnie said. "Maybe I'll have one more glass of wine, and then find a tent."

"Well, Rick is over there," I told her, pointing out the tent where we set him down in.

"Fuck him. He can sleep alone. It wouldn't be the first time, or the last," She said.

Bonnie went off to get another glass of wine, and when she came back, I told her that I found a tent way in the back, and said good night.

"It could be," She answered. When I looked at her, puzzled, she laughed, and said "Good night, you Celtic barbarian."

I went to the empty tent, and laid down, on top of the sleeping bag. At one point, I was having a vivid dream about getting an incredible blow job, and started to wake up. But, it wasn't a dream. Bonnie was in my tent, sucking on my cock like her life depended on it.

"Holy shit! What are you doing here?" I asked, astonished, yet delighted.

Bonnie pulled away and said "Well, I would ask if it's been so long that you don't know what a blow job is anymore, but I see, or should I say, I TASTE, that you've gotten some recently. And, I also see that your ex wasn't lying about you, either."

She then went back to sucking on my cock, which felt harder that it had in years.

"Bonnie, we can't do this. You're married, and to a friend of mine!" I told her.

"Oh, please! Do you think that I don't know about Rick fucking around on me?" She asked. "I saw the smile on the 'princesses' face earlier, as you two were walking back from the workshop, and I want the same smile. I know you'll keep your mouth shut, so just sit back, and enjoy. Better yet, lay back, and give me the same pleasure I'm giving you." She swung her hips around, straddled my face, and lowered her pussy down to my tongue.

Being in no condition to argue, even if I wanted to, I did as she suggested, and started to lick her wet slit, playing with her clit, and fingering her from behind. She started to really get into it, grinding her hips onto my face, and sucking and stroking my cock faster and more intensely.

I wrapped my lips around her clit, and slid my moistened finger from her wet pussy. I sucked on her clit, and slid mt wet finger up to her asshole, teasing it and pressing on it.

"Oh, yes. That feels good!" She said, stopping her sucking, to enjoy what I was doing to her.

As I pressed my finger harder into her asshole, I started to slide the finger next to it into her dripping pussy.

"Oh my god, yes!" She whispered. "I'm going to cum!" And started to grind her hips more, and started to shake and moan louder. I was afraid that her moaning wound be loud enough for other people to hear, so I reached up and pushed her head back to my cock, to muffle her moans.

As my cock slid all the way into her mouth, I could feel, and hear, her try to yell, and felt a rush of pussy juice squirt all over my face.

"Oh my god!" Bonnie said, as she came down from her orgasmic high. "I can't remember the last time I squirted like that!"

When her breathing came back to almost normal, she must have realized that she was still holding my stiff cock, and said, "Holy cow! You still haven't cum?!?"

"No," I told her. "I wanted to get you off first."

"Well, I'm just going to have to return the favor," She said, as she turned her body, straddled my hips, and lowered her pussy over my cock.

"Oh my god, that feels better than I thought it would," She said, as she lowered herself all the way down, and my cock struck bottom in her pussy.

She started to wiggle her hips around, grinding her clit against me, and then started humping her hips up and down.

"Oh, god, yes! Fuck me!" She cried, as she was moving faster.

"No, YOU fuck ME," I told her. "You're on top. You fuck me!"

"Yeah! That's what you want, isn't it?" She asked. "You want me to fuck you, don't you?"

"Yeah, fuck me," I told her. "Make yourself cum on my cock."

With that, she started to fuck and move like a woman possessed. She brought her feet up next to my hips, and started to raise and lower herself on my cock, moving faster and faster.

"Oh my god, I'm coming again!" She cried.

"Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum, too!" I warned her.

"Oh, yeah. Cum in my pussy. Fill me with your cum! It's ok, I've had my tubes tied . Fill me! Oh god, I'm cumming!"

With that, I let loose my second big load of the day, and blasted my cum into Bonnie's already wet pussy. As I felt my cock spasm and pulse, I felt another gush of liquid run down my balls, and knew that Bonnie was squirting again.

As we both lay there, catching our breath, I swore that I heard another woman moan. Apparently, we weren't that quiet. I only hope that the mystery moaner had as much fun as we did.

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